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North Carolina Marriages 1717-1868
Corrections & Updated Material 346
Another Harrison Family
      Andrew, William & Thomas of VA and NC
The Harrison Family, Washington Co., PA 357
William Henry Harrison, VA and TX 359
Some Courthouse Records, SC and MO 361
San Francisco Directory, 1881-1882 363
Some More Revolutionary War Pension Records 365
Queries 377

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North Carolina Marriages 1717 - 1868

p. 346 MARCH 1983

Corrections And Updated Material
From Our Readers

FELIX EARL LUCE of Box 369, Tabor, NJ 07878 writes:

"The December HARRISON HERITAGE mentions William Harrison at the top of page 334 (some Harrison Revolutionary War Soldiers), who m. Anne Payne (Aunt of Dolley Madison). They were married in Goochland County where she was born, but William Harrison was born in Caroline Co., where the family had lived when it was still a part of Essex, and, according to the Caroline County court order books, were still living some years after William was born. His father Andrew moved the family to Goochland later, where "Mally" and Andrew (Jr.) were b 1757 and 1764, as recorded in the Douglas Register.

I am enclosing a copy of William Harrison's will, and a copy of a booklet in the SC State Library: "The Caswell Harrisons", which includes the will of William's father Andrew, which differs considerably from the abstract on p. 339 of December issue of HARRISON HERITAGE. Note that latter has "sons Ninian, youngest son Andrew and Thomas-1 shilling already having received their part". The will provides for the younger children and adds: "I give and bequeath unto my two sons, William and Thomas, Five Shillings each as they have already received an equal part of my estate" (his older sons) - quite a difference! About the time Wm. Harrison moved to Pitts. Co., VA, his father and most of the family moved to the part of Orange Co., NC which later became Caswell, right across the state line from Pitts. The author of "The Caswell Harrisons" apparently knew nothing of the family before Goochland, but gives quite a bit on some of Andrew's children. Andrew's wife in his will was Jean Dillard. The difference in ages of his older and younger children raises a question as to whether Andrew had an earlier wife."

Editor's Note: Many thanks to Felix Luck for correction and for sending source material, which is printed in this issue of HARRISON HERITAGE starting on page 347.

JESSIE M. EASTMAN of Box 547, Lafayette, Oregon 97127 writes:

"....a correction should be made in my query in Volume I, June 1981, page 151 for Beason, Stover and Harrison. the name of Beason should read Rachel not Elizabeth."

R. K. HARRISON, MD of Box 409-C, Texarkana, TX 75501 writes:

".....the Daughters of 1812 information re: Daniel Harrison is in error (found on page 335, December issue of HARRISON HERITAGE)."

Can anyone help the editor by providing an address for the National Society, U.S. Daughters of 1812???

p. 347 MARCH 1983


(From The Times Dispatch, Richmond, VA)

Andrew Harrison moved from Goochland County, VA in 1761, and bought lands in Pittsylvania and Halifax counties in Virginia, and in Caswell county in North Carolina. His will was probated in Hillsboro, NC and was dated in the " Province of Orange" (the Caswell county of today). Tradition in his family says that he was of the James River family of Harrisons, cousin of General William Henry Harrison, who was president of the United States, and of the Berkeley and Brandon Harrisons. It has been suggested that he was descended from John Harrison, the Governor of Bermuda Islands. A John Harrison settled in Halifax county about the same time, who names in his will (recorded in Halifax) a son, Andrew (also wife, Sarah, and wife's brother, John Williams Daniel), and other sons. Andrew Harrison names in his will: Daughters -- Milly Moore (wife of William Moore), Ann Ware (wife of John Ware), and several other unmarried daughters -- Elizabeth, Molly and others; sons, Thomas, William, Andrew and Ninian. Thomas, the first son, married twice -- first, Miss Pendleton; second Miss Kennon (see Goochland marriage bonds) daughter of William Kennon (signer of Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence) and his wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Colonel Charles Lewis, of "The Byrd", Goochland county. There was issue by both marriages.

