GSFA: Latin Words List
Genealogical Society of Flemish Americans

Latin Words

compiled by Etienne Elskens

ab intestato:
without having left a testament

abatissa: abess

abavia: 2nd great grandmother, female ascendant in the fourth degree

abavus: 2nd great grandfather, male ascendant in the fourth degree

abbas: abbot

abbatia: abbey

abbatiola: small abbey

abenarius faber: boiler maker

abnepos: 2nd great grandson, male descendant in the fourth degree

abneptis: 2nd great granddaughter, female descendant in the fourth degree

adnepos: 3rd great grandson, male descendant in the fifth degree

abortivus: born prematurely

abrogatio: abolition of, giving up

accisor: receiver of taxes

acisclarius: stone cutter

actum ut supra: done as above

acupictor: embroiderer

ad perpetuam memoriam: in eternal memory

ad tempus: temporary

ad tempus vitae: lifelong

ad valorem: corresponding value, equivalent value

ad verbum: word for word

ad vitam: life annuity

ad vocem: by finding the word, at the word

adolescens: youth

adscriptus glebae: serf, (literally) belonging to the land

adulescens: youth

adulta: adult female

adultus: adult man

aetatis: at the age of

affines: relatives by marriage, in-laws

affinis: brother-in-law

affinitas: relationship by marriage

ager: field

agnati: paternal relations

agnatus: related by blood on the father's side

agnomen: surname, nickname

agricultura: agriculture

alias: alias, otherwise called

alimenta/o: provision made for made for younger sons or unmarried daughters

alius/a/ud: other

alter/era/erum: the other of two

allutarius: chamois-dresser

amens: insane, mad

ambo/ae/o: both

amita: father's sister, aunt

amita magna: grandfather's sister, grandaunt

amita major: sister of great-grandfather

amita maxima: sister of great-great-grandfather

amitini: brother's, sister's children

amita uxoris: wife's father's sister

ampullarius: bottle maker

ancellator: birdcatcher

ancilla: maid, handmaid

ancilla nutriens: wet nurse

anima: soul, spirit

annus: year

anno: in the year

anno aetatis (suae) ...: at the age of

anno Domini: in the year of the Lord

annonarius: corn dealer

ante: before

ante diem pridie: yesterday

ante meridiem: fore-noon

apiarius: bee-master, apiarist

apoplexia: stroke, seizure

apricator: bleacher

aquaductus: aqueduct, waterworks

aquaticus: living by the water

arbor consanguinitatis: family tree

arborator: nurseryman

arcularius: carpenter, furniture maker

argentarius: silver smith, banker

armentarius: cattle drover

artifex: artist

astrologus: astrologist

atavia: grandmother of the great-grandmother

atavus: 3rd great grandfather, male ascendant in the fifth degree

atnepos: grandson of the great-grandson

atneptis: granddaughter of the great-granddaughter

aurifaber: goldsmith

avia: grandmother

avunculus: mother's brother, uncle

avunculus magnus: grandmother's brother

avi (pl.): grandparents

avi relicta: grandfather's widow

avus: grandfather

avus maternus: grandfather on mother's side

avus paternus: grandfather on father's side

banni: marriage banns

baptisma: baptism

baptisavit: he baptized

baptisatus/a: baptized

baptisatus/a est: he(or she) was baptized

baptizata: baptized (female)

baptizatus: baptized (male)

barbitonsor: beard shaver

beneficium abstinendi: children's right to refuse the inheritance

beneficium inventarii: prerogative of the inventory, accepted inheritance with debts

benevole lector: benevolent reader

bibliopola: bookseller

bidellus: hangman's assistant

bona hereditaria: family inheritance

bona materna: property on mother's side

bona minorum: property coming to minors

bona paterna: property on father's side

botularius: sausage maker

braxator: brewer

bubulcus: oxen drover

bucinator: trumpeter, horn blower

burdonarius: beast of burden drover

caelator: metal carver, engraver

caelator ferrarius: metal cutter

caelator gemmarum: gemmologist, gemstone carver

caelator monetarum: coin die cutter

caelator typorum: letter cutter

calcarius: nail smith

caelebs: single, unmarried (man)

cambitor: money-changer

candelarum artifex: candle-maker

cantrifex: pewterer

cantrifusor: pewterer

capellani: chaplains

capellanus: chaplain

capitagium: capital tax, head tax

caponator: innkeeper

carnifex: butcher

catabolensis: cargo driver

catharro: cold (in the head)

causa mortis: cause of death

celebs: unmarried, single

cellarius: cellarman

censuaris: long-lease tenant

census hereditas: long-lease tenant

clericus scabinorum: alderman's clerk, sheriff's clerk

cocus: cook

coelebs: unmarried, single

cognati: maternal relations:

