Hi, I'm Glenn Gohr.

The description of my page is:

My Life So Far.

My Spiritual Journey, so far.

My Bible Favorites.

My Favorite Bible Story.

The Life of Christ.

Assemblies of God Links.

Archives and Pentecostal Links.

Revival Links.

Health and Nutrition Links.

Humor and Jokes Page.

My Genealogy Page.

My Wife's Genealogy Page.

Copyright Links.

Many thanks to my good friend, Jeffrey M. Hall, for initially helping me to set up these web pages in the spring of 1998. His knowledge of computers and html language, etc. are invaluable. I couldn't have done any of this without his help! Since then I have read about html and have gained lots of practice in working with html with my own web page and setting up web pages for my church and also sites for the local Sons of the American Revolution Chapter and the Children of the American Revolution.

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