Harrison Heritage September 1982 Vol. 2 Number 3

Harrison Heritage September 1982
Vol. 2 Number 3

Ruth Harrison Jones, Editor and Publisher

Table of Contents

Early Descendants of Robert Harrison and Alice Oliver,
     Talbot County, Maryland
Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families 295
Warren Co., Ohio Marriage Records 297
"Connecticut Nutmagger" Extractions 297
Iowa Census, Marshall County, 1870 297
Biography: William Aloysius Harrison 298
Biography: Joseph Pinkney Harrison 298
Dartmouth, Massachusetts, Vital Records 299
History of Pittsford, Massachusetts 299
Biography: John Cleves Short Harrison 300
Bible Record of William Harrison, Danville, VA 300
Early Settlers of New York State 302
Family of President Benjamin Harrison (Part 1) 303
Mississippi Census, Hancock County, 1880 305
Militia and Ratables, New Jersey, 1793 305
Thomas Harrison of Franklin Co., Tennessee 306
William Harrison Pension App #S41599 [not in original TOC] 310
More Harrison Researchers 312
Harrisons of Lewis County, KY [not in original TOC] 313
Inquiries 314

p. 289 SEPTEMBER 1982


The Early Descendents of Robert Harrison and Alice Oliver
of Talbot County Maryland

ROBERT HARRISON1, born in England, came to America on the ship Elizabeth and Katherine, landing in Talbot County Maryland, 20 March 1679. He settled at what is now the Town of St. Michaels and later on Broad Creek, both in Talbot County, MD. Married ALICE OLIVER, one of three daughters of James and Mary Oliver on 21 Aug 1683 in Talbot County. Died 1 March 1717 at Second Creek, Talbot County MD.

The Will of Robert and Alice Harrison 1717/18 Talbot Co., MD (Liber 12 Folio 560) names ten children in this order: James (deceased), John, Robert, William, Joseph, Benjamin (b. ca. 1710) and daughters--Alice, Sarah, Abigail, and Frances Jones.

  1. JAMES HARRISON2, birth date and name of wife unknown.
    1. JAMES HARRISON3, M. Elizabeth _____. Had received from his Grandfather, Robert1, land known as Prouses Point and Haphazard. He deeded this land to William Harrison Sr., son of Robert1 in 1733. The records of this family seem to fade out.
    2. JOHN HARRISON3, no further record. One genealogist states that he married Judith Paphillion 8 March 1735.
  1. FRANCES HARRISON2 , m. Charles Jones. No further record.
  2. JOHN HARRISON2, m. Mary Dawson. His will was probated in 1744. Mary m. 2) 25 Aug 1745 to William Cooper.
    1. FRANCES HARRISON3, m. William Webb Haddaway.
  1. ROBERT HARRISON2, m. Elizabeth _____. Will probated in 1753.
    1. JOSEPH HARRISON3, married a widow named Elizabeth Haddaway Lambdin about 1755. Joseph was the owner of a plantation called Mt. Misery, located on Broad Creek in Talbot County. Will probated 1777-1784.
      1. JOSEPH HARRISON4, married MARY HARRISON4, a third cousin and dau. of THOMAS HARRISON3 and Mary Porter. Built on land called Haphazard located on Broad Creek. Joseph died in 1815. 5 children.
        1. JEREMIAH HARRISON5, 1794-1880. Owner of passenger and freight boats, plying the Chesapeake Bay.
        2. THOMAS SOLOMON5, 1809-1848. Unmarried.
        3. ELIZABETH5, married Thomas Wrightson in 1818.
        4. MARY ANN5, married John Graham.
        5. SUSAN5, married 1) Robert Dawson; 2) Dr. Anthony Thompson of Dorchester Co., by 1827.
      1. ROBERT4, wife unknown. Died before father's will was probated.
      2. THOMAS HARRISON, JR.4 , m. (1) Ann Gibson. Died in 1824.
        1. CHARLES GIBSON HARRISON5, m. (1) Fannie Baxter.
          1. ELIZABETH HARRISON6, of Catonsville in Baltimore Co.

          Charles m. (2) a sister of first wife. No issue.
          m. (3) Miss _____ Ridgely.

          1. ELEANOR HARRISON6, m. John Ridgely Dorsey of Baltimore or Howard Co.

        p. 290 SEPTEMBER 1982

        The Early Descendents Of Robert Harrison And Alice Oliver
        Of Talbot County Maryland - Cont.

        THOMAS4 m. (2) Nancy Porter ca. 1788.

        1. ANNA MARIA HARRISON5, married in 1807 to Joseph Graham.
          1. HARRIETT GRAHAM6; 2. ELLEN6.
        2. CHARLOTTE5, m. William Farlow, a surveyor.
          1. ELIZABETH FARLOW6; 2. JOHN6; 3. SARAH ANN6, born 20 Feb 1819 in Talbot Co., MD.
        3. SAMUEL5, died 1825 at St. Michaels.
        4. THOMAS5, m. Maria Guarde 22 May 1826 in Talbot Co.
        5. SARAH5, m. James Denny in Talbot
      1. ELIZABETH HARRISON4, married James Colston.
      2. MARY ANN4, m. (1) John Thompson; m. (2) Rev. John Dorgan.
      3. WILLIAM HARRISON4, m. ANN HARRISON4, dau. of Thomas Harrison3 and Mary Porter. Lived on a farm called Bently Hay. Ann died ca. 1802.
        1. THOMAS HARRISON5, b. 12 Aug 1783 in Talbot Co. Married 5 Sept.1806 in Talbot Co. to Eleanor LeCompte. Thomas was believed to be a ship builder. Served in War of 1812.
          1. ANN HARRISON6, b. 1807/8 in Talbot Co., m. (1) James Keithly in 1829. Had one son named John. M. (2), 6 Oct. 1838 in Talbot Co., Jacob Andrews of England.

