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Deacon/Ellingham Family Tree

Deacon Names Page

Event Year Image Address
John Ellingham I born.  1720   Crowland, Cambs.
John Ellingham  married Isabel Steward. 1744   Crowland, Cambs.
John Ellingham II born.  1745 Records lost Littleport, Cambs
John Ellingham  married Ann Pool. 1772 JohnEllinghamAnnPoolMar.JPG (36828 bytes) Littleport, Cambs
Thomas Ellingham born. 1782 ThomasEllingham_CHR.JPG (12285 bytes) Littleport, Cambs
Sarah Dennis born 1787 SarahDennisCHR.JPG (31847 bytes) Wicken, Cambs.
Robert Watts married Martha Gerish. 1801   Westbury, Wiltshire
Thomas Ellingham married Sarah Dennis. 1808 ThosEllinghamSarahDennisMar.JPG (53458 bytes) Ely, Cambs
Maria Freeman born 1809 MariaFreemanCHR.JPG (23540 bytes)  
John Ellingham III born.  1809   Littleport, Cambs
Emma Watts born. 1812   Westbury, Wiltshire
Benjamin Deacon married Emma Watts. 1833   St.Swithin's Church, Walcot, Bath
Robert Watts Deacon born. 1836 Robert Watts Deacon baptism West Hackney Parish Church
Stoke Newington, London.
Martha Ellingham born. 1840 Martha_Ellingham_CHRCROP.JPG (75181 bytes) The Bridge House,  Littleport, Cambs.

(see note below *)

Martha_Ellingham_BirthCert.JPG (82417 bytes)

Census, Ellingham's

1841 Ellingham1841MKD.JPG (42375 bytes) The Bridge House, Littleport, Cambs.
Census, Deacon's. 1841 Deacon1841.JPG (62461 bytes)  Rose Cottage, Stoke Newington, London.
Census, Deacon's. 1851 Deacon1851.JPG (88223 bytes) Rose Cottage, Stoke Newington, London.
Census, Deacon's. 1861 Deacon1861adj.JPG (57502 bytes) Rose Cottage, Stoke Newington, London.
Census, Deacon's. 1871 Deacon1871.JPG (63245 bytes) Rose Cottage, Stoke Newington, London.
Robert Watts Deacon married Martha Ellingham 1874 RobertDeaconMarthaEllinghamMar.JPG (88324 bytes) 3, Napier Street, Hoxton, Shoreditch
Census, Deacon's. 1881 Deacon1881BENemmADJ.JPG (101346 bytes) 76, Park Street, Stoke Newington, London.
Census, Deacon's. 1881 Deacon1881ALL.JPG (47472 bytes) The new Deacon Family, lodging at Sherborne house, Islington.
Robert Watts Deacon dies 1883 RobertWattsDeaconDTH.JPG (79225 bytes) 10, Rosemary Street, Islington, London.
Benjamin Deacon dies 1884 BenjaminDeaconDTH.JPG (51228 bytes) 76, Park Street, Stoke Newington, London.
Emma Deacon dies 1887 EmmaDeaconDTH.JPG (50960 bytes) 76, Park Street, Stoke Newington, London.
Census 1891 Deacon1891.JPG (76551 bytes) I, Woodland Road, Stoke Newington, London.
John Benjamin Deacon  married  Annie Elizabeth Horn  1910 JohnBenAnnieElizabethMAR.JPG (77891 bytes) 10, Durban Road, Tottenham, London.
Beatrice Annie Deacon born. 1911    
Rosa Lilian Deacon born. 1913    
Lilian Dorothy Deacon born. 1914    
Winifred May Deacon born. 1917 WinMay_DeaconBirth.JPG (96385 bytes) Warwick  Cottage, Warwickshire Road,  Stoke Newington, London.
Leonard John Deacon born. 1919    

The Christening of Martha Ellingham at St Georges Church, Littleport, took place on May 3rd, 1841. The Reverend at the time was in the habit of keeping records of baptisms, marriages and funerals he performed in a note book and entering the details into the official record books at a later date. As a consequence many errors have come to light over the years and Martha's baptism is another example of this. The son of David and Mary Smith has been recorded as Martha, and the daughter of John and Maria Ellingham has been recorded as John! Thank you to Bruce Frost of the Littleport Society for bringing this to our attention.

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