cognatus: blood relative on father's side

cognomen: surname

comes: count (earl in England)

comitissa: countess

commater: godmother

comparere: to appear

comparuit pro me: he/she appeared before me

compater: godfather

compositor calopodiorum: boot tree maker

conceptus/a/um: conceived

concepta est: she was pregnant

concubinatus: free servant

confamiliaris: someone who belongs to the family

coniunx (coniux): husband or wife

coniuges (pl.): married couple

conjugium: marriage

conjux: spouse

consanguinitas: blood relationship (if too close, an impediment to marriage)

consobrinus/a: cousin on the mother's side

consocer: fellow father in law

contrahere: to contract, to draw together

matrimonium contraxerunt: they contracted marriage

coparcener: co-heir

copulatio: marriage

copulatus/a: married man/woman

copulatus/a est: he/she was married

coram: in the presence of

coram judice: before the judge

coram notario et testibus: before the notary and witnesses

cujus: of whom

corpus: body

cultrarius: knife maker

cum: with


cuparius: cooper

custos: guard

cyrothecarius: glove maker

decessit: he/she died

decessit sine prole: died without issue, childless

decessit vitae patre (d.v.p.): died in father's lifetime

decessus: death

decollatus: beheaded

defunctus/a/um: dead

deinde: afterwards, further, next

denarium: dinar ? some type of coin

denunciatio: publication of the marriage banns

factis tribus denunciationibus: after 3 publications of the banns, 3 banns having been published

desponsus/a: betrothed

Deus: God

dicto loco: at said place

dictus: named

didymus/a: twin male/female

dies: day

die: day (a form used after certain prepositions)

dies feriatus: feast day, market day

dies jovis: Thursday

dies lunae: Monday

dies majalis: Mayday

dies martis: Tuesday

dies mercurii: Wednesday

dies natalis: birthday

dies saturni: Saturday

dies solis: Sunday

dies veneris: Friday

discessit: he/she died

dissolutio conjugi: divorce

diuturnus: long term, of long standing

divortatus: divorced

divorti sententia: divorce verdict

divortium: divorce

domicella: maiden

dominus: lord

dominus loci: master (lord) of the place (town)

domus: home

dos: dowry

ducissa: duchess

ecclesia: church

eleemosynarius: chaplain

ego: I

eiusdem: the same

eodem die: on the same day

erat: he/she/it was

est: he/she/it is

et: and

etiam: also

ex: from

ex altera (parte): along the other side

ex una (parte): along the one side

exitus: exit, decease, pass away

expositicius: expose a child, laid as a foundling

expositus: foundling

faber: tradesman

faber armorum: armourer, weapon maker

faber ferramentarius: shoeing-smith, farrier

faber ferrarius: smith

faber grossarius: iron smith, blacksmith

faber laminarius: tinsmith

faber lignarius: carpenter

factor cordarum: rope-maker

factor sporcarum: spur maker, railroad track maker

famulus: servant, clerk

famulus (a): man servant, maid

febri malignae: from a bad fever

febris: fever

feme covert: married woman

feme sole: unmarried woman

femina: woman

feodalia: feudal estates

ferrarius-faber ferrarius: smith

fideiussor: godfather

filia: daughter

filia fratris/sororis: niece, daugher of brother/sister

filia innupta: unwed daughter

filius: son

filius fratris/sororis: nephew, son of brother/sister

frater: brother

frater ex materno latere: half-brother common mother

frater ex paterno latere: half-brother common father

frater germanus: twin brother

frater naturalis: brother of the same father and mother

fratres consanguini: brothers of the same father and different mother

fratres gemelli: twin brothers

fratres germani: brothers of the same father and mother

fratres uterini: brothers of the same mother and different father

fuit: he/she/it was

fuerunt: they were

fusor aurichalci: bronze pourer, brass founder

fusor campanarum: bell founder

fusor pottorum stanneorum: tin pot founder, potter

fusor typorum: type founder

gemellus/a: twin brother, twin sister

gemelli: twin brothers

geminus/a: twin

gener: son-in-law, cousin

geniculum: equal

genitores: parents (begetters)

gens: gender

genitum: begotten, born

gens: male line, clan

genus: type, kind, birth, descent, sex, origin, class, race

generis: of the type, sex, etc.

germana: sister , also female cousin of brother or sister

germanus: brother or nephew

glos: husband's sister

gloris: brother's wife

gravida: pregnant

habere: to have, to hold

habitare: to reside

habitans: resident (adj.)

