Harrison Heritage Vol. V No. 1 March 1985

Harrison Heritage March 1985
Vol. V No. 1

Ruth Harrison Jones, Editor and Publisher

Table Of Contents

Descent from Richard Harrison and Ruth Buckman of New Jersey 558
Census of Jefferson Co. Ohio, 1860 and Wayne Co., Ohio, 1850  565
Reunion, Descendants of Littleberry Harrison 567
Will of John Harrison of South Carolina 568
Washington County, Georgia Cemetery Inscriptions 569
Origin of English Surnames 572
Harrison Biographies, Alabama 573
Family Group Sheets 574
Pioneers of Massachusetts 579
Queries 580

MARCH 1985 Page 558

Dear Friends,

Like all genealogists in their setting of goals, this writer began many years ago to research ten generations of ancestors. Some place it is written that to go back ten generations, 1024 director ancestors will be found. This is mathematically true, providing none of the 'grandpas' married first cousins, etc. Through the years, many family lines were traced back ten generations; but not the Harrison line. This was very distressing, since maiden names are very important to we ladies who are 'doing genealogy'. I suspect that maiden names are just as important to men who are involved in family research.

And so, HARRISON HERITAGE was started as a possible means of solving the problem. This quarterly family news publication has been trying to. . . "Bring the Past Out of Hiding" since 1981. Many readers say it really has helped - others still have hope - some have given up.

The Editor reported to you in December 1984, that she had put together a bits-and-pieces pedigree of her HARRISON line. Many sources provide circumstantial evidence for the descent of this writer. She chooses to believe that this is her family until such time as it can be proven otherwise. It is an exciting decision, because it makes one feel so successful. About the only way to prove that this is not the right line, is to prove the correct line of descent. So in any case, making a declaration makes or will eventually make us winners. In this case a winner is some one who knows the history of his family for the past 350 years.

All readers are invited to question any part of this pedigree. The truth is what we all seek. Many thanks to everyone who has shared their findings with other readers of this publication. We are working together to help each other and ourselves in this most joyous of hobbies, GENEALOGY. May your future be bright and your research successful.

Thank you for helping me.

/s/ Ruth Jones

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RUTH HARRISON JONES, Editor and Publisher

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1. PETER HARRISON and ________________________
(c. 1630 -- c. 1690)

2. RICHARD HARRISON and Ruth Buckman
(1657 -- 1742)

3. WILLIAM HARRISON and Sarah Bullock
(1689 - 1768)

  1. JOHN HARRISON and Mary Giberson (1736 - 1798)
  2. JOHN HARRISON, JR., and Charity Cowperthwaite
    (1764 - c. 1935[sic])

6. JOEL HARRISON and Almeda Wright
(1798 - c. 1870)

7. JACOB HARRISON and Ardelia Look
(1834 - 1918)

8. WILLIAM H. HARRISON and Eliza Jane (Jennie) Berry
(1859 - 1924)

9. ROBERT J. HARRISON and Julia Douglass
(1881 - 1943)

10. . . . . Ruth Harrison (Jones)
(1921 -- )

In separate printings will be information on all allied lines listed above as well as other lines including Franklin, Moseley, Dobbs, Emmons, Tice, Ostrander, Lewis, Hampton, West, Wolff, Thorrington, Webb, Roberts, Campbell, Bock, Schaeffer, VanDenBurg, Van Pelt, Van Ness, Stillwell, Jensen, Hopton, Eckert and Agan. 

MARCH 1985 Page 560

From the records of Richard Harrison, we find that his father Peter was among the 21 guests present when Richard married Ruth Buckman.

