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. . . . . . . . . . CONNECTING MCNEWS AROUND THE WORLD . . . . . . . . . .

This gathering of the Clan is for McNEW Researchers of ALL variations of spelling of our Great Surname.

My name is Patricia Domingo and this is an open invitation to all to gather here at the Web Site of The Great McNew Clan.

As this is just the beginning, I will start out with information I have gathered from other researchers, from the internet, and from my own personal research.

These pages are dedicated to

Dorothy Louise McNEW (my Mother)

Thanks so very much to my Friend, JUDI ATWELL,
for "cleaning" up my old pictures!!!

Grace "Mildred" McNEW (my Aunt)

Roscoe Leo (Buddy) McNEW (my Uncle)


Anna Claire McNEW (my Aunt)

Willard G. McNEW (my Uncle)

Many thanks go to Roxann Dehlin for her help with this picture.
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Nancy Sue McNEW (my Aunt)

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Dora Lee (DL) McNEW (my Great Grandfather)


My thanks particularly go to my Uncle Willard, son of Arthur L. MCNEW who provided me with copies of a genealogical listing written by my Great Grandfather Dora Lee (DL) MCNEW. Without the help I received from these copies I would still be struggling and bouncing off brick walls.

For simplicity, the information obtained from these copies will be referred to as "DL's Diary" throughout the MCNEW Website.

I have attempted to compile information on all McNEWS, whether or not they are my direct lineage. In addition to the McNEW Clan, "DL's Diary" introduced me to a great list of other surnames to research, i.e., RAYBURN, FREDENBERG, WATERS and many others! I have hopes of setting up similar sites for these surnames--so if you have a connection to any of these names, please email me the information.

Most of the gathered information from DL's notes relates to two brothers, Zedekiah L. and Richard. These brothers have been the central focus of my research. Please refer to the section, Explanation of Numbering System used relating to these brothers and their descendants.

My direct lineage has been proven to Zedekiah L. MCNEW. However, information has become very confused, starting with the parents of Zedekiah L. and Richard, who were twin brothers as per my great grandfather, D.L. MCNEW.

As more information has been obtained, the confusion has grown.

Several Researchers have been kind enough to submit their gedcoms....THANKS TO ALL THE CONTRIBUTORS.....

Therefore, as actual gedcoms are not permitted on these Free Pages supplied by Roots Web, I have decided to transfer individual gedcoms and place them under the *Family Tree Section*.

This way we all can see what others have discovered and hopefully be able to *fill in the blanks of our own charts and KNOCK DOWN SOME BRICK WALLS!*

Please feel free to submit new information and/or corrections to the information that is posted. Although I've been a little slow in posting some of the information--ALL information, pictures, or whatever you may have will be greatly appreciated.

If you have any suggestions, additions, or corrections, please email me

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