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George James Hollings and Elizabeth Coe

George James Hollings married Elizabeth Coe on November 1st 1863 at the Parish Church of Soth Hackney. Elizabeth was his second wife, and with her he would have eleven more children. It has been passed down by word of mouth that the Hollings family of builders played a significant role in the construction and development of Walthamstow. From house and road construction to Churches, Chapels and parts of a former orphanage (probably St Mary's at the junction of Shelborne Street and Wyatts Lane). The area of Shelborne Street is mentioned specifically although I am not in procession of any documentary evidence to support this. It is possible that the Hollings builders were one of many small local companies contracted out as teams to work in particular areas. The billhead below shows John James as a builder and decorator, his brother Reuben is listed in the 1901 census as a plasterer. His father George James and step brother George Carsten Hollings were both Master Builders. His brother in law Charles Noe was a carpenter's labourer and Charles elder brother Henry was a carpenter joiner as was his father Abraham. There are still some of John James siblings we know very little about so it is very likely they were also involved.

The paper below was copied by John James onto his business invoice (The Dr. means debtor) The original was written by Samuel Coe in the year of his death, 1878. The paper lists the Coe family history back to Edward Coe b.1732 in Desborough, Northamtonshire.

Coe family tree

Coe family tree

Thank you William Hollings for allowing me to use this document passed to him by his father
John James Hollings (1885-1973)

By S. Coe, 1878.

Marriage Certificate
John Huet
Ann Seamore
St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch
September 2nd 1792

Baptismal Certificate
William Huet, Son of above Born December 5th 1798
Baptised July 28th 1799 at above Church

Marriage Certificate
William Huet
Sarah Biddle
St Leonard's Shoreditch Jan 27th 1821

Baptismal Certificate
Sarah Elizabeth Huet Born Feb 7 1823
Baptised Hackney Church


Eglise Protestante
De Londres
Londres le
24 avril 1870
I certify that W John Huet received money from that Church till 1803and after his death his wife Elizabeth Huet received a pension from the Fourniers fund till 1824 the year of her death. Mr. John Huet being of French Protestant refugee.
Signed G. Delfry, Honorary Secretary, to the
Consistory(?) Huguenot (?) Protestant Church Court

          St Martins le Grand.

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