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Index to Glanville Probates in England from 1858 to 1975

This index is in alphabetical order for given names without regard to the spelling of the Surname.
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1956   GLANVILLE Ada of 118 Rickmansworth-road Watford Hertfordshire widow
1974   GLANVILL Ada Emily of Crossways Woodbury Exeter
1945   GLANVILLE Ada Emily Annie of Worthing, widow
1963   GLANVILL Ada Eliza of 43 Great Knightleys Lee Chapel North Basildon Essex widow
1940   GLANVILLE Ada Jane of Montpelier, Bristol 6, widow
1946   GLANVILLE Ada Louisa of Kent (wife of Richard Edmund Glanville)
1971   GLANVILLE Ada Maude of Ponsmere Rod Perranporth Cornwall
1928   GLANVILLE Adolphus of Devonport
1930   GLANVILLE Agnes of Streatham, Surrey, widow
1941   GLANVILL Agnes of Camberwell, Surrey, widow
1930   GLANVILL Agnes Elizabeth of Herne Hill, Surrey, spinster
1919   GLANVILE Albert of Westbury-sub-Mendip, Somerset, yeoman
1943   GLANVILLE Albert of Portsmouth
1965   GLANVILL Albert Edward of Culverfield Tytherleigh Axminster Devon
1962   GLANVILLE Albert Edward of Rosedene Dobwalls Liskeard Cornwall
1917   GLANVILLE Albert Edwin of Cumberland, commercial clerk
1911   GLANVILLE Albert Francis of 26 Lower Rock Gardens, Brighton
1941   GLANVILLE Albert Francis of Barbican, Plymouth
1959   GLANVILLE Albert James Hooper of Kenton Harrow Middlesex
1935   GLANVILLE Albert William of Horsham, Sussex
1952   GLANVILLE Albert William of Higher Compton Plymouth
1936   GLANVILLE Alfred of Plymouth
1878   GLANVILLE Alfred Charles of Angel Town, Brixton, Surrey
1938   GLANVILLE Alfred Edward of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
1940   GLANVILL Alfred Henry of Tufnell Park, London
1924   GLANVILL Alfred John of Cobham, Surrey
1944   GLANVILLE Alfred John of Ebury Square, London SW1
1957   GLANVILL Alfred John of Flat l Police Station South-street Torquay
1930   GLANVILLE Alice of Fairford, Gloucestershire, spinster
1953   GLANVILL Alice of Essex (wife of Charles William Glanvill)
1947   GLANVILLE Alice of Harwell, Berkshire, widow
1963   GLANVILLE Alice of 6 Henry Road Beeston Nottinghamshire widow
1956   GLANVILLE Alice of 9 Wellsted-street Kingston-upon-Hull widow
1975   GLANVILLE Alice Charlotte of 83 Church St St Columb Minor Newquay Cornwall
1953   GLANVILLE Alice Lucinda of Sinclair-road London W.14 spinster
1954   GLANVILLE Alice Lydia of Clyst Hydon Devonshire widow
1955   GLANVILLE Alice Mabel of St Pauls Bristol 2 (wife of Frank Glanville)
1971   GLANVILL Alice Marie of Ebbsworth Nutbourne Pulborough Sussex
1975   SMITH Alison Mary Glanvill of Nepcroft Steep La Findon Sussex
1972   GLANVILLE Allan Arthur of 652 Bitterne Rd Bitterne Southampton
1941   GLANVILLE Alice Maud of East Sheen (wife of Charles James Glanville)
1975   GLANVILLE Alice Maud of St Ian Trelights Port Isaac Cornwall
1970   GLANVILL Alured John Wreford Walker of 8 Menlo Av Irby Wirral Cheshire
1895   GLANVILLE Amabel of St Germans (wife of Francis Glanville)
1915   GLANVILLE Amelia of 69 Lewisham Park, Kent, spinster
1920   GLANVILLE Amelia of Wembley (wife of William Glanville)
1964   GLANVILLE Amelia of 37 Fore Street Bradninch Devon
1947   GLANVILLE Amelia Pearse of Kensal Rise (wife of George Glanville)
1942   GLANVILLE Amy of Bournemouth, widow
1975   GLANVILLE Amy of 33 St Marys Cres Bridlington North Humberside
1967   GLANVILL Amy Louise Mary Ann of 24 Holne Chase Morden Surrey
1963   GLANVILLE Amy Maria of 133 Magdalen Road Oxford spinster
1879   GLANVILL Andrew of the City of Exeter, accountant
1936   GLANVILLE Andrew of Gillingham, Kent
1960   GLANVILLE Andrew of Royal Chelsea Hospital Highlands Road Leatherhead Surrey
1885   GLANVILLE Ann of Broadclyst then Totnes, Devon, widow
1901   GLANVILLE Ann of 20 Ross Street, Devonport, widow
1905   GLANVILLE Ann of Shankhouse, Northumberland, widow
1908   GLANVILLE Ann of Westcombe Park, Greenwich, Kent, spinster
1912   GLANVILL Ann of Balsall Heath, Birmingham, widow
1924   GLANVILLE Ann of Oxford (wife of Edgar Glanville)
1949   GLANVILLE Ann of Ryhope, County Durham, widow
1902   GLANVILLE Ann Creber of Whitchurch, Devonport, spinster
1914   GLANVILLE Anna of Hampstead (wife of Charles Thomas Glanville)
1877   GLANVILLE Anna Maria of Stoke, Devonport, Devon, widow
1922   GLANVILL Anna Maria of Deal (wife of Edwin Salusbury Page Tardrew)
1910   GLANVILLE Anne Catherine of Oxford (wife of Edward William Glanville)
1887   GLANVILLE Anne Eliza of Pembroke Dock, widow
1953   GLANVILLE Annetta of Esh Winning county Durham widow
1908   GLANVILLE Annie of Cornwall (wife of Constantine Glanville)
1933   GLANVILE Annie of Burnham on Sea, Somerset, widow
1939   GLANVILLE Annie of Exeter, spinster
1943   GLANVILLE Annie of Swilly, Plymouth (wife of Jabez Glanville)
1961   GLANVILLE Annie of 13 Wellington Road Camborne Cornwall widow
1962   GLANVILLE Annie Beddard of Bitterne Southampton (wife of Sidney Glanville)
1952   GLANVILL Annie Elizabeth of Hall Green Birmingharn, spinster
1943   GLANVILL Annie Florence of Moseley, Birmingham 13, widow
1922   GLANVILLE Annie Lee of Blackrock, Dublin, spinster
1962   GLANVILLE Anne Loudon of Salisbury (wife of Percy Greville Glanville)
1916   GLANVILL Annie Mabel of 60 Spa Road, Weymouth, Dorset
1931   GLANVILLE Annie Margaret of Liverpool (wife of Arthur Harry Ivey Glanville)
1962   GLANVILLE Annie Maria of 14 Barrack Road Heavitree Exeter widow
1899   GLANVILLE Anthony of "Trevilson" Newlyn East, Cornwall, farmer
1972   GLANVILLE Antony Hugh of Meeham Farm St Newlyn East Newquay Cornwall
1909   GLANVILLE Arabella of Kingston upon Hull, widow
1941   GLANVILLE Arthur Cyril of Milehouse, Plymouth
1968   GLANVILLE Arthur Ernest of 16 Berwick Dv Crosby Liverpool 23
1907   GLANVILLE Arthur George of Catchfrench, St Germans, Cornwall
1960   GLANVILLE Arthur Gordon of Portsdown Hill Cosham Portsmouth
1960   GLANVILLE Arthur Harry Davidson of Higham Road Woodford Green Essex
1955   GLANVILLE Arthur Harry of 65 Stormont-road Garston Liverpool 19
1969   GLANVILL Arthur Henry Francis of 37 Park Rd Donnington Telford Salop
1904   GLANVILLE Arthur James of Anerley Hill, Norwood, Surrey
1969   GLANVILLE Arthur Jeremy of 44 Grange Rd Grays Essex
