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Gay Family Photos

    Absolum Gay & Mary Ann Wiggins                                                                  Charlie Martin Gay and Family members

This photo to the left was submitted by Bonnie Wise Gay. Absolum Gay was born in the early 1800s and married Mary Ann Wiggins in died February 13, 1940 and died in the early 1830s. They are buried in the Absolum Gay Cemetery on Dobson M. Gay's farm outside of Garfield, GA in Jenkins County.

The photo at the right was submitted by Odell Williams. It is Charlie Martin Gay, son of Absolum & Mary Ann Wiggins Gay. He was born April 08, 1851 and married Margaret Virginia Johnson.

    John L. Gay & Sarah Jane Aaron                                   Big John Gay                                    John H. Gay, Sr. & Frances Moring Clark

The left photo was sent in by Nancy Gay Crawford, greatgrandaughter of J.L. and S.J. John Lewis Gay was born March 10, 1871 and married Sarah Jane Aaron. They are buried in Elam Baptist Church Cemetery, Jenkins Co., Georgia.

The middle photo of John Lewis Gay, aka "Big John", was in about 1908. It was sent in by Nancy Gay Crawford, his greatgrandaughter.

The photo to the right was sent in by Nancy Gay Crawford, granddaughter of J.H. and F.M. John Harry Gay, Sr. was born December 07, 1896 and married Frances Moring Clark in May 1919. They are buried in Hebron Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Garfield, Emanuel County, Georgia.

      Ivy D. Gay                 George C. Gay & Ivy D. Gay                    George I. Gay & Roxie Gay                    Edward Lemler Gay

Ivy D. Gay born April 26, 1849 in Bulloch Co., GA and died February 03, 1905 in Jenkins Co., GA, was the son of Batt Gay, Sr and Edith Bland. He married Roxie Ann Lane. This photo was submitted by Odell Williams, great-grandson of Ivy D. Gay.

The photo in the center is of George C. Gay "Bub", born 1870 and died 1914 and Ivy D. Gay, Jr. "Chink", born 1875 and died 1916. They are sons of Ivy D. Gay and Roxie Ann Lane.

The last photo was submitted by George Jones.   The photograph is of George Ivey Gay, born September 28, 1895 in Georgia and his sister Roxie Gay, born April 1897. They are the children of George C. Gay and Lavinca Parrish Gay.

The third photo was submitted by George Jones.   Edward Lemler Gay, son of Ivy D. Gay, was born Dec. 5, 1880 in Emanuel County and died June 8, 1949 in Lakeland Fla. He is buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Lakeland, Polk County, Fla.

      Devella M. Gay & Annie Dell Peel Gay                                              Paul Murice Gay and Helen Lucile Rhea Gay                                          Devella M. Gay, Jr.

This first photo is Devella M. Gay, Sr. and Annie Dell Peel Gay with children, Paul Murice and Devella M. Gay Jr. He was the son of George C. Gay and Lavinca Parrish. This photo was submitted by George Jones.

The photo in the center is of Paul Murice Gay, son of George C. Gay and Lavinca Parrish, and his wife Helen Lucile Rhea Gay. Photo submitted by George Jones.

The last photo was submitted by George Jones.   The photograph is of Devella M. Gay, Jr., child of Devella M. Gay and Annie Dell Peel Gay.

Paul Murice Gay and Mother, Annie Dell Peel Gay

This photo is of Paul Murice Gay and his mother Annie Dell Peel Gay, submitted by George Jones.

      Benjamin B.. Gay                                         Benjamin B.Gay                                            Lillie Wallace Gay

First & Second--Benjamin Bartholomew Gay, born November 19, 1880 in Bulloch Co., GA and died 1939 in Jenkins Co., GA, was the son of Ivy D. Gay and Roxie Anne Lane. He married Queen Aycock. This photo was submitted by Odell Williams, great-grandson of Ivy D. Gay.

