Robert Renus Callaway was born May 12, 1880 in Bosque County Texas to Isaac Anderson Callaway and Sarah Ann Mckelvain.   On September 13, 1902 he married Stella Minnie Courtney.  Robert died March 27, 1936 in Safford, Graham Co. AZ.  Robert and Stella had 15 children.

Florence Stella Callaway
b. Aug. 1, 1903  in Cisco, Eastland, Co., TX
m. July 31, 1918 to Jesse Earnest Oakley in Shakleford Co., TX
d. April 16, 1988 in Ashland, Jackson Co., OR

Horace Leon Callaway
b. May 1, 1905
d. February 14, 1979

Henry Franklin Callaway
b. June 24, 1906
d. May 27, 1986

Howard Pearl Callaway
b. July 8, 1907
d. 1996

Harrison Abel Callaway
b. November 14, 1908

Leah Lorene Callaway
April 4, 1910

Naomi Ruth Callaway
b. August 11, 1911
d.                   2011

Harvie Isaiah Callaway
b. September 13, 1912
d. July 16, 1966

Mary Opal Callaway
b. May 6, 1915

Herbert Robert Callaway
b. November 1, 1916
d. March 8, 1876

Hiram Harlan callaway
July 28, 1919

Hayden Edward Callaway
b. May 31, 1921
d. October 1, 1969

Edith Arneta Callaway
b. October 13, 1927
d. August 31, 1940

Homer Courtney Callaway
April 3, 1930
d. November 29, 1973

Harley Norvell Callaway

 Photo's of the above children


Isaac Anderson Callaway was born December 9, 1857 in Scott Co. MS, to William McWhorter Callaway and Sarah Matilda Saxon. Isaac married Sarah Ann McKelvain on June 29, 1879 in Eastland Co., TX.  Isaac died December 31, 1940.  Isaac and Sarah had 11 children.

Robert Renus Callaway
b. May 12, 1880 in Bosque Co. TX
m. September 13, 1902 to Stella Minnie Courtney
d. March 27, 1936 in Arizona

Minnie Mae Callaway
b. October 30, 1881
m. June 1900 to Henry Arthur Courtney
d. aft October 1981

Sarah Jane Matilda
b. December 20, 1883

Mattie Elizabeth Callaway
b. January 25, 1887
died as a child of diptheria  

Eugene Callaway
b.February 16, 1889
died as a child of diptheria

William Lee Callaway
b. February 5, 1893
died as a child of diptheria

Eunice Earle Callaway
b.May 12, 1894
died as a child of diptheria

John Glenn Callaway
b. January 5, 1898
d. 1948

Pearl Lou
b. February 26, 1901

Reubin Isaac Callaway
b. March 12, 1903
d. December 20, 1979

Thomas Elmer Callaway
b. March 19, 1907
m. 1. Mary Oakley


William McWhorter Callaway was born August 29, 1839 in Georgia to Matthew D. Callaway and Sarah Glenn McWhorter.
William was married abt. 1856 to Sarah Matilda Saxon.  William and Sarah were living in Scott Co. Mississippi when William left to fight in the Civil War.  After the war they moved to Texas.  William died September 13, 1912.  William and Sarah had 8 children.

Isaac Anderson Callaway
b. December 9, 1857 in Scott Co., MS
m. June 29, 1879 to Sarah Ann McKelvain
d. December 231, 1940

Sarah Callaway
b. 1859 in Scott Co., MS

William Marion Callaway
b. 1864 in Scott Co., MS

John Alfonzy Callaway
b. 1866 in Texas

Matthew Pickney Callaway
b. January 21, 1869 in Texas
m. Ida Teeter
d. June 27, 1935

Isadore Callaway
b. 1871 in Texas

Ida Callaway
b. abt 1872 in Texas
m William A Cox

Newton Joe Callaway
b. 1879 in Texas
m. Maggie Teeter


Matthew D. Callaway  was born in 1817 in Georgia possibly in Jasper Co.  His father may have been William W. Callaway.  Matthew was married to Sarah Glenn McWhorter in Georgia.  They later moved to Attila Co. MS and then to Scott Co. MS.  After the Civil War they moved to Texas with their children and the family of their oldest son William.  Matthew and Sarah had 5 children.  Matthew died in 1879 probably in Bosque Co. TX

William Mc Whorter Callaway
b. August 29, 1839
m. abt 1856 in Scott Co. MS to Sarah Matilda Saxon
d.  September 13, 1912

John Callaway
b. 1843 in Georgia

Jefferson Davis Callaway
b. August 3, 1852 in Mississippi
m. September 22, 1871 to Elizabeth Whiteley in Bell Co. TX
d. February 5, 1925 in Texas

Sarah Callaway
b. 1854 in Mississippi

Sidney Callaway
b. 1862 in Mississippi

These are the only children I have for them possibly there were more as there are several years between the births of some of the children listed.


William W. Callaway born January 24, 1776 died February 1860 is listed as the father of Matthew in a Bible that once belonged to Sarah Glenn McWhorter Callaway.  William probably lived in Jasper Co. GA.  Who was his wife, who were his other children and who were his parents?

  Callaway Bible - Bible of Sarah Glenn McWhorter Callway

Unknown Callaway's


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