Harrison Heritage Vol. VI No. 1 March 1986

Harrison Heritage March 1986
Volume VI No. 1

Ruth Harrison Jones, Editor and Publisher

Table of Contents

North Carolina Wills, 1760-1800 ................................... 665
Lineage of Frances Hayes Quinn .................................. 666
Lineage of Connie H. Hutchinson .................................. 667
Ohio Census Index, 1850 ........................................... 669
Pioneer Families of Missouri ....................................... 674
Fleming County, Kentucky Deeds ................................. 676
Ray County, Missouri Deed ........................................ 679
A Kentucky Harrison ................................................ 680
Lineage of Keith M. Street ......................................... 681
Lineage of Mrs. Robert K. Schmitt ................................ 682
Lineage / Query of Joseph C. Hammond ......................... 683
Queries From Our Readers ......................................... 684

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 1
March 1986 p. 665

North Carolina Wills About 1760 to 1800

Waylan D. Harrison. Box 59 Farm Road 1470 Leming, Texas- 78050

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 1
March 1986 p. 666

pedigree charts Ancestry of Sarah Harrison daughter of Joshua HARRISON and Sarah SELLMAN. We are trying to prepare this entire chart for you so in the meantime follow the link to our Repository for this family.

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 1
March 1986 p. 668


Note that this chart was originally published with "AK" for the state abbreviation but I believe that it should read AR for Arkansas. bbb

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 1
March 1986 p. 669

HARRISONs in the 1850 Census Index of Ohio

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 1
March 1986 p. 673


PP 29, 229, 339



Mary JONES, daughter of Harrison JONES married Francis HOUCHINS, Goochland Co., Virginia, 28 June 1782.

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 1
March 1986 p. 674


BY Wm. S. Bryan and Robert Rose


The Harrison family, of which there are several members in Callaway County, is one of the most distinguished in America. It sprang from some of the best blood of England, and has given to that country and to America several of their most celebrated characters. John, Benjamin and Thomas Harrison were sons of a family of English nobility and were born in the town of Feuby, Yorkshire. John was born in 169_

And became a great inventor. Among his inventions were a chronometer and gridiron. He also invented the pendulum for clocks, for which the British crown paid him L20, 000. He died in Red Lion Square, London, in 1776. Benjamin Harrison was born in 1694. He had two sons, Benjamin and Robert. The former was the father of Hon. Benjamin Harrison, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and who was the father of General William Henry Harrison, president of the United States. Robert Harrison was the father of the Hon. Robert Harrison, the great jurist. Thomas, the younger brother of John and Benjamin Harrison, was born in 1695. He married Hannah Morrison, of England, by whom he had six sons - John, Benjamin, Thomas, Jr., Samuel, Daniel and James, all of whom came to America after the death of their parents, and settled in the State of Maryland. When the Revolutionary War began they all enlisted in the American army, and John and Thomas were soon promoted, the former to the rank of Captain and the latter to that of Colonel. The other four brothers were killed and each left families, but of these we have no account. Captain John Harrison married a Miss Malone, of Maryland, and settled in Botetourt Co., Virginia. He had six sons - Thomas, Samuel, John, Benjamin, Daniel and James. Colonel Thomas Harrison never married. He was a shrewd businessman and made a great deal of money while in the army, most of which he invested in lands in the Valley of Virginia, and at his death he left his property to his nephew, Thomas, son of Captain John Harrison. The nephew married Margaret Billops, of Virginia, and removed with his parents to South Carolina, but returned to Virginia after their deaths and settled in Montgomery County. He had ten children by his first wife, of whom he raised eight, viz.: Edward, John, Thomas, Samuel, James, Elizabeth, Sarah and Polly. His second wife was ______Crawley, of Virginia, by whom he had: Nancy, Margaret and William D. He was married the third time to Jane Childress, of Virginia, by whom he had: Cynthia, Andrew L., Eliza J. and Benjamin R. In the fall of 1819 he removed with his family to Missouri, and settled on the Booneslick in Callaway County, where he died July 3, 1__0, in his 7_th year. His eldest son, Edward, died in Virginia. His second son, John was born in Boutetourt County, Virginia, October 7, 1791. (See Portrait page 228). He volunteered in the war of 1812, and was promoted to the rank of Major. He was married in 1816, to Mary Crockett, of Virginia, and in 1817, he came to Missouri with his family, consisting of his wife and one child, Thomas. He settled first in Saline County, but removed to Boone in 1819. In 1827 he settled on Harrison's Branch in Callaway County, where he died Feb. 19, 1874. His wife died August 1, 1873. Major Harrison had seven children: Thomas, Crockett, Benjamin F., Samuel, James M., Rebecca and Virginia. Thomas, brother of Major John Harrison, married Sarah Potts, of Virginia, by whom he had: William, John T., Samuel P., Mary, Nancy, Margaret and Lucy. He settled on Harrison's Branch, in Callaway County, in 1819. In 1832 he went to St. Louis on business, and on his return died of cholera, at St. Charles, on the 8th day of