Thomas Harrison was major of North Carolina troops during the Revolutionary Was (see Wheeler's History of North Carolina). His will is on record in Caswell county, NC. William Harrison, second son of Andrew Harrison, married in Goochland county in 1764 (see Goochland county marriage bonds) Anna Payne, daughter of Josias Payne and Anna Fleming, his wife. She was sister of Colonel John Payne, father of Dolly Madison.

He was captain of Goochland militia in 1763; moved in Pittsylvania county in 1811. He was one of the trustees appointed to lay off the town of Danville in 1793. With Robert Wilson, Robert Payne (wife's brother), Paul Carrington and other "gentlemen", he was appointed to have the channel of Roanoke and Dan rivers cleared. (See Hening's statutes). He and his wife were witnesses to the will of Colonel Charles Lewis, of "The Byrd". His family Bible records twelve children. Some died young, but those who lived to manhood and womanhood were: First, Susannah Harrison, the eldest, born 1766, married William Ware, her cousin. Second, Robert Harrison, married his cousin, daughter of Robert Payne. Third, Jane Harrison, married a Mr. Henley. Fourth, Mary Dillard Harrison, married Edmund Richardson (son of James Richardson). Fifth, Anna Payne Harrison, married Colonel Daniel Coleman, of Goochland and Pittsylvania. Sixth, William Porter Harrison and his youngest brother (seventh), Nathaniel Harrison, went south. Can some reader of this column give me more information of them?

Andrew Harrison, third son of Andrew Harrison, married first, Nancy Williamson, daughter of Stephen Williamson, of Goochland and Caswell counties, and second, Mary Richardson, daughter of James Richardson, of Pittsylvania county. Issue by both marriages. Ninian, the fourth son of Andrew Harrison, died unmarried. There are two deeds on record in Goochland county, made to Andrew and Charles Harrison, bearing the same date, 1754.

p. 348 MARCH 1983



At a session of His Majestys Honble Council of Jan. 25, 1773 at Newbern amongst numerous others a claim of Andrew Harrison's for 6 14s for expenses incurred "In the late Expedition against the Insurgents" was by the Committee moved to be disallowed -- Journal of the Senate, Wed. Feb. 10, 1773 -- Colonial Records, Vol. IX, p. 489.

Signer of Petition for formation of Caswell County -- Col. Res. Vol IX, pp. 809,810.

In Federal Census of 1790 he, Thomas and Ninian listed among Caswell Tax Payers -- Col. Rec. Vol XXVI, p. 1219.

Will of Andrew Harrison

In the Name of God, Amen. I, Andrew Harrison of Orange County in the Province of North Carolina, being very sick and weak of body tho; of perfect mind and memory, but calling to mind the uncertainty of this transitory life, do make and ordain this my last will and testament and do dispose of all my estate in manner and form following, (to-wit) Imprimis, I lend unto my well beloved wife Jane Harrison the use of the plantation whereon I now live, likewise the land and plantation on Moore's Creek, likewise a water grist mill on the said Creek all which she is to have during her natural life or widow-hood without any intercession, likewise I lend unto her one negro woman named Sarah and one named Isabella and one negro man named George and their future progeny during her life or widow-hood and after her death the said negroes to be equally divided among six of my children, to-wit, Milley Moore, Elizabeth Harrison, Ninian Harrison, Molly Harrison, Jane Harrison and Andrew Harrison. Item, I give unto my son Ninian Harrison who is at present of unsound mind the tract of land on Moore's Creek, the place always intended for him after the death of his mother provided he should recover his proper senses. It is to extend down the said Creek to a marked line which is the dividing line between him and his youngest brother Andrew Harrison. I also give him negro boy named Bob and one negro girl named Phillis and their future progeny. I also give him one horse, one mare, two cows and calves and also two sows and pigs to him and his heirs forever PROVIDED he should recover his proper senses so as to be capable of managing the same but if he should never come to his proper senses I desire that the above mentioned negroes and stock after his death be equally divided amongst my children and it is my desire that my son Ninian Harrison and his estate be under the management of William Harrison and Thomas Harrison his two brothers, who is to act as Trustee for him until he shall be capable to act for himself. Item, I give and bequeath to my daughter Milley Moore and her heirs forever one negro woman named Judah and one negro girl named Pegg. Item, I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Harrison and her heirs forever one negro girl named Rose and one named Esther. Item, I give and bequeath to my daughter Molly Harrison and her heirs forever one negro girl named Chloe and one named Frank. Item,

