Marthe Pointel

#5462, b. 1641, d. 10 September 1674

Father**Claude Pointel b. c 1615, d. 12 Sep 1674
Mother**Marguerite Chevalier b. c 1617, d. c 1680

Birth1641 Marthe was born in 1641 at St Symphorien de Tours, Touraine, France. R. Drouin says that she was born ca 1638.1

1665 She arrived in Quebec in 1665 as a fille du roi.2

Marriage9 Nov 1665 Marthe Pointel married Abel Benoît dit Laforest 9 November 1665 in Château-Richer, Quebec, Canada. They actually lived in ste Famille Parish in Ile d'Oleans. They had five children.3,1

Death10 Sept 1674 Marthe died on 10 September 1674 at St. Famille, Isle de Orleans, Montmorency of QC. She died "en couche", in bed, possibly in childbirth.1


**Abel Benoît dit Laforest b. 1624, d. 4 Dec 1687