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 1
March 1986 p. 675

June, in the 42nd year of his age. In the early days, Mr. Harrison belonged to the Regulators of Callaway County, and when the Indians, who sometimes passed through the county on their way to Washington City, would steal anything, or commit other depredations, the Regulators would catch them and whip them. One day an old Indian set the woods on fire, and Mr. Harrison caught him and whipped him, and then took his gun lock off and kept it, so he could not shoot anyone for revenge. Judge James Harrison came to Missouri with his brother, Major John Harrison, in 1817 and settled with him in Saline County. In 1819 he removed to Boone County, where, in 1821, he married Rebecca Crockett. In 1830 he settled in Audrain County, and the following year he was appointed presiding Judge of the County Court, by Gov. Boggs, but resigned the office soon after. He was Justice of the Peace for a number of years, and was elected to the Legislature three times. He died in 1875, three days before his 80th birthday. He had twelve children: Thomas C., John, James, William, Margaret R., Jane, Mary A., Nancy, Sarah, Virginia and Lucy. Samuel, brother of Major John Harrison, left Virginia for the west in 1819, and was never heard of again. He was doubtless robbed and murdered, as the route between the East and West was infested with robbers at various places, at that time. Elizabeth and Sarah Harrison married and lived in Virginia. Polly married and settled in Wisconsin. Margaret married Charles McIntire, of Audrain County. William D. Harrison was married first to Mary E. Bourn, and after her death he married her sister Effie. He lived in Audrain County. Cynthia married Alfred Kibbe, of Texas. Eliza J. married Jeptha Yates, of Callaway County, and died September 21, 1873. Andrew l. and Benjamin R. are bachelors and live in Callaway County. James Harrison, son of Captain John Harrison, of the revolutionary War, married Louisa Duncan, of South Carolina, and settled in Washington County, Missouri, in 1819. John and Daniel, his brothers, married and settled in Alabama and Samuel and Benjamin married and settled in Mississippi.

Submitted by: Marian M. Harrison, 8151 S. Oak Creek Dr. Sandy, Utah 84092

From the files of: Thelma Scott Hickok, 114 North Aurora, Eldon, MO 65026

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 1
March 1986 p. 676



Fleming County

This deed made this first day of September in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six by and between John B. Leeper and Elizabeth K., his wife, James Harrison and Sally Jane Leeper, his wife, David Leper and Susan E. Leeper, heirs at law of Andrew Leeper, late of Fleming County in the State of Kentucky, dec'd. Now part of them in Calaway County in the state of Missouri of the first part and Rachel Leeper, the widow of the said Andrew Leeper dec'd, a resident of Calaway County, Missouri of the second part.

