This genealogy web site is being made so that I may share what information 
I have on my family with others and hopefully help others out with their research 
as well as find some new information on my own family.  On some of my lines 
I have obtained a lot of information and on others I have very little, but whatever 
I have I am willing to share.  Much of my information is proven but there is some 
that is speculation, whenever speculation is the case I will let you know as well 
as tell why I think it is true.  If you have any comments, questions or anything 
to share please feel free to email me 
  Gayle Triller 

  The following is a list of the names I am researching
                Just click on the links to find out what information I have on that line.
I have started with just the basic information. Dates, spouse and children ect.  
After I get all of that listed I will start adding to it so please come back often to see 
what is new. I will also be adding more names as I go

My Dad's Family

Allbright, Bishop, Bollinger, Broadway, Callaway, Clanton, ClementCourtney
Curtis, DeFoor, (DeFir,DeFur)  Fowler, Harris, Hutton, HolmesHolt, Knowles, Lockerman
(McElveen), McWhorter,   Millwood, Oakley,   
Poston,  Rogers, Ryan, Saxon,

My Mom's Family

Coleman, Getz, Groff, Hutton, Landau, Miller, Peters, Sands, Smith  (Schmidt), Smith, Stricklen, Wilson

         There are many other names and I will be adding to the list as I go.
           I will be constantly adding to this site so please check back often.


I am starting out with just the basic list of parents children ect.  As I go I will 
be adding information that I have on the person and photo's if any.  
I will list each of my "grandparents" for each generation and a list of their children.  
If I have information on any of those children that is not a "grandparent" of mine 
I will make a note of it in case you are looking for one of them.
 I will also give a list of lookup resources I have on that family as well as providing 
any links to other pages I can find on that family and information on joining mailing 
list on that name.  Please check back often to see what new information 
I have posted I will be adding to the page each week until I run out of
information to post which I hope is never.

If you have a page you would like me to link to and or would like to 
make a link to my page  just let me know.


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