habitantes: residents

hebdomada: a week

heri: yesterday

hic, haec, hoc: this

hoba: farm

hoc anno: this year

hoc die/mense/anno: on this day/month/year

hoc tempore: this time

huius: of this

humatio: burial

homo: man, human being

humatus/a: he/she was buried

hydropicus: dropsical

hydrops: dropsy

ibidem (ibid.): in the same place

idem, eadem, iden: the same

ignotus/a: unknown

ille, illa illud: that

ilius: of that

illegitimus: illegitimate

impedimentum: impediment or hindrance (as to a marriage)

impedimentum consanguinitas: impediment of too close a blood relationship (2nd cousin or closer)

nulloque detecto impedimento matrimonio: and no marital impediment having been uncovered

imponere: to place upon, to impose

impositus/a/um: imposed, placed upon, given

cui impositum est nomen: to whom was given the name

in eodem domo: in the same house

in margine: in the border (margin) of a page

in solidum: each per capita responsible

incestum: incest

infans: infant

infirmus: ill, invalid, infirm

infra: below, later

infrascriptus: written below

innocens: silly, stupid, simple

instant, inst.: of the current month

intimare: cite, summons, subpoena

inuptus/a: unmarried

intra: within

inventitus: foundling

inventus: found

inventus: foundling

ipse/a/um: himself/herself/itself

ita: thus, so

ita est: so it is

item: also, likewise

iterum: again, once again

iunior/junior: younger

iure/jure: legally

iurare/jurare: to swear, take an oath

ius/jus, iures/jures: law, laws

iuvenis/juvenis: young person, young man

latrina: bathroom

lavare: to wash, to baptize

lautus/a est: he/she was baptized

levantes: godparents

levir: husband's brother

liber, libri: book, books

liber baptizatorum: baptismal register

liber defunctorum: death register

liber matrimoniorm: marriage register

ligatus: husband, spouse

ligatus/a est: he/she was joined or married

locus: place

locus sigilli: where a persons seal is placed (on a document)

lude magister: school teacher

magistratus: magistrate

majordomus: head steward

majorennis: of legal age

majores: ancestors

mane: in the morning

mansionarius: owner and occupant of a house, farm

mansus: farm with approximately 12 hectares of land

manu propria: (signed) in one's own hand

marita: wife, married lady

maritus: husband, married man

mater: mother

mater meretrix: mother of illegitimate child

materna: godmother

matertera: maternal aunt , mother's sister

matertera magna: sister of the grandmother

matertera major: sister of the great-grandmother, great-grand aunt

matertera maxima: sister of the great-great-grandmother, great-great-grand aunt

matricularius: verger, sextop, originally the registrar in the church registers

matrimonium: marriage

matrimus: whose mother is still alive

matrina: godmother

matris soror: mother's sister

matrona: housmother, housekeeper

matruelis: male son of mother's sister

membrana: parchment

membranarius: parchment maker

mendicus: beggar, very poor

mensa pauperum: poor table, holy ghost table

mensis: month

mense: in the month (of)

meridies: noon

minimus/a natu: youngest

meus/a/um: my, mine

molendinarius: miller

molendinus: miller

molitor: builder, fabricator, miller

morbus: disease

post longum morbum: after a long illness

mors: death

mortis: of death

mortuus/a/um: dead, deceased

mortuus/a est: he/she died

mulier: woman, wife

murator: mason

mutuo consensu: by mutual consent

nascit: he/she is born

natalis: natal

natus/a: born (adj.), son/daughter (noun)

natus/a est: he/she was born

nepos: grandson, nephew

nepos ex fil: grandson

nepos ex fratre: brother's son

nepos ex sorore: sister's son

neptis: granddaughter

nocte: at night

nomen: name

noverca: stepmother

novercus: stepfather

nullus/a/um: no, none

nunc tutus exitus computarus/a: safe exit

nuncupatio: verbal naming of the heir

nuptus/a: married

nurus/a: son's wife

obiit: he/she died

obiit subito: suddenly deceased

obstetrix: midwife

obtinere: acquire

omnis: all, every

operarius: laborer (unschooled)