Witnesseth: That the said party of the first part are the owners in aversion of about thirty-eight acres of land in the said county of Fleming being part of the farm about two miles from Flemingsburgh on which the said Andrew Leeper died such to the right of dower of the said Rachel Leeper during her life of in and to the said thirty-eight acres of land and whereas the said party of the first part as well the said party of the second part are desirous to sell the said land. Without view therefore and in order to enable the said Rachel Leeper to sell with and qualifying fee simple of the said land for the best price and in consideration of one dollar in hand paid to each of the said parties of the first part they the said party of the first part do by these presents grant, bargain, sell, convey, assign, set over quit claim and relinquish unto the said party of the second part her heirs and assigns forever of said reversionary right and estate of in and to the said above described land files all right, title interest and claim which they or either of them have in or to the same have her the said Rachel her heirs and assigns to sell keep the claim or claims of them the said party of the first part then and each of their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns. It being well understood and agreed between the parties that the land hereby relinquished and sold is the same land whereof the said Rachel was endowed us of the land of the said Andrew Leeper dec'd near Flemingsburgh in

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 1
March 1986 p. 677



Fleming County (continued)

Kentucky and no other in testimony whereof the said parties of the first part have hereunto set their hands and seals on the day and year first above mentioned.

Signed and sealed and delivered in presence of us.
D. A. Leeper
Susan E. Leeper
        I.B. Leeper seal
Elizabeth K. Leeper seal
James B. Harrison seal
Sally J. Harrison seal

State of Missouri, County of Callow, Sct:

Certified by Justices of Peace, January 21, 1837 (language not copied)

In turn certify justices of peace by Clerk of County Court, January 21, 1837

Fleming Company, State of Kentucky

Certified deed was produced (language not copied) October 8, 1834

(Copied 7/27/68 from Clerk's office, Fleming County Court House, Flemingsburg, Kentucky; typed 7/31/68, P.J. Harrison)

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 1
March 1986 p. 678



This indenture made and entered into this fourth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-two by and between James B. Harrison and Sally Jane, his wife, of the County of Ray in the state of Missouri of the one part and Vachel, Margaret and Ann Harrison of the County of Fleming in the state of Kentucky of the other part, witnesseth that whereas Sam Harrison the ancestor of all the parties died seized of two tracts of land to which he held title each containing one hundred and fifty acres. One of said tracts lying in the county of Nicholas and the other in the county of Fleming in the state of Kentucky and of equal value and by an arrangement between heirs of said Sam Harrison their being six in number it was agreed that three of the said heirs (to wit) John, William and James B. Harrison did take the land in Nicholas County that is such entered therein as belonging to the other three heirs in exchange for their interest in the land aforesaid lying to Fleming and that Vachel, Margaret and Ann Harrison the other three heirs of said decedent did take in exchange for their interest in the said tract of land lying in the county of Nicholas the interest of the other three heirs in the tract of land aforesaid lying in Fleming. In pursuance of the said agreement, Vachel, Margaret and Ann Harrison have conveyed their interest in the Nicholas tract to the above named heirs as by their deed of conveyance recorded in the clerk's office of the Nicholas county court will more fully and at large appear. In consideration therefore of the premises and in pursuance of said agreement for exchange the said parties of the first part do grant, bargain, and sell and by these presents do sell, search , alein and convey unto the said parties of the second part their heirs and assigns all the right, title, or interest of the said parties in and to the said tracts of land lying and being on the waters of Fleming Creek in the county of Fleming and state of Kentucky being the same owned and occupied by Samuel Harrison dec'd at the time of his death and which descended to his heirs aforesaid as described in the premises and the interest hereby conveyed being one sixth part of the said

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 1
March 1986 p. 679


DEED BOOK X, PAGE 476 (continued - 2)

One hundred and fifty acres descended from said decedent unto the party of the first part to have and to hold the said interest in the tract of land aforesaid unto the said Vachel, Margaret and Ann Harrison together with all and singular the appurtenances and unto belonging or in any wise appertaining to the same to them and to their heirs and assigns forever against the claim or claims of each and every person or persons whatsoever claiming by, through, or under the said parties of the first part. In testimony whereof the said James B. Harrison and Sally J., his wife, parties of the first part have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and date first above written .

