Molly Holt was born about 1785 in Whitley Co. Kentucky to Drury and Elizabeth Rogers Holt.  Molly was married to John Ryan.

Drury Holt was born December 29, 1759 in Albemarle Parish, Virginia to Nathaniel and Abby Clanton Holt.  Drury marride Elizabeth Rogers and had the folllowing children:

Molly Holt
b. abt 1785 in Kentucky
s. John Ryan

Rachel Holt
m. December 1810 in Wayne Co., Kentucky
s. Jeremiah Denny

Thomas Holt
b. abt 1785
m. March 28, 1810 in Wayne Co., Kentucky
s. Cynthia Waters

Henry Holt
b. March 12 1787
s. Catherine Gray
d. July 28, 1879

Jane Holt
b. abt 1810
s. Elisha Stephens

Frances Holt
b. abt 1811
s. Sally Denny

Daniel Holt
b. abt 1815

Martha Holt
b. March 24, 1827
s. Joseph Stephens

Nancy Holt
b. abt 1833

Danswell Holt
b. May 7, 1794

Drury Holt
b. April 6, 1802

Nathaniel Holt was married to Abby Clanton and had the following Children:

Drury Holt
b. December 29, `759 in Albemarle Parish ,Virginia
s. Elizabeth Rogers
d. February 16, 1835

John Holt

Nancy Holt

Molly Holt

Lucy Holt

Elizabeth Holt
b. November 21, 1767

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