Third--Submitted by Odell Williams, this photo is of Lillie Wallace Gay born April 14, 1891 and died February 1967, second wife of Benjamin Bartholomew Gay..

      Edward M. Gay                                       Winifred Gay                                 Alice Murial Gay

Left--Edward M. Gay, born February 20, 1919 in Jenkins Co., GA and died August 1975 in Jenkins Co., GA, was the son of Benjamin Barthlomew Gay and Lillie Wallace Gay. This photo was submitted by Odell Williams, great-grandson of Ivy D. Gay.

Second--Submitted by Odell Williams, this photo is of Winifred Gay Williams, born July 31, 1921. She married Charles Moseley and is the daughter of Benjamin Bartholomew Gay and Lillie Wallace Gay.

Third--Submitted by Odell Williams, this photo is of Alice Muriel Gay Williams, mother of Odell Williams. She was born October 30, 1923 and is the daughter of Benjamin Bartholomew Gay and Lillie Wallace Gay. She married Odell Williams, Sr.

        Cathrine Gay                                                                    Jesse Mathew Gay and Susie G. Gay & Mildred Gay


First--Submitted by Odell Williams, this photo is of Cathrine Gay born about 1911, daughter of Benjamin Bartholomew Gay and first Queen Aycock and then Queen Aycock. She married William "Buckley" Woods.

Second--This photo is of Jesse Matthew Gay, born July 05, 1900 and died April 21, 1949, his wife Susie G. Gay, born October 15, 1903 and died 1969 and their daughter Mildred Gay. He was the son of Benjamin B. Gay and Queen Aycock. Susie Gay was the daughter of Batt Gay, Jr. and Susan Aycock. This photograph was submitted by Odell Williams of Millen, GA

    Roscoe Gay                   Rufus L. Gay                    DorisGay                    Cathrine Gay, William Buckley and Gay Buckley

The left photo was sent in by Odell Williams. Roscoe Gay was born March 04, 1902 and married Molly Jones. He was the son of Ben B. Gay and Queen Aycock.

The second photo was submitted by Odell Williams. Rufus L. Gay was born December 06, 1903 and died February 17, 1924. He was the son of Ben B. Gay and Queen Aycock.

The third photo was submitted by Odell Williams. Doris Gay was the daughter of Ben B. Gay and Queen Acyock. She was born around 1907.

The last photo was submitted by Odelll Williams. Catherine Gay Woods was born around 1911 and married William Buckley Woods, also picutred here with the daughter Gay Woods. She was the duaghter of Ben B. Gay and Queen Aycock.

Ivy D. Gay's Kids

    Unknown Gay Ancestor                                                             Gay kids from Garfield

Can you identify any of these persons in these photos???

Emory Gay

This photo was contributed by Steve Burke and Shirley Gay Burke. Emory Gay was born October 28, 1893 and died June 01, 1955. He married Essie Medlock. He was the son of Charles R. Gay and Sarah M. Johnson.

BarneyGay                                                                      James and Vicie Gay Parker

L-R Barnabus Chesley (Barney) GAY (1825-1906), James Hampton (Jim) PARKER (1888-1984), Nancy (Nanny) PHILLIPS (1842-1907), Aquilla Parker (1883-1970), William Henry Parker (1893-1958), James W. PARKER (1853-1901), Mamie Parker (1885-1964), Vicie GAY (1863-1901) nursing Nannie Parker (1897-1967) Taken in 1897 at Mt. Moriah Campground, Jefferson County, GA. From Jean Parker Chavis

The second photo was submitted by Audrey Conner. James W. Parker, B: August 19, 1853, Jefferson County, GA. and D. August 18, 1901. & Vicie Gay, B: November 29, 1863, Richmond County, GA. They married abt. 1881/1882. Vicie is the daughter of Barnabas Chesley Gay "Barney", B: Nov 19. 1825 Jefferson County, GA. D: Feb 3, 1906. & Nancy E. Phillips B: December 14, 1942, Columbia County, GA. and D. December 13, 1907.

