Harrison Heritage June 1984
Volume IV..... Number 2

Ruth Harrison Jones, Editor and Publisher

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Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions 490
Our Readers Write 491
Certificate of Death, James A. Harrison 492
A HARRISON Genealogy, MSS from DAR Library 493
Wills of the Harrison Family in Barbados 496
Zebulon Harrison of New York & Virginia 506
John Harrison, Father of Zebulon 507
Queries 508

p. 489 JUNE 1984


I think that I shall never see
The finish of a family tree
As it forever seems to grow
From roots that started it so low;
Away back in ancient history times,
In foreign lands and distant climes.
From them grow trunk and branching limb,
That dated back to time so dim.
One seldom knows exactly when
The parents met and married then
Nor when the twigs began to grow
With odd-named children, row on row.
Thought a verse like this is made by me,
And the end's in sight, as you can see,
'Tis not the same with family trees
That grow and grow through centuries.


Submitted by:

Fran Gooley, 3093 Stevenson Drive, Prebble Beach, Ca 93953



p. 490 JUNE 1984


Greenlawn - Uniontown Reformed Cemetery
Lake Township, Stark County, OH

William R. Harrison, Jr. 28 March 1931 (page 35)
USN Korea 27 April 1978
Janice E. Harrison
1932-xxxx (page 35)


Hartville Mt. Peace - Hartville New Cemetery
Lake Township, Stark County, OH

Jeremiah Harrison 1861-1947 (page 65)
Leah Harrison 1867-1953 (page 65)


Forest Hill Cemetery Plain Township, Stark County, OH

John A. Harrison 2 Feb 1899 (page 172)
(Ohio pvt., Trp. E, 312 Cavalry, WWI) 24 Aug 1957 (page 65)
G. Scott Harrison 1895-1974 (page 197)
Lenora H. Harrison 1903-xxxx (page 197)
Herbert S. Harrison 1879-1950 (page 341)
Mary O. Harrison 1878-1967 (page 341)
George J. Harrison 1896-1967 (page ___)


Robert Cunningham
13320 Couwlier
Warren, MI 48089

p. 491 JUNE 1984


Helen Harrison White, 2300 South 25th Street, Apt. 113, Arlington, VA 22206 has sent a death notice (copy on following page).

It was received in error, from Vital Records, Washington, DC.

Mrs. White is researching her grandfather, James T. Harrison who was a carpenter. The 1900 census gives the following information:

She would like to share information on any of the above.

She is hoping that the death certificate printed here will be of help to some one who may be looking for a James A. Harrison, who died in 1898 at age 52; a physician who was born in Ohio.





Contributed by: Miss F. M. Pumyea, 391 Nassau St., Princeton, NJ (1936)

"JOHN HARRISON an early settler of Rocky Hill, Monmouth Co., NJ, built in 1717, the first mill on the Millstone. It stood on the east side of the river, near the present mill.

It is supposed that he resided where the old Berrian house stands in which Washington wrote his farewell address."

p. 492 JUNE 1984

DEATH CERTIFICATE of James A. Harrison, who died July 4, 1898 Washington DC at age 52; a physician who was born in Ohio. Father born VA, mother b. Ohio. Resident of DC 25 years.

p. 493 JUNE 1984


The following PREFACE is from A HARRISON GENEALOGY, a manuscript in the DAR Library in Washington, DC. Compiled by Katherine Epps Bundick a member of the John Houston Chapter, NSDAR. It was written in 1977 and dedicated "...to my mother, Mrs. Sue Harrison Epps".


Where did this Harrison family originate? The answer seems to be England, but when and from what part is still a mystery.

The first known ancestor appears to have been Rebecca Harrison who appeared, in 1675, with her son Gabriell Harrison, in the Court Order Books of Charles City County, Virginia, although Gabriell was first mentioned in 1673. No early Will or Deed Books exist for this period that would give the name of Rebecca's husband. The names William, Thomas, and Nathaniel seem to be possible candidates.

William Harrison appears often in the Court Order Books of Charles City County, Virginia, and the records of Prince George County (formed from Charles City County) show that Thomas and Rebecca Harrison were Executors of William Harrison, deceased. These might have been children of Rebecca Harrison.

The New England Genealogical Register states that Thomas, Richard, Benjamin, and Nathaniel Harrison were born in England and settled in New England as early as 1654, and that Benjamin and Nathaniel Harrison went to Virginia. We know that Benjamin is purported to be the founder of the James River Harrison line. If Nathaniel were the husband of Rebecca Harrison, this would explain the connection of this Harrison line to the James River line that has been claimed by so many of the older members of this family. The duplication of family names in both lines seems to support the theory, but this is only speculation.