James B. Harrison seal

Sally J. Harrison seal


Be it remembered that on this eleventh day of August 1842 before their personally appeared James B. Harrison and Sally Jane, his wife, both personally known to us to be the persons whose names are subscribed to the foregoing instrument writing as having executed the same and severally acknowledged the same to be their act and deed for the purposes therein mentioned. She the said Sally Jane being by us first made acquainted with the contents thereof and examined separate and apart from her husband whether her dower in the lands and tenements therein mentioned voluntary freely and without compulsion or under influence of her husband acknowledged and declared that she executed the said deed and relinquishes her dower in the lands and tenements therein mentioned voluntary, freely and without compulsion or under influence of her husband. Taken, certified the day and year aforesaid.

W.B. Martin, J.P
Henry Jacobs, J.P.

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 1
March 1986 p. 680


DEED BOX X, PAGE 476 (continued -3)

Certification of the above being Justices of the Peace made (language not copied) Fleming County, State of Kentucky

Certified deed received in office and recorded 22 August, 1842 (language not copied)

W.T. Dudley, Clerk

Submitted by: Marian M. Harrison, 8151 So. Oak Creek Dr., Sandy, UT 84092

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Submitted by: Lois Akin Schultz, Rt. 2, Box 177 - Paducah, KY 42001

(Information from a document held by Mrs. Lorene Doublin Ford, granddaughter of Mary Ellen Harrison Williams (1881 -1861)

James R. Harrison and Harriet F. Lemon, United Holy Bonds of Matrimony, 2 April 1870.

Births: James R. Harrison, June 10, 1848 Harriet F. Harrison, October 25, 1849


Bethlehem Baptist Churchyard Cemetery (Ballard Co., KY)

Daughter of Drurah Williams and Mary Ellen Harrison Williams:

Jessie William Doublin ca 1912 (b. February 17, 1897, d. June 22, 1985).

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 1
March 1986 p. 681


Submitted by Keith M. Street, 725 Franklin, Wapello, Iowa 52653

  1. William Harrison b. 1684 Skimino, York Co., VA s/o Richard & Elizabeth Harrison
    d. 1713 York Co., VA
    m. Mary Hubbard
  2. William Harrison b. 1675 York Co., VA s/o William and Mary Hubbard Harrison
    d. 1727
    m. Anne Ratcliff
  3. William Harrison b. 1705 York Co., VA s/o William and Anne Ratcliff Harrison
    d. 1771
    m Margaret Maupin d/o Daniel Maupin

    1. Elizabeth b. 25 April 1737 York Co., VA
      d. February 1791
      m. 14 January 1764 Goochland Co., VA, William Ratcliff
    2. William b. 1740 York Co., VA
      d. 1819
      m. 1766, Margaret Jordan
  4. Elizabeth Harrison b. 25 April 1737 Bruton/Middletown, York Co., VA d/o William and Margaret Maupin
    d. 5 February 1791
    m. 14 January 1764, William Ratcliff b. 19 May 1739
    d. 16 Nov 1784
    1. Mary b. 25 Mar 1760
      m. 4 April 1795, ____ Chapman
    2. Harrison b. 11 March 1762 d. 20 May 1817
      m Mildred Harris (Morris) no children
    3. William b. 14 January 1764, Goochland Co., VA
      d. ?? unknown
      m.7 November 1792, Mary Bates
    4. John R. b. 11 November 1766
      d?? unknown
      m 11 May 1787, Sarah Jordan Bates
    5. Gideon b. 21 May 1769
      d. 20 February 1785 no children
    6. Isaac b. ?? unknown
      d. 10 April 1845, Cedar Creek, Ohio
      m 17 March 1802, Margaret Crew
  5. William Ratcliff b. 14 January 1764 s/o William and Elizabeth Harrison Ratcliff
    m. 7 November 1792, Mary Bates (b. 28 January 1761, d. 6 April 1805). D/o Benjamin and Hannah Green Bates

