Harrison Heritage June 1981
Vol. I No. 2

Ruth Harrison Jones, Editor and Publisher

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Index To Federal Census New York State 1830, Harrison Only

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Harrison Lineages


Descent From John M. Harrison And Phereby Chism

.....submitted by Waylon D. Harrison, Box 59, Farm Road. 1470, Leming, TX 78050.

  1. JOHN M. HARRISON - parentage unknown; b. Kentucky d. 1822 Alabama m. Phereby Chism 17 Apr 1802 Warren Co., KY, b. 15 May 1787 d. 1 Jul 1852 bur. Huntsville, TX. (Source: Will Orphans Court Book A. pp. 7-9-19-17-19-42-44-45-81-103-138-169-171).
    Children of John M. Harrison and Phereby Chism:
    1. + Ewel S. b. c 1803 m. Artemecy Gorman 11 Sept 1820 Perry Co., AL
    2. James (no information)
    3. Absolem b. ? m. Louisa Woodruff 16 Aug 1832 Bibb Co., AL
    4. Clinton (no information)
    5. Samuel T. b. c 1810
    6. Minerva b. ? m. Benjamin A. F. Duncan 23 May 1833, Bibb Co., AL
    7. Nircissa b. ? m. Samuel H. Cox 16 Jan 1834, Bibb Co., AL
    8. Almira (Elmira) m. William C. Henery 10 Jul 1838, Bibb Co, AL
    9. Penina b. ? m. Joseph M. Evans 26 Jan 1833, Bibb Co., AL
    10. Keturah (resided in KY)
  1. EWEL S. HARRISON - s/o John M. Harrison; b. c 1803 probably Warren Co., KY Artemecy Gorman 11 Sep 1820 Perry Co., AL (Book D "Alabama Co. Records" Vol. 118, Perry Co.).
    Children of Ewel s. Harrison and Artemecy Gorman:
    1. + John Malone b. 17 Sep 1822 d. 9 Nov 1906 Leming, Atascosa, TX, m. Marion Nevil Jolly 31 Dec 1857, daughter of James Jolly and Margaret Renfro; both bur. In Tumlinson Cemetery, Atascosa Co., TX.
    2. Mary Elizabeth b. 1824 AL d. 1884 TX m. 15 Feb 1849 Washington Co., TX to Jesse Richard Smith b. 1820 AL d. 1905 New Mexico.
    3. Elijah B. b 1827 d. ? TX m. Martha Payne Reynolds 25 Dec 1848 Grimes Co., TX, b. 1827 AL d. 22 Feb 1864 TX.
    4. James C. (Clinton?) b. 1833 AL d. 1914 never married.
    5. Hugh Lawson b. 1836 d. 1892 Atascosa Co., TX m. 26 Jul 1860 to Eliza Jolly b. 1840 MO.
  2. JOHN MALONE HARRISON - S/O Ewel S. Harrison and Artemecy Gorman; b. 17 Sep 1822 d. 9 Nov 1906 Leming, Atascosa, TX. M. Marion Nevil Jolly
    1. Margaret Frances b. 17 Oct 1858 TX d. 8 Jul 1866 TX
    2. + James Lawson b. 11 Feb 1860 d. 18 Nov 1945 m. 23 Dec 1885 to Emma Eugenia Henry, b. 5 Dec 1865 TX d. 18 Jul 1914, bur. Tumlinson Cemetery, Atasecosa Co., TX.
    3. John Benton b. 5 Sep 1865 d. 5 Feb 1932 m. Margaret Jane Neil (Children: Eva, Clinton, Neil, John, Oscar, Benton, Allie Mae).

      p. 124 JUNE 1981

      Harrison Lineages - Cont.

    5. Euel Sexton b. 5 Sep 1867 d. 4 Nov 1942 m. Emma Mathis (Children: Essie,
      Dudley, Stafford).
    6. William Renfro b. 9 Apr 1872 d. 1943 in Trinidad m. Lettie Peteet (Children: Vertna, Vera).
    7. Thomas D. b. 20 Jan 1874 d. ? m. Marcial Witten (Children: Josephine, Charles)
    8. Vaughan Mills b. ? d. ? m. Julia Mathis (1) Myrtle Dunn Tumlinson (2) Children: Curtis, Grace).
    9. Walter Scott b. 29 Apr 1877 d. ? m. Emma Timberlake (Children: Harry, Madie)
    10. Ora Ann b. 16 Mar 1880 never married.
    11. Robert Henderson b. 2 Dec 1882 d. 1974 m. Audry Dutton (Children: Beulah, Bobby, Lois).
  3. JAMES LAWSON HARRISON - s/o John Malone Harrison and Marion Jolly; b. 11 Feb 1860 d. 18 Nov 1945 m. Emma Eugenia Nenry 23 Dec 1885.
    1. Herman Olive b. 19 Jul 1887 d. 9 Apr 1964 m. Alice Lucille Hargus b. 11 Sep 1900.
    2. + David Malone b. 21 Mar 1889 d. 21 Mar 1972 m. Mary Ethel Roberts, b. 12 Dec 1889 d. 21 Dec 1963.
    3. Ollis b. 31 July 1890 d. 27 Jan 1900
    4. Etna b. 5 Nov 1891 d. 11 Feb 1900
    5. J. L. Harrison Jr. b. 1 Dec 1894 d. 12 Apr 1956 never married.
    6. Aris Adna b. 23 Oct 1899 d. 18 Apr 1980 m. Allen Witten, b. 5 May 1893 d. 29 May 1972.
    7. Hazel Dovie b. 6 Jun 1901 m. Lincoln Baker (one of first three men to volunteer for service in WWI in state of Kansas).