1955   GLANVILLE Arthur Paull of 8a Godolphin-road Long Rock Cornwall
1917   GLANVILLE Arthur Richard of Homeleigh, Yelverton, Devon
1963   GLANVILLE Arthur Richard of 50 Fabian Road Fulham London S.W.6
1947   GLANVILLE Arthur Robert Estcourt of S.S. Stuart Queen
1974   GLANVILL Arthur William of 42 Knole Rd Bournemouth
1962   GLANVILL Augusta of 20 The Street Wittersham near Tenterden Kent spinster
1951   GLANVILLE Augusta Anne of Dulwich London widow
1941   GLANVILLE Barbara of Brixham (wife of Frederick Blake Glanville)
1950   GLANVILLE Beatrice Gertrude of Dover Street, London W1, widow
1938   GLANVILLE Beatrice Mary Johannah of Saint Pinnock, spinster
1958   GLANVILL Benjamin Andrew of Lloyds and Bromley, Kent
1945   GLANVILLE Bertha of Radlett, Hertfordshire, widow
1868   GLANVILLE Bertha Yea of Woodbury, Devon
1970   GLANVILLE Bertie Fairfax of 33 Valletort House Union Pl Plymouth
1941   GLANVILLE Bertrum of North Barnhurst, Kent
1964   GLANVILLE Bessie Jane of Clowance Crowan Cornwall widow
1954   GLANVILL Bessie Lean of Teignmouth Devonshire spinster
1942   GLANVILLE Bessie Louise of Exeter (wife of William Glanville)
1957   GLANVILLE Bessie Louise of Exeter (wife of William Glanville)
1975   GLANVILLE Bessie Maria of 33 Beaufort Rd St Thomas Exeter
1953   GLANVILLE Bessie of Wadebridge Cornwall (wife of Ernest Glanville)
1896   GLANVILLE Betsy of Chavey down Winkfield, Berkshire, spinster
1867   GLANVILL Burgess of St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey
1896   GLANVILL Caroline of Exeter, spinster
1969   GLANVILLE Caroline of 11 Belgrave Terr Addington Liskeard Cornwall
1878   GLANVILLE Caroline Elizabeth Creed of Brixton, Surrey, spinster
1936   GLANVILLE Caroline Sarah of Brougham Road, Worthing, widow
1928   GLANVILLE Catherine of Hampstead (wife of Henry James Glanville)
1875   GLANVILLE Catherine Fanshawe of St Germans, Cornwall
1972   GLANVILLE Cecil Charles of Bridgemary Manor Hotel Brewers La Bridgemary Gosport
1974   GLANVILLE Cecil James of 1 Down Morden College London SE3
1964   GLANVILLE Cecil John of Rose Cottage Clyst Hydon near Cullompton Devon
1948   GLANVILLE Cecilia Zilpah of Kenya, Kidlington, Oxfordshire, widow
1941   GLANVILLE Celia of St Leonards on Sea, widow
1894   GLANVILL Charles of Bristol, retired licensed victualler
1900   GLANVILLE Charles of Abingdon, Berkshire, actuary
1912   GLANVILL Charles of St Thomas' Hospital, Surrey
1920   GLANVILLE Charles of Montreal, Canada
1929   GLANVILLE Charles of Shepherds Bush, Middlesex
1942   GLANVILLE Charles of Leyton, London E10
1952   GLANVILLE Charles of London E.11
1959   GLANVILLE Charles otherwise William Charles. See William Charles for Charles
1966   GLANVILLE Charles Augustus of 44 Rectory Road Hornsey London
1929   GLANVILL Charles Ernest of Hounslow, Middlesex
1970   GLANVILLE Charles Ernest of The Court Wellington Somerset
1903   GLANVILLE Charles Glover of Stoke Newington, Middlesex
1934   GLANVILLE Charles Harding of Banwell, Somerset
1946   GLANVILLE Charles Henry of Barnsbury, London N1
1946   GLANVILLE Charles Henry of Upper Brighton Road, Worthing
1965   GLANVILLE Charles Henry Justus of Northcotts Farm Whimple Devon
1947   GLANVILLE Charles Herbert of Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire
1953   GLANVILLE Charles Herbert Albert of Southampton
1974   GLANVILLE Charles James of The Mount Flat 1 Church St Whitchurch Hants
1948   GLANVILLE Charles Percy of Hammersmith, London
1947   GLANVILLE Charles Robert of Oxford
1872   GLANVILLE Charles Thomas of Southwark then Clapham, Surrey
1920   GLANVILLE Charles Thomas of Hampstead, Middlesex
1939   GLANVILLE Charles William of Worthing
1962   GLANVILL Charles William of Cremorne Ringwood Road West Moors Dorset
1933   GLANVILL Charles Woodman of Westcliffe on Sea, Essex
1890   GLANVILLE Charlotte of Bridgwater, Somerset, widow
1912   GLANVILLE Charlotte of Camden Town, Middlesex, widow
1929   GLANVILLE Charlotte of Berrick Salome, Oxfordshire, spinster
1959   GLANVILLE Charlotte Elizabeth of The Green Kings Norton Birmingham widow
1973   GLANVILLE Charlotte Louisa of Basford Hospital Sherwood Nottingham
1885   GLANVILLE Charlotte Margaret of Exeter
1901   GLANVILE Charlotte Maria of Burnham, Somerset, widow
1965   GLANVILLE Chrissie Randall of 1 Tennyson Road Gillingham Kent
1932   GLANVILLE Christiana Louisa of Southampton, spinster
1925   GLANVILL Clara of Birmingham (wife of Robert Hope Glanvill)
1946   GLANVILLE Clara of Sunbury on Thames (wife of Latimer Glanville)
1960   GLANVILLE Clara of 229 Goldhawk Road London W.12 spinster
1960   GLANVILLE Clara of 191 Curzon Street Leicester (wife of Edward Glanville)
1946   GLANVILLE Clara Jane of Paignton, Devon, widow
1932   GLANVILLE Clara Theresa of Portsmouth (wife of Thomas Glanville)
1973   GLANVILLE Claud Ernest John of 77 Somerset Pl Stoke Plymouth
1967   GLANVILLE Claude Edward of Pladda Argyle Road Burnham-on-Crouch Essex
1940   GLANVILLE Clifford Frank of Seaton, Devonshire
1951   GLANVILLE Constance of Fulham London (wife of Arthur Richard Glanville)
1863   GLANVILLE Cordelia Fanshawe of St Germans, Cornwall
1950   GLANVILL Cornelius Ruck of Beckenham, Kent
1949   GLANVILLE Daisy of Taunton (wife of William Victor Glanville)
1890   GLANVILLE Daniel of Leeds, Yorkshire, licensed victualler
1934   GLANVILL Daniel Robert of Mildenhall, Suffolk
1913   GLANVILLE Davina Wilkie of Middlesex (wife of George Whitefield Glanville)
1963   GLANVILLE Dora of Flat 130 Rossmore Court Park Road London N.W.1 widow
1940   GLANVILLE Dora Maria of Exeter, spinster
1941   GLANVILLE Dora Maria of Exeter, spinster
1952   GLANVILLE Dorothy Helena of Hampshire (wife of Llewellyn Stanley Howard Glanville)
1946   GLANVILLE Dorothy Joan of Wimbledon, Surrey, spinster
1952   GLANVILL Dudley Ernest of Brighton
1944   GLANVILLE Dudley Frances of Gloucestershire, spinster
1923   GLANVILLE Ebenezer Richard of Southampton, retired accountant
1867   GLANVILLE Edgar of Oxford
1928   GLANVILLE Edgar of Oxford
1960   GLANVILL Edith Anne of Harborne Birmingham (wife of Herbert George Glanvill)
1974   GLANVILLE Edith Annie of West Llanteg Llanteg Narberth Dyfed
1920   GLANVILLE Edith Isabel of Devon (wife of Percy Greville Glanville)