p. 345 MARCH 1983

Will of Andrew Harrison - cont.

I bequeath unto my daughter Jane Harrison and her heirs forever one negro girl named Rachel and one named Nancy. Item, I give and bequeath unto my son Andrew Harrison and his heirs forever the tract of land whereon I now dwell and water grist mill on Moor's Creek together with all the vacant land that I have improved or intended to be improved adjoining the mill after the death of his mother or widow-hood, the land and plantation on Moore's Creek which is intended for my son Ninian if he should die without heir to be sold and the money arising to be equally divided amongst all my children. I also give and bequeath unto my son Andrew Harrison one negro boy named Little Bob and one negro girl named Aggy. Likewise one silver cann with my name engraved thereon and if my son Andrew should die without a lawful heir I desire that all his part of my estate above mentioned should be sold and the money arising be equally divided amongst the rest of my children. Item, I give and bequeath unto my daughter Ann Ware and her heirs forever one negro girl named Isabella. Item, it is my will and desire that all the rest of my estate not herein mentioned or disposed of may, after my just debts shall be paid, be equally divided amongst all six of my children, Milley Moore, Elizabeth Harrison, Molly Harrison, Nancy Harrison, and Andrew Harrison to them and their heirs forever after their mother's death.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my two sons, William Harrison and Thomas Harrison, Five Shillings each as they have already received an equal part of my estate.

Item, if any of my children should die without heir it is my desire that the estate of my child or children shall be equally divided amongst all the rest of my children. Item, I give unto Margaret Bayn one cow and calf, I also appoint William Harrison, Thomas Harrison, John Ware and William Moore my whole and sole executors of this my last will and testament herein revoking and denying and disanulling all other wills by me formerly made, in witness whereof have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal, this 16th day of May, 1773.

N. B. The words "to descend to my son Andrew Harrison if he should die without lawful heirs" interlined before signed.


Signed, sealed published and
declared to be the last will
and testament of the testator
in presence of


North Carolina,
Orange County.

I, Chas. Strayhorn, Clerk of the Superior Court of Orange County and State of North Carolina, do hereby certify that the forgoing is a true copy of the last will and testament of Andrew Harrison, deceased, as appears of record in my office in Will Book "A" page 140.

Witness my hand and official seal, this the 13th day of October, 1913.




Clerk Superior Court

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Major Thomas Harrison


After the Mecklenburg convention May 20th, 1775 declaring the colony free and independent there was assembled at Hillsboro, Aug 21st of the same year the first meeting of the people in representative capacity at which was begun the military organization of the colony. This work was completed at the Fourth Provincial Council held at Halifax April 4th, 1776.

At this last Council among "Field Officers Appointed for Each County" were the following for Orange Northern Regiment -- Col. Jas. Saunders, Lt. Col. Wm. Moore, 1st Major John Paine and 2nd Major Thos. Harrison. The author writes as follows: "This finished the military organization of the state. The names of these men are preserved, that they be known, as men who in times that tried men's souls stood up for their country and our liberties" -- Wheeler, Vol I, p. 81.

Colonial Records, Vol X, p. 532 gives the same list of officers for Orange Northern Regiment as Wheeler. -- Col. Rec. Vol. X, p. 532.