+ This is my line of descendents. I've been researching for about 8 years. How and when did Euel and Artemecy come to Texas? And who were the parents of the first John M. Harrison?


Descent From Benjamin Harrison And Charity Williams

...submitted by F.A. Story, 5366 Balmoral Drive, Jackson, MS 39211.

  1. BENJAMIN HARRISON - b. 25 Oct 1755 d. 14 Aug 1811 in Laurena GA; m. (2) Charity Williams in Jun 1785, b. 14 Feb 1764 NC d. 13 Jul 1854 Randolph Co. NC.
  2. DORCAS HARRISON - d/o Benjamin and Charity; b. 29 Oct 1802 d. 18 Sep 1830 m. 16 Dec 1819 to William Oliver b. 10 Dec 1798 d. 1836.
  3. CHARLOTTE OLIVER - d/o William and Dorcas; b. 28 Jan 1824 d. 26 Mar 1864 m. 15 Oct 1839 to Christopher McRae b. 5 Jan 1810 d. 5 Aug 1874.
  4. MARY EMMA MCRAE - d/o Christopher and Charlotte; b. 11 Jun 1852 d. 21 Jun 1926 m. 21 Nov 1875 to Llewellyn Story b. 21 Dec 1842 d. 6 Jan 1929.

    p. 125 JUNE 1981

    Harrison Lineages - Cont.

  6. JAMES CHRISTOPHER STORY - s/o Llewellyn Story and Mary Emma; b. 21 Mar 1880 d. 29 Nov 1956 m. 25 Jun 1912 to Louise Estelle Wightman b. 2 Jun 1886 d. 16 Feb 1972.
  7. FRANCIS ALLAN STORY - s/o James Christopher Story and Louise Estelle Wightman; b. 5 Aug 1917 m. 15 Jun 1947 to Martha Olive Elkin, b. 15 Nov 1923.


Descent From Richard Harrison And Wife Sarah ______________

...submitted by Gisela Stuhrk Mead, 5 Oak Brook Club Dr., Oak Brook, IL 60521

  1. RICHARD HARRISON - b. probably West Kirby, Eng. D. 1653, m. Sarah ______.
  2. RICHARD HARRISON - s/o Richard and Sarah (no information).
  3. DANIEL HARRISON - s/o Richard II. And _________. M. Abigail Ball.
  4. MOSES HARRISON - s/o Daniel and Abigail Ball; m. Abigail Foster.
  5. MARY HARRISON - d/o Moses and Abigail Foster; res. Newark, NJ m. Caleb Dod(d), b. 26 May 1740, Bloomfield, Essex, NJ.
  6. SARAH DODD - d/o Caleb Dodd and Mary Harrison; b. 28 Jul 1769 NJ m. Johannes Mead, b. 1 Nov 1769, Caldwell, Essex, NJ.
  7. ALLEN CALEB MEAD - s/o Johannes Mead and Sarah Dodd, b. 21 Apr 1805, Caldwell, Essex, NJ m. Lucretia Dayton 20 Apr 1803, NJ.
  8. JAMES RICHARDSON MEAD - s/o Allen Caleb Mead and Lucretia Dayton; b. 17 Jul 1835, Caldwell, Essex, NJ m. Caroline M. Harrison, b. c 1841, NJ.
  9. HARRISON DAYTON MEAD - s/o James R. and Caroline Harrison; b. 9 Sep 1860, Hanover, Morris, NJ. m. Catherine Sayre Homan, b. 7 Nov 1864, NJ.
  10. JAMES MILTON MEAD - Harrison Dayton Mead and Catherine Sayre Homan; b. 24 Aug 1901, Hanover, Morris, NJ m. Emma Helene Sack, b. 8 Nov 1904 Bloomfield, Essex, NJ.
  11. JAMES RICHARDSON MEAD - s/o James Milton Mead and Emma Helene Sack; b. 13 Jul 1928, Morristown, Morris, NJ m. Gisela Stuhrk, b. 28 Jul 1935, Wrohm, Sohl, Holstein, Germany.

(Note: Caroline Harrison's parents were William Harrison and Susan Howell. Wm. b. c 1812 in NJ; Susan - b. c 1815 in NJ. Other children: Ruben, Charles, Phebe and Mary (twins), George, and William).

p. 126 JUNE 1981

Harrison Lineages - Cont.