1954   GLANVILLE Edith Mitchell of Penzance (wife of Philip Richard Glanville)
1870   GLANVILL Edith Newnham of Guildford, Surrey
1960   GLANVILLE Edith Priscilla of 8 Lopes Road Milehouse Plymouth widow
1913   GLANVILL Edith Rose of South Kensington, Middlesex, widow
1971   GLANVILLE Edith Victoria of St Lawrence Hospital Bodmin
1879   GLANVILLE Edward of Doncaster, Yorkshire, painter
1894   GLANVILLE Edward of Kingston upon Hull, ships steward
1966   GLANVILLE Edward of 379 Bricknells Avenue Kingston-upon-Hull
1956   GLANVILL Edward of 76 Langleys-road Selly Oak Birmingham
1968   GLANVILLE Edward of 83 Goodwood Rd Leicester
1945   GLANVILLE Edward Albert of Purbrook, Portsmouth
1951   GLANVILL Edward Albert Frederick of Tottenham London
1962   GLANVILL Edward Alexander of 9 Highwood Road Islington London
1878   GLANVILLE Edward Fanshawe (Rev) of City of Oxford, clerk
1961   GLANVILLE Edward George of Chestnut House Dundry Bristol
1864   GLANVILLE Edward James of St Pancras, Middlesex
1962   GLANVILL Edward John of 10 Buttrills Road Barry Glamorgan
1957   GLANVILLE Edward Nicholas of 36 Windmill-road Polegate Sussex
1943   GLANVILL Edward Reginald of Grimsby
1957   GLANVILLE Edward William Thomas of Down-road Portishead Somersetshire
1925   GLANVILLE Edwin of Bognor, Sussex
1956   GLANVILLE Edwin of 16 Porth Bean-road Newquay Cornwall
1974   GLANVILL Edwin of 4 Ford Cottages Sidford Sidmouth Devon
1965   GLANVILLE Edwin Allan of 76 Sandstone Road Stoneycroft Liverpool 13
1935   GLANVILLE Edwin Deeble of Pensilva, Saint Ive, Cornwall
1950   GLANVILLE Edwin Peel of Wallsend, Northumberland
1972   GLANVILLE Edwin Pell of 35 The Crescent Wallsend Northumberland
1974   GLANVILLE Edwin Roger of 10 Spring Av Rodwell Weymouth
1959   GLANVILLE Edythe Mary C.B.E. Of 5 Harrington Gardens Kensington London widow
1929   GLANVILE Egbert of Westbury Sub Mendip, Somerset
1969   GLANVILL Eileen Marie of Corblets Church La Claverdon Warwickshire
1974   GLANVILLE Eileen May of 7 St Audbins Av Broomhill Bristol
1913   GLANVILL Eleanor of Bristol (wife of the Rev Frederick Glanville)
1935   GLANVILLE Eleanor Marie of New York, USA, spinster
1964   GLANVILLE Elisa of 167 Clifton Road Rugby widow died
1868   GLANVILLE Eliza of Ketton, Rutland, widow
1870   GLANVILLE Eliza of North Cerney, Gloucester
1921   GLANVILLE Eliza of Devonport (wife of John James Glanville)
1923   GLANVILLE Eliza of 81 Edith Avenue, Plymouth, widow
1926   GLANVILLE Eliza of Liskeard, Cornwall, spinster
1926   GLANVILLE Eliza of Worthing, widow
1886   GLANVILLE Eliza Mary of Lewisham, Kent
1909   GLANVILLE Eliza Yorke of Pembrokeshire, widow
1866   GLANVILL Elizabeth of Westminster, Middlesex
1891   GLANVILLE Elizabeth of Old Sodbury, Gloucestershire, widow
1897   GLANVILL Elizabeth of Barnstaple, Devon, widow
1901   GLANVILLE Elizabeth of Abingdon, Berkshire, widow
1907   GLANVILLE Elizabeth of 8 Wantage Road, Lee, Kent, widow
1916   GLANVILLE Elizabeth of Portreath Illogan, Cornwall, widow
1936   GLANVILLE Elizabeth of Benson on Thames, Oxfordshire, spinster
1937   GLANVILL Elizabeth of Clapham, London SW4, spinster
1938   GLANVILLE Elizabeth of Coventry, widow
1932   GLANVILL Elizabeth Ann of Blackheath, Kent, widow
1971   GLANVILLE Elizabeth Ann of 17 Trafalgar Rd Tenby Pembs
1953   GLANVILLE Elizabeth Ann of Liskeard Cornwall widow
1968   GLANVILLE Elizabeth Caroline of Geriatric Hospital Newton Abbot Devon
1944   GLANVILL Elizabeth Edith of Birstall, Leicester, spinster
1898   GLANVILLE Elizabeth Edwards of Banwell, Somerset, widow
1958   GLANVILLE Elizabeth Ellen of St Judes Plymouth (wife of Jabez Glanville)
1952   GLANVILLE Elizabeth Ellen of Southall Middlesex spinster
1951   GLANVILLE Elizabeth Emily of Purley Surrey (wife of William Henry Glanville)
1941   GLANVILLE Elizabeth Emma of Colchester (wife of Harry Glanville)
1919   GLANVILLE Elizabeth Gibson of Redland, Bristol, widow
1970   GLANVILLE Elizabeth Grace Winifred of 16 Stonor Pk Rd Solihull
1948   GLANVILLE Elizabeth Harriet, of Clyst Hydon, Devon, widow
1944   GLANVILLE Elizabeth Jane of Catford, London, widow
1876   GLANVILLE Elizabeth Mary of St Germans, Cornwall, spinster
1922   GLANVILLE Elizabeth Mary of Hayle Phillack, Cornwall, widow
1938   GLANVILLE Elizabeth Mary of Lee, Kent, spinster
1949   GLANVILLE Elizabeth Mary of Bristol (wife of Thomas William Glanville)
1939   GLANVILLE Ellen of Newport Pagnell (wife of Charles Herbert Glanville)
1960   GLANVILLE Ellen of 42 Norwoodl Road Southall Middlesex spinster
1963   GLANVILLE Ellen Elizabeth of 20 Clive Road Oxford widow
1935   GLANVILLE Ellen Julia of Exmouth, Devon, widow
1904   GLANVILLE Ellen Mary of Tunbridge Wells (wife of George Glanville)
1961   GLANVILLE Ellen Norah of 26 Stanhope Road Littlehampton Sussex
1948   GLANVILL Ellen Putley of Brixton Hill, London SW2, spinster
1959   GLANVILLE Ellen Sophia of 40 Minster Road Oxford widow
1967   GLANVILLE Elsie Emmeline Prouse of 83 Abbotsbury Road Newton Abbot Devon
1963   GLANVILE Elsie May of St Josephs Home Plymouth widow
1975   GLANVILLE Elsie Myra of 82 Ferme Park Rd London N8
1950   GLANVILLE Elsie Tamar of Newton Abbot (wife of Bertie Fairfax Glanville)
1904   GLANVILLE Emily of 24 Shepperton Road, Middlesex, widow
1923   GLANVILLE Emily of Woodstock, Oxfordshire, spinster
1946   GLANVILLE Emily of Arnold, Nottinghamshire, widow
1970   GLANVILLE Emily of 19 Alum Chine Rd Westbourne Bournemouth
1913   GLANVILLE Emily Caroline of Brentford (wife of William F C Glanville)
1941   GLANVILLE Emily Elizabeth of Plymouth (wife of Arthur Cyril Glanville)
1930   GLANVILLE Emily Georgina of Combeinteignhead, Devon, widow
1968   GLANVILLE Emily Margaret of 34 Cowper Gdns Wallington Surrey
1893   GLANVILLE Emma of Park Lane, Middlesex, spinster
1894   GLANVILLE Emma of Plymouth (wife of George Glanville)
1924   GLANVILLE Emma of Balsall Heath, Birmingham, spinster
1937   GLANVILLE Emma of The Barbican, Plymouth, widow
1896   GLANVILLE Emma Harris of Portswood, Hants, widow
1925   GLANVILLE Emma Jane of Hotwell, Bristol, spinster
1955   GLANVILLE Emma Jane of Newquay Cornwall (wife of Arthur Glanville)
1968   GLANVILLE Emma Louise of 26 Rothesay Rd Gosport
1958   GLANVILL Emma Louise of Woodbury Devon (wife of John Lewis Steer Glanvill)