            Mrs. Frances B. Mormann, genealogist, Baltimore Co, MD descended from this line through Hester Ann Andrews, dau. of Jacob and Ann Harrison Andrews.
        2. JACOB HARRISON5, b. 30 June, 1786 in Talbot Co. m. (1) Margaret Lambdin 18 Feb 1819 in Talbot Co.; m. (2) Lucretia Sinclair 27 Sept. 1826. Lucretia died Baltimore 1 Feb 1875 in 75th year.
        3. MARY HARRISON5, born 25 Aug 1792 and d. 1877. she was known as "Miss Polly", m. JOSEPH HARRISON5, son of Joseph and Sarah Hopkins Harrison4. See children under Joseph.
      1. FRANCES HARRISON4, m. John Auld.
      2. EDWARD4, b. 14 Dec 1767, m. 25 Dec 1788 to Mabel Porter. After Edward died, Mabel in 1806 married Thomas Tillotson, a coachmaker of Caroline Co., MD. They had a daughter, Elizabeth B. Tillotson, b. 2 July 1808.
        1. MARY HARRISON5, b. 16 Jan 1792.
        2. EDWARD, JR.5, b. 7 May 1794, m. Elizabeth Townsend, dau. of Benjamin and Margaret Townsend. Edward was a shipbuilder in Baltimore.
    1. MARY HARRISON3 [Robert2, Robert1], no record.
    2. FRANCES HARRISON3, no record.

p. 291 SEPTEMBER 1982

The Early Descendents Of Robert Harrison
And Alice Oliver Of Talbot County Maryland - Cont.

  1. WILLIAM HARRISON2, son of ROBERT HARRISON1 and Alice Oliver. m. Elizabeth Benson, dau. of Dr. James Benson. Will probated 1748/49.
    2. WILLIAM3
    3. JONATHAN3
    4. NICHOLAS3
    6. PERRY3
  1. JOSEPH HARRISON2, b. 9 Oct 1698 in Talbot Co., MD, d. 1752. Will probated 1754/5. Married Elizabeth Ashcraft, dau. of Thomas Ashcraft and Susannah Elliott. When Joseph died, she married Robert Robson in 1755. He was in the Colonial Militia of Talbot Co., MD in 1740-1748.
    1. THOMAS HARRISON3, b. 9 Dec 1734 Talbot Co., d. 3 Dec 1801 in Talbot Co. m. Mary Porter, b. 5 March 1737, and d. 18 June 1819 in Talbot Co. He was a Merchant in St. Michaels, MD in an area known as Broad Creek. He was an Ensign in the Talbot Co. Militia during the Revolutionary War. Is listed in the DAR Patriot Index. Lived on land known as Canton Farm, but died on his farm known as "Chance".
      1. JOSEPH HARRISON4, B. 1756, D. 1818, M. Sarah Hopkins ca. 1777, dau. of Joseph Hopkins of Rays Point. See letter from Theodore Harrison, a descendent, filed under Goldsborough-Harrison, MD Historical Society.
        1. THOMAS HARRISON5, unmarried, died in shipwreck off Sandy Hook in 1810.
        2. JOSEPH HARRISON5, b. 1780, d. 1835, m. 16 Feb 1809 to MARY HARRISON5, b. 1792, d. 1877, dau of WILLIAM HARRISON4 and ANN HARRISON4 of Bently Hay. She was known as "Miss Polly".
          1. JOSEPH H. HARRISON6, b. 1817, d. 1888, m. Mary Jane Denny.
          2. SARAH ANN6, b. 1815, d. 1862, unmarried.
          3. LOUISA6, m. Joseph T. Radcliffe, native of Washington, DC, died Talbot County.
          4. ALEXANDER6, m. Elizabeth M. Hazzard of Lewes, DE. (Bought his mother's farm in 1878).
          5. SUSAN6, b. 1824, d. 1855, m. William H. Fairbank. When Susan died he married Sarah Ellen Price, 3 Oct 1859.
          6. OLIVER6, b. 1828, d. 1850, m. Ellen Jane _____.
        1. STEVEN HARRISON5, b. 1791, d. 1845, m. Susannah Spencer 15 Dec 1818. dau. of Richard Spencer of Beverly or Rays Point.
        2. SUSAN5, m. William Caulk.
        3. ELIZABETH5, m. Thomas Hardcastle.
        4. LOUISA5, single.
      1. JONATHON HARRISON4, b. 1758, d. 23 May 1831 in Baltimore, m. (1) Margery Kirby of Kent Island, Queen Anns Co., MD, m. (2) 16 Dec 1813 in Baltimore to Ann Bloodgood, widow of Fells Points, MD.

        p. 292 SEPTEMBER 1982

        The Early Descendents Of Robert Harrison
        And Alice Oliver Of Talbot County Maryland - Cont.