Roll of Lt. Col. Harney's Company, 2nd N. C. Battalion, Commanded by Col. Jno. Patton, White Plains, (N. Y.) Sept 9th 1778. (U. S. State Dept. Army Returns, Book 27, p. 34.) Thos. Harrison enlisted Dec. 21st, 1776 for 3 years. -- Col. Rec. Vol. XIII, p. 519.

"A List of Cloathing Received by the twelve months recruits from Caswell County, 24th of May, 1782."

Under this head Thos. Harrison is listed as one of those in charge of distribution. -- Col. Rec. Vol. XVI, p. 619.

At the Newbern Session of the General Assembly opened April 8, 1777, an act was passed May 9, 1777 establishing the County of Caswell from the Northern part of Orange to be effective on June 1st. Incorporated in the act was the appointment of Jas. Saunders, Wm. Moore, Thos. Harrison, Jno. Paine and Jno. Atkinson as Commissioners to select court house location, let the public buildings and start the machinery of government. -- Col. Rec. Vol. XXIV, pp. 24-26.

An act of the Assembly of April 18, 1783 held at Hillsboro relieved them of the appointment. Jas. Saunders was reappointed. The work had not been executed as to construction of the buildings. -- Col. Rec. Vol. XXIV, p. 524.

At a session of the General Assembly held at Fayetteville Nov 1, 1790 Mr. Robt. Payne, the Senator from Caswell County presented a bill on Dec. 8 for establishing a town and tobacco inspection on Dan River on the lands of Thomas Harrison. After the sundry workings of a legislative body it was passed Dec. 14. -- Col. Rec. Vol. XXI, pp. 840, 856, 857, 1011, 1019, 1028, 1033, 1034 and 1046.

Wording of the above act directing that the County Court of Caswell county "appoint two discreet and careful men, well acquainted with the nature of tobacco etc." -- Recorded in Col. Rec. Vol. XXV, p. 99.

p. 351 MARCH 1983

At the session of the General Assembly held at Fayetteville Nov 1, 1790, under "An Act for Extending the Navigation of Roanoke River" Thos. Harrison was appointed one of the Trustees "for extending the navigation of Roanoke river from the falls upward."

-- Col. Rec. Vol. XXV, p. 107.

[Note--It is of interest that his brother, William, performed a similar service for Virginia. See Times-Dispatch article in these papers.]

Will of Major Thomas Harrison

In the Name of god, Amen.

I Thomas Harrison of the County of Caswell being of perfect health and memory and calling to mind the uncertainty of this transitory world do make and appoint this my Last will and Testament. In manner and form following Viz.

State of North Carolina

It is my wish and desire if the laws of North Carolina should ever take place for freeing of slaves, for them to be set at liberty, I give my lands to be equally divided among my sons and for each son to have his lot of land where he has built and improved and for the said lands to be laid off in lot and divided as to quality and quantify, William, Andrew, Thomas, Charles, John and Robert. I give one hundred and fifty pounds to each of my daughters Elizabeth, Jean, Mildred, Patsy and for the money to be raised out of the estate, and it is my wish and desire for my estate not to be divided during my present wifes life or widowhood. Then for an equal division to take place among my heirs with respect to my perishable property it is my wish and desire for my estate to educate my children. I do appoint my son William and Andrew Harrison and my wife executors of my state giving under my hand and seal this Twentieth day of January one thousand seven hundred and ninety nine.



Witness in my presence of us
Andrew Harrison Senr
Jean Harrison (Jurat)
Jane Harrison (Jurat)


North Carolina


Caswell County


I, R. L. Mitchelle,

Clerk of the Superior Court of Caswell County, North Carolina do hereby certify that the foregoing sheet is a true and correct copy of the last will and testament of Thomas Harrison as appears of record and on file in the Clerks Office of Caswell County, N. C.