Descent From Nathaniel B. Harrison Of N. Or S. Carolina

...submitted by Betty Jo Hulse, 281 Aborla Lane, Walnut, CA 81789.


  1. NATHANIEL HARRISON, b. 1794 in N or S Carolina d. ? m. (1) Sarah Carroll c 1815, m. (2) Peggie Crowson c 1820 AL.
    1. Elizabeth b. c 1815 NC m. O.F.C. Castle ca 1835
    2. + Dennis Carroll b. 1819 AL m. Emily Ford 1843 AL; they moved to Noxubee Co., MS, c 1844. Emily d. 1859. Dennis Carroll m. (2) Martha Flore c 1863. After the Civil War they moved to Fannin Co., TX.
    3. Benjamin (no information)
    4. Thomas b. 1821 AL
    5. William b. c 1824 (removed to GA as young man)
    6. Joel m. Martha Weeks, moved to MS
    7. Martha
    8. Sarah
    9. Nancy
    10. Altna b. 1834 m. James Monroe Burk, 1853 in Bibb Co., AL
  1. DENNIS CARROLL, s/o Nathaniel Harrison and Sarah Carroll b. 1819 AL m. Emily Ford 1843 AL and Martha Flore c 1863.
  2. JOHN NATHANIEL HARRISON s/o Dennis Carroll Harrison and Emily Ford; 1845 m. Laura Bell Crow in Bosque Co., TX 1883.
  3. WILLIAM CARROLL HARRISON s/o John Nathaniel and Laura Bell Crow; 1884 in Boxque Co., TX, m. Rhoda Bell Thorp in Bowie Co., TX 1910.
  4. CARROLL WILLIAM HARRISON s/o William Carroll and Rhoda Bell Thorp; 1914 in Torrance Co., NM, m. Betty Jo Underwood Braswell in 1945 in Torrance Co., NM.


p. 127 JUNE 1981

Harrison Lineages - Cont.


Descent From George Harrison

...submitted by Janice Sue Long, Rt #3, Box 67, Jayton, TX 79528


  1. GEORGE HARRISON - b. 1762 d. 13 Sep 1834 m. ca 1787
  2. LEVI HARRISON - s/o George Harrison, b. ca 1792 in SC, d. ca 1852, m. ca 1820 To Sarah A. ?, b. ca 1795 and d. 1842-1850 in Russell Co., AL
  3. LEVI ALEXANDER HARRISON - s/o Levi Harrison and Sarah, b. 3 July 1833 in Butler/Lowndes Co., AL, d. 28 June 1917 in Kent Co., TX, m. 2 Aug 1866 to Arminda Catherine Pounds b. 9 May 1842 in Benton Co., AL, d. 10 June 1910 in Kent Co., TX
  4. JOHN WILLIAM HARRISON - s/o Levi Alexander and Arminda Catherine, b. 4 July 1883 in Comanche Co., TX, d. 16 Feb 1965, m. 10 Mar 1915
  5. WILLIAM JOHN HARRISON - s/o John William, b. 25 May 1931 in Jayton, Kent, TX, m. 20 May 1958 to Janice Sue Long, b. 7 Nov 1939 in Girard, Kent, TX



Descent From George Harrison (same as above through third generation)

...submitted by Ruby Harrison Hoggard, Box 24, Jayton, TX 79528

IV. GEORGE WASHINGTON HARRISON - s/o Levi Alexander and Arminda Catherine, b. 13 Nov 1869 in Cleburne Co., AL, d. 24 Nov 1957 in Rotan, Fisher, TX, m. 20 Feb 1895 to Nora Beatrice Spencer, b. 19 Dec 1877 in Pleasant Hill, De Soto, MS, d. 24 June 1958 in Rotan, Fisher, TX

V.RUBY NELL HARRISON - d/o George Washington and Nora Beatrice, b. 18 May 1911 in Jayton, Kent, TX, m. 22 Oct 1933 to Garrett Hobart Hoggard, b. 15 Apr 1909 in Quitman Co., AR


p. 128 JUNE 1981

Harrison Lineages - Cont.

Descent From Joseph Harrison

...submitted by Mary Triplett Ayers, 14136 Telegraph Rd., Santa Paula, CA 93060


  1. JOSEPH HARRISON, SR. - b. Maryland? He and his family resided in PA in 1803, In Jefferson Co, OH 1811-1814 and in Union Co., OH after 1818. Joseph appears as Head of household on the 1820 census of Union Co. with his wife Bersheba or Bathsheba Oglesby (?), b. Oct 1774 in VA; d. 15 Apr 1851, Kalamazoo Co., MI
  2. BENJAMIN HARRISON - s/o Joseph and Bersheba; b. 21 Jan 1799 in VA; m. 21 Deb 1822 to Jane Stilwell. She was b. 12 May 1804 in MD. They both died 13 Dec 1847 in Kalamazoo Co., MI in an epidemic of spinal meningitis. Benjamin Served as a midshipman in the Navy in the War of 1812 and was a millwright.
  3. ARVILLA HARRISON - d/o Benjamin and Jane; b. 4 Nov 1840, Kalamazoo Co., MI; m. 25 Dec 1856 Jefferson Archer. He was b. 12 Mar 1831 and d. 14 Nov 1905 in Santa Barbara, CA. He was a veterinarian and apiarist. Arvilla d. 15 Apr 1888 in Santa Barbara, CA.
Early Spring - Tiverton, Rhode Isand