    Jacob b. 16 August 1793 d. 18 December 1800; Elizabeth b. 16 June 1796 d. 21 January 1830 m.31 Mar 1819; Lewis; Hannah B. b. 16 January 1799 m. James Hurford; William F. b. 2 June 1803 d. 25 February 1890 m. 28 April 1830; Sarah Cadwalader at Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson Co., Ohio

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 1
March 1986 p. 682


Mrs. Robert K. Schmitt, 212 Orchard, Kohler, Wisconsin 53044


I am seeking information on JOSEPH HARRISON born ca 1750 in England - died February 22, 1803 / 04 in Wayne County, MI. He was commissioned a Captain in a Regiment of Levies July 4, 1780 by George Clinton, Governor of New York. He married Sarah Giles on February 21, 1803 in Massachusetts.

When did he come to America? On what ship? Where did he land? Where did he live?

He had three sons -

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 1
March 1986 p. 683

Lineage/ Query of Joseph C. Hammond,

1702 N. Delaware, Roswell, New Mexico 88201
..........With Notes on HARRISON HERITAGE, VOL V. NO. 2, JUNE 1985

A Genealogy of Benjamin Harrison of Berkley Plantation, Virginia

Noted your sources. My sources SWEM Index, Charles P. Keith, and Ancestry of Harrison Presidents, Carter Families SWEM, Claiborne SWEM

From: Roots in Virginia, Ancestry of Benjamin Harrison and Notes by C. Keith

Benjamin Harrison (The Sheriff), Benjamin of Berkley, Benjamin the Councilor who married Hannah (Bland?), Benjamin (The Clerk): md. in

Benjamin Harrison (The Sheriff) married in 1722 Anne Carter and had issue:

Your listing left out Charles Harrison in Vol. V. No. 2 June 1985

In my search I found Charles Harrison had by Mary, daughter of Augustine Claiborne the following issue. According to the CRITIC. Charles Harrison was a COL. During the Revolutionary War. Later designated Brigadier General. He died 1796 Where?


(I have looked high and low to find if Benjamin Harrison married a 2nd time, and any residences, or place of burial, but with no results. ) J.C. Hammond

The 1820 U.S. Census of Humphreys Co. , Tenn. Shows the following:

Benjamin Harrison 4 males under 10, one male over 45 (Benjamin)
2 females under 10, 1 female over 45 (Sarah Bradley)

(Line of Joseph C. Hammond)

Henry Harrison 2 males under 10, 2 males under 16, one male over 45
3 females under 10, 1 between 10 and 16, I over 45 years

(Welcome any data on this Henry Harrison or his ancestry, residences, and place of death.) J.C. Hammond

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 1
March 1986 p. 684



Mary Ann

6.1-179 Seeking parents of Mary Ann 'Polly' Harrison born 1790 SC or KY.Died 1861, Pike Co., Ill. Married Elisha Shelton Hayden in 1809, Logan Co., KY
Dawn Anderson, 415 Summit, Henderson, Nevada 89015

6.1-180 Harrison Jones married Ruth Addison in Goochland Co., VA, 28 June 1759 . They had a daughter 'Mary Jones' b. 23 Nov 1761. Harrison's wife; Mary's mother died 9 May 1769.

The above references The Houchin Family and the Douglas Register. The reference in the DAR Patriot Index says that Harrison Jones married Ann Legon. Was Harrison Jones married second time to Ann Legon? Were there Harrison, Sr. and Harrison, Jr.?

Where did the name Harrison come from? Was his mother's maiden name Harrison? Does anyone know the connection of the Addison Parents?

