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December 1985 Page 652



By Moore 975.7 m 78 Vol. 2

Will Book 1752-1756

THOMAS HARRISON, Granville County, planter. Wife: Hanah, maintenance from my estate during her widowhood. Sons: Henry, William, Thomas, John, Michael, and Francis, under 21 years, all my lands; son Francis to have his share when his brother Michael is of age. Mentions: all children to be maintained out of my estate; Mr. William Sprode made a gift of land in Purryburg Township now in my possession. Exors: Charles Pelot, John Mikell, John Sealy. Wit: Thomas Grimball, John Guinn, James Watson.
D:----- ----- 1755 P: nd. R: nd p. 424

DANIEL WRIGHT, Granville County, planter. Wife; Margaret. Daus: Hannah, and Elizabeth, under 17 years, residue of my estate. Mentions: land "I lately run out" on head of Bee’s Creek for use of said daus. Exors: Thomas Harrison, John Givens. Wit: William Sealey, Thos. Cundull, John Sealey.
D: 30 Sept. 1753 P: 23 May 1755 R; nd. p. 353

Salt Lake City LDS Library, 975.7 p2m--South Carolina Wills.
Will Book QQ 1760-1767

MICHEAL SEALY, St. Helena’s Parish, Granville County, planter. Wife: Sarah, to live on my plantation during her widowhood "without molestation." Nephew: Mikell Harrison, under age, part of land where I now live after my wife’s widowhood. Mother: Hanna Elbert. Brother: John Sealy, other part of said land. Mentions: Esther Bettison, dau. of William Bettison; James Scott. Exors: Wife; James Scott; William Bettison. Wit: Henry Pagett, Joseph Hasford, Sarah Jenerette.
D. 18 Aug 1761 P: 19 Mar 1762 R: nd p. 158

JOHN SEALY SR., St. Luke’s Parish, Granville County, Planter. Wife: Susanna, 1/3 land where I now live called Swamp Plantation. Son: Joseph, under 21 years, residue of my lands. Nephews: Thomas and John Harrison, said land at death of my wife. Mentions land formerly belonging to Mr. Joseph Sealy, deceased, called Odinsel’s Point to be sold to pay debts. Exors: wife; brother John Sealy, Jr. Wit: Willoughby Pugh, Richard Guinn, Samuel; Watson.
D: 19 Aug 1763 P: 30 Nov 1767 R: nd. p. 154

SOUTH CAROLINA WILLS…LDS Library, Salt Lake City. 975.7 p2m
Will Book TT 1774-1778

WILLIAM SEALY, St. Helena’s Parish, planter. Wife: Mary, use of my plantation where I now live during her life, then to son Joseph. Son: Joseph. Dau: Susan Mary. Son-in-law: Mr. William Brown. Exors: son Joseph; William Brown, John Harrison. Wit: Bellamy Crawford, Thos. King, James Green.
D. 24 Mar. 1774 P: nd. p. 99

Submitted by: Betty Jo Hulse, 281 Aborla Lane, Walnut, CA 91789

December 1985 Page 653


The following marriages and births and marriages are recorded St. Helena’s Parish, Beaufort Dist. South Carolina. (from LDS microfisch IGI)


HARRISON Christopher 14 October 1777 Bk. CC p. 335
  Margaret, 18 April 1770 Bk. Y p. 225
  Thomas 18 February 1756 Bk. R2 p.424-426
  Thomas 15 September 1765 Bk. W p. 287
  William 14 July, 1774 Bk. H p. 417


WILL BOOK QQ South Carolina, 1760-1767

WILLIAM SPOAD, his mark, Granville County, planter. Wife: Mary, land called Spanish Wells on River May and Broad Creek on Hilton Head during her life, then to David Mungin. Mentions: David Mungin, Jr,; to Abraham Walcoat; Mary Harrison, dau. of Henry Harrison; William Ritch; Meridath Ritch; George Ritch; Mary Irwin, wife of John Irwin; Catherine Mungin, wife of David Mungin, Jr.; executors to sell lot No. 1 at the Trustee’s garden in Savanah; residue of estate sold and divided "equal amongest names written above:" ь 10 to Mr. Francis Pollote to preach my funeral sermon at Hilton Head. Exors: Andrew Agnew, David Mungin, Jr., Isaac Parmenter.
Wit: William Ritch, Thos. Ellis, Joseph Steel.
D: 23 August 1766 P: 22 December 1766 R: nd p. 647

WILL BOOK TT South Carolina, 1774-1778

HENRY FREDERICK JEANNERETT, St. Helena’s Parish, Granville Co. planter. Wife: Mary Elizabeth, use of plantation where I now live during her widowhood. Son: James Henry, under 21 years, said plantation at marriage of my wife. Mentions: son to be educated and maintained out of estate. Exors. And guardians of son: brother-in-law Jacob Strobar; brother Benjamin Jones; Charles Truchette.
Wit: Beulah Sealy, Mikell Harrison, Thos. Hamilton.
D. 17 Arpil 1777 P: nd R; nd p. 499

Submitted by: Betty Jo Hulse, 281 Aborla Lane, Walnut, CA 91789

December 1985 Page 654


By Sarah Quinn Smith

Page 3

JOHN WILKINSON OF Wilkes Co. May 21, 1799; Nov 3, 1806. To my children, all my property; To son Francis Wilkinson, a negro named Glass; Samuel, a negro Rachael; to dau. Ann Harrison, a negro Amy; To son Pleasant Wilkinson, a negro Will; to son Bailey, a negro Silvey; to dau. Polly Wilkinson, a negro Sal; also other gifts to each. Legacy to son Sherard (Sherwood?). To son Jesse, negores Ben and Cerena; to son Nathaniel, a negro Paul and bay mare. Exrs: Hazelwood Wilkinson, Bailey and Samuel Wilkerson. Wit: Thomas Grant, A. Keeling. Codicil: Gifts to son Francis Wilkinson. All other estate to be sold and divided. Wit: Peter Payner, Thomas Grant. Date Apr. 3, 1802 (codicil). Recorded in Will book HH, pg 17. Thos. Grant was finally acting executor.

Pag3 22

JOHN WILKINSON, DEC., Thomas Grant, adm., Dec. 9, 1826. Paid Legatees John Wilkinson, Bailey Wilkerson, Joseph Johnson, Vincent Harrison. Thomas Grant states to the court the heirs has scattered over 800 miles - that he can not settle the estate. Note: the will was signed 1799, proved in 1806. Return; 1820-19, p. 334

Wilkes Co., - Ordinary’s Office
Abstracts of Original Marriage Licenses

Submitted by: Betty Jo Hulse, 281 Aborla Lane, Walnut, CA 91789

December 1985 Page 655

Rockingham Co. NC Abstracts of Wills 1785-1865

compiled by: Irene B. Wester 1973

Reprinted 1984 by Southern His. Press

Page 4

(old wills, p. 61A)

James Harrison. July 12, 1800. No prob. Wife Sarah Harrison. Daus: Elizabeth____________, Polley, Sellay, son John. Exrs; Wife, son Jno. Wit: R. Gallaway.

Page 5

Old wills, page 91:

Old wills, page 95

Will Book A. p. 323

Submitted by: Betty Jo Hulse, 281 Aborla Lane, Walnut, CA 91789

December 1985 Page 656

1820 Census for North Carolina

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