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The Gowing Family

Our particular branch of the family came into being in 1920, with the birth of my father Donald Jack Gowing. He never knew his father but grew up in Walthamstow, East London with his mother Sarah Ethel Gowing (née Hollings) and his maternal grandfather George Carsten Hollings. In 1940, with the war underway he married Winifred May Deacon in Chingford, Essex, before enlisting in the R.A.F. and going to war. They went on to produce seven children (of which I am but one). Winifred died suddenly in 1986, sixty nine years and seven children were etched in every line on her face, but we know she is forever with us.

Donald Jack died in May 2005 after spending his twilight years living a life of leisure in the East Riding of Yorkshire with a new partner, Clarice

For us, his children, in his memory, have pieced together what we believe to be the facts of how our father came by the name he grew up with and the name his mother took, perhaps inappropriately, for the sake of propriety. The story begins in 1750 around Gloucestershire, moves on to London and continues to this day.

This is still a work in progress...

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