orbus/a: orphan masc./fem

origo: birth

originis: of the birth

ortus: origin, birth

oves: sheep

paralysia: paralysis

parentes: parents

parochia: parish

parochus: parish priest

pars: part

partus: childbirth

pater: father

pater denomintus: named father

pater ignoratus: unknown father

pater nescitur: the father is not known

pater patris: grandfather on father's side

pater praevignus sponsae: stepfather of the bride

pater sine nomine: anonymous father

pater sponsae: father of the bride

pater suppositus: supposedly father

paternus: godfather

patrini: godfather and godmother at the baptism of a child

patrinus: godfather

patrinus/a/i: godfather/godmother/godparents

patris soror: father's sister

patrueles: children whereof the fathers are brothers

patrueles magni: nephews whereof both grandfathers are brothers

patruelis: nephew, uncle, father's brother

patruerlis: paternal nephew

patrui relicta: paternal uncle's widow

patruus: paternal uncle

patruus magnus: granduncle, brother of the grandfather

patruus maximus: brother of the great-great grandfather

pecora: calf birthing

pelliceum: fur undervest

per procurationem: by power of attorney

percussa: beaten

phreneticus: lunatic, madman

phtisia: expense, pulmonary illness, tuberculosis

pie: piously

piscator: fisherman

pistor: baker

pistrix: woman baker

podesta: bailiff

podestessa: wife of the bailiff

portanus: porter, doorman

post: after

post hominem memoriam: of people's memory

posthuma: girl born after the death of the father

posthumus: boy born after the death of the father

postridie: on the day after

pridie: on the day before

primogenitus: first born

priores: ancestors

privigna: stepdaughter

privignus: stepson

pro: in behalf of, for

pro se et suis: for him and his

proauctor: ancestor, progenitor

proavia: great-grandmother

proava: great-grandmother

proavus: great-grandfather

proclamatio: bann, decree

progener: husband of the granddaughter

proles: issue, child, descendants

proles spuria: illegitimate child

pronepos: great-grandson

proneptis: great-granddaughter

proneptus: grand niece

prope: near

propinqui: relations, relatives

prorare vexilla: patriotic

prosocer: grand father-in-law

prosocrus: wife's grandmother

provincia: province

proximo, prox.: of the next month

proximus consanguineus: nearest relation

pubertas: puberty, marriageable, of age

pudicus/a: chaste

puella: girl

puellula: young girl

puellus: young boy, youth

puer: boy, child

puerpera: booth woman

puerperia (in _): in child labor

puerperium: childbirth

purgatus/a: cleansed, baptized

quasi: almost, as if

qui, quae, quod: who, which, what

quidam, quaedam: a certain person (masc./fem.)

quoddam: a certain thing

quondam: formerly, sometime, the late (someone who died)

relicta: widow

relictus: widower

renatus/a: reborn, baptized

requiescat in pace: may he or she rest in peace

ritus: rite

de ritu sanctae matris ecclesiae: according to the rite of the holy mother church

sacellani: chaplains

sacerdos: priest

sacer, sacra, sacrum: sacred

sacramentis totis munitus/a: fortified by all the last rites

sanctus/a/um: holy,sacred

scabinus: alderman, sheriff

scorta: unmarried mother, whore

scriptus/a/um: written

semper: always, forever

senescalus: court-marshal

senex: old, aged

senexadolescens: old bachelor

senior: older

sepelire: to bury

septimana: week

sepultus/a/um: buried

sequens: following

servitutes rerum: inheritance services

sic: thus, so

signum: mark

signum fecit: he/she made a mark, signed

sine: without

sine die: without a date

sobrinus: cousin

socer: father-in-law

socrus: mother-in-law

socrus magna: maternal grandmother

solemnicatio: marriage

soluta: unmarried woman, free, licentious

solutus: unmarried man, free, licdentious

soror: sister

sororius: brother-in-law (sister's husband)

sponsa: fiancee,bride

sponsalia: marriage banns

sponsalis: betrothed (adj.)

sponsus: groom, spouse, betrothed

spuria: natural female child

spurius: natural male child

statim: immediately, now

stemma (gentile): pedigree

stuprata: pregnant out of wedlock

stuprator: father of illegitimate child

sub tutela: under guardianship

subitanea morte: suddenly pass away

subitarius: hurriedly

subito: suddenly

subito defuncta: suddenly deceased

subitus: sudden

subscripsit: he/she signed

subsignavit: he/she signed with a mark

sum: I am

sunt: they are

superior dominus: feudal lord

supra: above

ut supra: as above

susceptor: godfather

susceptores: godparents

susceptrix: godmother

suus/a/um: his/her/its/their own

tabes: plague, tuberculosis

tabum: plague, infectious disease

tector domorum: roofer

tector laterum: tile roofer, tile layer

tector straminium: straw roofer, thatcher

tempus: time

testamentum: will, testament

testes: witnesses

testis: witness

toparcha: lord of the manor

triduum: a period of three days

trigemini: triplets

trinepos: son of the grandson of the great-grandson

trineptis: daughter of the grandson of the great-grandson

tritavus: grandfather of the great-great-grandfather

tutor: guardian

ubi: where

ultimo, ult.: of the preceeding month

ultimus/a/um: last

unigena: only begotten daughter

unigenius: only begotten son

urbs: city

ut: as, so that, in order that

ut infra: as below

ut supra: as above

uxor: wife

vaginarum confector: weapon scabbard maker

vagus: vagabond

variolis: smallpox

vel (vel...vel): or (either....or)