      3. THOMAS HARRISON4, b. ca 1760 in Talbot Co., MD, m. 14 March 1783 at Baltimore, MD to Elizabeth Inloes, b. 1765 in Baltimore. Dau. of Abraham Inloes. He built a house at Fells Point, Baltimore, MD. Thomas was a ships carpenter or Joiner in Baltimore. He had served as a private in the Talbot County MD Militia. D. 1808 at Fells Point, Baltimore. Elizabeth d. 1827 at the home of her son, Joshua, in Steubenville, OH. Buried in Union Cemetery Association.
        1. MARY HARRISON5, b. in Fells Point, Baltimore, MD.
        2. ANN5, b. Fells Point, Baltimore, MD, m. (1) John Cunningham of Baltimore, MD 14 Jan 1801; m. (2) Benjamin Wilson, 5 May 1804; m. (3) Maj. William Caulk. She d. 1852 in Talbot Co.
        3. SAMUEL5, b. Fells Point, Baltimore, MD, m. 18 Jan 1811 in Baltimore to Jane Murray.
        4. JAMES INLOES HARRISON5, b. Fells Point, Baltimore, MD. Died Talbot Co. m. Jane E. Thompson, dau. of Abraham Thompson of Caroline Co. Inherited part of Mulberry Point on Broad Creek from sister Ann Caulk. Died there. Distribution Talbot Co. Nov 1859. James Dawson, Administrator. 3 children: Margaret, m. George C. Brown; William Thomas Harrison (James Dawson guardian in 1860); Arthur L. Harrison.
        5. THOMAS5, b. 1797, Fells Point, Baltimore, MD. Married 3 times: m. (1) 21 April 1818 at Baltimore to Elizabeth Barker, 8 children. M. (2) Sarah Bowan, no children. m. (3) Sarah Kersey Gorman, 2 children.
        6. WILLIAM INLOES HARRISON5, b. 1799 in Baltimore, MD, m. 5 Sept 1820 in Harrison Co., OH to Lydia Capper, b. ca 1805, dau of David Capper. She d. ca 1845 in OH. William was a farmer and moved his family after his wife's death to Story Co., Iowa in 1855 where he d. 11 Oct, 1874. He is buried in the New Philadelphia Cemetery at Ontario in Story Co. Part of this family stayed in Story Co. the rest moved to Western NE. 12 children.
          1. JANE HARRISON6, b. 1821 Harrison Co., OH. m. Elias Stevens in Wyandot Co., OH in 1850. d. 18 Apr 1890 in Story Co., IA.
          2. ANNA6, b. 1823 Harrison Co., OH. m. James William McLaughlin. Believed to have died and bur. In Carroll Co., OH.
          3. ELIZABETH6, b. 1825 in Harrison Co., OH. Believed to have married a man by the name of Ferguson.
          4. GEORGE CHAPMAN HARRISON6, b. 18 June 1827 in Harrison Co, OH. m. (1) Catherine Halstead 26 Feb 1850 in OH. m. (2) Anna Reynard 26 June 1856 in Story Co, IA. Moved family to Hitchcock Co., NE in 1879. He died there. He was a farmer. His first wife died in Ohio in 1853. Second wife d. in 1896 in Chicago, IL. George had two children by his first wife: (1) SARAH JANE7 and (2) ANNA E. HARRISON7, b. near Upper Sandusky, OH. He had ten children by the second wife, Anna: (3) DAVID M. HARRISON7, (4) MARY E7., (5) ALICE MELISSA7, (6) AMANDA ALMEDA7, (7) LEONARD BROWN HARRISON7, (8) ROSOLPHA BELLE7, (9) LUTHER MAURICE7, (10) CHARLOTTE MAY7, (11) GEORGE ALBERT7, (12) FLORENCE LILLIAN7. All born in Story Co., IA.

        p. 293 SEPTEMBER 1982


        The Early Descendents Of Robert Harrison
        And Alice Oliver Of Talbot County Maryland - Cont.

            1. FLORENCE LILLIAN HARRISON7, b. 15 June 1876 in Ontario, Story Co., IA. m. 16 March 1894 in Trenton, NE to John Hugh Gibson. d. 1928 and buried at Morrill, NE.
              1. JOHN MAURICE GIBSON8, b. 19 Jan 1895, Trenton, NE.
              2. VERA MAY8, b. 10 Feb 1897, Ft. Collins, CO.
              3. CLAUDE ALBERT8, b. 10 Feb 1899, Ft. Collins, CO.
              4. WILLIAM MUREL GIBSON8, b. 8 Oct 1901, Ft. Collins, CO, m. Margaret Agnes Dorr 20 Dec 1928 at Germantown, PA. William entered the U.S. Coast Guard and Geodetic Service in 1924 and retired as a Rear Admiral in March 1958. He worked for the State of CA, as senior Engineer from 1959-1968. William spent the later years of his life researching his family history, especially his Mother's Harrison line. Through his efforts and search, he compiled a manuscript of his Harrison lineage tracing his family to ROBERT HARRISON WHO MIGRATED FROM England to Maryland in 1679. During his search he corresponded with a genealogist, Mrs. Frances Barnes Mormann, of Baltimore, MD. They discovered they were distant cousins, both descending from ROBERT HARRISON and ALICE OLIVER. With her help he was able to complete his family history in 1976. He lives in Piedmont, CA.
          1. INFANT HARRISON6 [William Inloes5], b. & d. 1829 in Harrison Co., OH.
          2. SARAH ELLEN6, b. 1831 in Rumley Twp. Harrison Co., m. 1858 in Story Co., IA to Mathias Switzer. She d. in 1887 in Story Co., IA.
          3. JOSHUA6, b. 1833 in Rumley Twp. Harrison Co., OH, m. (1) Cyrena Crabb; m. (2) Mercy Ann Spencer, both of Story Co., IA. Buried Story Co., IA. A Civil War veteran.
          4. DAVID C. HARRISON6, b. 29 March 1835 in Rumley Twp, Harrison Co, OH. m. 1858 in Story Co. to Martha T. Reynard (Sister to Anna). He was a farmer and d. of T. B. 27 Nov 1867 in Story Co. Four Children: 1. BETTY JANE HARRISON7, MARY7, MELLISSA7, WILLIAM THOMAS7.
            1. BETTY JANE HARRISON7, b. 7 March 1861 in Story Co., IA. m. 28 July 1878 to Sylvestor Freeman Bates. d. 30 Nov 1935 in Story Co., IA. She had 10 children.
              1. MARIA ARVILLA BATES8, b. 21 Feb 1885 in Story Co., IA. m. 1911 to Albert William Weston of Audubon Co., IA. Three children.
                1. WILMA BESSIE WESTON9, b. 22 April 1917 in Audubon Co., IA. m. 3 Jan 1942 to John K. Maddy of Marion Co., IA. John is the compiler of this brief history of the Harrison line.
          5. SAMUEL E. HARRISON6, b. 1837 in Rumley Twp., Harrison Co., OH. m. 1861 in Story Co. to Elizabeth Wilcox. He d. 1920 in Story Co. Both buried in the Nevada, IA Cemetery.
          6. THOMAS6, b. 1839 in Rumley Twp. Is believed to have been married and had two children before enlisting in the Army during the Civil War. Died of battle wounds in Louisiana. Buried in National Cemetery, Vicksburg, MS. 9 July 1863.
          7. MARGARET6, b. 1842 in Rumley Twp. No further record.
          8. JOHN JAMES HARRISON6, b. 1844 in Carroll Co., OH. m. 1865 in Story Co. to Rachel Clara Rice, d. 1919 in Veterans Hospital Ft. Leavenworth, KS. Both buried in Scotts Bluff, NE.
        1. JOSHUA5 [Thomas4, Thomas3, Joseph2], b. 1800 Baltimore, MD. m. Susan _____, b. 1796, 1865. Joshua d. 1868 in Steubenville, OH. Both bur. In the Union Cemetery Association, Steubenville.
        2. ELIZABETH5, married George Chapman.