Witness my hand and official seal. This the 15 day of October, 1913


R. L. Mitchelle, C. S. C.

p. 352 MARCH 1983


Marriage Bond of Major Thomas Harrison

Know all Men by these Presents, that We Thomas Harrison and William Harrison, -- of the County of Goochland are held and firmly Bound unto our Sovereign Lord King George the Third, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith etc. in the sum of Fifty Pounds current Money f Virginia; Which payment to be made to our said Sovereign Lord the King, his Heirs & successors. We bind ourselves and every of us, Our and every of Our Heirs, Executors & Administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these Presents. Witness our hands and seals this _____ day of February. Anno Domini, MDCCLXVIII.

The Condition of the above Obligation is such, that if there is not any Lawful Cause to obstruct a Marriage intended to be had and solemnized between the above Bound Thomas Harrison and Mary Kannon, Daughter of Elizabeth Kannon, of the above mentioned County, & Orphan of William Kannon deceased, Then the above Obligation to be void, Else in full Force.

Signed, Sealed & Delivered


In Presence of ______________________




A copy from the original filed as a record in the office of the clerk of the Circuit Court of the County of Goochland, in the State of Virginia.


P. G. Miller, Clerk of the Circuit Court of
Goochland County, Virginia.
November 13, 1913.





AM of a very distinguished

I can not positively trace my re-

lation to the James River Harri-
sons or to the Judge Harrison of
England, who passed from life by
the gallows route.

Neither is there an establishment
of definite relation to Pontious Pilate,
Nicodemus or the Egyption Mummies
at this time reting serenely in the
New York Museum of Natural His-
tory. Nevertheless, I know that these
relations exist which I account for
by the fact that my family tree, in
common with these others, goes back
to the original Mr. Adams late of
Eden park (- and later of the Adams

If the estimable Mr. Darwin was
correct I am also related to the cele-
brated Monkey and Lobster families.


p. 353 MARCH 1983

Notes on Descendants

Extracts from letter of Dec. 4th, 1911 from Thomas S. Harrison, Esq. of Blanch, N. C. to Walter E. Lea of Timmonsville, S. C.

Now as to the inquiry about the Harrison family, it is just as you see it in Richmond Times-Dispatch and you and I are descendants of the Andrew Harrison who moved to Dan River from Goochland County, Virginia.

Major Thomas Harrison first married a Pendleton and afterwards a Kennon. Had two sets of children. Those by his first wife were William, John Pendleton, Robert and Andrew. By his second wife were Thomas, Mary, Louisa and perhaps others. The will of the old Andrew is recorded in the Clerk's office in Hillsboro, Orange County. Andrew owned large quantities of land in Caswell (then Orange). My dwelling house sits on land that was a drill ground for Major Thomas Harrison's battalion in the Revolution. He camped for one winter on his own land. I have talked with old men who saw all this with their own eyes.


Data from Mrs. Martha Harrison Meadows of Fuquay Springs, NC

To Maj. Thomas Harrison and first wife (Pendleton) were born John P., William, Robert, Andrew, Mildred, Jane and Elizabeth.

John P. married a Satterwhite of Granville County. Jane married smith Downey of Granville and Elizabeth married Smith of Caswell.

To Major Harrison and second wife (Kennon) were born Thomas, Jr., Charles and some others.

Thomas Harrison, Jr., married first Jane Burton and to them was born one daughter, Pollie, who married Abisha Slade and to them were born two daughters Mary Jane (Wadlington) and Sallie E. Slade.

Thomas Harrison, Jr., married (second wife) Mildred Johnston and to them were born Robert, William Johnson, Jack, Ana (Sharp), Araminta (Jeter), Elizabeth (Thompson), and Louisa (Thomasson).

William Johnson married first Temperance Dianisha Yarbrough and to them were born Thomas Yarbrough, Richard Bruce, Mary Louise and Martha ann.

