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Marie Piton1          7th great grand mother
b. 1651, d. 25 April 1728, #524
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Father   **Rémy Piton b. circa 1630, d. after 26 November 1668
Mother   **Marie Poilen

Name Variation Marie Piton was also found as Marie Pitau.2

Birth 1651 Marie was born in 1651 at Paris, France. Hole says that she was "of St. Paul's in Paris, France." Possibly, she was baptized there.3

A quote from 'French and French-Canadian Family Reserach' published by SUMMIT PUBL. PO BOX 222 MUNROE FALLS, OHIO 44252 by J. Konrad----'very early in the French colonization of Canada, the authorities became concerned about peopling the colony. The king himself, in 1663 directed the recruitment of young women of good quality for this purpose. They became knwon as 'Les Filles du Roi' or the King's girls. The one thing the girls had in common was poverty, so the king provided a dowry, which included clothing and the cost of their passage. In Canada, when they married, the newly married couples also received money to buy provisions and livestock. In the ten year period from 1663 to 1673, a total of 852 of these King's Daughter are said to have arrived in New France. In the year 1671, it is believed that 700 children were borne by them.' 'The province of origin of these 852, as well as their names and husbands' names, are listed in 'The King's Daughter' by Elmer Costeau. This article appeared in the magazine 'Lost in Canada' from April 1976 to April 1978.'

Marriage 26 November 1668 Marie Piton married Jean Bergevin dit Langevin, who was 33 years old, son of Mathurin Bergevin and Marie Tenier, 26 November 1668 in Quebec, Quebec, Canada. Marie had a dowry of 60 pounds. On marriage record of Notre Dame de Que., Jean's last name is given as Brechevin. Witnesses were: Jean Giron, Simeon LeRoy, Jean,Golin. Priest was Father Henri Desbernieres. Married on same day as three other couples-
1.Francois Paris & Elisabeth Deschalets
2. Marc Tessier & Jacquete Ledoux
3. Honore Martel & Marguerite Lamiraut

Whether she ever received the Dowry promised to her is not known.

After their marriage they settled in Beauport on land that was given to Jean for his service in the Carignan regiment. They had 12 children 6 of whom died young.1,5,3

Death 25 April 1728 Marie died on 25 April 1728 at Beauport,  Quebec Canada.3 
Burial 26 April 1728 Marie was buried in Quebec, Canada. 

Family **Jean Bergevin dit Langevin   b. 11 March 1635, d. 2 February 1703
Children  1. Jean Bergevin b. 18 Aug 1669, d. 23 Aug 1669
  2. Joseph Bergevin b. 10 Mar 1673
  3. Jacques Bergevin b. 28 Jun 1675, d. b 1681
  4. Marie Ambroise Bergevin b. 8 May 1676
  5. Jean Bergevin+ b. c 1680, d. 19 Jan 1743
  6. Louis Bergevin dit De Brechevin b. 6 Dec 1681, d. 23 Aug 1743
  7. **Marie Madeleine Bergevin+ b. 18 May 16846,7
  8. Ignace Bergevin b. 23 Oct 1685, d. a 1737
  9. Anonyme Bergevin b. 14 Mar 1688, d. 14 Mar 1688
  10. Jean Francois Bergevin b. 5 Apr 1690, d. 5 Jan 1758

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