      p. 294 SEPTEMBER 1982

      1. DANIEL HARRISON4, son of THOMAS and MARY PORTER HARRISON b. ca 1762 in Talbot Co. m. (1) unknown; m. (2) 3 March 1796 at Minister Bend in Baltimore to Eleanor Hollingsworth. He died ca 1837.
      2. JOHN4, m. Rosanna _____ in Talbot Co. He d. in 1832 and she married Levin Marshall.
      3. SAMUEL4, 7 April 1777 in Talbot Co. d. 7 March 1837 at Rich Neck, MD. He was unmarried. Was a very wealthy man. Was made Administrator of his father's estate.
      4. ELIZABETH4, married William Haddaway.
      5. MARY4, m. JOSEPH HARRISON4 (a third cousin) son of JOSEPH and ELIZABETH HARRISON3 of Mt. Misery. See children under JOSEPH4. She built a home on Haphazard.
      6. ANN4, m. WILLIAM HARRISON4, son of JOSEPH and ELIZABETH HARRISON3 of Mt. Misery. See children under WILLIAM4.
    3. JOHN3
    5. ROBERT3


    As far as it can be determined, no record of the last four children of JOSEPH and ELIZABETH ASHCRAFT HARRISON2 is found after Joseph's estate was settled in 1755. They were minor children at the time of his death.

    1. *BENJAMIN HARRISON2, youngest son of ROBERT HARRISON1 and Alice Oliver. b. ca. 1710 in Talbot Co., d. 1782 in Caroline Co., MD. (Will, Eastern Shore). m. Mary Foster, dau. of Thomas Foster. Benjamin bought land that was a part of Lloyds Regulation, 4 Feb 1779. Children: MARGARET HARRISON3, JOSEPH3, ALICE3, ROBERT3, ESTHER3, DANIEL3, BENJAMIN3.
    2. (*This family appears to belong to the family of Robert Harrison of Talbot Co. by the names of his children. No other record can be found for Benjamin, son of Robert and Alice Harrison).

    3. ALICE2
    4. SARAH2
    5. ABIGAIL2

    No further record of the last three listed daughters of ROBERT and ALICE OLIVER HARRISON1.



The above information on the ROBERT HARRISON family was compiled and organized by John K. Maddy of Des Moines, IA. The information for this history was supplied by Mrs. Frances Barnes Mormann of Baltimore, MD, and William M. Gibson of Piedmont, CA. Both are descendents of Robert Harrison. Most of this information may be found in the Hall of Records at Annapolis, MD, the Maryland Historical Society at Baltimore, the Talbot County Court House and old Talbot County newspapers.


Compiled, August 1982
Des Moines, IA

p. 295 SEPTEMBER 1982

Genealogies Of Pennsylvania Families

(Family History Articles from "The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine")

.......Submitted by Audrey Casari, 4463 Hiawatha Dr., Cheboygan, MI 49721.




VOLUME III: S-Z & Bible Records

p. 296 SEPTEMBER 1982

Genealogies Of Pennsylvania Families - Cont.

p. 297 SEPTEMBER 1982

Genealogies Of Pennsylvania Families - Cont.




By W. Heiss (2 Volumes)

Submitted by Audrey Casari, 4463 Hiawatha Dr., Cheboygen, MI 49721



m. Keever, Judith Ann

07 Dec 1830

pg. 385



m. Rich, Mary

19 July 1818

pg. 146



m. Brown, William

08 Sept 1831

pg. 404


Maria M.

m. Sellers, William

15 Sept 1829

pg. 343



m. Terry, Elizabeth

09 Aug 1838

pg. 112



m. Kindle, Phebe

26 Feb 1838

pg. 101



m. Shanklin, Mary

02 Mar 1841

pg. 176



m. Bennett, James

27 Oct 1851

pg. 467



m. Patterson, Jordan

20 Apr 1839

pg. 129



m. Brown, William

08 Dec 1853

pg. 510



...submitted by Audrey Casari


Thomas Harrison b. 1 March 1656/? d. 1 January 1725/6. Married (2) Mary Stent in 1695 at Branford, CT. She died 1730/1.

William Harrison m. Experience Wood, 23 May 1746 at Lyme, CT.