Early Spring - Tiverton, Rhode Island      Samuel Chamberlain




p. 129 JUNE 1981

The Harrisons Of: Caswell Co., NC
Marriage Bond Index Early - 1868



p. 130 JUNE 1981


Chowan County, NC Marriage Bond Index

Thomas A. Louisa M. Collins 8 Dec 1842



p. 131 JUNE 1981

Bible Records Of William Riley Harrison




The above records were received from C. B. Harrison of Bolivar, TN, a son of Solomon Joseph David Harrison.

...submitted by W. T. Black, 310 Gano Ave., Georgetown, KY 40324


Bible Records Of James Harrison Of Georgia

DAR Hist. Coll. 1932, p. 235, Nath. Mason Chapter, Macon, GA.

William Harrison




12 Jan 1703
15 Sep 1705
3 Oct 1708
21 Jan 1710

Mildred Harrison

15 Oct 1713

Sussanna Harrison

2 May 1716

John Harrison

5 Sep 1718

Ann Harrison

10 Aug 1720

Henry Harrison

1 May 1723

William Harrison (b. 12 Jan 1703) married Mary ______________ Children:

    Sarah Harrison


28 Sep 1725

    Mary Harrison

19 Feb 1728




p. 132 JUNE 1981

Bible Records Of James Harrison Of Georgia - Cont.

Benjamin Harrison


24 Oct 1730

William Harrison

29 Apr 1733

Ann Harrison

3 Apr 1735

Mildred Harrison

19 Oct 1738

Henry Harrison

13 Jan 1742

Lucy Harrison

19 Feb 1745

John Harrison

11 Aug 1750


John Harrison (b. 11 Aug 1750) married Anne ________________ Children:

Mildred Harrison


2 Sep 1776

Benjamin Harrison


30 Oct 1778

Henry Harrison


10 Feb 1781



4 Feb 1783

Martin Harrison


16 Sep 1784

Nathaniel Harrison


3 Apr 1789

Emeline Harrison


15 Oct 1789

Margaret Harrison


2 Feb 1792

John Harrison


26 Aug 1794

Temperance Harrison


20 Feb 1797

James Harrison


9 Aug 1799


James Harrison (b. 9 Aug 1799) married 21 Dec 1820 Elizabeth Drake (b. Mar 1798) Children:

Drake Harrison



John Adams Harrison b. 8 Dec 1823 d. 11 Mar 1908 m. 1849 to Martha Ann Ferrelle (b. 22 Mar 1830 d. 9 Feb 1907)

John Harrison


22 Feb 1899 Mary Adelaide Harris, d/o Stephen Raymond Harris and Laura Emily McGillis




15 Dec 1900




Eliza Louise



Nancy Reynolds



James, Jr.



John Adams



Mary Adelaide







p. 133 JUNE 1981

Bible Records Of

George Alexander Harrison Of Georgia

George Alexander Harrison was born in Putnam Co.; came to Upson Co. to preach in 1838. He was a son of John B. Harrison and Martha Ashurst Hudson. He married Louisana (Ludie) Virginia Tindall. One daughter Mattie Lou married a Hightower from Thomaston.


Joseph Harrison and Leathy Smith

3 Jun 1841

John Harrison and Martha Eubanks

2 Dec 1841

Wm. P. Jones and Susan W. Childs

17 Dec 1848

Benjamin Harrison and Jane E. McDaniel

26 Aug 1849

Nancy Childs and Nathan Zorn

25 Jan 1838

Isham Harrison and Lucinda Smith

2 Jul 1836

Nancy Harrison and John M. McDaniels

1 Sep 1833

Isham Harrison and Catherine M. Childs

9 Jul 1854

Emily S. Harrison and Greene H. Gathin

17 Feb 1856

John H. Harrison and Martha McCarter

11 Jan 1870

Thomas S. Harrison and Antoinette M. Dorman

5 Jan 1871



Isham Harrison

b. 20 Jan 1811

d. 12 Feb 1886

Lucinda Smith

b. 27 May 1810

d. 1 May 1853

Catherine Childs

b. 17 May 1827

d. Jul 1872

William H. Harrison

b. 3 Apr 1836


John H. Harrison

b. 29 Dec 1837

d. 20 Apr 1900

Thomas S. Harrison

b. 31 Oct 1839


Emily B. Harrison

b. 17 Nov 1841


Elizabeth C. Harrison

b. 22 Jan 1843


James M. Harrison

b. 18 Apr 1845

d. 1 Jun 1847

Mary Catherine Harrison

b. 14 Jul 1848


Matilda E. Harrison

b. 4 Jan 1851

d. 4 Feb 1911

Isham J. Harrison

b. 21 Apr 1853

d. 4 Apr 1920

Jeremiah H. Harrison

b. 4 Apr 1855


Allen J. Harrison

b. 12 Dec 1856

d. 6 Feb 1903




p. 134 JUNE 1981

Bible Records Of

George Alexander Harrison Of Georgia - Cont.



