Wills and other Legal Documents


and other

Legal Documents

In copying these documents I have remained true to the originals. The punctuation (and spelling) on some of them is questionable but I understand it to be standard practice to avoid any possible ambiguity. Some of these pages originate from the U.S. of A. and the spelling reflects that.


John Ellingham of Crowland, ( 1720-1763)

John Ellingham of Ely, (1745-1829)

Ann Ellingham of Ely, (1752-1829)

John Ellingham of Littleport (1775-1854)

Memorandum Of Agreement.

David Ellingham and James Cross

Orders of Probate

Charles Frederick Horn

Charles Edward Horn


These Indentures all revolve around a plot of land in Green Street, Bethnal Green measuring forty five feet by one hundred and forty five feet. The lease was purchased by George Hollings in 1850 after the previous owner (Joseph Valentine Walsh) "breached the covenants" and defaulted on the payments. Joseph Valentine Walsh had married Elizabeth Deleney in 1832. Elizabeth had inherited the land from her mother Catherine who had, in turn, acquired it by means of her late husband, Edward's will. Edward Deleney originally purchased the land in 1814.

4th March 1815

8th October 1849

14th December 1850

16th December 1850

6th July 1859

28th March 1865

23rd March 1866

14th May 1866

23rd August 1905

undated [Joseph Valentine Walsh]

Undated [Assist]

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