Samuel Ward d. NJ, 15 May 1733. Married Susannah Harrison.

Lydia Butler of Branford, CT. b. 22 Dec 1725; m. 12 June 1751, Timothy Harrison. d. 29 M(?) 1806, N. Branford, CT.



...Audrey Casari

p. 298 SEPTEMBER 1982



.......Submitted by Ruth J. Edwards, 320 W. 4th Avenue, Escondido, CA 92025

William Aloysius Harrison was born in 1836, England (Carlisle). He applied for marriage license at Nashville, TN on 24 May 1884. His spouse was Eva Mary Grizzard. Known child: Walter Aloysius, born 5 August 1884/5. Married (1) Lucille Watkins, m. (2) Niona A. Kea. Walter died 15 June 1952.

Family residences included Nashville & Troy (Obion Co.) TN; and Durant (Holmes Co) MS.

In 1880, William Harrison was Superintendent of Schools for Obion County, TN. He was Deputy County Clerk at the same time. In 1883, he was appointed Agent and Attorney for the State of TN.

It is believed that William A. Harrison came to America accompanied by a Mr. Acton. He (Harrison) may have held the title of Lord. His home of manor was called "Rosebank" or Rosebrier or Roseberry. He may have entered the United States in 1876 at Philadelphia.

William a. Harrison died in 1887, April 25 or 26, at the Jenkins Boarding House, Durant, MS. He may have been lecturing on Education or Law at the time of his death. It is reported that he was buried at Mizpah Cemetery, Durant, MS, however, as of 1980 there is no headstone or cemetery record.

.......Mrs. Edwards is the grand-daughter of William Aloysius Harrison.





.......Submitted by Mrs. Owen Harrison, 2709 Welch, Little Rock, AR 72206

Joseph Pinkney Harrison, probably the son of Edward Harrison, was born 12 Jan or Feb 1816 in GA, died 1865 at Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR. In 1840 he was in Van Buren County and later resided in Conway Co., AR.

He married (1) c. 1834 Mary Ann (Polly) Justus. Their children:

  1. Nancy Eveline Matilda, b. 23 Feb 1835 in GA m. (1) William F. Garrett in 1854, Conway Co., AR. (2) Thomas Wilmoth, 12 Sept 1875.
  2. William Edward, b. 11 July 1837, died in Civil War.
  3. Martha Ann (Mattie) b. 27 April 1839, Van Buren Co., AR m. 1865, William Thomas Ussury.
  4. Joseph Pinkney, Jr. b. 11 Sept 1841, Van Buren Co., AR. Probably died in Civil War.
  5. Eliza Jane, b. 2 Sept 1844 m. (1) George Carmichael (2) Nathaniel Hobbs.
  6. Mary Ann (Mollie) b. 20 Feb 1848 m. John R. Sanders.
  7. Sarah Josephine (Sallie) b. 30 Jan 1851 m. (1) _____ Jones (2) Dr. Lorenzo D. Pearle.
  8. John C. b. 27 July 1853.


Joseph Pinkney Harrison m. (2) Allie Malinda Norman (a Cherokee Indian) on 4 June 1854, White County, AR. She was b. about 1835 in KY.

p. 299 SEPTEMBER 1982


Children of second marriage:

  1. Jessie G., b. 1855, Conway Co., AR m. 11 Jan 1847, Christian J. Garland.
  2. Elizabeth C. (Betty), b. 29 Dec 1856, Conway Co., AR, m. 18 Sept 1873, Dr. Thomas Jefferson Daniel.
  3. Ellen Francis, b. 1859/60, m. (1) Leroy Hoffington, (2) John A. Spence.
  4. Malinda M., b. ca 1861, m. 11 Jan 1879, M. T. Haley.
  5. Henry Thomas, b. 5 Feb 1865, m. Dolly Watters.



- to the year 1850

Vol. II Marriages, published by the New England Historical Society, Boston, MA 1930


p. 222 -

No Harrison deaths or births.




.......Submitted by Rod Ernest, #7 Oxford Dr., #10, Latham, NY 12110


p. 113
SAMUEL HARRISON an early settler, was born at Norton, in the County of Derby, England, 28 April 1756. About the year 1780, he immigrated to Pittsford, MA, where he married Rebecca Keeler and subsequently moved to Chittenden in 1789, and located upon the farm owned by William Mullin.

p. 457-8
WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON became a citizen of Pittsford in 1858. His grandfather, Samuel Harrison, was born in England, and graduated at the University of Oxford, though we are not aware that he studied for either of the learned professions. Much of his time in early life was spent in teaching school. He married Nancy Robinson, by whom he had several children -- Samuel, Joseph and Jesse. His wife Nancy died, and he afterwards married Betsey Dent, by whom he had Betsey, Dent and William Henry. He came to America with his family in 1772, and settled in Roxbury, MA. Samuel, the eldest child and son, was born 26 April 1756, in Norton, Derby County, England. Soon after the family came to this country, the Revolutionary War broke out, and this son enlisted in the patriot army. He was under Warner in his expedition to Canada in 1775, and was also in the battle of Bennington.

p. 300 SEPTEMBER 1982



He was in the army three years, and during the latter part of this period he was a lieutenant. He married 9 March 1780, Rebecca Keeler, who was born in Ridgefield, CT, August 26, 1856. They located in Pittsfield, MA but removed to Chittenden, VT in the early settlement of that township. Their children were Samuel, Lovisey, Betsey, Joseph, Clarinda, William Henry, Rebecca and Pamelia. The father died 6 April 1813; the mother died 1 May 1832.