It's also possible that this family descended from Thomas Harrison, who married Rebecca Carr on the 13th of March, 1669, in St. James, Clerkenwell Parish, Middlesex County, England. The Registers of St. James also show that Gabriell Harrison married Mary Coffey on the 7th of July, 1668. A search of subsequent records of this parish does not show any children born to Gabriell and Mary Harrison or to Rebecca and Thomas Harrison. There were no Rebecca and/or Gabriell Harrisons recorded in the Burial notices between the years 1551 and 1754; thus it's possible that they might have emigrated to the Colonies. If this were true, then Gabriell would have been Rebecca's step-son, instead of her son.

p. 494 JUNE 1984


PREFACE - cont.

The book, Tennessee Cousins, by Worth S. Ray, offers another possibility to the question of the origin of our family line. Mr. Ray has included known members of this family in the chart that appears on age 536 of his book. Arthur Harrison, d. 1783, and Gabriel Harrison, d. 1779, are shown as sons of William Harrison. This is not correct. Arthur was the son of Gabriel Harrison of Prince George County, Virginia, and Gabriel was the son of Arthur's brother, Nathaniel Harrison of Brunswick County, Virginia. Mr. Ray claims that they were descendants of Stephen Harrison of Kendall, who was a member of the Harrisons of Gobions Manor, Northampton, England.

The line of Stephen Harrison of Kendall also appears in Middlesex Pedigrees, published by the Harleian Society. By an odd coincidence, Clerkenwell Parish is in Middlesex County.

There is also a possibility that Rebecca Harrison, who was imported to Charles City County, Virginia, by Howell Pryse who received 50 acres, in 1658, for her passage, was the mother of Gabriell Harrison. Was she already married, or did she come as a single woman, a widow with a son or step-son, or did she join her husband who had already emigrated to Virginia?

The above possibilities are pure speculation but might provide a clue for further research on the origin of this Harrison line. In any case, this family has been endowed with a fierce family pride that runs throughout the whole family. Without exception all believe that they have an honorable heritage.


K. E. B.


On the following page is a chart found in the manuscript.


p. 495 JUNE 1984


REBECCA HARRISON - in Charles City Co., VA 1675
GABRIELL HARRISON - in Charles City Co., VA 1673 & 1675
GABRIEL HARRISON - in Prince George Co., VA 1719 - 1748
                   /                 /                      /
                          / BENJAMIN, d. 1794              /
NATHANIEL, d. 1796                                        /
-m- Olive (Smith ?)                        ARTHUR HARRISON, b. 1720, d. 1783
Issue________                             -m- 1st, Frances Thweatt
/                                         -m- 2nd, Joan (Brown) Owen, d. 1787
/                                          Issue:
/                                          PETERSON HARRISON
/                                          STITH HARRISON
/                                          ELIZA. HARRISON -m- CUTHBERT HARRISON
/                                          ANSWORTH HARRISON -m- DOLLY STONE
/                                          LEWIS HARRISON
/                                          FRANCES HARRISON -m- EPHRAIM PARHAM
     /                   /                   /           /               /
GABRIEL, d. 1779        /                   /           /              POLLY -M- ? Smith
-m- Sarah A. Blick     /                   /           OLIVE -m- Stephen Smith
Issue:                /                   /                                   / 
NATHANIEL        CHARLES, d. 1818      CUTHBERT, d. 1815____                 /
JANE            -m- 1st, ?              -m- Eliz. Harrison  /                /
JAMES           -m- 2nd, Betsy Gladish                     /                /
SARAH ANNE       Issue:                                  /              Issue:
                 CHARLES BENJ. -m- Sylvia Bass          /               HARRISON K. SMITH
                 JAMES     /                           /                STERLING W. "
                          /                   Issue:__/                 JOHN I.     "
                         /                                              CUTHBERT    "
Issue:________________  /                       FRANCIS T.              GABRIEL     "
EDMUND HARRISON                                 GABRIEL                 ELIZABETH   "
WILLIAM HARRISON                                ANNY                    MARTHA A.   "
SMITH HARRISON, d. 1866___                      NATHANIEL               OLIVE       "
ARIANNA HARRISON         /                      MARTHA P.               REBECCA M.  "
JOHN HARRISON           /                       OLIVE                   STEPHEN A.  "
ELIZA HARRISON         /                        POLLY                   POLLY       "
                -m- 1st, Harriett Ann Turbeville
                -m- 2nd, Mary Jane Epperson
                MARCELLUS W. HARRISON, d. 1864 (Civil War)
                MARTHA ANN HARRISON, m. Benja. McDowell Hamlet
                RICHARD SMITH HARRISON, d. 1864 (Civil War)
                LUCY ANN HARRISON - died young
                OCTAVIUS ALEXANDER HARRISON, m. Martha Samford
                LEONIDAS SAMUEL HARRISON, m. Emily M. White
                ROSA GENIEVA HARRISON, m. Thomas T. Elmore
                GEORGE LITTLETON HARRISON, m. Mary C. Peebles
                ROBERT BOYD HARRISON, m. Annie Myrick
                WILLIAM VIRGINIUS HARRISON, m. Lydia C. White
                IDA F. HARRISON(b. 2nd marr.), m. Archibald Goodwyn


p. 496 JUNE 1984


p. 506 JUNE 1984




Zebulon Harrison was born about 1718 in Smithtown, L. I. New York and moved to Augusta, now Rockingham Co., VA in 1737, where he died in 1792. He was the son of John Harrison and his wife, Phoebe, and the grandson of Isaiah Harrison and his first wife Elizabeth Wright Harrison. (see Vol. II, No. 4, HARRISON HERITAGE).

