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Carsten Hollings marries Margaret Charlotte Lidgate 1787 CarstenHollingsMargLidgate.JPG (122494 bytes) St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, London. 1787-9 U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights written. 1788, Convict Settlement set up in Botany Bay Australia, (now Sydney) George III King, (1760-1820)
Carsten Hollings marries Sarah Clark 1790 CarHollingsSarahClarkJPG.JPG (85346 bytes) St. Martin -in -the -Fields Westminster. 1789, Storming of the Bastille. French Revolution begins.
Robert Hollings Christened May 1793 Robert_HollingsCHR.JPG (84112 bytes) St Leonards, Shoreditch, London. 1793, Bank of England introduces £5 Note
William Hollings Christened October 1793 WilliamHollingsChristenCROP.JPG (123648 bytes). Spitalfields, Christ Church, London. Living at Quaker Street. 1793, Louise XVI of France executed.
Carsten Hollings marries Margaret Sabben 1794 Carsten_HollingsMargSabben.JPG (96551 bytes) Spitalfields, Christ Church, London. 1794, Abolition of Parish Register duties.
Christopher Hollings Christened 1795 ChrisHollings_CHR_.JPG (66424 bytes) St. Mary Whitechapel, Stepney, London Living at Allie Street, Whitechapel. 1795, Hydraulic press invented.
Anthony Hollings Christened 1797 AnthonyHollingsCHR.JPG (115591 bytes) St. Mary Whitechapel, Stepney, London Living at Allie Street, Whitechapel. 1796, Small Pox Vaccine introduced. 1797, First £1 note issued. 1798, Nelson destroys French Fleet.
Johan Friedrich Hollings Christened 1800  Johan Friedrich Hollings baptism St George's Lutheran Church, Whitechapel. King George III survives a 2nd assassination attempt
James Hollings I Christened 1801 JamesHollingsCHR.JPG (88951 bytes) Old Church, St Pancras, London. 1801, Union of Great Britain and Ireland Henry Addington becomes Prime Minister
Margaretha Hollings Christened 1804 Margaretha Hollings Baptism St George's Lutheran Church, Whitechapel. 1804, Napoleon become French Emperor. William Pitt becomes British Prime Minister for the second time.
George Thomas Hollings Christened 1805 GeorgeThomas_CHR_.JPG (137521 bytes) Old Church, St Pancras, London. 1805, Battle of Trafalgar.
Robert Hollings marries Sarah Thompson 1814 RobHollSaraTHOMP.JPG (78197 bytes) St James Paddington, London. 1809. First Street Lights in Pall Mall. 1812, Charles Dickens born
Robert Carsten Hollings Christened 1816 RobCarHollingsCHR.JPG (71802 bytes) St James Paddington, London. 1815, Battle of Waterloo.
Carsten Hollings marries Ann Bosworth 1817 CarHollingsAnnBosworth.JPG (115197 bytes) St Giles, Cripplegate, London. 1817. Mary Shelley publishes "Frankenstein" 1817. Ceylon revolts against British Rule
George Thomas Hollings marries Rachel Wire 1825 George Hollings marries Rachel Wire St. Mary's Church, Islington. George IV King,(1820-1830)
George James Hollings born. 20th December. 1826 1827 GeorgeJamesChristCROP.JPG (101915 bytes) St. Mathew Bethnal Green, London. Living at Duke Street, Bethnal Green. 1827, First photographic image produced by Joseph Nicephore Niepce. (1765-1833) 1828, Duke of Wellington becomes Prime Minister
James Hollings II born (George James' Brother) 1830 James Hollings baptism. Green Street,
Bethnal Green.
1829 George Stephenson builds "Rocket" 1830, Earl Grey Becomes Prime Minister 1837, Victoria becomes Queen
Castin Hollings buried
Age 3 years
1835 Castin Hollings burial record Green Street,
Bethnal Green.
Charles Darwin arrived at the Galapagos Islands during his voyage aboard
H.M.S. Beagle.
Census 1841 1841_census_Cropped.JPG (69725 bytes) "Green Street, south side from Globe Street to bridge." 1840, Penny Postage first introduced in Britain 1841, Sir John Peel becomes British Prime Minister
Census 1851 1851_Cropped.JPG (86627 bytes) 103, Green Street, Bethnal Green, London. 1848 Karl Marx publishes the Communist Manifesto, Great Exhibition, London 1848, Californian Gold Rush
George James Hollings marries Selina Popkins 1854 GeorgeHollingsSelinaPopkinsMarCert.JPG (61228 bytes) 16, Globe Road, Stepney, London. 1854, Charge of the Light Brigade (Crimean War). 1854 Florence Nightingale pioneered modern nursing during the Crimean War.
Rachel Hollings II born (George III elder sister) 1855 Rachel Hollings baptism 26 East Street, Bethnal Green, London. 1855, Pillar boxes introduced. 1855, Livingstone finds Victoria Falls
George Carsten Hollingsborn 1859 GeorgeCarstenBirthCert.JPG (129476 bytes) 26 East Street, Bethnal Green, London. 1858, Brunels "Great Eastern" Launched
Census 1861 1861EastSTCensusCROP.JPG (62018 bytes) 26 East Street, Bethnal Green, London. 1860, Garibaldi conquers Sicily and Naples. 1861, American Civil War begins
Census 1861 1861GreenSTCrop.JPG (84356 bytes) 103, Green Street, Tower Hamlets, London. 1861, Telegraph developed U.S.A.
Henry William Hollings born 1862 Henry Hollings baptism 26 East Street, Bethnal Green, London. 1861, Albert, Prince Consort dies
Rachel Hollings I dies age 61 1862 Rachel Hollings death 103, Green Street, Tower Hamlets, London. 1862, Gold found in British Columbia
Selina Hollings dies age 36 1863 Selina Hollings death St Bartholomew's Hospital London 1863, First part of London Underground opened
George James Hollings marries Elizabeth Coe 1863 GeorgeHollingsElizCoeMARChurch.jpg (87270 bytes) Parish Church South Hackney. Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
Census 1871 1871GreenStCrop.jpg (71359 bytes) 198, Green Street, Hackney, London. 1874, Disraeli Prime Minister
George Thomas Hollings dies age 75 1877 George Hollings death Bethnal Green, London. 1875, Telephone Patented
Rachel Hollings II marries Walter Thomas Phillips 1878 Rachel_Hollings_Marriage_Cert.JPG (86690 bytes) 4, Hassard Street, Bethnal Green, London. 1878, Salvation Army created. 1879, Zulu War
George James Hollings
1881George James Hollings~1881 Census9, Candy Street,
Bow. London
April, The Natural History Museum opens in London
George Carsten Hollings
1881 George Carsten Hollings~1881 Census 34, Bentham Road, Hackney. 1880, First Boer War 1881, First Power Station built in New York.
George Carsten Hollings marries Sarah Jemimah Inward. 1882 George_Sarah_Mar_Cert.JPG (79744 bytes) Parish Church South Hackney. 1882, First appearance of Sherlock Holmes.(A Study in Scarlet)
Ethel Sarah born 1889 53HerveyParkRdWstow.JPG (75491 bytes) 8, Osney Terrace, Hervey Park Rd, Walthamstow. 1889/90. 1888, Heinrich Hertz discovers Radio Waves 1888, Jack the Ripper terrorizes Whitechapel 1889, London Dockers strike.
Census 1891 1891Stoneydown.JPG (59032 bytes) 2, Stoneydown Avenue, Walthamstow.1891/92. 1891, Primary education made Free and compulsory
(George) Albert born 1891 2StoneydownAveWStow.JPG (61485 bytes) 2, Stoneydown Avenue, Walthamstow.1891/92. 1892, Diesel engine developed
George James Hollings dies 1893 GeorgeJamesHollingsDTH.JPG (117267 bytes) Training Hospital, Tottenham 1894, Manchester Ship Canal opens 1894, Tower bridge opens.
Florence Gertrude born 1893 5WarnerRdWstow.JPG (64914 bytes)5,Warner Road, Walthamstow.1892-4. 1895 X-Rays discovered
Violet May born