The "Minutes of the Chesterfield Monthly Meeting of Friends" (Quakers) of Burlington County, New Jersey show that Richard Harrison and Ruth Buckman made their second declaration of marriage and were permitted to proceed, parental permission having been given. The second declaration was made on April 7, 1689. (N.J. Archives, Vol. 22; 650-678) It is possible that the young couple went to the home of friends, Joshua and Elizabeth Wright, and were married the same day. In the listing of witnesses, the name of Peter Harrison is first on the list, indicating his seniority. The Chesterfield Minutes also show that:

Dec. 3, 1686, Richard Harrison and Ruth Buckman (of Nottingham) tried to make first declaration. Richard told to bring certificate from his father…to next meeting.

Jan. 1, 1687, they declared their intention, He produced certificate with the free consent of his father.

Feb. 2, 1687, subject of their marriage again appears on books

March 4, 1687, married at home of Joshua Wright in Nottingham.

So….we start our story with two official records that do not agree.

Many records show that Richard Harrison came in the Flie-boat MARTHA from Yorkshire, England in 1677. There is no record in the ship's log that Peter Harrison was on board. There were however, two brothers, Thomas and Joshua Wright who probably were the sponsors of young Richard Harrison. As this party of adventurers arrived in the Delaware River, November 1677, they took up land extending from Recklesstown and Peppler's Mill Road to Arneytown and from the neighborhood of Ellisdale to near Jacobstown. It was no doubt here that young Richard worked to earn enough money to buy his own land. Or perhaps his father, Peter coming later than 1677 brought funds from England for the purchase of land. It is also possible that Peter came to the colonies prior to 1677 to seek his fortune; leaving wife and children in England, and Richard decided to join his father by coming to New Jersey with the Wrights. 

MARCH 1985 Page 561

The children of Richard Harrison and Ruth Buckman were:

  1. William b. 1689, Burlington Co., N.J.
    m. 2 Jan 1728 Sarah Bullock in Burlington Co., N.J.
    d. 1768
  2. Peter b. 8 Oct 1691 Burlington Co. N.J.
    m. 12 Nov 1723 Sarah Starkey 1747
    d. 1747 (Will probated 27 July 1747)
  3. Ruth b. 1693 Burlington Co., N.J.
    m. 4 Sept 1714, James Starkey
  4. Sarah b. 1695 Burlington Co., N.J.
    m. 4 March 1721 Joseph Rogers
  5. George b. 1697 Burlington Co., N.J.
    m. 11 June 1733, Esther Wright
    1. Richard b. 1699 Burlington Co., N.J.
      m. 21 June 1736, Rachel Everingham

It is the writer's belief that the first son was named William for William Penn. Ruth Buckman had come to Pennsylvania in 1682 on the WELCOME. She and her mother (widow of Edward Buckman of Billinghurst, Sussex, England) her brothers and sister had sailed on 20 July 1682 with William Penn. Half of those on board had died at sea. This included Ruth's sister, Mary; her brothers Thomas and Edward and nephew Thomas. Ruth, her mother, one brother and sister-in-law arrived safely. They settled in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, just over the line from Burlington Co., N.J.

This staunch Quaker family worked hard. The Deed Records show that in 1690 Richard was living in Crosswicks Creek when be bought 207 acres from Thomas Wright (Book B-Part 2/626) He also bought 100 acres in 1701 from John Reading of unappropriated land. In 1712, he purchased another 100 acres, also unappropriated land from Joshua Horner.

In reading the will of Richard's son Peter, we see that Peter had inherited his father's estate. By the time Richard died in 1742, he owned a plantation called HARRISON MANOR and two other plantations. In son Peter's will, he leaves to his oldest son, Thomas, the plantation known as Harrison Manor, belonging (cont'd p. 562) 

MARCH 1985 Page 562

formerly to 'My father Richard'; to son Isaac, the William Secton Estate, 'received from my father's will'; to son Joseph 'from my father's will, the plantation, whereon, I live'. The four daughters were left money.

One cannot help but wonder what William did to displease his father. I suspect it was the fact that he moved from the community, choosing to live in Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co., N.J.

