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Harrison Heritage December 1985
Volume V . Number 4


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Colonial Soldiers of the South, 1732-1774
Genealogy of the Chew Family by Robert L. Chew 645
Seventeenth Century Colonial Ancestors 646
Ancestry of Francis J. Boardman by Wm Boardman 647
Daughters of American Colonists (Lineage Look) 648
Ancestor Chart of Patrick M. Harrison 649
Ancestor Charts of Dixie Chambers Malm 650
Abstract Wills of the State of South Carolina 652
More South Carolina Records 653
Early Georgia Wills by Sarah Smith 654
Rockingham Co., NC Wills by Irene Wester 655
Federal Census, North Carolina, 1820 656
Arkansas Civil War Veterans 660
Bedford Co TN Federal Census, 1850 660
Boddie's Historical Families 661
The Family Bible by Betty Jo Hulse 661
My Harrison Line by Ruth Harrison Jones 664


December 1985


Dear Friends,

What is there about genealogy that fascinates some of us and sends others "running for cover"? When the subject comes up at a dinner party, the genealogists would rather talk than eat, the long-suffering friends devote their full attention to the food before them. I suspect everybody has a desire to know more about those who made us what we are; our physical appearance and habits, our customs and attitudes. It is just that some of us have learned the art of research and have the patience to read, write letters and ponder the puzzle. Some of us are able to retain endless numbers, names, dates and places ...while others seek pastimes that are less demanding.

It would be devastating if everyone had the same desire to study genealogy. There wouldnít be room in the libraries or the courthouses for all of us. Besides it is kind of nice to realize that we are part of a minority that will unravel the hopelessly mixed up records of the past two or three hundred years. I am pleased to be part of this group and I know you are also; otherwise there would be no HARRISON HERITAGE.

As we start a new year, letís declare our intent to continue the research. Letís help bring our families to life and letís be sure that we document our research. Our family and friends will be proud that we have recorded our findings for posterity.

See you in March 1986

Until then, have a very




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December 1985 Page 644



Georgia Militia

Pg. 974-975

Oglethorpe sent Captain Mark Carr on a recruiting mission to Virginia and Maryland in 1741. Here he raised a small force known as the Marine Company of Boatmen. Capt. Carr was the commander, with Lt. Kenneth Baillie, the second in command. The command included a cornet, quartermaster, two corporals, a French horn and 29 private men.

Soldiers in Oglethorpeís Regiment:

Pg. 982

Composite List of Oglethorpeís Soldiers and Settlers. .

William Finley

R., St. Paul (R for Regiment)

Francis Harrison

I., H (I=Independent co., H=highland independent Co.Darien.

Humphrey Harrison

R (Rangers)

Mord Harrison

R "

Richard Harrison


Samuel Harrison


Thomas Harrison


Pg. 993

Muster Roll of Captain Paul Demereís Co. of Independent Foot, on duty in South Carolina and Georgia,
Aug. 25, 1756 to Oct. 24, 1756.

Second Troop of Georgia Rangers, Capt. James Edward Powell, commander.
1 Jan. 1760 thru Apr. 1760. . . .Apr thru July. . .July thru Oct. 1, 1760

Jan. 1761 thru July 1764. . . .July 1766 thru Oct. 1766

First Troop Georgia Rangers, Capt. John Milledge Commander

Submitted by: Betty Jo Hulse, 281 Aborla Lane, Walnut, CA 91789

December 1985 Page 645



. . . . . . . . BY Robert L. Chew

Published by the Glouchester Co. Historical Society, Woodbury, NJ

Ann Chew. . .d/o Samuel. . . d. ante 1798 . . m. 14 May, 1787, Elisha HARRISON, A.A. Co., Md., s/o Samuel and Eleanor.

John Chew. . . s/o Samuel, b. 8 Apr 1687, A.A, Co., Md., d. 1718, A.A, Co., Md., dec. in Will of Samuel. . . m. 1708, Elizabeth HARRISON, d/o Richard and Elizabeth. Issue: Samuel, Ann, Sarah, Mary.

Samuel Chew. . . s/o John, b. ca. 1708, A.A. Co. Md., d. 1749, London England. . . m. Sarah Lock (1721-1791) d/o William Lock and Sarah HARRISON. Issue: Samuel, John, William, Elizabeth. . . 1718, in will of Samuel, A.A. Co., Md. Heired estate near Herring Bay, MD.

Samuel Lloyd Chew. . .s/o Samuel, b. 6 Sept. 1756, Md, d. 1796. . .m. 1 Jul 1777, Dorothy HARRISON (1758-1791), d/o Richard and Rachel HARRISON. Issue: Samuel, Bennett, Henrietta, Elizabeth. 1786, heired 2005 A. Kent Fort Manor, Kent Island, Md.