William Henry Harrison, the sixth child of Samuel, was born 22 Feb 1790, and married Sally Bogue, 1 Feb 1822. They resided in Chittenden till 1858, when Mr. Harrison bought the Sheldon place in Pittsford Village, formerly the Millard place. The family resided her till the death of Mr. Harrison, 20 January 1866. Mrs. Harrison and her daughter, Nancy Columbia resided in Holley, NY.





From The National Cyclopedia

.......Submitted by Mrs. Shirley Vaughan, 1209 Apache, Wichita, KS 67207

p. 174
HARRISON, John Cleves Short, banker, was born at Vincennes, IN, 7 May 1829, only child of Benjamin and Louisa Smith (Bonner) Harrison and grandson of President William Henry Harrison. After studying for two years at Asbury (now DePauw) University, he entered mercantile life as a clerk in the establishment of D. S. Bonner of Vincennes, IN. Removing to Indianapolis, IN in 1847. He clerked in a general store owned by Alfred HARRISON, who later gave him a third interest in the business. In 1854, the partners would up the business, and founded the Harrison Bank in Indianapolis with which Mr. Harrison was connected for thirty years. He was appointed state sinking fund commissioner in Cincinnati, July 1876. Retiring from banking business in 1884, he was a government director of the Union Pacific railway for eight years. In 1891, he removed with his family to Los Angeles, CA. He was a life member of the Metropolitan Club of New York.

Mr. Harrison was twice married: (1) 9 April 1851 to Mary Frances, daughter of Alfred Harrison, by whom he had six children: Caroline Louisa, Francis Hanson, Benjamin, George Washington, Julia Cleves and Hannah Douglas. Mrs. Harrison died in April 1866 and on October 2, 1867 he was married (2) to Margaret Ruth, daughter of Nicholas McCarty, and had four children: Margaret McCarty, Nicholas McCarty, John Cleves Short, and Cleves Harrison. He died in Los Angeles, CA in April 1904.


p. 301 SEPTEMBER 1982


From DAR typed manuscript at Danville Public Library, Danville, VA. Bible now owned by Mrs. Harry Wooding, Jr. of Danville, VA.

.......Submitted by Felix Earle Luck, Box 369, Tabor, NJ 07878

Copied from the BIBLE OF WILLIAM HARRISON, SENIOR, great grandfather of Harry Wooding, Jr., on his mother's (Coleman) side of the family.


"William Harrison, son of Robert and Anne, was born February 24, 1786.

Robert Harrison, son of Robert and Anne, was born ________.

John Harrison, son of Robert and Anne, was born April 6, 17__.

Josias Woodson, son of Robert and Anne, was born December 9, 17__.

Charlotte Harrison, daughter of Robert and Anne, was born June 8, 1792.

William Harrison Stone, son of Henry and Jane Stone, born October 29, 1796, at night.

Jane Payne Stone departed this life the 17th of November, 1796.

George Woodson Harrison was born November 28, 1789 on Saturday.

George Woodson Harrison departed this life on Wednesday night, being the 10th of August, 1791.

Robert and Anne Harrison were married December 9, 1784.

William Ware was born May 12, 1762.

Susanna Harrison Ware was born January 21, 1786. she was daughter of William and Susanna Ware. Susanna was named after her mother, who died soon after her birth.

William Harrison, Senior, born 29 of November 1739, died 25th January 1811.

Anna Harrison, his wife, born March 27, 1748.

Their children:

Anna Harrison, wife to Robert Harrison, was born November 12, 1766.

William Harrison son to Robert and Anna Harrison was born February 26, 1786."


.....Date and name written on another page: Anna Payne Coleman, 1801.

p. 302 SEPTEMBER 1982


NOTES FROM FELIX EARLE LUCK regarding Bible Record on preceding page:

Harry Wooding, whose family ended up with the Bible, was mayor of Danville, and married Mary Ella, dau. of Daniel Coleman, Jr. and his wife Margaret Eliza Ayres. Daniel Jr. was son of Col. Daniel Coleman and his wife, Anne Payne Harrison, dau. of William Harrison, who, with his wife Anna, dau. of Josias Payne, moved from Gooch-land County to Pittsylvania County, as did her father and other members of the family. William Harrison's father, Andrew, and most of his family moved to Caswell Co., NC just across the state line.

Josias Payne and his wife Anna Fleming had several children, including John who m. Mary Coles (parents of Dolley Madison) and Robert, who m. Anne Burton and had Anne, who m. Robert Harrison, (her first cousin and son of William Harrison and Anna Payne.) Their son, William was the subject of the first Bible entry.

Col. Daniel Coleman and Anna Payne Harrison also had a large family, including the Anna Payne Coleman (b. 1801) of the last entry (on another page). Another son, Thompson Coleman, m. Sarah Leland Rawlins and had Sallie Ann, who m. her first cousin Felix Adolphus Luck, .. older brother James Clarence Luck was mayor of Danville. F. A. and J. C. Luck were sons of James Adams Luck and his wife Susan Harrison Coleman, dau. of Col. Daniel and Anna Payne Harrison Coleman.



Copied from the same by Janet Foley, 1937

p. 25
Bible Record of Mary (Webster) Harrison

Mary Harrison b. 3 Dec 1761 - 1/2 'ower pst 5 in the morning.

Lucy Harrison b. 25 Jan 1763 - about 2 o'clock in the morning.

Sarah Harrison b. 23 March 1764, betwixt 10 and 11 o'clock at night.

Thomas Harrison b. 8 Nov 1766 - Saturday - 11 o'clock at night.

W. H. Harrison b. 5 November 1701.

Robert Webster b. 30 November 1701.


p. 52
Sarah Ann Harrison, dau. of Abraham Randall, b. 8 March 1816, christened Albany Presbyterian Church, Albany, NY.


p. 59 OBITUARY, Buffalo, NY Newspaper:
Robert B. Harrison died 17 November 1842 age 21 years.


p. 139 CEMETERY INSCRIPTION: Bennington Cem. Vermont State
Elizabeth J. Harrison, wife of Samuel Scott "7 Nov 1829 - 11 July 1905".


