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Other Noteworthy Glasgow's

Mary Amanda Glasgow
b. May 5, 1829 m. Jacob McDonald. Founders of McDonald's Chapel, Jefferson Co., Alabama
Thomas Jefferson Glasgow
b. May 19 1879 Prominent Medical Doctor in Franklin Co., Alabama
Quida Maxine Glasgow
b. May 1 1916 Franklin Co., Alabama.  Listed in the book "Foremost Women of the 20th Century" for her outstanding teaching and leadership abilities.
Benjamin Baskin Glasgow
President of Athens College for 10 years and a Methodist Minister in Birmingham, Alabama
Dr. Nina Glasgow
University Professor and Author of numerous books, journals and monographs on her research about ageing in rural
Dr. James Archie Glasgow
Alabama's first Public Junior College President.
Lloyd Jackson Glasgow
Citizen of the Year in Zebulon, NC and Baptist Preacher
Dr. Wayne Collier Glasgow
Suma Cum Laude graduate of Georgia Tech in Chemistry.  Authored 40 research papers which are published in various medical journals while with the National Institute of Health.  World traveler, speaker and University Professor of Pharmacology.
Donald Talmage Glasgow
Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of Alabama in Chemical Engineering specializing in the field of process control for the oil industry.

This is just a starting list of all the many Glasgow's who have excelled in their accomplishments.  Please join with me by sending information on any Glasgow's of note to be added to this list.

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