Ruth Buckman Harrison died sometime prior to 1720, for on 2 April of that year Richard married Alice Wright Steward. She was the daughter of Samuel and Mary Wright, the widow of Joseph Steward, Sr. There were no children by the second marriage. In 1723, Richard Sr. Is 'of Chesterfield' and he sells 33 acres of land to his son, Richard, a 'self-styled bachelor'.

Richard's will is dated 20 December 1739; probated 5 October 1742.

The will of Richard Harrison names his wife "Alse" and his six children, indicating that all were living in 1742. His will also names his granddaughter, Rebeckah Harrison.

The will of Alice Harrison, widow of Richard is dated 24 April 1759; probated 11 February 1761. She is a resident of Hanover Township, Burlington Co., NJ. She named her children and grandchildren by first marriage: son John Steward and his sons William and John; son Josiah's sons Joseph and Josiah; granddaughter Martha Chapman; son Joseph Steward; Elizabeth Reckless, Alice Fowler; Alice Feagins, Elizabeth Parent and Susannah Steward.

WILLIAM HARRISON, eldest son of Richard Harrison Sr. And Ruth Buckman was born 1689, Burlington County, NJ. He made his second declaration of intent to marry Sarah Bullock (according to some Family Histories) on 2 Nov 1728 at the Chesterfield Monthly Meeting of Friends. However, church records show that they were married on 2 January 1728 in Burlington Co., NJ. At that time, William was a resident of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co., NJ. Sarah Bullock was the daughter of John and Susannah Wright Bullock. John Bullock and his brother had come to Massachusetts from England; but John had moved to "West Jersey" about 1700. When John married Susannah, he was a widower…she a widow. John had two daughters, Eleanor and Elizabeth. Susannah, the widow of Francis Parrot had one daughter, Elizabeth Parrot. John and Susannah added another… (cont'd, p. 563)

MARCH 1985 Page 563

seven children to their family: John, Joseph, William, Ann, Mary, Rebeckah and our Sarah. William Harrison was 39 years of age when he married Sarah Bullock in 1728. If William had been married previously, no record has been found. At this time nothing is known of his early life. William and Sarah raised their family of at least three sons: Thomas who married Rebecca _____ Richard, married Hannah Wheatcraft and JOHN who married Mary Giberson. In 1755, when William was 66 years of age he is "of New Hanover, Burlington Co which suggests he had returned to be with the Harrison and Bullock families. In that year, 1755, 305 acres of land in Upper Freehold, Monmouth County, belonging to William Harrison was sold by the Sheriff for 'debts'. His son, John bought the land and two years later quitclaimed half of it to his brother Thomas. Thomas was named administrator of the estate of William Harrison, who died intestate in 1768, at the age of 79.

Living in Monmouth County during the mid 1700's was not a comfortable experience for those of the Quaker faith. There were expressions of alarm about the public commotion regarding warfare. As things were 'warming up' before the Revolutionary War, good Quakers everywhere found themselves in trouble. They had left England for the Colonies in order to practice the religion of their choice. America had been good to them in the 1600's and early 1700's. How could they fail their new country in her time of need? Their doctrines required that they take NO oaths, take NO part in warfare or could they provide supplies to the army or militia. An early Quaker principle stated that they should take NO responsibility for the creation of any government. Much has been written about the 'Fighting Quakers', all of whom had been disowned by their church and of course, had tried to start 'spin-off' Quaker religions.

The Harrisons of Monmouth County were in the heat of the controversy. They owned considerable land, if they remained Quaker they would be heavily taxed in lieu of confiscation of the land, or even worse threatened with prison or death. The following notice was posted in 1775, regarding our Thomas Harrison.


Made his escape this day from the jail of the county of Monmouth, in New Jersey, a certain Thomas Harrison, aged about 36 years, 5 ft. 7 or 8 inches high…He formerly lived in Upper Freehold, from whence he moved into one of the lower counties in Pennsylvania where he has lived for several years past; he has a wife and three children about a year old, all born at one time, who went off with him. Reward to whoever takes up said run-away and delivers him to the jailer of the county of Monmouth.