Daisy Ivy born


13MelvilleRdWstow.JPG (57659 bytes) Woodbine Villa,
Melville Road, Walthamstow.
1899, Second Boer War
Census 1901 1901Melville.JPG (84608 bytes) 13, Melville Road, Walthamstow 1901, Queen Victoria dies.
Lily Maud born1901Lily Maud Hollings birth40, Gloucester Road
December 1901,
The first set of Nobel Prizes were awarded.
Raymond Leslie
1910 206StJohnsRd Wstow .jpg (61020 bytes) 206, St Johns Road, Walthamstow. (Or 206, St Andrews Road, Walthamstow.) 1906, Britain Builds first Dreadnought. 1906, Vitamins discovered. 1912 R.M.S. "Titanic" sinks
(George) Albert
marries Maud
Lilian Bremer
1916 AlbertMaudMarr.JPG (61087 bytes) 23 Exeter road Walthamstow, married at The Parish Church, Walthamstow. 1914, First World War begins. 1916, Battle of Jutland. 1917, Royal Family change name to Windsor.
Daisy Ivy dies of heart disease 1918 DaisyIvyDeathCert.JPG (79339 bytes) 23 Exeter road Walthamstow. 1919, Alcock and Brown's Transatlantic Flight.
Donald Jack
Gowing born.
1920 HarrisonStreetsm.JPG (73335 bytes) 17, Harrison Street, St Pancras, London. 1920, League of Nations formed 1920, Radio Broadcasting starts in Britain, (By Marconi)
Sarah Ethel and
Donald Jack move
to Exeter Road
192? 23ExeterRdWstow.JPG (63024 bytes) 23, Exeter road, Walthamstow. 1924, First Labour Government. 1926 John Logie Baird demonstrates the Television 1926, General Strike in Britain.
George Carsten marries Maud E. Barber. 1928 SpruceHillBaptistWstow.JPG (61675 bytes) (23, Exeter road, Walthamstow) Spruce Hill Baptist Chapel, Brookscroft Road, Walthamstow. 1927, B.B.C. Founded. 1928, Penicillin discovered
Sarah Ethel and Donald Jack move (indirectly) to Chingford 1928/9 inglebourne.JPG (60061 bytes) "Inglebourne" Low Street (Renamed Sewardstone Road) Chingford. 1928, Women over 21 get Vote in Britain. 1929, Abolition of Poor Law system. 1930, Great Depression begins. 1930, R101 Airship Disaster.
Sarah Ethel and Donald Jack move (again indirectly) in Chingford 1933 103SewardstoneRdChingford.JPG (59223 bytes) 103, Sewardstone Road, Chingford. 1936 Spanish Civil War begins 1936, Edward VIII Abdicates
George Carsten Hollings dies
Age 79
1938 George Carsten Hollings death 23, Exeter road, Walthamstow. 1938, Nylon Invented 1939 Second World War Begins

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