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The Young or Jung Family in Monroe County, Ohio

My ancestral Young family immigrated to Monroe County, Ohio in the year 1854. They were not the first family with the surname of Young to settle in Monroe County, however. There were, and still are, at least three lines of Young in the county. Although I have traced our Young line, which was spelled Jung in Germany, back 350 years, I have not found the point of convergence of the two Young lines who lived in the central part of the county near Woodsfield and Lewisville, Ohio. (The third line lived primarily along the Ohio River.) I believe, however, that the two lines that lived in central Monroe County were related. Finding that linkage, or disproving it, is a job for another day or perhaps another researcher.

This book focuses on our Young/Jung line and, Young, therefore, is the 'trunk' of our family tree. Many family lines, however, contributed to our existence. This book deals almost exclusively with the ancestral family lines that lived in Europe. They were primarily from Switzerland and Germany. I have included some information, however, about our Young/Jung family here in America. This was done to provide a linkage with a more detailed book about our family here in America which will soon follow.

The following is a list of surnames made up primarily of our European ancestors. Some surnames have been added to this list that represent ancestral lines that have joined our family here in America.


Aellen, Auerbach, Bachtel, Baker, Bartholet, Bauer, Baumann, Baumer, Bertram, Bintz, Bitsch, Bittsch, Bond, Brubach, Brunner, Buckel, Bundt, Cather, Cuntz, Dauenhauer, Deane, Derss, Dierss, Dries, Driess, Erlenwein, Erlewein, Farnsworth, Fendrich, Fleuti, Frank, Franks, Gander, Gangolf, Gassmann, Goerthler, Gorthler, Gressen, Griesser, Gryser, Haff, Hardman, Harrington, Harrmann, Hatzenbuehl, Hatzenbuhl, Hauswirth, Heid, Hess, Hill, Hodge, Hohe, Huber, Hulme, Humbert, Hunsicker, Hutzli, Jacky, Jaggi, Janns, Jost, Jung, Kammacher, Karcher, Kastens, Kastens, Keeser, Keller, Kern, Keylor, Kindelberger, Kirsch, Klein, Knauwert, Kochert, Kohli, Kropfli, Landen, Lempen, Linder, Lockwood, Loescher, McKee, Melchior, Minicus, Mueller, Muller, Nauert, Neuhard, Neuhart, Ostertag, Palmer, Pfeiffer, Quickler, Rauch, Reeb, Reinhart, Reiss:, Roth, Rucklos, Russi, Schaefer, Schied, Schimpff, Schley, Schmidt, Schneider, Schnur, Schoenet, Schoffer, Schwartz, Schwendi, Seitz, Seyforth, Siebenthal, Sieg, Staupp, Steinmann, Stephen, Stoehr, Sullivan, Unckel, Vetter, Wagner, Weissbrot, Whitacre, Whitaker, Whittaker, Wilson, Winckler, Winland, Winter, Wuersten, Young, Zwallen

Includes some, but not all, ancestral family lines added in America

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