To his second wife, Sarah Ann Ellington were born Creed, John, Sarah, Bettie and several other children.

Robert married Mildred Harrison (his cousin) and to them were born Thomas, Coke, Andrew, Robert, Virginia, Pauline, Jane, Eliza and Mildred.

Jack went west and was never afterwards heard from.

Jno. Pendleton Harrison who married Satterwhite was father of Sam Harrison who married Miss McDaniel (his cousin). To Sam Harrison and wife were born Virginia (Lea), Thomas S., Fannie (Wilkerson), Lou (Price) and others.

p. 354 MARCH 1983

General Historical Data


(From M. S. Records in Office of Sec. Of State.)

To His Excellency Josiah Martin Esquire, Captain General, Governor, in and over the Province of No. Carolina, The Honorable Council, and Gentlemen of the House of Burgesses;

The Petition of the North Part of Orange County,

Humbly Sheweth,

That whereas by the large Extent of the Sd County, it renders it very Burdensome to attend Courts, General Musters &c. We pray that a line beginning where Granville County line corners on the Virga line, then Running South with Granville line twenty-five miles, then West to Guilford line, then with the Guildford line North to the Virginia line, then Sd line East to the first station.

And your Petitioners as to Duty Bound, shall ever pray.

James Saunders Junr.
John Lea
Andrew Harrison
John Paine

And about one hundred and forty-five other names many of them at present very familiar in Caswell County.

(This paper is not dated but was probably first presented to Newbern Assembly of 1773. The act as passed by the Assembly of 1777 put the Southern Boundary twelve miles north of Hillsboro) -- Col. Rec. Vol. IX, pp. 809 & 810.


At the session of the General Assembly, Fayetteville, opened Nov 3, 1788, "An Act to Establish the Town Already Laid Off at the Court House in Caswell County" prefaces that "Whereas one hundred acres of land, adjacent to and whereon Caswell Court House now stands, hath been laid off into a town of square streets and sixty-two lots, by Nicholas Delone and William Lea, etc." and enacta that the town be constituted and named Leasburg. -- Col. Rec. Vol. XXIV, pp. 992-993.


Richard Caswell (for whom Caswell County was named) was the first Governor of North Carolina. Born in Maryland Aug 3, 1729. Moved to North Carolina 1746. Was Clerk of Orange County Court, Member of Colonial Assembly for Johnson County 1754-1771. President Provincial Congress Halifax, Nov. 1776. Thanks of Congress for gallantry at Battle of Moore's Creek. Brigadier General of Newbern District. Appointed Governor by Congress and served 1776-1778. Afterward filled various offices, among them being the Governorship by election of the people. Died while President of the Senate Nov. 10, 1789.

Source: North Carolina State Library - Raleigh

p. 355 MARCH 1983

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Harrison Family Of Washington County, Pennsylvania

From: The Historical and Biographical Collection, Washington Co., PA
Submitted by Mrs. J. A. Wambold, P.O. Box 337, Northridge, CA 91328

Washington County is unusually favored with citizens who have ever been as deeply interested in her progress as in their own, and who have taken an active part in the promotion of all public enterprises. Among this class of early settlers HARRISON is a familiar and honored name, the early representatives of the family, at present under consideration, having emigrated from England to Maryland many years ago.

James Harrison remained there, and in early manhood he was united in marriage with Elizabeth Hudgel, a native of Berkeley Co, W. Va., who bore him the following children: William, James, George W., Joseph, (all born in Virginia), and Eliza, Mrs. Harriet Van Gilder living Centerville, and Maria, deceased, these three were born in East Bethlehem Township, Washington Co. Of this family Joseph and Harriet are the only ones yet living. In 1817 the family came to Washington County, where the father settled on a farm near West Brownsville. He died in 1825, followed by his widow in 1861. In politics he was an active member of the Whig party. Of their family, William purchased a farm in Iowa, near Oskaloosa, in 1868, and died in July of that year, leaving his family in good circumstances. James settled on a farm in Harrison County, W. Va., and died in 1892. George W. settled on a farm in East Bethlehem Township, Washington Co., and died in 1890.

