Sarah Matilda Saxon was born January 7, 1837 in Georgia to Archilaus Saxon and Elizabeth Knowles.  Sarah was married about 1856 to William McWhorter Callaway probably in Scott Co. MS.  Sarah and William had 8 children.  Sarah died May 7, 1890 in Texas and is buried in the Clairette Cemetery in Erath County Texas.

Archilaus Saxon was born July 17, 1797 in Georgia To Davis Saxon and Mary Edge, he was married May 3, 1821 in Jasper Co., GA to Elizabeth Knowles.  The Children of Archilaus and Elizabeth were.

John H. Saxon
b. December 18, 1832 in GA
d. January 8, 1901

Sarah Matilda Saxon
b. Jan 7, 1837 in GA
m. abt 1856 to William McWhorter Callaway
d. May 7, 1890 in Texas

William H. Saxon
b. March 31, 1841 in GA
d. May 23, 1920

Francis Saxon
b. abt 1840 in AL

Nancy Saxon
b. abt 1840 in AL

Anthony H. Saxon
b. January 29, 1834 in GA
d. May 15, 1911 in Yazoo Co. MS

Davis Saxon was born abt 1769 to Samuel Saxon Jr. and Elizabeth Davis.  Davis was married to Mary Edge.  I have found the names of two children for them they are.

Archilaus Saxon
b. July 17, 1797 in GA
m. May 3, 1821 in Jasper Co. GA to Elizabeth Knowles
d. October 20, 1867 in Scott Co., MS

Benajah Saxon
d. Dudleyville, AL


Samuel Saxon Jr. was born about 1740 in  New Kent Co. VA to Samuel Saxon and Mary?? He was married in Hailfax Co. NC to Elizabeth Davis.  Samuel died abt 1805 in Wilkes Co. GA.  The Chidlren of Samuel and Elizabeth were:

John Saxon
b. abt 1761 in Halifax Co. NC
d. abt 1812 at Sea

Nathaniel Saxon
b. abt 1764 in Halifax Co. NC

Charity Saxon
b. February 27, 1766

Lydia Jane Saxon
b. February 27, 1766
m abt 1786
d.  in Camp Hill, AL

Solomon Saxon
b. February 27, 1766  Halifax Co. NC
d. Wilkes County, GA

Davis Saxon
b. abt 1769
d. abt 1805

Fanny Saxon
b. abt 1775 in Halifax Co. NC

James Saxon
b. abt 1777 in Halifax Co. NC

Wiley Saxon
b. abt 1779 in Halifax Co. NC


Samuel Saxon was born abt 1699 in Rockdale, Lancaster, England he was married to Mary??? (her last name may have been Yancey) and she was born abt 1703 in Rockdale, Lancaster, England.  Samuel died February 7, 1766 in Halifax, North Carolina.  Their children were.

Samuel Saxon Jr
b. abt. 1740 in New Kent, Co., VA
m. abt 1765 in Halifax, Co. NC  to Elizabeth Davis
d. abt 1805 in Wilkes Co. ,GA

John Saxon
b. abt 1747 in New Kent, VA
m. abt 1777 in Halifax Co., NC

Charles Saxon
b. abt 1734 in New Kent, Co., VA
d. October 7, 1816 in SC

Bethiah Saxon
b. abt 1730

Archilaus Saxon
b. abt 1725 in New Kent, VA


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