1942   GLANVILLE Emma Raymont of Bampton, Devon (wife of Ernest Frank)
1954   GLANVILLE Emma of Bradninch Devonshire (wife of Charles Glanville)
1972   GLANVILLE Ernest of Gerrans Knelle Rd Robertsbridge Sussex
1960   GLANVILLE Ernest of Trevanson Wadebridge Cornwall
1969   GLANVILLE Ernest of Rose Cottage Totteridge La Totteridge Herts
1960   GLANVILLE Ernest of Riverview Trevanson Road Wadebridge
1925   GLANVILL Ernest Alfred of Hampstead, Middlesex
1937   GLANVILLE M.B.E. Ernest Alfred of Northwood, Middlesex
1953   GLANVILLE Ernest Arthur of Westminster
1958   GLANVILLE Ernest Edward or 3 New Barn Lane Whyteleafe Surrey
1946   GLANVILLE Ernest Frank of Uplowman, Devon
1936   GLANVILLE Ernest George of Mitcham, Surrey and also Middlesex
1915   GLANVILLE Ernest James Theodore of Liskeard, Cornwall
1940   GLANVILLE Ernest Marks of Moor Farm, Crediton, Devonshire
1914   GLANVILL Captain Ernest Mure of Edinburgh, R.A.M.C.
1925   GLANVILLE Ernest Richard John of Ramsgate
1957   GLANVILLE Ernest Stuart of Sea View Perranporth Cornwall
1975   GLANVILLE Ernest Trerise of Lauriston Bridge Illogan Redruth
1936   GLANVILLE Ernest Wilfred of Kilburn, Middlesex
1949   GLANVILLE Ernest William of Kingston upon Hull
1960   GLANVILLE Esther of Duloe Cornwall spinster
1955   GLANVILLE Esther Amelia of Kennel-lane Fetcham Surrey widow
1906   GLANVILLE Esther Elizabeth of Southsea (wife of Fred Tom Glanville)
1940   GLANVILLE Esther Mary of Babbacombe Road, Torquay, spinster
1961   GLANVILL Ethel of 27 Queens Road Bromley Kent widow
1960   GLANVILLE Ethel of Bicton Old Rectory Budleigh Salterton Devon spinster
1953   GLANVILLE Ethel Alice of Devonshire (wife of Samuel George Glanville)
1956   GLANVILLE Ethel Annie of 118 Whyteclife-road Purley Surrey married woman
1961   GLANVILLE Ethel Mary of 53 North Road Highgate Village London N.6. Widow
1971   GLANVILLE Ethel Mary of Hillside St Newlyn East Cornwall
1972   GLANVILLE Ethel Mary of West Trevillies St Keyne Liskeard Cornwall
1967   GLANVILLE Ethel Maude of 704 Bath Road Taplow Buckinghamshire
1971   GLANVILLE Eugenie Mary of 2 Claremont Rectory Rd St Stephen St Austell
1965   GLANVILLE Eva of 52 Thornill Road Plymouth
1962   GLANVILL Eveline Nina of Boscombe Bournemouth (wife of Felix Henry Glanvill)
1975   GLANVILLE Eveline of 2 Trelawney Rd Saltash Cornwall
1961   GLANVILLE Ewart Henry of 24 Woodcote Close Epsom Surrey
1941   GLANVILLE or GRANVILLE Fanny of Dundry, Somerset, widow
1946   GLANVILLE Fanny Mashford of Exbourne, Devon, widow
1959   GLANVILLE Flora of 12 Sutton Square Kingsbury Road Minworth Warwickshire widow
1970   GLANVILLE Florence otherwise Flora of 9 Hayle Terr Hayle Cornwall
1972   GLANVILLE Florence of 38 Harlech Wy Grimsby
1955   GLANVILLE Florence of 108 Beauval-road Dulwich London widow
1957   GLANVILLE Florence of Shepherds Bush London W.12 spinster
1963   GLANVILLE Florence Beatrice of Booker High Wycombe Buckinghamshire widow
1949   GLANVILLE Florence Elizabeth of Plymouth, widow
1959   GLANVILL Florence Margaretta of Battersea London S.W.11 widow
1961   GLANVILLE Florence Maud of London E.17 (wife of George William Glanville)
1917   GLANVILL Florence Richmond of Wimbledon (wife of George Glanvill)
1972   GLANVILLE Florence Sarah of 2 Clarering Rd London E.12
1916   GLANVILLE Florence Tryphena of Whimple, Devon, spinster
1862   GLANVILE Forest of Westbury, Somerset, yeoman
1898   GLANVILE Forest Ashfield of Puritan, Somerset, gentleman
1943   GLANVILE Forest Ashfield of Worcester Park, Surrey
1931   GLANVILL Frances of South Australia, widow
1925   GLANVILLE Frances Guenevere of Surrey (wife of Francis Glanville)
1923   GLANVILLE Frances Louise of Brighton, spinster
1940   GLANVILLE Frances Mary of Brondesbury, London NW6, widow
1954   GLANVILLE Frances Sarah of Plymouth (wife of William Percival Curran Glanville)
1881   GLANVILLE Francis of Ermington, Devon then Stratford, Wiltshire
1900   GLANVILLE Francis of Chelsea, Middlesex, chemist
1918   GLANVILLE Francis of St Austell, Cornwall, retired grocer
1938   GLANVILLE Francis of Southernleigh, Lingfield, Surrey
1940   GLANVILLE Francis Claude of Catford, London
1892   GLANVILLE Francis Cust of Banwell, Somerset, retired saddler
1971   GLANVILLE Francis Henry of 41 Worcester Rd Sutton
1944   GLANVILLE Francis James Robert of St.Budeaux, Devonport
1933   GLANVILLE Francis Peter of Hartley Road, Exmouth, Devon
1910   GLANVILLE Francis Robert of 15 Leigham Street, Plymouth
1909   GLANVILLE Frank of Plymouth, licensed victualler
1923   GLANVILL Frank of 18 Crompton Street, Derby
1944   GLANVILLE Frank of Tumbles Cottage, Exbourne, Devon
1972   GLANVILLE Frank of 72 Victoria Rd Oxford
1963   GLANVILLE Frank of 120 Winton Drive Croxley Green Hertfordshire
1962   GLANVILLE Frank of 30 Northville Road Filton Park Bristol
1965   GLANVILL Frank of 7 Queens Road Furzeham Brixham Devon
1966   GLANVILLE Frank of Ruthvos St. Columb Major Cornwall
1966   GLANVILLE Frank of Whitleigh Residential Home Plymouth
1899   GLANVILLE Frank Cleaver of Hampstead, Middlesex, shipowner
1930   GLANVILLE Frank Edgar of Paignton, Devon
1938   GLANVILLE Frank Henry of Bedford Park, Middlesex
1963   GLANVILLE Frank Henry of 112 Durham Road Feltham Middlesex
1913   GLANVILLE Frank Josephus Richard of Carshalton, Surrey
1917   GLANVILL Fred of 60 Spa Road, Weymouth, Dorset
1930   GLANVILLE Fred of Bedfont, Middlesex
1906   GLANVILLE Fred Tom of Fareham, Hants
1950   GLANVILLE Freda of Litherland, Lancashire, spinster
1937   GLANVILLE Frederic Ernest of Litherland near Liverpool
1914   GLANVILL The Reverend Frederick of Cotham Park, Bristol, clerk
1946   GLANVILLE Frederick of Knapp Road, Cheltenham
1942   GLANVILLE Frederick Blake of Drew Street, Brixham, Devon
1954   GLANVILL Frederick Charles of 108 Kirkwood-road London S.E.15
1955   GLANVILLE Frederick George of 14 The Fairway East Acton Middlesex
1970   GLANVILL Frederick Henry of 379 Dorchester Rd Weymouth
1879   GLANVILL Frederick Henry William of Walton on Thames, Surrey
1965   GLANVILLE Frederick John of 790 Wolseley Road Plymouth
1957   GLANVILLE Frederick Reginald of Thornhill-road Mannamead Plymouth
1962   GLANVILLE Frederick Richard of 14 The Fairway East Action London W.3