Mabelle Crowder Darrow, 101 Linwood Ave., Greenville, South Carolina 29615



6.1-181 Elizabeth (Betsy Ann) Harrison born 1837 in Tennessee and her sister Emeline (Nancy Emeline?) born 1844, Claiborne Co., Tennessee are the Harrison sisters that I am researching. Both girls married Dykes brothers. Elizabeth married Fideller and Emeline married William Riley. Elizabeth died in 1891 in Concordia, Kansas; Emeline died in 1899 also Concordia, Kansas. Need leads on their parents and other siblings.
Mary E. Brummett, 1601 Olive St. #406, Eugene, OR 92401


Moses Smith

6.1-182 Need parentage, antecedents, etc. of Moses Smith Harrison of Orange and Neward, New Jersey, born ca. 1794; died April 1841 and his wife Cynthia.
L.A. Gould, PO Box 982, Pebble Beach, California 93953

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 1
March 1986 p. 685



Audrey Eliz
Wm. Henry

6.1-183 Seek information on Audrey Elizabeth Harrison, b. 4 Nov. 1840 in Missouri, probably Carroll County. She married Ferdinand K. Nowland (Noland), 21 Feb 1861 in Missouri. She died 17 Feb 1928, Grenola, Elk Co.. Kansas.

Her parents may have been Sophia Nye (Neigh, Nigh) and William Henry Harrison (b. 1813, Missouri).

Donna L. Connell-Ludwick, 5421 S. 20th, Omaha, NE 68107



6.1-184 Please help with ANY clues you may have on my ancestor Benjamin Harrison born 1852-1848 and resided in White and Searey Counties, Ark. In 1860 and 1870., at age 2 is found in the household of Thomas Harrison age 55 (WhiteCo., Ark census 1860). Also listed in this household is a person age 50, with a short name beginning with "J". The name could be "Jane, June, Jenni" or even "James, Jesse or Jerrie".

The census of Searey County, Ark for 1870 lists 'Thomas' as head of household. Other members listed are: Benji age 12; Virginia age 15 and Missouri age 9.

I have exhausted my leads and desperately need help of other researchers.

Mrs. Hugh (Dorothy) Harrison, 3808 Overland Dr. Del City, Okla. 73115



6.1-185 Seek information on Lawrence Harrison. He entered service in Revolutionary War as an Ensign with 9th Virginia Reg. in 1778, from Westmoreland Co., VA. He served also in the 13th Reg. Until close of War. He Married Mary Allison in Bourbon Co., KY. according to records received from National Archives.

Need additional information on Lawrence Harrison, including names of parents, etc.

Mary Jean Antrim, 1100 Oak Ridge CT. Bel Air, MD 21014

Editor's Note: DAR Patriot's Index states that Lawrence Harrison died 12 Nov 1813. Virginians in the Revolution by Gwathmey identifies Lawrence Harrison as "2nd Lt. 13th Continental Line 5 April 1778; reg. Designated as 9th CL 14 Sept 1778; 1st Lt. 3 Oct 1778; trans to 7th CL 12 Feb 1781; retired 1 Jan 1783. Was awarded 3,111 acres of land."

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 1
March 1986 p. 686


Wm. Henry

6.1-186 Still searching for parentage of Robert Harrison.... Born June 1812 either Buncombe Co., NC. Or Knox Co., KY. Believe connected with the John Harrison family of those counties. Robert married January 1834, Hendricks Co., Ind. To Lucy Rose or Lucy Ruston. Other John Harrison family members that county, same township; allied names, Busby and Fisher. Robert Harrison is in Clay Co., Ind. in 1840. Married second time to Sarah Chambers, 1854, Owen Co., Ind. She was daughter of Job and Rhoda Chambers. No further information

Robert Harrison died December 1858, Decatur Co., Iowa. Children were: Silas, m. Harriet Long; Lydia, m. James Black; John, dy; Mary, m. William Smith; William Henry, d C/W; Elihu, m. Virginia Smock; Elisha, dy and Nelson m. Sudie Osborne,

Believe John Harrison to be 'father' or 'uncle', born ca 1774, Georgia Co., NC 1799.

