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Jeanne Toussaint1       7th Great Grand mother of the children of  Leslyn and Pomala Black
b. circa 1652, d. 17 December 1708, #15708

Birth circa 1652 Jeanne was born circa 1652 at France.1

Jeanne was a Fille du Roi, one of the "King's Daughter's."2

Marriage 1672 Jeanne Toussaint married **Noel Carpentier 1672 in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Champlain, Quebec, Canada.1  
The IGI says that they had 10 children:

Marie Therese CARPENTIER
Jacques CARPENTIER b: in Canada
Marie Madeleine CARPENTIER b: 1673 in Cap de la Madeleine, Quebec
Marie Jeanne CARPENTIER b: 25 Nov 1676 in Cap de la Madeleine, Quebec
**Etienne CARPENTIER b: 1678-1679 in Canada   (6th ggf)
Medard Carpentier dit BAILLY b: 2 Aug 1681 in Champlain, Champlain
Marie Marguerite CARPENTIER b: 4 Mar 1683/84 in Champlain, Quebec
Antoinette CARPENTIER b: 26 Jan 1686/87 in Champlain, Quebec
Anne Celeste CARPENTER b: 18 Jun 1691 in Canada
Noel CARPENTIER b: 20 Jan 1696/97 in Canada.1,4

Death 16 Dec1708 Jeanne died on 16 December 1708 at Champlain,  Champlain, Quebec  Canada.3 
Burial 17 Dec1708 Jeanne was buried on 17 December 1708, Champlain, Champlain,  Quebec  Canada.1 

Family **Noel Carpentier   b. 1645, d. 26 January 1728
Child  1. **Etienne Charpentier+ b. 1678/79, d. b 17 May 17651

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