Camilla J. Harrison

b. 15 Dec 1857

d. 25 Nov 1894

James Frank Harrison

b. 5 May 1859

d. 31 Jul 1881

Columbus Howard Harrison

b. 16 Jul 1861

d. 6 Apr 1918

Analiza L. Harrison

b. 13 Oct 1863


Joseph W. Harrison

b. 21 Oct 1865


Miller G. Harrison

b. 9 Aug 1868


... all Bible Records were contributed by W. T. Black of 310 Gano Ave., Georgetown, KY 40324.

_____________________________ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____________________________

Harrisons Of Talbot County, Maryland

(from "The History of Talbot County" 1661-1861 by Oswald Tilghman)

Samuel Alexander Harrison MD was born 10 Oct 1822, the son of Alexander Bradford Harrison and Eleanor Spencer. The family lived on Clay's Hope farm in Saint Michaels District, near the town of Oxford, Talbot Co., Maryland.

Eleanor Spencer was the daughter of Col. Perry Spencer and the granddaughter of James Spencer, Jr. and Anne Benson. James Benson, Sr. emigrated from England in 1670. He settled in Talbot County where he became a commander of a troop of horse during Colonial times.

Samuel Harrison (above) graduated Dickenson College, Carlisle, PA in 1840, at the age of 18. He spent some years in St. Louis, Missouri, but returned to Talbot County where he practiced medicine until his death 29 May 1890. He died at the home of his son-in-law, Oswald Tilghman.


On 14 Feb 1726, Rachel Harrison married John Leeds of Wade's Point at a ceremony of the Friends, Quaker Meeting House on Dividing Creek, near the town of Trappe, Talbot Co., MD. Witnesses included William, Elizabeth and Ann Harrison. Rachel died 10 May 1746. she had become the mother of three daughters, names not given.


p. 135 JUNE 1981

Daniel Harrison Of Missouri And Illinois

(submitted by Mrs. Albert W. Garner of Hanover, IL)

Elizabeth LLOYD was born in Cheshire, England the 8th of February, 1804. She came to the United States in 1822 and settled in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1825 she married William KINCAID, a shoe store owner or salesman. A daughter, Sarah, was born on the 13th of March, 1826. Mr. Kincaid died six weeks later.

Before Mr. Kincaid's death, he sent a friend, Daniel HARRISON, from St. Louis to Galena, Illinois, to establish a shoe store there. After Mr. Kincaid's death, Elizabeth Kincaid, with her little daughter, went to Galena and later married Daniel Harrison, date not known. Three children were born: John HARRISON, whose birth date is not known and who was still living in 1854; William HARRISON, infant son died the 18th of August, 1830. (Miner's Journal, V.II, N 51; 25 Sep 1830, p.3); and Rachel HARRISON born the 25th of October, 1832. She married Thomas EDGERTON April 12, 1853, a farmer near Hanover, Illinois. They had eleven children, four of whom died as small children. Rachel died the 16th of September, 1909. Daniel Harrison died in testate "on or about July 1, 1834" (from Court Records).

Later Elizabeth Harrison married a Mr. MORGAN and moved to Blue River, Wisconsin and had a son, Willie. Mr. Morgan did not want Elizabeth's other children so she put Sarah, age 11, in a foster home in Galena, and Rachel, age 5, in a foster home near Hanover. It is not known what became of John.

Elizabeth HARRISON Morgan married again to add the surname TAYLOR and had a daughter, Mary J. Taylor, born in Plateeville, Wisconsin the 4th of February, 1840. In March 1886, Mary married Oliver MANLOVE in Galena. They had no children, but Mary cared for two step-sons who were very good to her. Mary died in Hubbard, Iowa in 1927 at age 87.

It is not known when or where Elizabeth died, but property left to her by Daniel Harrison was given to his children and step children. At one time he owned all of what is known as Seminary Hill in Galena and a street on that hill is still called Harrison Street. Sarah, who married Gardner REED, inherited a house on that street.

As Rachel was so small when her father died and was put in a foster home three years later, she knew very little about either of her parents.