10 June 1775

Elisha Lawrence, Sheriff 

MARCH 1985 Page 564

It was probably to Bucks County, Penn. that Thomas escaped…the land of his grandmother, Ruth Buckman Harrison. The Buckman family continued to reside here without having to become involved in the war.

Richard Harrison, son of William and Sarah Bullock Harrison was probably the one who married (2) Edith Wright, 14 Aug 1765 (as found in Monmouth Co. NJ Surrogate Court Record) It appears that both sons, Thomas and Richard remained Quakers and lived as best they could during the Revolutionary War.

JOHN HARRISON, son of William and Sarah Bullock Harrison was born ca 1736. At the age of 23 he married Mary Giberson on 21 September 1759. This would be 4 years after he bought the 305 acres of his father's land and gave half of it to his brother, Thomas. It does not appear from records available to the writer at this time, that John and Mary were Quakers. John is found on the Militia list of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co. John was one of 35 men who served in the "Troop of Horse" under Capt. Samuel Quay. Also from Upper Freehold, serving in the Militia were John Giberson, Regiment #2, James and Gisebert Gibertson, Regiment #3. No other Harrisons of Monmouth County served their country in the Militia. (According to Norton abstracts).

The children of John Harrison and Mary Giberson were: (stated in will)

  1. Sarah b. 1762 m. Samuel Randolph (had 5 children)
  2. JOHN b. 1764 m. Charity Cowperwaite
  3. Mary b. ca 1767 m. John Wildes
  4. Catherine b. 1769 m. Clayton Wildes
  5. Isaac b. 1780 (not of age at father's death)

Tax records show that John, Sr. owned land in Bergen Co., NJ in 1790. In 1837 this area was renamed West Milford, Passaic County. Deeds show that he had holdings in Stafford Township, Dover Township as well as Upper Freehold township all in the County of Monmouth. All of this property was left to John Jr. At the death of his father in 1798. . . . all of which caused John Jr. no end of trouble in the early 1800's. The writer has a copy of the will of John Harrison, Sr.; she is told it does not read like a Quaker will and there is much evidence that John, Sr and Jr. signed oaths and 'swore allegiance' to the cause of America on many occasions

. . . .to be CONTINUED IN JUNE 1985 ISSUE. . . . 

MARCH 1985 Page 565

1860 Jefferson Co., Ohio Census

Warren Twp., 12 June

#455-449 SAML. HARRISON, 27 Ohio farmer
Mary 38 "
Margaret 32 "
Susan 30 "
Lakey 19 " farm laborer

Town of Smithfield, 13 June

#53-57 Joel H. Smith 35 Ohio stone mason
Rachel 38 "

Smithfield Twp., 18 June

#105-113 James W. Parr, 32 Ohio farmer
Sarah 28 "

23 June

#202-212 Robert Hague, 38 Ohio farmer
Martha Ann 34 Va.
Henry 6 Ohio
Norman Miller 23 Md. laborer
John L. Hague 19 Ohio machinist

#204-214 RUTH HARRISON 48 Md.
Wm. 21 Ohio laborer
David 7 Ohio

Mt. Pleasant Twp., 12 June

#62-60 T. C. Lupton 40 Ohio carpenter
Rachel 30 Pa.
Willie 8 Ohio
Mary E. 3 Ohio
unnamed boy 2/12 Ohio

16 June

#202-200 W.J. HARRISON 32 Ohio farmer
Debra R. 28 Va.
Walter L. 1 Ohio

Wayne Twp., 7 July

#609-597 Saml. Wood 58 Md. nursery and farms
Lucy L. 53 Va.
Margaret 25 Ohio
Jane 22 "
Mary E. 14 "
Edwin 16 "
Amos Griffith 19 Pa.
Nathan Wood 81 Pa.
Sarah Tulliott? 24 Ohio
Rachel Lark 63 Va.

