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Johann Hoellings I - Born c.1661, Married Alheit Koops

     Johann Hoellings II - Born c.1693-4, Married Margret Kahrs

         Johann Christoph Hoellings - Born c.1729, Married Catharina Tho Riken

             Carsten Hollings - Born c.1765, Married various, see below.

                 George Thomas Hollings - Born 1805. Married Rachel Wire

                     George James Hollings - Born 1826.Married Selina Popkins

                        George Carsten Hollings - Born 1858. Married Sarah Jemimah Inward

                            Sarah Ethel Hollings - Born 1889. Married? John Arthur Gowing

Sarah Ethel Hollings

Sarah Ethel Hollings and John Arthur Gowing

The children grew up and one by one left home, George Albert followed the family line and became a builder, he married Maud Lilian Bremer at Walthamstow Parish Church, February 5th 1916. Maud was the daughter of Henry Bremer, a wire worker.
Walthamstow was once well known for its copper mill, close to the banks of the river Lea, the building (grade two listed) still stands and is now a water pumping station. Copper ingots from Swansea were shipped to London and sent up the river Lea in barges to the mill where it was rolled into thin copper sheets, the last copper rolled in Walthamstow was in 1857 and the mill was sold on to the East London Waterworks Company. Although copper rolling had long since ceased there may have been a residule business manufacturing wire cables close by. Henry Bremer lived in Coppermill Lane. While Henry worked his wires, his younger brother Frederick was busy back home in the back yard making history.

Florence Copeland

Photograph of Florence Copeland sent to her sister Sarah Ethel

Sarah Ethel, Florence and Violet were all working in a clothing factory in 1911, Sarah and Florence were both blouse trimmers and Violet was a blouse finisher. It is more than likely they would have been joined by their younger sisters Daisy and Lily but in during the February of 1918 Daisy Ivy, just eighteen years of age, died of heart disease.
In the spring of 1918 Florence Gertrude married Thomas Copeland and in 1927 emigrated to America. Thomas was a toolmaker by trade, born in Glasgow in November 1891 and it was from Greenoch in Scotland the couple sailed aboard the Letitia, arriving in New York 22nd March 1927. They made their way west and eventually set up home at 50, Eldridge Avenue, Los Angeles, California. Amongst the prized possessions Sarah kept all her life were some photographs sent from California of Florence and Thomas depicting a single storey building with a separate garage, a bright, spacious garden, neatly trimmed lawn with a sun lounger, a far cry from life in Walthamstow in the early 1900s. In the U.S. census taken in 1930 Florence and Thomas had moved to Wayne County in Michigan, they still didn't have children and they were both working at an car plant, Thomas, age 38, was still a toolmaker and Florence age 36 was a press operator. Both became naturalized U.S.citizens on October 27th 1939. We have found no children.

Florence Copeland's Naturalization papers

Florence Copeland's
Naturalization papers

About this time Sarah Ethel apparently met John Arthur Gowing as Donald Jack Gowing was born August 1920. Donald was born in Harrison Street, St Pancras in London but grew up and was educated in Walthamstow. From his school records we can follow his early life through some of the addresses he lived at with his mother. His first school from the August of 1925 was Queens Road Infants. From Queens Road it was on to Edinburgh Road Juniors from 1925 to 1927, his home address for both schools was recorded as 23 Exeter Road. Then for one year only, Gamuel Road. This change from Edinburgh to Gamuel Road we believe was probably the result of Donald's grandfather, George Carsten, marrying Maud Edith Barber in 1928. The records for Gamuel Road school for the years in question have been lost so we have no address. After a single year at Gamuel Donald's next school was Chapel End, and again it was only for a single year, their new address was 48, Cazenove Road. This address is on the north boundary of Walthamstow, a long way from Gamuel road and the last address the family had in Walthamstow.

Raymond Hollings in the backyard of Exeter Road

Raymond Hollings in the backyard
at Exeter Road

Meanwhile in 1923 Violet May married John Crossland Kaye in Darton, Yorkshire, a long way from her home in Walthamstow, London. That left Lily Maud who, we believe married Frederick Matthews, and Raymond Leslie who never married. Born in 1910, Raymond suffered through his younger years with polio, resulting in a curved back as he grew older. Did he leave home and go to live with with Sarah Ethel and her son Donald Jack? He was certainly living with her in Chingford in later years.

23 Exeter Road, Walthamstow is a small terraced house in the heart of the town off just Hoe Street and was to be the last address of George Carsten Hollings. In 1938, ten years after his second marriage he died age 79. The last years of his life saw his house turned over to lodgers, a practice his wife continued after his death, maybe the extra income was necessary.

George Albert and Maud Lilian had two children, both girls, Violet Lilian married Leonard Brabant, a brief marriage that ended in divorce and Gladys Caroline Joan married Ronald Robert Clark in Chingford and they in turn had two children Trevor and Christine, both of whom are married and have children of their own. George Albert died in 1972 in Chingford.

This page has been a brief account of Sarah Ethel Hollings' father, her siblings, their growing up, marrying and leaving home. It includes the part of her life spent living with her father in Walthamstow and the few years she lived apart from him before moving to Chingford. At some point, probably for the sake of her son Donald, she changed her name to Gowing, it seems logical that the move from Walthamstow to Chingford would have been the ideal time. Her story continues under the name of Gowing, for all intents and purposes, her married name.

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