(This information is from a brief genealogy written by a daughter of Sarah Reed, from the Thomas Edgerton Family Bible, and from newspaper clippings.) Jessie Edgerton Garner is the grand-daughter of Rachel.

p. 136 JUNE 1981

Harrisons In The Gold Rush News 1846-1862

After the gold strike out west in the late 1840's, newspapers were being printed in nearly every mining town. This is very fortunate for the researcher since vital records were not kept in California until 1905. A newspaper notice may be the only record available today of a death, birth or marriage of those persons or families who went west, seeking their fortunes.

The CALIFORNIAN was the first newspaper printed on the west coast. Published in Monterey, beginning in the summer of 1846, it was printed in both the Spanish and English languages. The CALIFORNIA STAR appeared the same summer in San Francisco. It had been conceived in New York; it was set and prepared in the office of a Mormon Newspaper. Other papers were soon to follow until by 1860, no fewer than 86 newspapers were being published in various parts of the state.

In searching these papers, the following HARRISONS were found:

23 April 1850 ALTA CALIFORNIA, San Francisco
Married: at Newburgh, NY, March 14, 1850 by the Rev. William Walsh, HENRY A. HARRISON of this city, to Elizabeth, daughter of John Walsh, Esq.

The recent death of HORACE HARRISON is announced today. Mr. Harrison was from Newark, NJ. He died of typhus fever.

31 December 1850 - ALTA CALIFORNIA, San Francisco
Deaths reported in Sacramento for the week ending 28 Dec 1850 include JOHN P. HARRISON of Missouri, age 22, he died 25 December.

24 September 1859 - SAN JOAQUIN REPUBLICAN
It is reported that a "GENERAL HARRISON" was killed near Knight's Ferry.

Capt. HARRISON of the steamer "Great Eastern" was buried recently at Liverpool.

8 August 1860 - BUTTE DEMOCRAT
RICHARD HARRISON of Gravel Range died on the Fourth of the month. He was from New York City.

Ed. Note: Should one of the names belong to you, you may request a copy of the entire article from the Stockton Public Library or the San Joaquin Genealogical Society, Box 4817 Stockton, CA 95204. They will be happy to copy for a small fee.

p. 137 JUNE 1981


The Founders And Builders Of The Oranges
The Harrison Family

p. 139 JUNE 1981


Tombstone Tales

On Eleanor HARRISON Wilson's gravestone, the cemetery marker reads:

Eleanor and her children were all killed in an Indian raid. They were buried in one grave.

According to old records of Lucy Bender's, now in possession of Isabella Logsdon, gravestones for Alexander and Eleanor Wilson were moved by Lucy Bender to Westwood Cemetery, Shawneetown, IL to prevent their destruction when the burial plot was being plowed up.

Walter Bender, Lucy's husband, moved the stones when he had charge of a CCC camp at Marion, IL in the 1930's.

Eleanor was born in Virginia and first buried at Home farm, Union Co., KY. She gave birth to six other children: Harrison, Cecelia, Artemesia, Attaway, Lawson, and Blueford.

....Contributed by Lois N. Miller, 1126 Sunset Drive, Fayetteville, AR 72701

p. 147 JUNE 1981

More People Researching the Harrison Surname

Mona Baugh
1136 Colina Vista
Ventura, CA 93003

Ben C. Harrison
Box 85
Wilton, AL 35187



W. Ernest Blalock
205 Willow Lake Road
Greensboro, NC 27405

Bettye Harrison
1219 W. Market
Athens, AL 35611



Bryce Brinkley
Rt. 2, Box 109
Wartrace, TN 37183

Jan Harrison
Rt. 3, Box 67
Jayton, TX 79528



Ruth J. Butler
Box 536
Oil City, LA 71061

Marian M. Harrison
8151 S. Oak Creek Drive
Sandy, UT 84070



Belle Chenault
1504 Cherokee Lane S.E.
Decatur, IL 35601

Richard Harrison
1518 W. 13th Street
The Dalles, OR 97058



Ruth Flowers
518 Fleetwood Drive
San Antonio, TX 78232

Waylan D. Harrison
Box 59, Farm Road 1470
Tucson, AZ 85715



Mrs. Albert Garner
Box 119
Hanover, IL 61041

Marjorie B. Heimholz
1925 N. Linden Circle
Tucson, AZ 85715



William M. Gibson
101 Wildwood Avenue
Piedmont, CA 94610

Coy W. Hoggard
P.O. Box 13406 N.T.S.U.
Denton, TX 76201



Clay Goforth
327 Hillside Street
Ashville, NC 28801

Mrs. Ruby Hoggard
P.O. Box 24
Jayton, TX 79528



Mrs. Greig A. Gowdy
1 Marin View Avenue
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Loretta M. Mann
Delta, OH 43515


p. 148 JUNE 1981

More People Researching the Harrison Surname


Peggy Mershon
995 N. Steward Rd.
Mansfield, OH 44905

Mary Jane Smith
105 E. 12th Street
Beaumont, CA 92223



Mary McKenzie Moore
2211 Carter Creek Parkway
Bryan, TX 77801

Ramona Smith
Rt 1, Box 407 S
Pope, MS 38658



William H. Moore
19345 Romar Street
Northridge, CA 91324

F. A. Story
5366 Balmoral Drive
Jackson, MS 39211



Juanelle Harrison Reeve
Rt. 1 Box 6
Jayton, TX 79528

Irene Townsend
8243 Helena Avenue
Riverside, CA 92504



Mrs. K. A. Schloemer
P.O. Box 327
Balmorhea, TX 79718


Corrections To Be Made In Your March Issue:

