Abstracts Of North Carolina Wills

p. 336 December 1982

Abstracts Of North Carolina Wills

(from 975.6 0111)

Beaufort Co., NC

Caswell Co., NC

Currituck Co., NC

Granville Co., NC

Halifax Co., NC

Jones Co., NC

Northhampton Co., NC

Orange Co., NC

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Abstracts Of North Carolina Wills - Cont.

Rowan Co., NC

Abstracts of Warren Co., NC

p. 338 December 1982

Abstracts Of North Carolina Wills - Cont.

Abstracts of Warren Co., NC (975.652, Vol. 3, K464)

Sheriffs Account for 1779, returned by Wm. Christmas, Dept'y Sheriff, May Court, 1780. James Harrison was included in a list of "involvants".

Lisah Harrison on list of purchasers at sale of state of Samuel Yeargain, (dec'd) Feb. 15, 1785. July Court, 1785.

Aug. Court, 1789. Account for 1788 of Benjamin Moss with Warren Co. Includes: making handcuffs and putting on F. Cook; amount paid. J. Harrison for keeping Court house clean; paid. R.O. Gillispe for mending Goal look and making hinges; paid S. Green for box ticket.

Will Book 11 #24
November Court, 1800. Inventory Estate of John Best, dec'd. Mary Morris and Nathaniel Harrison, Exrs.

Will Book 11 #25
Will of John Best, 19 Sept. 1800 - November Court, 1800. Mother: Mary Morriss, Extrs. Brother: Kedor Best. Sisters Martha Best, Mary McRory. Half-sisters Elizabeth and Nancy Mirriss. Edward Morriss (relationship not stated). Executor, friend Nathaniel Harrison. Witnesses, Seth Jordan (jurat) and James House (jurat).

Will Book 11 #313
15 January, 1802 - Aug. Court, 1802. Account of sale in estate of John W. Best, dec'd, by Nathaniel Harrison Admr. Purchasers: James House, Kidar Best, Wm. Morris, Wm. Loyd, Mrs. Morris, Wm. McRorie, Richard Duke, Mary Morriss, Elizabeth Morriss, and Hugh Hayes.

Will Book 12 #5
November Court, 1802. Accounting of supplemental sale in estate of Jno. W. Best, dec'd by Nathaniel Harrison, Admr.

Will Book 13 #280
James Harrison, 9 December 1805, purchaser at sale of the estate of Benja Johnson dec'd.

Will Book 13 #317
August, 1806, November Court, 1806. N. Harrison and James Harrison were witnesses to will of George Archer.

Will Book 14
James Harrison mentioned in account of estate of Marcellus Jordan, May Court 1808.

Will Book 15 #50
James Harrison signed a bond, 1809 August Court.

Will Book 15 #349
Nathaniel Harrison named friend and executor in will of Isrom Cogwell, Sr. 2 December, 1801. Feb. Court, 1811.

p. 339 December 1982

Abstracts Of North Carolina Wills - Cont.

Abstracts of Warren Co., NC

Will Book 15 #97
James Harrison listed as purchaser at estate sale of Isrom Cogswell. June 28, 1811, August Court, 1811.

Will Book 17 #321
A list of taxable property belonging to Sandy Creek District in the Co. of Warren for the year 1813, by Benjamin Hawkins, J.P.; August Court, 1813, included the name of Catherine Harrison.

Will Book 12 #284
Thomas Harrison was mentioned in an inventory of bonds and notes in the estate of Gen. Thomas Person, dec'd, by William Person, Admr., August Court, 1804.

Will Book 16 #125
A list of Taxables in Sandy Creek District, taken in year 1811, by James Harrison, J.P., August Court, 1811, included the names Nathaniel Harrison and James Harrison.

Will Book A, page 206
Ephraim Harrison mentioned in Account of Estate of William Williamson, dec'd. Recorded November Court 1771.

Will Book 2, page 114
Nathaniel Harrison, Jr. Guardian of Susanna, orphan of Peter Cole Harrison. Recorded Feb. Court, 1777.

Will of Andrew Harrison, Orange Co., NC, Bk A, 104. Wife Jane, sons Ninian, youngest son Andrew and Thomas 1 shilling already having received their part. Daughters Millie Moore, Elizabeth Harrison, Anne Ware, Molly, Jane. Executors: Wm. Harrison, Thomas Harrison, John Ware, Wm. Moore. Witnesses: Robert Payne, Charles Burton. Will dated May 16, 1773, proved May 1774.