    Barnabas Gay & Elizabeth McNair                                   Barnabas Gay                                    Lewis F. Gay & Martha Rowe

The photo to the left was submitted by Barbara Withers. Barnabas Chesley Gay born in 1809 and died in 1889 & Elizabeth Ann McNair was born April 18, 1815 and died November 02, 1893.

The center photo was submitted by Audrey Conner. Barnabas Chesley Gay was born July 7, 1809 in Georgia and died Sept. 1889 in Bradford Co., FL. Barnabas married Elizabeth Ann McNair on December 12, 1834 in Jefferson Co., GA.

The photo to the right was submitted by Barbara Withers. Lewis F. Gay, son of Barnabus & Elizabeth Ann McNair Gay, was born June 13, 1840 and died October 16, 1931. He married Martha Elizabeth Rowe in 1866. Martha was born June 7, 1840 and died August 26, 1914.

Jesse Gay Family

This photo was submitted by Nancy Comer. Right to left order are Jesse Gay, Mamie Cora Gay Sheely, Woodrow Sheely, Roger L. Sheely, Sr. and Roger L. Sheely, Jr. Jesse Gay is the son of Lewis F. Gay.

      Thomas G.M. Gay and Eva Mae Summers                    Lewis F. Gay & Dau. Iris Lee Gay                                        Iris Lee Gay Jordan

The photo to the left was submitted by Barbara Withers. It was taken in 1902. Thomas Gilbert Marion. Gay, son of Lewis F. and Martha Elizabeth Rowe was born October 14, 1878 and died October 16, 1964. He married Eva Mae Summers January 1, 1902. She was born December 17, 1880 and died October 8, 1922.

The center photo was submitted by Barbara Withers. It was taken about 1925.

The center photo was submitted by Jim and Iris Gay Jordan. This photograph is of Woodrow Pledger and Iris Lee Gay Jordan taken at the SCV Convention in Charleston, SC in August 2000.

Benjamin Peachy Gay

This picture was sent in by Cindy Brown Hilomen. Benjamin Peachy Gay was born in Isle of Wight County, VA. June 26, 1864 and died December 6, 1924 in Smithfield, IOW Co., VA. Benjamin married Emma Cassie Roberts in Isle of Wight Co., VA. December 17, 1885.