  1. 102 - Reuben Henry Harrison, m. 1782, Sarah Burgess

p. 108 - (9th line) Ruth (1897 - ).

pp. 117 - 119 - Those no longer doing Harrison research:

W. R. Branthoover

Martha Kuzmio (deceased)

Mrs. John H. Schultz


p. 117 - Elizabeth Duncan, Box 608, Monticello, KY 42633

  1. 118 - Lois Miller, 1126 Sunset Drive, Fayetteville, AR 72701

p. 149 JUNE 1981





HH 1.2-01 - Who were the parents of Eleanor Harrison? B. 16 Apr 1768 in VA; m. 15 Apr 1788 to Alexander Wilson. First child: Harrison b. 1789 in Front Royal, VA. Removed to KY. Settled on farm in Union Co., KY Alexander had ferry rights at Shawneetown, IL across the river from their farm. Eleanor d. 1820 in an Indian raid along with her four youngest children.

Lois Miller, 1126 Sunset Dr., Fayetteville, AR 72701




      Nancy Rebecca

HH 1.2-02 - Who were Nancy Rebecca's parents? Her death certificate lists E. Harrison, AL as the father. The only E. Harrison from AL I find on the 1850 census in TX is in Grimes Co. He is Elijah Harrison, age 24. I have not found them in either 1860 or 1880 when Rebecca might confirm her parentage. Any information concerning Nancy Rebecca Harrison Pharris Turnell is most welcome. She was b. 3 Sep 1858, d. 25 Apr 1927, m. (1) 3 Jun 1875 to Thomas Pharris; m (2) to Stephen W. Turnell. She gave birth to 10 children.

John Hassell, 906 Glendome Circle, Oakland, CA 94602





HH 1.2-03 Daniel Harrison of St. Louis, MO went to Galena, IL to start a shoe store. He married Elizabeth Lloyd Kincaid between 1826 and 1830. He died in 1834 in Galena. Their children were John, b.?; William died an infant in 1830; and Rachel b. 1832. John may have gone to CA in Gold Rush days but was still living in 1854. Need information about Daniel and John. Rachel married Thomas Edgerton.

Mrs. Albert W. Garner (Jessie Edgerton), Box 119, Hanover, IL 61041





      Phebe C.
      Mary A.
      Caroline M.
      George D.

HH 1.2-04 - Who were the parents of William Harrison, b. ca 1812 in NJ? William was a carpenter who m. Susan A. Howell ca 1835. They resided in Livingston, Essex, NJ and had Ruben, b. ca 1836; Charles T., b. ca 1837; twins Phebe C. and Mary A., b. ca 1839; Caroline M. who m. James Richardson Mead, b. ca 1841; George D., b. ca 1845; and William, b. ca 1848.

Mrs. James R. Mead, 5 Oak Brook Club Dr., Oak Brook, IL 60521



p. 150 JUNE 1981



    Dennis Carroll

HH 1.2-05 - Need information on Nathaniel Harrison who lived in Shelby Co., AL 1820-1830-184___. Who were his parents, when and where did he die? His children were Dennis Carroll, Benjamin, William, Thomas, Joel, Elizabeth, Altna, Nancy, Martha, and Sarah.

Who did Nancy, Martha, and Sarah marry? Who did William, Joel and Benjamin marry? Have some information on the others, and will exchange and answer all queried.

Betty Jo Hulse, 281 Aborla Lane, Walnut, CA 91789





HH 1.2-06 - Need parents of Benjamin Harrison, R.S. of NC, b. 25 October 1755; d. 14 August 1811, drowned in Oconee River near Dublin, Laurens, GA. Married (1) Celia Lawhorn, 16 December 1779; Married (2) 8 June 1785 in NC. Charity Williams, b. 14 February 1764 in NC; d. 13 July 1854 in Randolph Co., GA.

F. A. Story, 5366 Balmoral Drive, Jackson, MS 39211



      Wm. B. (Billie Buck)
      John Henry
      Wm. Riley
      Wm. R.

HH 1.2-07 - Wm. B. (Billie Buck) Harrison was born in 1789 in VA or SC, and married Hannah Taylor in Spartanburg Co. in 1810. Served in War of 1812, sold out in 1845 and moved to Marshall Co., MS after spending a year in Fayette Co., AL, and died in Marshall Co., MS, 1851. He is known to have had a brother John Henry and a sister Nancy who came to MS after he died. In Spartenburg Co he lived in the Cross Anchor community on Tyger River.

Who is he?