Will of Josiah Harrison, March 25, 1788, proven July 30, 1792, Currituck Co., NC BK. 2. Mother Winfred Harrison, Cousin, Joshua, Gibbers, and other legatees; Mary, Margaret, and Robert West.

Tyrrell Co., NC

1766 -- Harrison, John. Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary Drusilla, Susan, John.

p. 340 December 1982


Abstracts Of North Carolina Wills - Cont.

1690-1760 929-3756 nor

page 153
Daniel Harrison, Chowan Co. January 14, 1726-1727. Son: Joseph (100 acres of land), wife and executrix: Elizabeth. Friend: Hill Savage. Executor: Edward Padget. Witnesses: Wm. Williams, Jno. Falcontes, Martha Hammond. No Probate.

Page 154 Chowan Co.
John Harrison, Nov. 9, 1710. Brother and Executor: Thomas Harrison. Witnesses: Ann Mitchell and Wm. Mitchell. Original Missing. Recorded in Book 1712-1722, pg 32.

Page 154 Chowan Co.
Robert Harrison, March 9, 1713-1714. Sons: Robert (land bought of Garrett Pursell), Joseph. Daughters: Sarah and Elizabeth Harrison. Executors to sell land upon river adjoining Cornelius Jones. Witnesses: Dan'l Gutherie, Elizabeth Jones, Will Vaughn. No probate. Anchor on seal.

Page 154 Chowan Co.
Vines Harrison, Feb. 25, 1738 - March 24, 1738. Brothers: William and Joshuay Harrison. Executors: Edmond Harrison. Sister: Sarah Felte. Witnesses: Thomas Pierce, Thomas Everenden, Edward Lister. Proven before W. Smith, C.J.

Page 151 Chowan Co.
John Harrison, Feb. 18, 1693, April Court, 1694. Son: Wm. Harrison. Son: John Harrison. Daughter: Elizabeth Harrison. Son: Thomas Harrison. Executrix: Mary Harrison. Witnesses: George Hardie and John Watkins, Clerk of court: Henderson Walker.

Duplin Co., NC
Isham, James, Nov. 2, 1752, July Court, 1753. Sons: James, Charles. Daughter: Margaret. Wife and Executrix: Jane. Executors: Evan Ellis and Edward Harrison, Jr. (brother-in-law). Witnesses: Wm. Houston, Wm. McKee, John Dunn. Clerk of Court: John Dickson.

Chowan Co., NC
Hodges, James, Oct. 10, 1722. Cousin: Elizabeth Harrison. Wife: Sarah Catherine Hodges. Witnesses: C. Gale, Roger Hazard, Sarah Hazard. Proven before Wm. Reid, President (?). Coat of Arms on Seal.

Albemarle Co., NC
Frances Harrison witness to Cornelius Jones will, May 18, 1715.

Chowan Precinct, NC
Simons, John. June 2, 1731. Sons: John, Argill. Executors: Francis Beasley, Edward Standing. Witnesses: James Beasley & Francis Harrison. Proven before Geo. Burrington.

Beaufort Co.
John Harrison witness to Thomas Wain will, Nov. 16, 1747.

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Abstracts Of North Carolina Wills - Cont.

No. Co. shown
Phenney, George, June 3, 1736, June 23, 1737. "Surveyor Generall of His Majesties Customs Southern District on the Continent of America." Legatees: Ralph Noden of London, Elizabeth Kirk of London. Nephew: Joseph Harrison. Wife and Executrix: Penelope. Witnesses, Samuel Scott, Thomas Ashley, T. Butler. Proven before W. Smith. (this was probably Perquins Co.)

Pasquotank Co., NC
Robert and Sarah Harrison witnesses to will of Sarah Hawkins, Oct. 19, 1719.

Pasquotank Co.
Robert and Sarah Harrison witnesses to will of Torsey, Philip, Feb. 25, 1755.

Bladen Co., NC
Wm. Harrison witness to will of John Maultsby, Oct. 5, 1749.

Wilmington, New Hanover Co., NC
Will of David, Philip. Aug. 5, 1747. William Harrison, Charlott Smalwood and Joseph Jones were witnesses.


Bladen Co., NC
1785 John Harrison. Margaret (wife). Edward, Susan, Ann Margaret and Elizabeth.

Caswell Co., NC
1799, January -- Thomas Harrison. William, Andrew, Thomas, Charles, John, Robert, Elizabeth, Jean and Patsy.

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