1954   GLANVILLE Frederick Richard of Great Knollys-street Reading
1920   GLANVILLE Frederick William of Portswood, Southampton
1862   GLANVILL George of Southdown, Maker a retired Cmdr. H.M.Navy
1866   GLANVILE George of Christleton, Chester
1874   GLANVILLE George of Christleton, County of Chester
1885   GLANVILLE George of Walworth, Surrey, travelling pyrotechnist
1901   GLANVILLE George of Devonport, naval pensioner
1908   GLANVILLE George of 7 Tamar Terrace, Pill, Saltash, Cornwall
1914   GLANVILLE George of Torpoint, Cornwall, naval pensioner
1918   GLANVILLE George of West Didsbury, Lancashire, bank manager
1920   GLANVILLE George of Pyrton, Oxfordshire, builder
1925   GLANVILLE George of Grove Hill Road, Tunbridge Wells
1929   GLANVILL George of Worple Road, Wimbledon, Surrey
1935   GLANVILLE George of Hanwell, Middlesex
1937   GLANVILLE George of Lambeth, London
1943   GLANVILLE George of Watford, Hertfordshire
1940   GLANVILLE George Edward of Plymouth
1962   GLANVILLE George Edward of 31 Beech Avenue Newark Nottinghamshire
1887   GLANVILLE George Frederick of Abingdon, Berkshire, gentleman
1936   GLANVILL George Gerald of Exeter
1955   GLANVILLE George Grosvenor of Tite Hill Englefield Green Surrey
1934   GLANVILL George Henry of Derby
1971   GLANVILLE George Henry of 100 Orston Drive Wollaton Pk Nottingham
1974   GLANVILLE George Henry of 16 Heol Pant y Deri Ely Cardiff
1964   GLANVILLE George Henry of 6 Junction Road Reading
1966   GLANVILLE George Joseph Henry of 44 Allison Avenue Brislington Bristol
1960   GLANVILLE George Kelsey of Weston Parade Netley Abbey Southampton
1951   GLANVILL George Robert of Peckham London
1918   GLANVILLE George Whitefield of Dartmouth Park Hill, Middlesex
1919   GLANVILLE George William of Chingford, Essex
1954   GLANVILLE George William of 20 Henley-street Oxford
1966   GLANVILLE George William of 71 Kingsmead House London E.9
1968   GLANVILLE Georgina Butters of 54 Melville Rd Falmouth
1957   GLANVILLE Gerald Walter of Astwell Hall Warren-road Torquay
1947   GLANVILL Geraldine of Beckenham (wife of Cornelius Ruck Glanvill)
1967   GLANVILL Gertrude of 11 Lonsdale Gardens Tunbridge Wells
1975   GLANVILLE Gertrude Ann of 24 Middleton Clo Townhill Pk Southampton
1955   GLANVILLE Gertrude Blanche of Acton London W.3 widow
1955   GLANVILLE Gertrude Bowden of Victoria-road Clevedon Somersetshire spinster
1913   GLANVILLE Gilbert Bowen of Exeter, bank cashier
1962   GLANVILLE Gladys Louise of Woking Surrey (wife of Leonard Alfred Dick Glanville)
1966   GLANVILLE Gladys Maud of 129 Bath Road Totterdown Bristol
1973   GLANVILLE Gladys Rose Clare of 16 York Rd Torpoint Cornwall
1970   GLANVILLE Gladys Sophia of 14 Branting Hill Gro Glenfield Leics
1952   GLANVILLE Gordon of Bridport Dorset
1974   GLANVILLE Gordon of Melrose The Gounce Perranporth Cornwall
1943   GLANVILLE Gordon Arthur Davidson of Chingford, London
1953   GLANVILLE Gordon Robert of Leyton London
1876   GLANVILLE Grace of Plymouth, Devon, widow
1946   GLANVILL Grace of London (wife of Frederick Charles Glanvill)
1923   GLANVILLE Grace Rostron of Twickenham (wife of Ewart Henry Glanville)
1858   GLANVILL Hannah of Tintagel then Bodmin, Cornwall, widow
1873   GLANVILE Hannah of Westbury, Somerset, widow
1927   GLANVILL (WREFORD-GLANVILL) Hannah of Exeter, widow
1898   GLANVILLE Hannah Elizabeth of Cumberland (wife of Richard Glanville)
1954   GLANVILL Hannah Maria of 12 Ashfield-road Liverpool 17 spinster
1932   GLANVILLE Hannah Peel of Wallsend (wife of Edwin Peel Glanville)
1966   GLANVILLE Harold Charles Philip of The Creek Sunbury-on-Thames Middlesex
1961   GLANVILL Harold Edward of 34 St Aidans Road St George Bristol
1940   GLANVILL Harold Hambleton of St George, Bristol 5
1930   GLANVILLE Harold James of Sydenham, Kent
1966   GLANVILLE Harold James Abbott of 26 Dartmouth Row Blackheath London
1932   GLANVILLE Harold Thomas of Whitchurch, Glamorganshire
1964   GLANVILLE Harold William of Woodhayes Cottages Whimple Devon
1878   GLANVILLE Harriet of Liskeard, Cornwall, widow
1935   GLANVILLE Harriet of St Cleer, Cornwall (wife of Henry Glanville)
1903   GLANVILL Harriett of Albaston, Calstock, Cornwall, widow
1975   GLANVILLE Harriet Ann of Long Barn Portsdown Hill Rd Cosham Portsmouth
1970   GLANVILL Harriet Constance of 76 Wharfedale Gdns Thornton Heath Surrey
1932   GLANVILLE or GRANVILLE Harry of Dundry, Somerset
1934   GLANVILLE Harry of Norwich
1941   GLANVILLE Harry of Colchester
1942   GLANVILLE Harry of Tavistock, Devon
1942   GLANVILLE or GRANVILLE Harry of Dundry, Somerset
1960   GLANVILL Harry of 1 Lynwood Terrace High Street Crediton Devon
1972   GLANVILL Harry of Corblets Claverdon Warwickshire
1912   GLANVILL Harry Clifton of North Park, Calstock, Cornwall, farmer
1927   GLANVILL Harry George of Birmingham
1887   GLANVILLE Helen of Balham then Croydon, Surrey, spinster
1942   GLANVILLE Helen of Westmorland, widow
1942   GLANVILLE Henrietta Elizabeth of Bournemouth (wife of David Hill Glanville)
1917   GLANVILLE Henrietta Maria of Topsham, Devon, spinster
1870   GLANVILL Henry of East Stonehouse, Devon
1877   GLANVILLE Henry of Payhembury, Devon, farmer
1880   GLANVILLE Henry of Tavistock, Devon, farmer
1900   GLANVILLE Henry of Pershore, Worcestershire, market gardener
1910   GLANVILLE Henry of Exeter, retired waiter
1913   GLANVILL Henry of Woodbury, Devon, retired farmer
1913   GLANVILLE Henry of Anyards Road, Cobham, Surrey
1914   GLANVILLE Henry of 113 Western Road, Lewes
1918   GLANVILL Henry of West Ealing, Middlesex
1922   GLANVILLE Henry of Southampton, retired wire worker
1927   GLANVILL Henry of Blackheath, Kent
1933   GLANVILL Henry of Webbers farm, Woodbury, Devon
1938   GLANVILLE Henry of Durite, Saint Cleer, Cornwall
1941   GLANVILLE Henry of Clowance Crowan, Cornwall
1944   GLANVILLE Henry of Newlyn East, Newquay, Cornwall
1972   GLANVILLE Henry of 1 Chapel Terr Cubert Cornwall
1951   GLANVILLE Henry of Kings Norton Birmingham
1960   GLANVILLE Henry of Wheal Alfred Hayle Cornwall
1972   GLANVILLE Henry Alexander of 16 West Clo Polegate Sussex
1933   GLANVILLE Henry Benjamin of Bournemouth
1900   GLANVILLE the Reverend Henry Carew of Sheirock Rectory
1972   GLANVILLE Henry Charles Frederick of Woodgrange Av Brent London