vespere: - in the evening

vetula: old woman

vetulus: old man

vetus, veteris: old

victricus: stepfather

vidua: widow

viduam relinquens: left behind as widow

viduum relinquens: left behind as widower

viduus: widower

videlicet (viz.): namely

villa: farm, villa

villica: housekeeper

villicus: farmer, bailiff, sheriff, overseer

vir: man, male

virgo: virgin, female, girl

virtuosus/a/um: honorable

vita: life

vita cessit: he/she departed from life, died

vitrarius: glass blower

vitricus: stepfather

vitripictor: glass painter

vulgo: commonly, generally

vulgo vocatus: nicknamed, surnamed, alias

Also useful are the months and numbers for interpreting dates and ages.

Months: Januarius, Februarius, Martius, Aprilis, Maius, Iunius, Iulius or Quinctilis, Augustus, September (VII-ber or 7-ber), October (VIII-ber or 8-ber), November (lX-ber or 9-ber), December (X-ber or 10-ber)
Numbers    CardinalOrdinalAge
1 unus/a/um primus/a/um primus
2 duo,duae,duo secundus/a/um secundus
3 tres, tria tertius/a/um tertius
4 quattuor quartus/a/um quartus
5 quinque quintus/a/um quintus
6 sex sextus/a/um sextus
7 septem septimus/a/um septimus
8 octo octavus/a/um octavus
9 novem nonus/a/um nonus
10 decem decimus decimus decennis
11 undecim undecimus undecimus
12 duodecim duodecimus duodecimus
13 tredecim tertius decimus tredecimus
14 quattordecim quartus decimus quattuordecimus
15 quindecim quintus decimus quindecimus
16 sedecim sextus decimus sedecimus
17 septendecim septimus decimus septemdecimus
18 duodeviginti duodevice(n)simus octodecimus
19 unodeviginti unodevice(n)simus nonus decimus
20 viginti vice(n)simus vicesimus vicenarius
21 unus et viginta vicesimus primus
30 triginta trice(n)simus tricenarius
40 quadraginta quadrage(n)simus quadragesimus quadragenarius
50 quinquaginta quinquage(n)simus quinquagesimus quinquagenarius
60 sexaginta sexagesimus sexagenarius
70 septuaginta septuagesimus septuagenarius
80 octoaginta octogesimus octogenarius
90 nonaginta nonagesimus nonagenarius
100 centum centesimus centenarius
200 ducenti ducentesimus
300 trecenti tricentesimus
400 quadringenti quadringentesimus
500 quingenti quingentesimus
600 sescenti sescentesimus
700 septingenti septingentesimus
800 octingenti octingentesimus
900 nonagenti nonagentesimus
1000 mille millesimus
1100 mille centum
1200 mille ducenti
1300 mille trecenti
1400 mille quadringenti
1500 mille quingenti
1600 mille sescenti
1700 mille septingenti
1800 mille octingenti
1900 mille nonagenti
2000 duo mille


7 ber: September

8 ber: October

9 ber: November

10ber: December

A.C.: Anno Christi - In the year of Christ

A.D.: Anno Domini - In the year of our Lord

Ao, AE, aE: anno year

B.M.: beate memoriae - of blessed memory

C: 100

ca: circa - about, around

D: 500

D.J.U.: doctor juris utriusque doctor - in both civil and church laws

fE, fo., fol.: folio - page

I, i: One

ib., ibid.: ibidem - at the same place

J, j: One

J.U.D.: juris utriusque doctor - doctor in both civil and church laws

J.U.L.: juris utriusque licentiatus - licensee in both civil and church laws

L: 50

M: 1000

ob.: obiit - deceased

Pbr.: Presbyter - priest

Q.Q.: qualitate qua - in capacity of

R.D.: Reverendus Dominus - Reverend Lord

R.I.P.: requiescat in pace - rest in peace

rE: recto: front page = r

S.T.D. Sanctae Theologiae Doctor - Doctor in Theology

u.a.: ut ante - like before

u.i.: ut infra - like hereunder

u.s.: ut supra - like above

V: five

vE: verso - back page = v

vid.: videatur, vide - see, one sees

X: ten

x-ber or X-ber: December