Joel Harrison admitted to membership: 1829
Presbyterian Church, Wyoming, Wyoming Co., NY


Martha Harrison m. William Clark, 10 April 1849, Presbyterian Church, Albany, NY. Both residents of Sharon, Schoharie Co., NY. Both b. Ireland.

p. 303 SEPTEMBER 1982

The Family Of President Benjamin Harrison

from A Family Album, the Harrison Home, Indianapolis, IN

Submitted by Shirley Vaughn, 1209 Apache, Wichita, KS 67207


"In 1854, Indianapolis was a young and growing land of opportunity. Among the young men who recognized this was 20 year old Ben Harrison, who with his bride of several months, Caroline, journeyed from the Cincinnati area to set up housekeeping and start his career. They rented the lower half of a 2-story frame house on Pennsylvania St. and Ben struggled to establish himself in the legal profession. Before many months passed they faced their first separation. Due to financial stress and Carrie's need for medical care during pregnancy, they decided it was wise for her to return to her parent's home in Oxford, OH to await the birth of their first child. So it was there, on August 12, 1854; eight days before his father's 21st birthday, that Russell Benjamin Harrison was born. He was named for Russell Farnum Lord, who married Carrie's older sister, Elizabeth. In Indianapolis at that time, the late summer and early fall were damp and unhealthy; so after a few weeks, mother and baby moved to "The Point", farm home of Ben's parents. It was not until mid-October that a doctor advised Ben that the 'sickly season' was over and the family was reunited. Russell was almost four when his sister, Mamie, was born. The day after his sixth birthday, his father marched off to war with the 70th Indiana Regiment. It was nearly three years later when he returned. Harrison bought a buggy as he had promised in letters to Russell and took his family on regular buggy rides along the White River. Russell was frequently his father's companion on bass fishing and quail hunting expeditions. Russell and Mamie attended private academies in Indianapolis before he was enrolled as a cadet at the Pennsylvania Military Academy.

By the time the house on N. Delaware was built in 1875, he was a student of "Greek and science" at Lafayette College in Easton, PA. He received his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lafayette in 1877. His first job was as an assayer at the Philadelphia mint. Following a short assignment in New Orleans, he transferred to Helena, MT, an area that intrigued him because it was America's last frontier. He returned from Montana for Garfield's inauguration and his father's swearing-in as senator.

Over the next two years he made frequent visits to Washington because of his interest in May Saunders, daughter of the senator from Nebraska and known at the time as the "Belle of Washington". In 1883, Russell spent several months in New York to be near his mother whose health had sunk to a new low and required surgery and medical care not available in Washington. He stayed with her during her long convalescence.

Russell and May were married in the cathedral in Omaha on January 9, 1884. The bride's wedding ring was fashioned from gold from her husband's mine in Montana. Ben and Carrie gave the couple a set of silver flatware in a Chrysanthemum pattern. The next year Russell became manager of the Montana Cattle Co. in addition to his duties as assayer. In succeeding years he became a journalist, publisher, and his father's White House aide. His daughter Marthena, was born in 1888 and with her mother became a member of the Harrison White House while Russell traveled in the U.S. and abroad for his various business interests.

p. 304 SEPTEMBER 1982

The Family Of President Benjamin Harrison - Cont.


Russell's son, William Henry Harrison, was born in 1896 in Terre Haute while his father was president of the street railway company. It was from there that Russell left to serve his country in the Spanish-American War. He spent three years, first as a major, then as a lieutenant colonel in Cuba and Puerto Rico. As he was returning to Terre Haute, he received word of his father's death and went instead to Indianapolis. Due to circumstances, he never returned to Terre Haute.

In 1907, he was made Vice-Counsul for Mexico for Indianapolis. He passed the Indiana Bar and practiced law. He served in both Indiana houses; from 1921-23 as a representative, and from 1925-27 as a senator. During his last term his son, William Henry Harrison, was also in the legislature. Russell Harrison died in Indianapolis on December 13, 1916 at the age of 82.

Russell's son, William Henry Harrison, left Indianapolis after his father's death. He practiced law in Sheridan, WY and served five terms as U. S. Congressman from Wyoming. He now resides in Sheridan where his grandson, William Henry Harrison III, is a city policeman who states he has no political ambitions. Another grandson, named for John Scott Harrison, Ben Harrison's father, was attending Staunton Military Academy in 1974. Will this be another Harrison military officer?

Russell's daughter, Marthena, who died in 1972, married and had two children. Her daughter, also named Marthena, lives in the Washington, DC area.

Note: We will continue the stories of Ben Harrison's family in the December issue: Mary "Mamie" Harrison McKee and Elizabeth Harrison Walker. Elizabeth was the daughter of Ben and his second wife, Mary Lord Dimmick.

William Henry Harrison II Marthena Harrison Russell Benjamin Harrison
William Henry Harrison II Marthena Harrison Russell Harrison in 1880's

p. 305 SEPTEMBER 1982



Pg 31; House No. 2-2


Marion Edmond

age 53

b. LA

occupation: MD


























.......Submitted by Harrold D. Harrison, 1617 Citation Dr., Nashville, TN 37217

(Eugene, above is father of Harrold Harrison, Mr. Harrison seeks the identity of the parents of Marion Edmond Harrison, above.)




(all are between ages 18 and 45) - All Harrison Surname


Middlesex County

Woodbridge Twp.


Morris Co.

Pequanack Twp.


Sussex Co.

Newtown Twp.


Burlington Co.

