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Sébastien Provencher1     8th great grandfather
b. 1634, d. 1710, #14506
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Father   **Sébastien Provenchère b. circa 1608
Mother   **Catherine Bretonnet

Birth 1634 Sébastien was born in 1634 at France. It appears that Sébastien was possibly born in Pithiviers France, and was baptised in the Catholic Church of Église Saint-Salomon, Orléans, in Loiret, France about 1634. (The Canadian census of 1667 supports this date.)

Recent research seems to indicate that the origins of Sebastien Provencher could be in Pithiviers, France and Marguerite Manchon could be in Arthenay, in the Loiret region in France.1,2

1658 Sebastien was hired by M. Pierre Boucher (sieur de Grosbois) in May 1658 to come live at Cap-la-Madeleine which had been first called Faverell River in 1647, then Cap-des-Trois-Rivières in 1651, and had become Cap-de-la-Madeleine on May 2 1652.
The only requierment Mr. Boucher had made for his success in Canada was that Sebastien should not be lazy.3

Marriage #1 22 January 1663 Sébastien Provencher married **Marguerite Manchon, who was 25 years old, daughter of **Nicholas Manchon and **Marie Baratin, 22 January 1663 in Canada. Their marriage contract was signed with Louis Laurant, JANUARY 22 1663, (Archives of Trois-Rivières) They had 6 children; five other than Louis. Jean-François, Madeliene, Sébastien, Catherine and Marguerite.1

circa 1663 Daughter - Madeleine (Manchon) PROVENCHER -b. c. 1663;
married Nov.15 1676 (contract marriage was notarized by Antoine Adhémard) to
Aubin MAUDOUS, son of Michel Maudous and Marie ARNAUDE.
Madeleine died on June 19 1731 at Saint-Michel-de-Yamaska.2

circa 1665 Daughter . Marguerite (Manchon) PROVENCHER - Born c. 1665 (1667 CENSUS)
Was married on April 28 1682 in Cap-de-la-Madeleine (Marriage Contract was notarized Jean Cusson) to
Anthoine Cottenoire de Villier, son of de François Cottenoir & Marie Coffin.

Marguerite died on October 27 1739 on l'Ile Dupas.

Marriage #2 14 May 1691 Sébastien Provencher married **Catherine Guillet, who was 35 years old, daughter of  **Pierre Guillet dit Lajeunesse and **Jeanne de St. Père, 14 May 1691 in Cap de la Madeleine, Quebec, Canada. Sébastien's son, Louis, by his first marriage married a daughter of Catherine by her first marriage, Simone.1

Death 1710 Sébastien died in 1710 at Bécancour,  cté Nicolet, Quebec  Canada.1 

Family 1 **Marguerite Manchon   b. 28 March 1637, d. 28 January 1688
Children  1. **Louis Provencher+ b. 1668, d. 27 Nov 17251
  2. Sebastien Provencher b. 1669, d. 17 Feb 1739
  3. Catherine Provencher b. 23 Apr 16782

Family 2 **Catherine Guillet   b. 8 February 1655/56
Children  1. Jeanne Provencher b. 14 Feb 1692, d. a 17181
  2. Marie Catherine Provencher b. 1693, d. 23 Nov 17451

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