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Warner Lines - my father's family
Grandparent lines:
  • Warner (20th century Michigan to 1635 Connecticut) - families include:
    Williams, Senter, Greeley, Lovell, Powers, Willoughby, Fuller, Abbot, Cash, Tracey, Barnum, Connett, Perry, Graves, Crafts, Trescott
  • Dobson (20th century migration from England) - families include:
    Lake, Cousins
  • Purdy (19th & 20th century Michigan, from New York) - families include:
  • Strong (19th & 20th century Michigan, Ohio, from CT) - families include:
    Stebbins, Bush, Bundy, Prentice, Bartlett, Wartenbe, Robinson, Pearce, Sanders, and a Chilton Mayflower line
Schissler Lines - my mother's family
A German-Russian family with a fascinating history, living more than 100 years in a German speaking settlement on the Volga River (Walter Village) at the invitation of Catherine the Great before migrating to Lincoln, Nebraska and settling in Saginaw, Michigan
Bakie Lines - my wife's family
Grandparent Lines:
  • Bakie (Scottish family traced to migration)
  • Sanders (of West Virginia)
  • Rumsey (Arkansas / Texas)
  • Walthall (Arkansas family traced through Alabama, Georgia, and colonial Virginia)
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