George Kirby Gay

This picture was sent in by Jerry Ropa. Quoted from the book Men of Champoeg, by Caroline C. Dobbs. 1932. Page 27 entry no 7. " George Kirby Gay was born in Gloucester, England, in 1796. At the age of ten years he shipped as mess boy aboard a vessel bound for the South Sea islands and othr foreign ports. In 1810 he landed in New York and from there went to Missouri where he spent the winter. While there he attached himself as "camp-keeper" to the Pacific Fur Company under Wilson Price Hunt and came overland to Astoria in 1812. In the company were also Pierre Dorion, and his wife, since known as Madam Dorion, Joseph Gervais, and John Toupin, all subsequently commected with the Gay family by marriages. Gay left Astoria in 1813 on theship Beaver and for twelve years sailed the seas to all parts of the world. These facts, at variance with those previousdly published are furnished by James Willard Gay, who lived with his grandfather, George Gay, and was given this information by him and by his last wife, who survived him many years. J. Willard Gay say his grandfather was in the WEst from 1824 or 1826 until the time of this death. But Nesmith gives the date of his entry into Oregon as 1835, when his is listed as a member of John Turner's oveland party of eight men coming from California. He relates that Gay was on guard at the "Point of Rocks" on the Rogue River when Indians began dropping into camp in the early morning hours. Gay awoke the leader, Turner, who saw no cause for alarm; but, before land, there were gathered four or five hundred Indians who suddenly made a savage attack, obtaining three of the eight guns in the party, and forcing the whites to a furious and desperate resistance. Gay once obrne down by the savages, was released only when the mightly Turner seized a hugh fir limb from the burning campfire and beat off his assailants. The brutal and one-sided fight continued until two men were killed and all were wounded. In a mad flight for safety, two were left to die on the way. The horses, baggage and equipment were all lost; but four men managed to elude the bloodthirsty Indians and excaped. When, after acute suffering and toil, they reached the head of the Willamette Valley, they differed about the route. Three of the men followed the Willamette river until, in a famishing condition, they reached the Methodist Mission near Salem. Gay had to cut up his buckskin breeches for maccasins for the paty and had little clothing but a tattered shirt. Intent upon reaching the Columbia, he kept to the foothills until, finally, a naked, wounded, starving man, he completed in August this five-hundred miles of torture at Wyeth's trading post on Sauvie's Island. It was in January, 1937, that this fearless adventurer volunteered his services tot he Willamette Cattle Company, just formed under the leadership of Ewing Young. Lieutenant William A. Slacum, who was investigating for the United States Government, sensed the paramount need in the new settlement at this time for cattle. Whereupon, he offered a free passage on his ship, the Loriot, if a company would go to California and there purchase some herds. All who were able, took stock in the venture, half of which was bought by the Hudson's Bay Company. Some, who had not the means to invest, engaged as drivers at a dollar a day, to be paid in cattle at actual cost. Gay was one of twenty to make this attempt to stock the country. A purchase was made of about 700 Spanish cattle, which proved hard to manage. Annoyances and misfortunes beset the party on every hand of the return trip. Difficult trails, wandering cattle, lack of water, quarrels among themselves and fear of Indians, augmented their troubles. The story is told that attacks by Indians were precipitated by the shooting, in revenge, of a friendly Indian by Gay who was a survivor of the Rogue River massacre of 1835. Gay carried in his back for five years a stone arrow-head as a reminder of an affray in which the company was ambushed in a narrow ravine and some of the cattle killed and wounded. Although about two hundred were lost on the way, after nine months of endeavor, a goodly number of cattle were brought through, and the colony benefitted by this first business venture of importing cattle. Goerge Gay secured a land claim near Wheatland, and, with his new cattle as a start, gradually covered the hills with his herds and became by repute the wealthiest man in the country. On a knoll commanding a view of the beautiful estate, Gay erected a spacious brick dwelling, the first of its kind west of the Rocky Mountains. The house was begun in 1841 under the direction of a George Holman, a brick mason from England who lived at Vancouver. The native clay was "tramped barefooted" and the bricks were molded and burned on the place. It was two years before "the old brick house" was completed. Though now crumbling and falling, the house, shielded by two giant oak trees, is still a landmark. The hand-dressed woodwork, and particularly the woodwork around the fireplaces, hand-carved with sever simplicity, bears evidence tothe taste and patience of the one who dreamed of a mansion on a hill. Here was the scene of unbounded hopsitiality to all travelers and immgrants. Within its fwalls were entertained Commodore Wilkes and his officers, officers of the Peacock and the Shark of the United States Navy, and subsequently all officers of the British men-of-war Columbia, among the latter being Lieutenant William Peel, thired son of the famous Sir Robert Peel. The south wall of the house is still designated in the Oregon archives as a point in the southern boundary of Yamhill country, established by the districting committee of the provisoinal governent in 1843. At the Wolf Meeting on March 6, 1843, which preceded the founding of the government, Gay was chosen one of a committee of twelve to "take into consideration the propriety of taking measures for the civil and military protection of this colony." It was this committee which promoted the epochal meeting at Champoeg on May 2, following. In 1848, George Gay was one of the first to follow thelure of gold to the California mines, where with gusto he plunged into the absorbing quest. Commodore Wilkes in his report spoke of a "pretty Indian wife," who assisted in the care of the property and lookd after the children. She was the adopted daughter of William Johnson and the mother of eight children. Several years later, Gay took his third wife Marianne, a daughter of Madam Dorion of the Astor expedition, then living in the Willamette Valley with her third husband, John Toupin, father of Marianne. A daughter of Marianne Toupin Gay by a former marriage, Marguerite Gervais, married George Gay's son, John, the father of J. Willard Gay. In a tiny plot of ground unmarked and overgrown beside the woods on his own farm are the graves of George Gay, his first wife, and other member of his family. Commodore Wilkes wrote: "Gay is a useful member of society in this small community. He undertakes all and every sort of singular business; few things are deemed by him impossibilities. His general character throughout the settlement is that Gay is every ready to help those in trouble." Gay died on October 7, 1882, and , as his grave is indistinguishable, a large boulder has been placed by Multnomah Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, near the entrance to his farm beside the road at the junction of Yamhill, Marion, and Polk counties. On a bronze plaque attached is an inscription noting the brick house, the dates of his birth and death, and his service in forming the provisional government." In the "Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Nothwest, Vol I, II, and III; Harriet Duncan Munnick, Binfort & Mort, Portland, Oregon; 1979. Annotations (A-33 to A-34.) It is written: " A plaque on a low boulder beside the road fronting his home site on the river near the old landing at Lincoln reads: 'One, fourth mile southeast lies the body of George Gay. Born 1796 in Gloucester, England. Died 1882. He built the first brick house west of the Rocky Mountains on his farm one fourth mile west of this spot. Ge was one of those patriots who, May 2, 1843, founded the Provisional Geovernment at Champoeg.' May, 1931. Gay was several times married, always to natives, 'who were worth three white wives'. He acquired considerable wealth from his cattle herds, but his boundless hospitality to all comers left him poor at his death. Numerous descendants remain today. A replica of his housed, built from some of the original bricks which were burned on the farm, stands on the Newell House grounds at Champoeg."

