Noteworthy Glasgow's of History

Glasgow's  who have distinguished themselves
in various parts of the world

  Hugh Glasgow (latter 18th and early 19th centuries), of Pennsylvania;
      Congressman from that state from 1813 to 1815

  Samuel Lyle Glasgow (1838-1916), of Ohio and Iowa;
      Brigadier General in the Civil War, and Legislator from Iowa

  William Melancthon Glasgow (1856-1909) of Pennsylvania
      and Maryland;   Historian and Author

  William Anderson Glasgow b.1865, of Pennsylvania;
      Lawyer and Author

  Edwin Glasgow b.1874, English Historian and Author

  Ellen Anderson Gholson Glasgow b.1874, of Virginia;  Novelist

  Maude Glasgow (latter 19th and early 20th centuries)
      Physician and Author

  Marvin Whitfield Glasgow b.1878, of Washington, DC;  Author

  Samuel McPheeters Glasgow b.1883;  American Author and Preacher

  George Glasgow b. 1891; English Author and Historian

  Alice Glasgow (early 20th century); American Novelist

  Spencer Glasgow Welch - b. Mar 12 1835 Newberry Co., SC
      Was a Physician in the CSA but most remembered for the letters he wrote
      to his wife throughout the war.  They were published in a book in 1910
      "A Confederate Surgeon's Letters to His Wife"

Note: Names that are underlined have links to websites
           with more information about that person.

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