1903   GLANVILLE Henry Crymes of Whitchurch, Devonport
1943   GLANVILLE Henry Estcourt of Cricklewood, London
1963   GLANVILLE Henry Herbert otherwise Henry of 86 Colegrave Road London E.15
1915   GLANVILLE Henry James of 57 Herne Hill, Surrey
1931   GLANVILLE Henry James of Hampstead, Middlesex
1925   GLANVILL Henry Noel of Lee, Kent
1874   GLANVILLE Henry Richard of Bethnall Green Road, Middlesex
1952   GLANVILLE Henry Rule of Highgate London N.6
1924   GLANVILLE Henry Victor of Upper Stratton, Wiltshire
1947   GLANVILLE Herbert Charles Adams of Bournemouth
1975   GLANVILLE Herbert Frank of 7 Townlands Bradninch Exter
1960   GLANVILL Herbert George of 91 Tennal Road Harborne Birmingham
1964   GLANVILLE Herbert James Shaddick of 5 The Gove Wraxall Somersetshire
1945   GLANVILLE Herbert Richard of Reading
1933   GLANVILLE Hilda Dorothy of Southsea (wife of Albert Victor Glanville)
1964   GLANVILLE Hilda Mabel Agnes of 40 Florence Road Boscombe Bournemouth spinster
1966   GLANVILLE Hilda Marion Tyndale of 1 Cannon Place Hampstead London
1951   GLANVILL Howard Austin of Norbury London
1920   GLANVILL Howard Wreford of Brixton, Surrey
1966   GLANVILLE Hubert of 13 Beaulieu Avenue Leigh Park Havant Hampshire
1918   GLANVILLE Hugh Fanshawe of St Marylebone, Middlesex, captain
1963   GLANVILLE Ida Frances of St Columb Road St Columb Major Cornwall widow
1959   GLANVILLE Ieuan Caledfryn of Hayden Badlake Hill Dawlish Devon
1922   GLANVILLE Irene Beatrice of Tunbridge Wells, spinster
1957   GLANVILLE Isabel of Dellwood Trelights Bodmin (wife of Scoble Rogers Glanville)
1975   GLANVILLE Isabell of Newton Abbot Hospital East St Newton Abbot Devon
1952   GLANVILLE Isabella of Hounslow Middlesex widow
1949   GLANVILLE Ivan Cecil Abbott of Bermondsey, London
1958   GLANVILLE Ivy Elizabeth of 44 Beulah Hill Upper Norwood London widow
1969   GLANVILL Ivy Irene of 89 Astley House Rowcross St London S.E.1
1952   GLANVILLE Ivy Louise of Kingston Jamaica spinster
1961   GLANVILLE Ivy Marjorie of Langport Somersetshire (wife of Edgar George Glanville)
1912   GLANVILL Jabez of North Park, Calstock, Cornwall, yeoman
1960   GLANVILLE Jabez of 21 Cleveland Road St Judes Plymouth
1865   GLANVILLE James of Camborne, Cornwall, miner
1869   GLANVILLE James of Colan, Cornwall
1883   GLANVILLE James of Pembroke Dock, gentleman
1888   GLANVILLE James of London then Hatcham then Peckham
1905   GLANVILLE James of Plymouth
1930   GLANVILLE James of Hayle, Phillack, Cornwall
1938   GLANVILLE James of Dulwich, London
1944   GLANVILLE James of Paignton, Devon
1946   GLANVILLE James of Esh Winning, County Durham
1972   GLANVILLE James of 1 Castle Side Tiverton Devon
1957   GLANVILLE James of Southbourne Massetts-road Horley Surrey
1960   GLANVILLE James Arthur of 54 Dorset House Gloucester Place London N.W.1
1905   GLANVILLE James Cornelius of North End, Portsmouth
1927   GLANVILLE James Cox Slader of Pembrokeshire
1938   GLANVILLE James Cox Slader of Crunwere, Pembrokeshire
1945   GLANVILL James Ernest of Horfield, Bristol 7
1884   GLANVILLE James Gordon (Rev) of Ellingham then Weymouth
1959   GLANVILLE James Henry Friend of 95 Knighton Road Plymouth
1931   GLANVILLE James Pascoe of East Dulwich, Surrey
1941   GLANVILL James Reginald of Flitwick, Bedfordshire
1899   GLANVILLE James Richard of Tottenham, Middlesex
1955   GLANVILLE James Richard of 12 Sutton-square Minworth near Birmingham
1974   GLANVILLE James York of West Llanteg Llanteg Narberth Dyfed
1881   GLANVILE Jane of Westbury, Somerset, spinster
1886   GLANVILLE Jane (then CLARK) of Payenbury, Devon
1889   GLANVILLE Jane of Newlyn East, Cornwall
1900   GLANVILL Jane of 27 Jeffreys Road, Clapham, Surrey, spinster
1910   GLANVILLE Jane of Camborne, Cornwall, widow
1912   GLANVILL Jane of Woodbury, Devonport, widow
1925   GLANVILLE Jane of St. Pinnock, Cornwall, spinster
1926   GLANVILLE Jane of Streatham, Surrey (wife of James P Glanville)
1929   GLANVILLE Jane of Pyrton, Oxfordshire, widow
1930   GLANVILLE Jane of Kingston, Portsmouth, widow
1970   GLANVILLE Jane Ann of 10 Clifton House 127 Uxbridge Rd London W.12
1923   GLANVILLE Jane Annie of Middlesex (wife of Thomas Louis Glanville)
1970   GLANVILLE Jennifer of Bodinnick Parc Eglos Helston Cornwall
1875   GLANVILLE Jeremiah of Guildford, Surrey, gentleman
1964   GLANVILLE Jessie of 113 Bulwer Road Leytonstone London E.11 spinster
1944   GLANVILLE Jessie Ann of Hanwell, London (wife of Thomas Glanville)
1972   GLANVILLE Jessie Imelda or Jessie Milda of 32 Walton Wy Aylesbury
1953   GLANVILLE Jessie lvey of Garston Liverpool 19 spinster
1958   GLANVILLE Jessie Louise or 5 Alfred Terrace Walton-on-Naze Essex widow
1972   GLANVILL Jessie Maud of 8 Stanford Rd London S.W.16
1972   GLANVILLE TAYLOR Jessie Milda. See CLACK Jessie Imelda
1955   GLANVILL Jessie Naomi Miller of St George Bristol widow
1951   GLANVILLE Jessie Russell of Devonport (wife of William Henry Nicholl Glanville)
1884   GLANVILL Jessy Elizabeth of Stoke Newington, Middlesex, spinster
1955   GLANVILLE Jessy Elizabeth of 51a St Georges-road Wimbledon London spinster
1922   GLANVILLE Johanna of Braddock, Cornwall, widow
1859   GLANVILL John of Woodbury, Devon, yeoman
1863   GLANVILL John of St Sidwell, Exeter, ostler
1864   GLANVILLE The Reverend John of Jacobstow, Cornwall
1865   GLANVILL John of St Enoder, Cornwall
1866   GLANVILLE John (Rev) of Wotton-under-Edge
1866   GLANVILLE John of Clifton Hampden, Oxford
1868   GLANVILLE John of Payhembury, Devon
1869   GLANVILLE John of Whitchurch, Devon
1874   GLANVILLE John (Revd) of Hackney, Middlesex
1875   GLANVILLE John of Bermondsey, Surrey, gentleman
1880   GLANVILLE John of Payhembury, Devon
1883   GLANVILLE John of Whimple, Devon, farmer
1887   GLANVILL John of Cobham, Surrey, licensed victualler
1888   GLANVILLE John of Ramsgate then Gillingham, Kent
1890   GLANVILL John of Minehead, Somerset then Barnstaple, Devon
1891   GLANVIEL John of Highway, Pinnock, Cornwall, labourer
1891   GLANVILL John of North Park, Parish of Calstock, Cornwall, farmer
1892   GLANVILE John of Westbury, Somerset, yeoman
1895   GLANVILE John of Burnham, Somerset, retired surgeon
1907   GLANVILLE John of Camborne, Cornwall, miner