          John E. Gay                                                                     Sarah Stamps, John E. Gay & group

The photoon the right was submitted by Sharon Martin. It is a photograph of John E. Gay.

The left photo was submitted by Sharon Martin. John E Gay, Sarah Stamps Gay, J.M. Gay, the ones in the back are William Allen Gay and Mary Clemmie Gay Joyner, 2 of the children of Wm. Elias and Sarah. Mary Clemmie just passed away 6-20-2000 at the age of 102. My grandfather was not in the picture. His name was Floyd Edward, he was the youngest of the children.

    Robert T. Gay, Catherine McSwain Gay, Lula Elizabeth Gay                 Luther & Bessie Lee Gay                             Mary Ethel Smith Gay and Great Grandaughter.


    The first photo was sent in by Patricia Sims and is Robert T. Gay, 1833-1916, and his wife,(I believe 3rd) Catherine McSwain Gay, born 1856, and their child, Lula Elizabeth Gay, my grandmother, born 1896-1981. The picture was taken in 1900. Robert T. Gay is the grandfrather of Luther Gay shown in the next photo.

    The second photo is of Luther & Bessie Lee (Glover) Gay. Taken in the summer of 1941 in Lyons, Georgia. Luther is the son of Lindsey Warren & Mary Ethel (Smith) Gay. Bessie Lee is the daugther of John Edward & Lois Adde (Morris) Glover. Luther was born September 30, 1889 and died September 20, 1955. Bessie was born December 8, 1900 and died November 8, 1977. They were married January 20, 1920 in Emanuel Co., GA.

    The third photo was sent in by Jerry L. Gay and is of Mary Ethel Smith Gay and a great granddaughter. Mary was the wife of Lindsey Warren Gay and mother of Luther Gay.

    Luther Gay          Bessie Lee Glover Gay             Mildred Gay             Ruby Christine Gay             Albert Gay

    The first photo was sent in by Jerry L. Gay. It is Luther Gay, son of Lindsay Warren Gay, Grandson of Robert T. Gay & Great Grandson of Thomas (B-1798) of Jefferson Co., Ga.

    The second photo was sent in by Jerry L. Gay and is of Bessie Lee (Glover) Gay.

