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Marguerite Moreau1       7th great grandmother
b. 1650, d. 20 October 1690, #450
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Father   **Francois Moreau2 b. circa 1618
Mother   **Anne Fiot b. circa 1622

Birth ca 1649
Marguerite Moreau was born before 31 March 1649 as on that date she was baptized at the Our-Lady of Good-News parish in  Diocese of Orleans, Rouen, Normandy, France. The diocese of Orleans before 1650 was a diocese of Paris and after 1650 was an area south of Paris. May be the same area. Just different in jurisdiction.3

Marriage 26 August 1670 Marguerite married André Morin, son of Jacques Morin and Michelle Dion, 26 August 1670 in Quebec, Quebec, Canada. He was about 25 years old and she was about 20. Marguerite had recently arrived from France as a 'fille-du-Roi' or 'King’s Daughter.' These were young women who had been selected by their parish priest to go to the colony as prospective brides. They were given a dowry of 50 livres for marrying a soldier or farmer (versus 100 livres for marrying an officer), a supply of household items and free passage aboard ship with the expenses picked up by the French royal treasury. In exchange, she was required to marry a soldier or settler and begin raising a family. These young women had fifteen days in which to choose a mate, after which time those who remained unmarried would be returned to France.1,5,6

27 Aug 1670 At least one reference claims that Marguerite was at least 50 years old at the time of this marriage and that André was 45. This is not born out by census information.7

1681 From a French Quebec site "It is in Charlesbourg that André and Marguerite are established. In 1681, they cultivate a ground of fifteen arpents and have three animals with horns, at the Saint-Joseph village. They had 10 children" Marguerite is 31 years old on this census.7

Death  20 Oct 1690 Marguerite died on 20 October 1690 at Hôtel-Dieu, in Quebec city, Quebec,  Canada within a month of the birth of her 10th child in 20 years. This child did not live either. She was about 40 years old.6,7   Hôtel-Dieu is literally translated as the hotel of God. ie. a hospital run by the church.  Since in September of 1690 Marguerite had a baby that did not survive, it looks like Marguerite died as a result of that birth.

Marguerite was buried in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.8 

Family **André Morin  b. 1645, d. 30 January 1709/10
Children  1. Marguerite Morin b. 5 Aug 1671, d. 6 Apr 1715
  2. Jeanne Morin b. 27 Feb 1672/73
  3. **Siméon Morin+ b. 10 Mar 1675, d. 17 Dec 1728
  4. Apolline Morin b. 13 Apr 1677, d. 12 Apr 1727
  5. Thomas dit André Morin b. 6 Aug 1679
  6. Jean Morin+ b. 21 Feb 1682, d. 23 Feb 1730
  7. Marie Anne Morin b. 26 Aug 1685
  8. Marguerite Morin b. 9 Nov 1687, d. 4 Mar 1688
  9. Marie Catherine Morin b. 20 Feb 1689, d. 25 Jan 1715
  10. unnamed Morin b. 29 Sep 1690, d. 29 Sep 1690

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