New Hanover Twp.


Gloucester Co.

Town of Gloucester


Bergen Co.

New Barbados Twp.


Somerset Co.

Bridgewater Twp.


Somerset Co.

Western Precinct


Somerset Co.

Western Precinct


Somerset Co.

Western Precinct


Monmouth Co

Upper Freehold Dist.




All following Harrisons are from Essex County:








Aaron, Jr.



















David, Jr.










Note: Names are listed as they appeared in the door to door census published by James S. Norton, 1974.

p. 306 SEPTEMBER 1982

Thomas Harrison, NC - File # W360
Widow: Nancy - File #9536

p. 310 SEPTEMBER 1982


p. 312 SEPTEMBER 1982


Betty Rogers
1267 S. Quinley
Merced, CA 95340

Ruth J. Edwards
320 W. Fourth Avenue
Escondido, CA 92025



Mrs. J. O. Adair
P. O. Box 584
Portales, NM 88130

Dorothy Fagg
1905 Old Orchard
Dallas, TX 75208



Charles M. Beck
P. O. Box 1875
Forks, WA 98331

Clif Harrison
734 Owensons
Dallas, TX 75224



Mr. & Mrs. James Carpenter
2101 Nashville Road
Bowling Green KY 42101

Mrs. Owen Harrison
2709 Welch
Little Rock, AR 72206



Mrs. Doyle Simpson
1709 E. Hester
Brownfield, TX 79316

Betty Fullerton
121 W. 48th Street
Kansas City, MO 64112



Margaret Ristau
1316 Coffelt Avenue
Bettendorf, IA 52722

Carl E. Ikard
1507 Bell Avenue
Lawton, OK 73501



William Harrison
5933 Ranger Way
Carmichael, CA 95608

Loraine Wahburn
329 E. Maple
Lawton, IA 51030



Dorothy Battista
7024 Hanson Dr. S.
Jacksonville, FL 32210

Virginia Bones
9343 Hermitage Road
Chardon, OH 44024

p. 313 SEPTEMBER 1982


John and Thomas Harrison were brothers according to family history. They came to Kentucky about 1790. Stopping first in Fleming and Mason and then on to Lewis by 1807. They settled on the Little East Fork of Cabin Creek and are buried there.

John (1771-1862 VA) married Alice Seybold (1770-1830)

Their children were:

Burr J. (1794-1877)


Elizabeth Harrison

Cuthbert (1796 - _____)


Jermina Lowe

Bartley (1797 - _____)


Elizabeth __________

Alfred (1802 - _____)


? ?

Hiram (1808-1834)


Nancy Harrison

Rebecca (1800 - _____)


John Watkins...John Spinger

Mary (1807-1842)


Westley Plummer

Mahala (1811-1841)



Thomas (1774-1863 VA) married Margaret Furr (1788-1820) in Mason County 1796

Their children were:

John (1797)


Nancy Ginn

James (1800)


Salley Lee

Sarah (1811)


Nehemiah Bonham

Elizabeth (1802)


Burr J. Harrison

Nancy (1805)


Hiram Harrison

William (1807)


Jane Kelley

Daniel (1808)


Elizabeth Kelley

Sabrina (1810)


Westley Plummer

Headley (1810)


Margaret Brownfield

Thomas (1817)


Elizabeth Watkins

These Harrisons were affiliated with the Methodist Church. Many of them are buried at the Tabor and Bethel Churches in Lewis County.

Would be happy to share information on this family. Most interested in learning the parents of John and Thomas.


p. 314 SEPTEMBER 1982



    John William

HH2.3-69 My great-great Grandfather, Benjamin Harrison was born in NC (Jones County) in 1784. He was on the Tax Rolls in Tombigbee Territory: now Clark and Washington Counties, AL, as early as 1804.

Known children were as follows:

Mary m. George w. Gilbert, 1843, Clark County
John William m. Nancy Gilbert, 1844, Clark County
Robert m. Elizabeth Mathews, 1848, Clark County
Benjamin, Jr. m. Elizabeth Griffin, 9 Jan 1854, Clark Co.
Napolean m. Mary Ann Franklin, 23 Aug 1858, Clark Co.
Simeon m. Lucinda Phillips, 7 Apr 1851, Clark County
Sarah m. Mark Harrell, 27 Nov 1860

I would love to contact descendants of any of the above people or anyone that has information on this family.

Ben C. Harrison, Box 85, Wilton, AL 35187


    William (A. J.)
    William A.

HH2.3-70 My great grandfather was William Andrew Jackson Harrison. b. 1 October 1855, Marshall Co., AL. d. 19 October 1933, Poteau, Le Flore Co., OK. Married Rebecca Jane Mitchell in 1888.

His father was William (maybe A.) Harrison, b. AL, m. Catherine Roden, b. (maybe AL).

I am having a difficult time location information on this family. Can anyone help?

Betty Rogers, 1267 So. Quinley, Marced, CA 95340


    Samantha Jane

HH2.3-71 My great grandmother was Samantha Jane Harrison, b. 5 October 1834 in OH. She was the daughter of George Harrison (b. NC) and his wife R_____ Dryer (b. OH). On 9 September 1857, she married Stephen Adams in Madison Co., IN. she d. 11 February 1927, Auburn, NE.

Children were: (surname Adams)

William, George, Lonzo, Louise (b. 1870 d. 1958) m. 15 Jan 1890, David Watson; and Ella (b. 1865 in IN, m. Samuel W. Woods, she d. 31 Dec 1904, at Brownville NE)

As a new researcher, I am seeking others with information on this family. Samantha Jane Harrison is my great grandmother; Ella Adams Woods was my grandmother.

Charles M. Beck, P.O. Box 1875, Forks, WA 98331

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