    The third photo was sent in by Jerry L. Gay and is of Mildred Gay, daughter of Luther and Bessie Lee (Glover) Gay. She was born June 19, 1923 in Oak Park, Ga. & died August 6, 1985 in Savannah, Ga.

    The fourth photo is of Ruby Christine Gay - Born Mar. 31, 1922 in Aline, Ga. & Died April 22, 1965 in Savannah, Ga. She is the first born daughter of Luther & Bessie Gay.

    The fifth photo is of Albert Gay - He is the the son of Luther & Bessie Gay. It was submitted by Jerry L. Gay.

    Eleanor Gay Hutto                                      Leroy Hutto                                       Alice Dukes Gay

    These photos were submitted by Jason Palmer.

    John William Isaac Gay Family,

    This photo was submitted by Juanita Robinson. From left to right: Back Row, Johnathan Ross Gay, Annie W.Gay, Great-Grandpa, John W. I. Gay, and Mary E.Gay. Next Row: John Charles Gay, Paul Curtis Gay, Mable Ruth Gay. Great-Grandma Nettie Watterson Gay sitting with twins William Farris Gay and Myrtle Claire Gay beside her.

    Gay Family Ohio,

    This photo was submitted by Carl Woods. The two that are circled are Isaiah Dick and his wife Elizabeth Rhode Gay, the daughter of Christopher Gay who was b.24 Jun 1839 in Wayne Co., OH. married Mary Kerr 1859 in Crawford Co.,OH. Then married Margaret Cooper Hibpshman in 1868, in Crawford Co., Ohio.

    Grandpa Gay (VA),

    This photo was submitted by Oliver Peasley. My great aunt Elizabeth (Gay) Rule sent it to my great grandmother Mary A. (Gay, Hankey) Peasley. Click here to read back of photo.

    Calvin and Elizabeth Gay

    This photo was submitted by Carol Miller. It is of Calvin Gay and Elizabeth Gay.

    Nancy & Louis Gay                                                      Nancy & Louis Gay

    This photo was submitted by Jean Parker Chavis. Picture #1 is of Louis Aaron Gay - son of James W. and Lela Cornelia McGahee Gay...(James W, was the son of Barney Gay and Margaret Beasley Gay. Louis was born December 16, 1894. Nannie Gertrude Parker married Louis on November 12, 1912. Nannie was the daughter of Vicey Lee Gay and James W. Parker. Vicey was the daughter of Barney Gay and Nancy Phillips Gay.

    This photo was submitted by Jean Parker Chavis. Picture # 2 is of Louis and Nannie on their 50th. wedding anniversary - November 25, 1912.

    John Duncan & Idella Gay

    John Duncan Gay’s Family, taken about 1905. He was the youngest child of Barnabas Chesley Gay and Elizabeth Ann McNair Gay. Standing are from left: Mamie E. Gay (Daniels), William Russell Gay, Beulah Benton Gay (Traxler), Laura Lee Gay (Alligood), and Samuel Barnabas Gay. Sitting are from left: Idela Summers Gay, Raymond Robert Gay, John Duncan Gay, and Darnard Claude Gay.

    William Hubert Gay & Family

    William Hubert Gay & Family

    David Green Gay                                      

    This frist photo is of David Green Gay. He died at his home near Goshen--Age 74 years 1 month 7 days, 21 Oct 1915. This photo was submitted by Sharon Arloa.

    The photo in the center is Doretha Gay Miller, Arra Vincent Miller and Rozella Lorena Miller submitted by Sharon Arloa

    The last photo was also submitted by Sharon Arloa and is Doretha Gay Miller, Arra Vincent Miller and Rozella Lorena Miller.

    Charles & Mary Gay

    Curtis P. Gay

    This is Curtis Pendleton Gay. He was born 9/26/1826 in Ky. He died 6/23/1874 in Audrain Co.,Mo. He is buried in Old Hickory Grove Cemetery, Callaway Co.,Mo. I can't find this cemetery listed anywhere. Apparently the entire branch of this (Gay) family is buried there. Submitted by Val

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