Zebulon married his cousin, a young widow, Margaret Cravens Primrose while he was on a trip from Augusta Co. to Morristown, New Jersey. The marriage took place on July 23, 1747. Margaret was the daughter of Robert Cravens, Sr. and his wife Mary Harrison Cravens. Margaret was born about 1724 and died in 1800.

Zebulon and Margaret settled on Smith's Creek, near his father and patented 814 acres of land. During the Revolutionary War they furnished supplies to the American Army including horses, cattle, corn, hay and food.

Like all the Harrison's before him, he was a pillar in the Baptist Church, both at Smith's and Linville Creek. Zebulon and Margaret are both buried in the old unmarked burial ground, near Lacey Springs.

Their children were as follows:

Together with the daughters of Gideon Harrison, the last three children named above were mention in the will of Josiah Harrison, recorded 18 November 1820; proved in Christian Co., Kentucky.

p. 507 JUNE 1984



John Harrison was born 25 September 1691 at Suckscall's Wigwam, Oyster Bay, L. I. New York. He was the second child of Isiah and his wife Elizabeth Wright. John married Phoebe _____________, ca 1720. She was born in 1686 and died 6 December 1793. John died in May 1771.

Oyster Bay was the home of John Harrison until he was eleven years of age. Following the death of his mother and his father's second marriage, the family moved to Smithtown, L. I. It was here that he grew to adulthood, was married and at least two of his children were born here, before moving on to Delaware in 1721. Records show that he bought land on 2 Dec 1729 at Broad Creek, Sussex County. By profession he was a cordwinder, or maker of high grade footwear, boots and shoes, such as were worn by military officers and the gentry. He had undoubtedly been taught the trade by his grandfather, Gideon Wright on the many visits John made to visit his grandparents, after the death of his mother, Elizabeth Wright.

John Harrison sold his Delaware land in 1737 and with his family joined a party of sixteen persons for a journey to the Shenandoah Valley. He settled at Big Spring (Lacey Springs) in Rockingham County, Virginia, near his brothers. This was wilderness country in 1737, with untold hardships. Home...was a log cabin, there were no roads, food was mainly wild game. The Harrisons went to work to improve living conditions.

In 1742, a local government was established and a Militia was organized. John was commissioned a "Lieutenant". He and his sons were granted more than 23 patents, totaling 5000 acres of Valley lands. John was one of nine founders of a Baptist Church; the second Baptist Church to be organized "West of the Great Mountains."

Their children included:

p. 508 JUNE 1984



Willard Saunders, 1211 St. Paul St., Apt 4A, Baltimore MD 21202 asks that the following data be corrected:

Vol. IV, No. 1 p. 486

HH 4.1-131

  1. Thomas Harrison, died in 1825 not 1885
  2. Thomas Harrison, was a resident of Maryland in the 1770's not PA in 1800.


Mrs. Betty Meek, 4534 Driftwood Dr., Taylorsville, Utah 84107 is trying to trace a JOSEPH HARRISON BRUCE, b. abt. 1821, Baden-Baden, Germany.
First child born, KY 1840/41.
Second child born, IL 1845.
Third child born, WI 1847.
Other children born in CA, family arriving there 1849/50

Issue: Eugene, Marcellus, Maria Theresa, Joseph, Emma, Benjamin, George Oscar, Clara Alice, Robert E.

She would appreciate hearing from anyone who has information on the above.


    Amanda Susan
    Henry Jackson
    James Aaron
    M. Catherine
    Martha J.
    Reuben Thomas
    Sarah C.

HH 4.2 - 135 Seeking parents and birthplace of James (J.?) HARRISON and his wife Mahulda (Posey or Baxley). Both born in Georgia. Found in census for Coosa Co., AL in 1850, 1860, 1870 and in Polk Co., AR 1880, 1900 and 1910.

Children were:

Martha J. m. William Belyer
M. Catherine m. N. Ohie Ham
Henry Jackson m.
William m. Tempa Ham
Sarah C. m. Riar Thomas
Amand Susan m. _______ Graves
Mary m. Stant Fite
James Aaron m. Mandy Richey
Reuben Thomas m. Margaret Alexander

Would like to correspond with anyone researching this line.
Elizabeth S. Reed, 205 Meadow Place, Clarksville, AR 72830

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