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Paul DeRainville1        9th great grand father  Morin line
b. June 1619, d. 10 December 1686, #14476
Pop-up Pedigree

Father   **Jean DeRainville1 b. circa 1585
Mother   **Jeanne Brechet1 b. circa 1600

Birth June 1619 Paul was born in June 1619 and was baptized at St Thomas de Touques, Normandy, France.1,2

The church of St. Thomas de Touques.  An interesting old church.  Travellers tell us that the churches of Normandy are very interesting, some with a thousand years of service; many of them partly rebuilt.  The façade of this church is very old, of Romanesque style; looks like the façade of the original church.  A portal of Renaissance style was added to the original façade.  The side walls, of a transition style, semi-Romanesque and semi-Gothic, do not seem to be as old as the façade.  The tower, of Gothic style, is of more recent date.  It is the church in which Paul de Rainville was baptized, where he was most probably married, and where his children were baptized.

Marriage 1638 Paul DeRainville married Rolline Poète 1638 in St Thomas de Touques, Pont-l'Evêque, France.1  

He was a sargent in the militia in Quebec.3

1665 Paul came to Beauport in New France with his family in 1665. They had four children that came with them.  This date may be a bit late. Several of their children were married in Quebec BEFORE 1665.
Jean about 27 years old
Marie about 21 years old
Marthe about 18
Charles about 13.4
They had at least 7 children, the 3 that died young were:
Marthe b 20 Feb 1646; d. 20 Feb 1646
Charles b. 21 Sep 1649; d. Abt. 1649
Anne bca 1653 death not known.

1666 Wife Rolline/Pauline died in February of 1666. She had been in New France only about a year if they truly arrived in 1665.
Marriage #2 1 Sept 1666 Paul DeRainville, 47 years old, married Marie Michel 1 September 1666 in Beauport, Quebec, Canada. She was the widow of Louis Gagne.1,4

Death 10 December 1686 Paul died on 10 December 1686 at Beauport,  Quebec, Canada at age 67.1   He is buried in the  cemetery of "la Cote de la Montagne", Beauport, Quebec, Quebec, Canada.6

1955 Reunion at Beauport Quebec

On September 4, 1955, the Rainville family had a North American wide reunion, held in Beauport, Quebec, Canada. There were Rainvilles from all over North America attended, and these were all descendants of  Paul DeRainville, who was born in 1619, and came to Canada in 1655.  The following is a copy of the Program handed out at that reunion. Irene Rainville and Joe Ross attended that reunion and later on there is a letter from Irene stating their adventures at the reunion.   Also the crest  for the deRainville family  date 1997

The above are pages from the program at the 1955 Family reunion.

 A  history of this family was prepared for this reunion and  can be seen here

Family 1 **Rolline Poète   b. circa 1620, d. 16 February 1666
Children  1. **Jean DeRainville+ b. 1638, d. 14 Nov 17041
  2. Marie DeRainville b. 1644, d. 6 Nov 17111
  3. Marthe DeRainville b. 1 Mar 1647, d. 19 Dec 17211
  4. Charles Rainville b. 21 Jan 1652, d. 10 May 16995

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