Milly Ryan was born about 1820 in Morgan Co. Alabama to John Ryan and Molly Holt. The family later moved to Horsehead, Johnson Co. Arkansas where Milly married Elias William Courtney. Milly died after 1870 in Burleson County Texas.

 John Ryan  was born about 1783 in Virginia to William and Mary Ryan.  John Ryan was a very interesting and exciting man.  I have included a link from this page to another where I have included things written about him from family members to other researchers and even including Washington Irving who wrote about John Ryan in his book "A Tour On The Prairies".
John and Milly had the following Children:

Henry Ryan
b. abt 1810 in Alabama
m.April 2, 1829
s. Zelpha Sweeten

Milly Ryan
b. abt 1820 in Morgan Co., Alabama
m. bef 1848 in Horsehead, Johnson Co. AR
s. Elias William Courtney
d. aft 1870 in Texas

Joseph W.  Ryan
b. Alabama
m. July 31, 1832
s. Louisa Hill

William Ryan
m. Arkansas
s. Nancy Hogan

James Ryan
m. Arkansas
s. Patsy Fulcher

John Ryan
b. abt 1825
m. Arkansas
s. Malinda Stokes

David Ryan
m. Burleson Co. Texas
s. Elizabeth Courtney

Moses Ryan
m. Arkansas
s. Jane Sweeten

Drury Ryan
d. in childhood

Elizabeth Ryan
m. Alabama
s. William Umberson

Louisa Ryan
m. Arkansas
s. Washing Hogan

Irena Ryan
b. abt 1822
m. Arkansas
s. George Rex Lewis

Mary Ryan
b. abt 1824
m. Arkansas
s. Logan Snyder
2nd ??? Johnson in Burleson Co. Texas

William Ryan was born April 14, 1755 in Amherst Co. VA to John Ryan and Unity Toney.  William's wife is unknown but he had the following Children:

William Ryan
b. December 23, 1781 in Virginia
m. Kesiah Blevens
d. December 12, 1855 in Clinton Co. KY

John Ryan
b. abt 1783 in Virginia
m. Whitley Co. Kentucky
s. Molly Holt

Phillip Ryan

Joseph Ryan
b. abt 1787

John Ryan was abt. 1723 to Philip and Sarah Whitehead Ryan.  He was married to Unity Toney and they had the following Children:

Joseph Ryan
b. abt 1751
m. 1799
s. Patsy Rose

Nancy Ryan
b. abt 1752

Elizabeth Ryan
b. abt 1753
d. July 23, 1818

John Ryan
b. abt 1754
m. abt 1784
s. Rachel

William Ryan
b. April 14, 1755 in Amherst Co. VA
m. 1773 in VA

 Philip Ryan
b. abt 1756
m. abt 1783
s.  Nancy
d. abt 1834

Milstead Ryan
b. abt 1759

Harris Ryan
b. abt 1764
d. abt 1834

Patty Ryan
b. abt 1765

Charles Ryan
b. abt 1766

Philadelphia Ryan
b. abt 1767

Philip Ryan was bron abt. 1697 in Lynchburg, Virginia to Philip and Sarah  Whitehead Ryan.  Philip was married to Sarah Whitehead and their children were:

John Ryan
b. 1723
m. 1751
s. Unity Toney
d. 1785

Philip Ryan
b. 1729
m. 1751
s. Gene Bullington
2nd E.izabeth Mills
d. 1803 in Goochland Co., VA

Whitehead Ryan
b. 1732
m. 1757
s. Elizabeth Fulcher

William Ryan
b. 1739
m. 1760
s. Sarah Swanson

Ann Ryan
b. 1741
m. 1759
s. David Bailey

Philip Ryan was born abt 1660 and married to Mary Whitehead their children were:

Whitehead Ryan
b. 1683

Philip Ryan
b. 1697 in Lynchburg, VA
m. Sarah Whitehead
d. 1785

Sexton Ryan
b. 1700
d. 1764

Peter Ryan
b. 1702


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