1919   GLANVILE John of Westbury Wells, gunner R.F.A.
1922   GLANVILLE John of East Taphouse, St. Pinnock, Cornwall, carpenter
1924   GLANVILLE John of Ryhope, County Durham
1925   GLANVILLE John of Albaston Calstock, Cornwall
1927   GLANVILLE John of The Barbican, Plymouth
1937   GLANVILLE John of Kentisbeare near Cullompton, Devonshire
1941   GLANVILLE John of Bridlington, Yorkshire
1948   GLANVILLE John of Dartmouth, Devon
1970   GLANVILLE John of 10 Rhodedendron Av Hele Manor Barnstaple
1959   GLANVILL John of Holt House Ullet Road Liverpool 17
1959   GLANVILLE John of The Crags Hayfield Road Birch Vale Derbyshire
1904   GLANVILL John Andrews of Newchurch East, Monmouthshire, farmer
1931   GLANVILLE John Charlesworth of Pinner, Middlesex
1963   GLANVILLE John Cooper of 11 Durham Avenue Heston Middlesex
1961   GLANVILLE John Cooper of 133 Magdalen Road Oxford
1959   GLANVILLE John Edwln of Beechamville Claremont P.O. Jamaica West Indies
1943   GLANVILLE John Ellis of Buckland, Portsmouth
1907   GLANVILLE John Essery of Streatham, Surrey
1906   GLANVILLE John Foster of North End, Portsea, Hants
1958   GLANVILL John Francis of Rydon Farm Woodbury Devon
1906   GLANVILLE John Frederick Morgan of Bristol, retired minister
1955   GLANVILLE John Gay of White-street North Curry Somersetshire
1895   GLANVILL John Henry of Stoke Newington, Middlesex
1965   GLANVILLE John Henry of 3 Raglan Road Belvedere Kent
1951   GLANVILE John Henry of Swansea
1887   GLANVILLE John James of Leicesterv
1917   GLANVILL John James of Exminster, Devon, farmer
1940   GLANVILLE John James of Saint Cleer, Liskeard, Cornwall
1936   GLANVILLE John Joseph of HMS Collingwood, Devonport
1937   GLANVILLE John Joseph of HMS Collingwood, Devonport
1961   GLANVILL John Lewis Steer of Higher Bagmores Farm Woodbury Devon
1895   GLANVILL John Robinson of Surrey formerly bill broker
1953   GLANVILLE John Sidney of Stoke Devonport
1931   GLANVILLE John Smale of Sampford, Arundell, Somerset
1965   GLANVILLE John Stanley of 81 Caldy Road Llandaff North
1893   GLANVILLE John Thorn of Westfield Berrick, Oxfordshire, gent
1927   GLANVILLE the Rev John Usher of Bournemouth, clerk
1935   GLANVILLE John Walter of Cowper Gardens, Wellington, Surrey
1972   GLANVILLE John William of 47 Kings Ct Kings Dv Wembley Pk London
1927   GLANVILLE John William Voden of Bolton, Lancashire
1871   GLANVILLE Johnson of Camborne, Cornwall, farmer
1898   GLANVILLE Johnson of Camborne, Cornwall, miner
1972   GLANVILLE Johnson of Mill Pond Reskadinnick Camborne
1910   GLANVILLE Jonathan of Camborne, Cornwall, miner
1868   GLANVILLE Joseph of Liskeard, Cornwall
1896   GLANVILL Joseph of Calstock, Cornwall, farmer
1920   GLANVILLE Joseph of 53 Kepler Road, Brixton, Surrey
1953   GLANVILLE Joseph of Kingston-upon-Thames
1913   GLANVILLE Joseph Henry Walter of Liverpool, plumber
1889   GLANVILLE Joseph Pointon of Bridgwater, Somerset, painter, etc.
1971   GLANVILLE Joshua of 166 Canterbury Av Slough
1931   GLANVILLE Julia of Newcastle upon Tyne, spinster
1882   GLANVILLE Julius Percy (Rev) of Ballymoney, Antrim then Wicklow
1945   GLANVILL Kate of Birstall, Leicestershire
1936   GLANVILLE Kate Ann of Clapham, Surrey, widow
1953   GLANVILLE Kate Verney of Marlow Buckinghamshire spinster
1950   GLANVILLE Kathleen of Hampstead, London NW3, spinster
1967   GLANVILLE Kathleen Winifred of 16 West Close Polegate Sussex
1970   GLANVILL Kezia Trump of 6 Longfield Terr Ilfracombe
1915   GLANVILLE Kitty of 3 Clarendon Terrace, Devonport, widow
1970   GLANVILL Laura Edith of Cannon Dell Great Churchway Plymstock Plymouth
1921   GLANVILLE Laura Emily of Cheltenham (wife of Frederick Glanville)
1961   GLANVILLE Laura May of Old Mill Road Chelston Torquay (wife of Richard Glanville)
1906   GLANVILLE Lawrence William George of Greenwich, Kent
1920   GLANVILLE Leonard of HM Monitor Glow-worm and Brixton, Surrey
1961   GLANVILLE Leonard of 4 Higher Street Kingswear Totnes Devon
1942   GLANVILLE Leonard Abernethy of Richmond, Surrey
1974   GLANVILLE Leonard Alfred Dick of The Cottage Brooklyn Rd Woking
1943   GLANVILL Leslie Harry Albert of Solihull, Warwickshire
1974   GLANVILLE Lilian of 22 Nesbit Gro Alum Rock Birmingham
1954   GLANVILLE Lilian of Topsham Devonshire spinster
1950   GLANVILLE Lilian Blanche Lizzie of East Molesey, Surrey, widow
1971   GLANVILLE Lilian Mary of 45 Belluton Rd Knowle Bristol
1966   GLANVILLE Lillian Mary of 54 College Road Reading
1966   GLANVILLE Lilian May of Flat 123 Leylands Derby
1974   GLANVILLE Lilian Violet otherwise Lillian Violet of 69 Ranscombe Rd Brixham Devon
1954   GLANVILLE Llewellyn Stanley Howard of Emsworth Hampshire
1963   GLANVILL Louis Henry of 10 Twickenham Road Henleaze Bristol
1923   GLANVILLE Louisa of Newquay, Cornwall, spinster
1940   GLANVILLE Louisa of Sampford Arundel Wellington, Somerset, widow
1971   GLANVILLE Louisa of Churchtown St Breock Wadebridge Cornwall
1942   GLANVILE Louisa Ann of Bournemouth, widow
1966   GLANVILLE Louisa Ann of 106 Bedford Street Derby
1970   GLANVILLE Louisa Florence of 133 Birchetts Rd Cove Farnborough Berks
1946   GLANVILLE Louisa Laura Bertha of Ilford, Essex, widow
1961   GLANVILLE Louisa May of 11 The Barbican Plymouth spinster
1945   GLANVILLE Lucinda Ann of Tavistock, Devon, widow
1966   GLANVILL, Lucy Ellen otherwise Lucia of 10 Twickenham Road Horfield Bristol
1966   GLANVILLE Mabel of 33 Rydes Avenue Guildford
1955   GLANVILLE Mabel of 70 Beaumont-road Plymouth widow
1953   GLANVILE Mabel of Ashill Ilminster Somersetshire widow
1959   GLANVILLE Mabel of Cockermouth Cumberland (wife of Vernon Peel Glanville)
1974   GLANVILLE Mabel of Ruthvoes Farm Ruthvoes St Columb Cornwall
1959   GLANVILLE Mabel Ann of 48 Emma Place Stonehouse Plymouth widow
1948   GLANVILLE Mabel Annie Marie of Kingston upon Thames, spinster
1947   GLANVILLE Mabel Eliza Mary of Bristol, spinster
1959   GLANVILL Mabel Jane of Higher Brimley Teignmouth Devon spinster
1970   GLANVILLE Mabel Louise of 27 Barriedale Av Hove
1958   GLANVILL Mabel Mary of 121 Norbury Crescent London S.W.16 widow
1937   GLANVILLE Mabel Taylor of St Austell (wife of Gerald Walter Glanville)
1974   GLANVILLE Malcolm of 8 Skinner Rd Bicester Oxon
1941   GLANVILLE Margaret of Exeter, spinster