(Ann Chew who m. Elisha Harrison was a sister to Samuel Lloyd Chew) (John Chew who m. Elizabeth Harrison had son Samuel who m. Sarah Lock, d/o Wm. Lock and Sarah Harrison)

This book may be found in the Southern California Genealogical Library in Burbank, CA


Submitted by: Betty Jo Hulse, 281 Abola Lane, Walnut, CA 91789


December 1985 Page 646


Pg. 117

** (1665-1785) something wrong here! He surely did not live to be 120 yrs.


Submitted by: Betty Jo Hulse, 281 Aborla Lane, Walnut, CA 91789


December 1985 Page 647

Submitted by: Betty Jo Hulse, 281 Aborla Lane, Walnut, CA 91789


Hartford, Connecticut, by William F.J. Boardman. Privately printed, 1906. Mr. Boardman was a member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, and the Connecticut Historical Society.

Jared HARRISON m. Hannah Waterhouse about 1765 (in Chester). She was the daughter of Abraham Waterhouse and Abigail Wolcott. Their daughter, Hannah m. Joseph Canfield. One of their daughters m. Joseph Simon Boardman.

Jared HARRISON and Hannah Waterhouse HARRISON had the following children:

Hannah; daughter; Jared, (m. and had Daniel, Rozel, Benjamin, John, Ruth, Jared, Hannah, and Jerusha. Res. Salisbury). Theodore, (b. 1756, m. Clotilda Wright, who d. July 20, 1829, age 76. He d. May 20, 1836, age 80. Res. Wethersfield); Stephen, removed to Pa. And left descendants.

The wife of Samuel Harrison was Elizabeth Denison, daughter of James Denison and Bethia Boykin, whom he m. July 3, 1707. She was born in East Haven, Conn., November 21, 1681, and died in Branford in 1757. Administration was issued on her estate to her eldest son Samuel, March 15, 1757, who, with James and Jared, are mentioned in the distribution.

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth Harrison: Lucy, b. 1709; m. Benjamin Hoadley. Samuel, b. in N.B. 1712; m. Rebecca Rose. He d. 1772. Res. Branford. Jared. James, b. in N.B. 1720, m. Mary Foote, He d. 1795. Res. Branford.

Thomas HARRISON was one of the early settlers in New Haven. His name does not appear in the census of 1641. On August 5, 1644, Richard Harrison, Sen. assented to the oath of fidelity, and the same year Richard, Jr. Thomas Harrison gave his assent April 4, 1654, having been a resident some years. It is all but proven that Richard, Sen., was the father of Richard, Jr., and Thomas, who were brothers, as John Harrison of Branford, bachelor, son of Richard, Jr. who removed to


December 1985 Page 648

Boardman Family, Continued.

Newark, N.J. in May 1666, mentioned in his will his father, Richard, and his Uncle Thomas. If this Richard was the witness in the following document and brother of the Elizabeth mentioned, as is altogether probable, Thomas was the son of Richard Harrison, Sen.; he had a sister, Elizabeth Lyne, and the family came to New Haven from West Kerby, Cheshire, England; "1668 June 18. Certificate that Hopestill Lyne, 6 to 7 year old, daughter of Henry Lyne of New Haven in New England, son of John Lyne of Badby, Northamptonshire, which Henry died Jan. 14, 1662, and had the child Hopestill by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Harrison of West Kerby, Cheshire, is still alive is sworn to by Richard Harrison, Wm. Meaker and Ellen Johnson.

Thomas Harrison removed to Branford in 1667 with his father-in-law, Eleaser Stent, and was one of the principal men in the early history of that town. He acquired several tracts of land, especially in the northern section, now North Branford. In 1677 and 1678 he was Deputy from the town to the general Court.

Thomas Harrison married, 1st, at New Haven in 1656, Ellen, the widow of John Thompson, Sen., whose estate was inventoried Feb. 5, 1655-56. She was doubtless the second wife of Mr. Thompson, who had at his death several children grown to maturity. Her death occurred about 1665, and Thomas and Nathaniel, who are called in the will of Thomas Harrison his "eldest sons," were her children. He married 2nd, in New Haven, March 29, 1666, Elizabeth Stent, Daughter of Eleazer Stent, who died before 1704.

Children of Thomas Harrison: Thomas, b. in N.H., March 1, 1656-7; m. Margaret Stent, dau. of his stepmother. Nathaniel, b. in N.H. Dec 13, 1658; m. Hannah Frisbie. Elizabeth, b. in N.H., Jan. 1666-7; m. Wm. Barker. Mary, b. in Branford, Feb. 10, 1668; m. John Linsley. John, b. in B., Mch. 1, 1670; m. Rebecca Trusdale. Samuel, Isaac, b. in B., 1678; m. Patience Tyler.

Linage Book, Vol 2,5.

Vol. 2

Vol. 5

December 1985 Page 649

Ancestor Chart of Patrick M. Harrison

December 1985 Page 650-651

Ancestor Chart of Dixie Chambers Malm

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