Helen M. Niewendorp, Rt. 1, Box 44-B, Menna, Nebraska 69956



6.1-187 Searching for parents and ancestors of Mary Harrison (1746-1829). She was supposedly born in Augusta Co., VA. She married John Handley (1746-1811) in 1748. After marriage they lived in Monroe Co., VA/ WEST VA or Greenbrier Co., EV. Mary is buried at the Guyandotte Cemetery near Hungtinton, West Virginia
Linda J. Francois, 46 Round Table Drive, Riverside, Ca, 92507


James A.
James E.
James W.
Patrick M.

6.1-188 Searching for information on my Harrison Family as follows:
1. Patrick Morgan Harrison, b. Mississippi, 1936
2. James Ellis Harrison, b. Mississippi, 1899
3. James Walter Harrison, b. Mississippi, 1861
4. James A. Harrison, b. Mississippi, 1820
Patrick M. Harrison, 202 E. Fulton Street, Canton, MS 39046



6.1-189 Elizabeth Harrison, b. 30 Oct 1729, d/o Samuel and Sarah Ferris Harrison, Quakers of the New York Monthly Meeting. When she was 4 her father died and when she was 6, her mother married Solomon Palmer, b. 19 Nov 1692, s/o Samuel and Mary (?) Palmer, Quakers of Maromeck, NY. Need to know whom this Elizabeth Harrison married.
C.E. Munat, 38 Preston Avenue, Middletown, CT 06457

Harrison Heritage Vol VI, No. 1
March 1986 p. 687




6.1-190 Elizabeth Harrison is said by Horton genealogists to have married about 1750, Richard Horton, supposedly born in Southold, Long Island (Suffolk Co., NY) about 1726, removed about 1750 to Roxbury Twp. Morris Co., NJ and then almost Immediately on to Radnor (then Chester Co., Pa). Probably the Richard Horton who was a landowner in Tredyffrin Twp. Chester Co., PA in 1774. Need any clues as to the ancestry of this Elizabeth Harrison.
C.E. Munat, 38 Preston Avenue, Middletown, CT 06457



6.1-191 Searching for : Hudson Harrison b. 1782, WV; died 22 April 1887; married Rachel Beason, April 1811, NC. In 1830, they resided in Montgomery, Ind. He was a veteran of War of 1812.

Alanson Harrison b. 17 June 1799; died 27 Oct 1883, Montgomery IND. Alanson married Elizabeth Keeny (b. 14 Mar 1816; d. 19 Mar 1896 in Iowa. Their children were: Jonathan, b. 27 April 1850; Thomas, b. 28 Dec 1836; Mary R., b. 22 Mar 1839; Abigail b. 11 Sept 1841; Hudson, b. 16 Dec 1843; Jane, b. Mar 1846; Matilda, b. 1848 and John b. 1853.

Gladys Hunt, 10013 96th Street Apt 18, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada T8V. 1ZX


St. Julien R.

6.1-192 Need any information concerning Charles Harrison, b. SC (pos. Barnwell or Colleton Co.) d. 1875-1800, probably SC. Married ca 1867, Sarah Elizabeth Seay of Augusta, GA. Known children: St. Julien Ravenel, b. 1868, Colleton Co., SC died 1937, Barnwell, SC., married Harriett Elizabeth Ladson and resided Barnwell; Florence Elizabeth, b. 1873, Summerville, SC. Died 1963 Augusta, GA, married Emory Benjamin Smith and resided Augusta; Agnes M. b. 1874, SC d. 1941, Pensacola, Fla., married (1) Thomas J. Heckle of Augusta, GA and (2) John O. Bonifay and resided Pensacola; Alice B., b. 1875, SC, d. 1960, Pensacola, Fla., married William Brown and resided Pensacola.

Charles Harrison, above may be same person as Charles W., born ca 1842, Colleton Co., SC., son of Seaborn J. Harrison and Martha. Charles W. served during Civil War in 1st Florence Artillery and 4th SC Cavalry.

Julian R. Harrison, III Dept. of Biology, College of Charleston, Charleston South Carolina 29424

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