According to two of his sons, Allen (the eldest) and Wm. Riley (the youngest). His father was a Baptist preacher from VA who served in the Revolution. No Wm. Riley Harrison served from SC, but a wm. R. Harrison did serve from VA. (Saffell's Records, p. 502). Nor was there any Wm. Harrison in C-90 for SC who could be identified as Wm. Riley Harrison, or in C-1800. Hence it is believed that Wm. Riley Harrison died before 1800, leaving 3 orphans; and SC had no orphan courts.

W. T. Black, 310 Gano Avenue, Georgestown, KY 40324



p. 151 JUNE 1981





      James or
      John T.
      Sara J.
      John Walter
      Mary Gertrude
      Anna Estell

HH 1.2-08 - I am searching my grandfather James or John T. Harrison W. M. b. Apr 1845 in either VA or MO? He married Sara J. Jarboe 6 Dec 1865 in Washington, DC.

Mrs. Helen Harrison White, 2300 S. 25th St., Apt. 113, Arlington, VA 22206




      William Riley

HH 1.2-09 - I need the NC birthplace of William Riley Harrison, b. 1812 and other family information. His wife Sarah Stover, and his parents were Hudson Harrison and Elizabeth Beason.

Jessie M. Eastman, P. O. Box 547, Lafayette, OR 97127




HH 1.2-10 - I am looking for the parents of William Harrison, married to Ann Kirkland. They left Charleston, SC in 1769. In 1773 they lived in Craven Co. on the Wateree, possibly Fairfax Co., VA earlier, or in Granville Co., NC ca 1757.

Mrs. K. A. Schloemer, Box 327, Balmorhea, TX 79718



      Hugh M.

HH 1.2-11 - Does anyone have a Daniel Harrison that they want to share with me? Bradley Co., AR 1850 Census has a Daniel Harrison, age 14, in the house with my great grandfather, Hugh M. Harrison. Hugh was not married at the time but soon married Louisa Whitesides. Hugh was 33 years old. What relation was Daniel and Hugh?

Juanelle Harrison Reeve, Rt. 1, Box 6, Jayton, TX 79528


p. 152 JUNE 1981








      John Clarence
      James Simpson

HH 1.2-12 - Who was the William Harrison residing in Shelby Co., KY ca 1800? He was born about 1780 in VA or PA and died before 1850 census. Place of marriage and name of wife are unknown. He moved his family south of Louisville about 1820. Tradition says he had five sons. Only three are known, born in Shelby Co., KY; Samuel age 30/40 in 1840 census; m. 1835 Mary Jane Garrett. His widow m. (2) in 1845 William Maynard. John Clarence b. 1809; d. 1887; m. 1834 Mary Ann Kendall. James Simpson born 10 Dec 1813; d. 4 Feb 1881 Morgan Co, MO; m. 1842/3 Margaret Elizabeth Grant, b. 1826 in Cincinnati, OH., Any information appreciated and will exchange.

Mrs. Winnifred Butrick, 1369 E. Central, Springfield, MO 65802

Note: James S. and Margaret E. Harrison were my grandparents. They had six

children born in KY and three more in MO. My father was the eighth child.

Will share my family information too.





HH 1.2-13 Robert and William Harrison owned land in Guilford Co., NC in the late 1700's, early 1800's, possibly brothers. Are they the same names who were in Bedford Co., TN by 1812? Who were the parents of these two, and wives? Julianna Harrison named in the Guilford Co, NC will of Jacob Coble, was she the wife of one of these? Was the above Robert the one who married Isabel Ray, Orange Co., NC ca 1790?

Jessie M. Eastman, P. O. Box 547, Lafayette, OR 97127




HH 1.2-14 Who were the parents of Joel Harrison b. ca 1798 in New Jersey; m. Alameda Wright ca 1820? Issue:

Thomas, John, Abraham, Elizabeth, William, Jacob, Henry, Hannah, Agusta, James and Alameda.

Family removed to Steuben Co., NY 1853. Alemeda Wright d. 1859. When and where did Joel die?

Miss Mary K. Coughlin, 810 Lighthouse Avenue, Pacific Grove, CA 93950


p. 153 JUNE 1981






HH 1.2-15 - Searching for parents, birthplace of Joseph Harrison, Sr., b. ca 1770 possibly Maryland. 1811-1814 in Jefferson Co., OH 1818-1820 in Union Co., Ohio 1818-1820 in Union Co., OH, d. Union Co., 1820-1830; m. Bersheba/Bathsheba Oglesby? - b. 1774 in Virginia; d. 1851 Kalamazoo Co., MI. what is relationship of Joseph to Bazel Harrison?

Mrs. Mary Ayers, 14136 Telegraph Road., Santa Paula, CA 93060




We have used as a "cut-off" date, 20 May 1981 for material printed in this issue of HARRISON HERITAGE. Any queries, lineages, etc. received after that date will appear in the September issue of the publication. Keep those cards and letters coming in.....We need more information on the HARRISON FAMILY

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