Joseph Harrison, passed his youth in Washington Co. and at the age of 18 years began to work for himself. After 10 years' hard labor he and a brother invested in a farm near Logansport, Cass Co., Ind., but his health failing, Joseph induced his brother to sell the property. After disposing of the place they returned to Washington County and bought a farm located on the National pike, near Brownsville. In 1867, he was united in marriage with Orelia Tower, daughter of G. H. Tower, a native of Massachusetts, who graduated from Brown University in 1776, studied law, went to Warren, Ohio and won a wide reputation in his chosen work.. Mr. And Mrs. Harrison are the parents of two children: Joseph Tower Harrison and Mary Orella Harrison, who is now attending the Pittsburgh Female College. In a few years after their return to Washington County Mr. Harrison bought his brother's interest in the farm, which contains 155 acres of valuable land, on which stands an imposing brick mansion erected in 1878, the most elegant structure to be seen for many miles. Mr. Harrison has been a very successful man, and his present prosperity has been due to his own individual effort, for he never received financial aid from any source. In politics he has always been a Whig and Republican, and of late years has been also a Prohibitionist. It has been 70 years since he has tasted whisky, and is looking over his past life he attributes his success in a great measure to his temperate habits.

Another member of this family is Margaret Bryce Harrison, the daughter of Andrew Bryce, a native of Scotland, who was there married

p. 358 MARCH 1983


Harrison Family Of Washington County, PA - Cont.

to Jane Gilchrist. Mr. And Mrs. Bryce settled in Fayette Co., Tenn., where he followed the trade of miller, conducting the mill at Merrittstown for many years. Mrs. Margaret A. Harrison had two sons by her first marriage, October 14, 1845 to Samuel Edmiston, namely: William Alexander, cashier of the Monongahala National Bank, Fayette Co., Penn., and James M. superintendent of the water works at Atchison, Kans. On March 2, 1865, Mrs. Margaret A. Edmiston was married to George W. Harrison, son of James Harrison.

James Harrison was born in Maryland, where he remained until about forty years of age. George W. Harrison was born in 1812, on the eastern shore of Maryland, and when yet a small boy came with his parents to Pennsylvania. His father died soon afterward leaving no property, and being the oldest of the family, much of the care of his mother and the younger children fell upon his youthful shoulders. The child bravely accepted the heavy responsibility thus suddenly thrust upon him, and continued to bear his share of the burden until the younger ones were old enough to support themselves. He was then released from that duty, but continued to work industriously ad carefully saved his earnings until he had accumulated a sufficient amount with which to purchase thirty acres of land in East Bethlehem township. After buying this place he proceeded to cultivate it to the highest extent and soon sold it at a good profit, then went with his brother Joseph to Indiana, where he bought a farm which he also sold at a good price. The brothers then returning to Washington Co., purchased a handsome place on the National Pike, in East Bethlehem where they resided together for one year. At the expiration of that time George w. sold his share to his brother, who is yet living on the place. After disposing of this property George bought 123 acres of well improved, valuable land upon which a handsome brick edifice has been erected. Mr. Harrison won his success by years of patient toil and when he had attained prosperity was ever ready to lend a helping hand to others who were struggling upward. In politics he was a valued member of the Republican party, but invariably declined the political honors of which his friends vainly urged acceptance. The latter years of his life were filled with pain and he was laid to rest January 5, 1890 in the beautiful "God's acre" adjoining the Taylor M. E. Church.

Since the death of her husband, Mrs. Harrison has continued to reside in her pleasant home, personally superintending the work of the farm. Her only daughter, Lillian, a cultured young lady, is living with her mother, and whose son, George W., died in infancy.

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