Many people have willingly shared details of their family history with me and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for being so generous. Family history is a great hobby and there’s nothing like making contact with another with a keen interest in their family history too.



Addie Thompson, Bateau Bay, NSW, AUS

Adrian Weeks, Wales, UK.

Alison La-vine, UK.

Allan Rudge, New Zealand.

Allan Salisbury, Woonona, NSW, AUS

Anne Leech, South Australia. AUS

Anne McColl, NSW, Australia.

Annette Lock, Wales, UK.

Annie Lotocki, Queensland, Australia.

Barry Allan, NSW, AUS.

Barry Salisbury, Woonona, NSW, AUS.

Betty Stephens, NSW, AUS.

Betty Walker, Lansvale, NSW, AUS.

Bill Lutton, Australia.

Bob Brimble, NSW, Australia.

Brett Allen, Australia.

Bruce Webber, ACT, AUS.

Carol Medlicott, Dorset, UK.

Cecil Hynes, Point Clare, NSW, AUSTRALIA

Charles Bosse, AUS.

Charles Edward Brimble, USA.

Charles Walker, Woonona, NSW, AUS.

Chris Fowler, Dorset, UK.

Colin Bartlett, Woonona, NSW, AUS.

Colonel Norman Pack, NSW, AUSTRALIA

Daryl Lightfoot, NSW, Australia.

David Patrick, NSW, AUS.

David Smith, Greystanes, NSW, AUS.

Deborah Beigie-Murphy, Virginia, USA.

Derek Sprosen, New Zealand

Diane Wyatt, UK.

Doris Lowe, UK.

Dorothy Mowat, Victoria, AUS.

Dr. Martin Brimble, Kent, UK.

Elaine Newbold, Oxford, UK.

Elaine Rogers, South Australia, AUS.

Elsie Walker, Russell Vale, NSW, AUS.

Eunice Cruickshank, Forster, NSW, AUS.

Florence Walker, Woonona, NSW, AUS.

Garry Collins

Geoff Moss, NSW, Australia.

George Waterfield, North Wollongong, NSW, AUS.

Gloria Rawles, Ontario, Canada.

Harold Walker, Woonona, NSW, AUS.

Heather Lewis, Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

Jan Herivel, Australia.

Jan Radford, NSW, AUS.

Janet Bettger, Hampshire, UK.

Janet Penn, Essex, UK.

Janice Chance, Bedfordshire, UK.

Janice Wells, NSW, Australia.

Jeanette Earl, Canada.

Jim Carey, Australia.

Joan Long, Innisfail, QLD, Australia

Joan Walker, Woonona, NSW, AUS.

Joanne Green, Serpentine, WA, AUS

Joanne Richards, USA.

John Conway, Bristol, UK.

John Sims, AUS.

John Yeeles, Sweden.

Joyce Valentine

Judith Reeks, Broken Hill, NSW, AUS

Julie Bauer, NSW, AUS.

Julie Mears, AUS.

Julie Oliver, UK.

June Pedley, QLD, AUS.

Karen Heath, UK.

Karen Kimball, USA.

Kath Bolin, Western Australia.

Keith Clark, AUS.

Keith Colbran, AUS.

Keith Walker, Russell Vale, NSW,  AUS.

Kelly Roundy, Utah, USA.

Kerry Casey

Kevin Jestice, Cambridge, UK.

Kristen Retallack, Victoria, AUS.

Lesley Kerr, Queensland, AUS.

Lesley Sams, UK.

Lyn Morris, Figtree, NSW, AUS

Lynne Vey, Condobolin, NSW, AUS

Marcia Freitag, Queensland, Australia.

Margaret Beauchamp, Otaki, New Zealand.

Marjorie Bird, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia.

Mark Pearce, Kellyville, NSW, AUS.

Mary Kimber, UK.

Mel Grand, USA.

Michael Beadon, Forbes, NSW, AUS.

Michaela Pack, QLD, AUS.

Michelle Boase, Bankstown, NSW, AUS.

Michelle Evans, AUS.

Mrs. M. E. Black, NSW, AUS.

Muriel Vaughan, UK.

Myra Pedley, Labrador, QLD, AUS.

Myrtle Cunningham, NSW, AUS

Narelle Dunstan, Newport Beach, NSW, Australia.

Nick Hudson, Adelaide, South Australia.

Pamela Hayes, Qld, Australia.

Pat Mullens, Dubbo, NSW, AUS

Pat Upsall, Tuross Head, NSW, AUS.

Patricia Jones

Patrick Reeves, UK.

Penny Christensen, Canada.

Peter Hodge, ACT, AUS.

Peter McCaffery, UK.

Phil Young, Glebe, NSW, AUS.

Ray Holder, Bournemouth, UK.

Richard Reeks, CA, USA.

Robert Fletcher, USA.

Rod Bennett, AUS.

Roger Burry, Los Angeles, USA.

Ron and June Ball, WA, AUS.

Sandra Redway, Australia

Sandra Ryan, Bankstown, NSW, AUS.

Scott Brimble, Canada.

Shane Moore, NSW, AUS.

Sharon Thrift, Western Australia.

Shaun Stanley Houston.

Steph Lovering, UK.

Sue Redfearn, UK.

Sue Winch, Somerset, UK.

Susie Salisbury, ACT, AUSTRALIA.

Terry Cowell, UK.

Timothy Oakley, Abbotskerswell, Devon, UK

Tony Casey, Australia.

Tracy Barlow, UK.

Tracy Cossins, Alberta, Canada.

Tracy Linde, Orange, NSW, AUS.

Trevor Sheridan, AUS.

Val Dennett, Bournemouth, UK.

Val Hurn.

Vanessa Papavgeris, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, UK.

Vicky Williams, UK.

William and Bessie Narbeth, Thirroul, NSW, AUS.

William Miller, UK.


Thank you all.


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