3rd Ward Steubenville, 14 June

#558-534 JOSHUA HARRISON 60 Md. clerk
Susan 60 Pa.
Ella 25 Ohio
Joanna McCarty 25 Ireland

3rd Ward Steubenville 30 June

#603-595 WM. HARRISON, 28, Ohio, clerk
Lovinia 24, Ohio
Emma 2, Ohio
Edward 2/12 Ohio
Clarissa A. Goodwin, 24, Ohio,servant

MARCH 1985 Page 566


Franklin Twp., 24 July

#198-206 WILLIAM HARRISON 26 Ohio farmer
Maria 23 Ohio

25 July

#206-213 BARZILLAI HARRISON 44 Pa. farmer
Rachel 41 Pa.
James 20 Ohio farmer
Louisa 17 Ohio

#212-219 JOHN HARRISON 53 Pa. farmer
Margaret 51 Pa.
Nancy 20 Ohio
John 17 Ohio
Stephen 14 Ohio

#217-224 ELIZA HARRISON 56 Pa. farmer
Mary 54 Pa.
William Finkler? 11 Ohio

Salt Creek Twp., 3 Sept.

#244-246 ISAAC HARRISON 24 _____ farmer
Fanny 23 Ohio
Sarah 1 Ohio

#245-247 RICHARD HARRISON 50 Ohio farmer
Hannah 45 Pa.
Thomas 19 Ohio
William 12 Ohio
Edward 10 Ohio
John 8 Ohio
Joseph 1 Ohio
Edilda (f) 19 Ohio
Anna 16 Ohio
Rachel 14 Ohio


WILLIAM G. HARRISON - 1 m and 1 f age 20/30

Submitted by: Mrs. Greig Gowdey, 1 Marin View Ave.,
Mill Valley, CA 94941 

MARCH 1985 Page 567


February 10, 1985
  A.I. Harrison
2152 Barbara Dr.
Selma, CA 93662

Dear Relatives,

On July 6, 1985, we are planning a small reunion of descendants of Littleberry Harrison and Luke Harrison, two early settlers (brothers) of Northwest Alabama during the first half of the 1800's.

The plan is to gather in Florence, Alabama with each person arranging and providing their own lodging and meals.

Atticus Harrison, who lives locally, and is a direct descendant of Luke Harrison, will arrange a meeting place for a noon luncheon where we will order individually from the menu and each pay his separate bill. This will enable us to all meet and mingle.

Arrangements will also be made for a guided visit to local cemetaries where several sets of Harrison grandparents and other relations rest.

You are cordially invited and encouraged to participate and if you will respond immediately additional information concerning local lodging and other items of importance can be shared.



A.I. "Harry" Harrison

(Descendant of Littleberry Harrison)


R.S.V.P. R.S.V.P. R.S.V.P. 

MARCH 1985 Page 568




**We the undernamed subscribers being

at the house of John Harrison State & Dist. Afors'd on the third day of July 1818 we found said John Harrison verry sick & in low condition he said in our hearing that he wished his property to be distributed in the following manner 1st he leaves his wife the benefit or living his house and plantation that she be maintained off the same during life or Widowhood likewise that the family while the remain together shall provide a place for my son Thomas Creighton to live on, if the shall not be able to accomplish this that his plantation be divided equally between his two youngest sons Thos. Creighton & James Alexander all his other property he leaves unto his wife & to be de disposed of by her at her own discretion and that John Alexander & Anthony Savage be Executors. Certified by us the 4th day of July 1818

Jas. Kirkpatrick
Solomon Hopkins

Recorded in Will Book A Page 182
Apt. 4 File No. 239
Proved Aug. 13, 1818

Submitted by:
Hope C. Pees, 11743 E. Pacific Place, Aurora, CO 80014 

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