1960   GLANVILLE Margaret of Holbeton Devon (wife of Frederick Charles Glanville)
1968   GLANVILLE Margaret Ann of Holme Clo Woodham Weybridge Surrey
1952   GLANVILL Margaret Ingram Borrowman of Marnhull Dorset widow
1884   GLANVILL Margaretta of Islington, Middlesex
1972   GLANVILLE Margery Arminell of 45 Scarisbrick New Rd Southport
1891   GLANVILL Maria of St Johns Wood, Middlesex, spinster
1891   GLANVILLE Maria (wife of William Glanville) of Lewisham, Kent
1894   GLANVILLE Maria of Exminster, Devon, widow
1902   GLANVILLE Maria of Camborne, Cornwall, spinster
1946   GLANVILLE Maria of Oxford, widow
1970   GLANVILLE Maria of 95 Knighton Rd Plymouth
1959   GLANVILLE or GRAVILLE Maria of Bridgend Glamorgan (wife of Frank Glanville)
1922   GLANVILLE Maria Concepcion Guadalupe of Plymouth, widow
1961   GLANVILLE Marian Eugenie of Redcatch Road Knowle Bristol spinster
1937   GLANVILLE Marion of St Pancras (wife of William George Glanville)
1974   GLANVILLE Marion Isabella of 69 Bush Gro Stanmore Middx
1972   GLANVILLE Marjorie Gertrude of 1 Emanuel Av Acton London
1883   GLANVILLE Mark of Exeter, Devon
1954   GLANVILLE Mark Charles of Clacton-on-Sea Essex
1919   GLANVILLE Mark Courtney of Crediton, Devon, farmer
1935   GLANVILLE Martha of Prittlewood, Essex, widow
1947   GLANVILLE Martha of Prittlewell, Southend on Sea, Essex
1968   GLANVILLE Martha of 5 Queens Rd Brixham Devon
1877   GLANVILLE Mary of Pembroke Dock, spinster
1890   GLANVILL Mary of Rydon Farm, Woodbury, Devon, widow
1891   GLANVILLE Mary of Barnsbury, Middlesex
1892   GLANVILL Mary of West Bath, spinster
1898   GLANVILLE Mary of Colstock, Payhembury, Devon, spinster
1898   GLANVILLE Mary of Shoreditch, Middlesex, widow
1918   GLANVILLE Mary of Shillamill Farm, Tavistock, Devon, spinster
1929   GLANVILLE Mary of Shepherds Bush, Middlesex, widow
1956   GLANVILL Mary of 45 Eden-street Liverpool 8 (wife of Richard Glanvill)
1960   GLANVILE Mary of Albions Vale Evercreech Somersetshire widow
1974   GLANVILLE Mary of Holmleigh 6 Fluder Hill Kingskerswell Devon
1914   GLANVILLE Mary Agneta of Ivybridge, Devon, spinster
1865   GLANVILL Mary Ann of Exeter, spinster
1873   GLANVILLE Mary Ann Wroxton, Banbury, Oxford
1875   GLANVILLE Mary Ann of Fulham, Middlesex then Exeter
1890   GLANVILL Mary Ann of Rothersfield, Sussex, spinster
1890   GLANVILLE Mary Ann of Plymouth, Devon, widow
1904   GLANVILE Mary Ann of Westbury, Somerset, widow
1910   GLANVILLE Mary Ann Vosper of Plymouth, spinster
1915   GLANVILL Mary Ann of Brixton, Surrey, widow
1915   GLANVILLE Mary Ann of Kingston, Portsmouth, widow
1935   GLANVILLE Mary Ann of Newquay (wife of Albert William Glanville)
1953   GLANVILL Mary Ann of Birmingham (wife of Edward Glanvill)
1951   GLANVILLE Mary Ann of Sheerness Kent widow
1880   GLANVILLE Mary Anne of Bray, Wicklow, Ireland, widow
1882   GLANVILLE Mary Anne of Oxford, widow
1936   GLANVILLE Mary Anne of Lancashire (wife of Frederic Ernest Glanville)
1925   GLANVILE Mary Eliza of Banwell, Somerset, widow
1970   GLANVILLE Mary Elizabeth of Croxley Green Rickmansworth Herts
1904   GLANVILLE Mary Elizabeth Burt of Ilfracombe, Devon, spinster
1939   GLANVILLE Mary Ellen of North Withington, Manchester, widow
1955   GLANVILLE Mary Eva of Preston-road Brighton spinster
1954   GLANVILLE Mary Frances of 9 Beauchamp Place London S.W.3 spinster
1940   GLANVILLE Mary Jane of Edgbaston, Birmingham, widow
1951   GLANVILL Mary Jane of Woodbury Devonshire
1959   GLANVILLE Mary Jane of Harlyn East Wonford Hill Exeter spinster
1926   GLANVILLE Mary Reed of Newlyn East, Cornwall, widow
1952   GLANVILLE Mary Warner Russell of Sydenham London spinster
1936   GLANVILLE Matilda of Payhembury (wife of Henry Glanville)
1949   GLANVILLE Matilda of North Curry, Somerset(wife of John Gay Glanville)
1948   GLANVILLE Maud of Orchard View, Rattery, Devon, widow
1963   GLANVILLE Maud Sarah of Wallsend Northumberland (wife of Edwin Peel Glanville)
1966   GLANVILL Maurice Vincent of 89 Long Road Canvey Island Essex
1949   GLANVILL May of Birkenhead (wife of Edward John Glanvill)
1959   GLANVILLE Mercy Elizabeth of 15 Green Lane Hounslow Middlesex widow
1921   GLANVILLE Meric of The Crescent, Belmont, Surrey, spinster
1920   GLANVILL Mildred of Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, spinster
1969   GLANVILLE Millicent Gertrude of 48 Corringham Rd Golders Green London
1946   GLANVILLE Minnie of Redruth (wife of James Thomas Glanville)
1974   GLANVILLE Minnie of 5 Farndale Rd Weston-Super-Mare
1944   GLANVILL Minnie Jessie of Exmouth (widow of Tom Glanvill)
1929   GLANVILLE Minnie Valentine of Biggin Hill, Kent, spinster
1963   GLANVILLE Miriam Georgina of 74 Maxtex Road Peckham London S.E.15 spinster
1969   GLANVILLE Mona Edith Victoria of 8 Berry Clo Winchmore Hill London
1926   GLANVILLE Moses of Ryhope, County of Durham
1957   GLANVILLE Muriel Mary Gertrude of The Mount Hampstead London widow
1957   GLANVILLE Muriel Mary Gertrude of Heath-street Hampstead London widow
1971   GLANVILLE Myrtle May of New Downs Farm Treswithian Camborn
1943   GLANVILLE Nannie Elizabeth of Kingsbridge (wife of Stephen J Glanville)
1915   GLANVILL Nanny Bice of St Columb, Cornwall, spinster
1958   GLANVILLE Nanny of 8 Carnarthen Road Camborne Cornwall spinster
1954   GLANVILLE Nina Beatrice of Kanke (Ranchi) Bihar India widow
1959   GLANVILLE Norah Constance of 2 Maythorne Blindley Heath Surrey widow died
1966   GLANVILLE Norah Mary of 10 Aspley Park Drive Aspley Nottingham
1965   GLANVILLE Norman of 26 Palm Grove Fairfield Stockton-on-Tees
1974   GLANVILL Norman Reginald of Walthamstow London Borough of Waltham Forest
1919   GLANVILLE Olivia of 16 Millbay Road, Plymouth, widow
1928   GLANVILLE the Rev Owen Fanshawe of Devonshire, clerk
1895   GLANVILL Patience of Calstock, Cornwall, widow
1875   GLANVILLE Peggy of Plymouth, Devon, widow
1952   GLANVILLE Percival George Nankivell Southsea Hampshire
1965   GLANVILLE Percival Richard of Trealaw Rhondda Glamorgan
1948   GLANVILLE Percy of Kenya, Kidlington, Oxfordshire
1950   GLANVILLE Percy of St Blazey, Cornwall
1935   GLANVILLE Percy Bliss of St Leonards, Totnes, Devon
1964   GLANVILLE Percy Grevill of 3 Queensberry Road Salisbury
1974   GLANVILLE Percy Victor of 20 Parson St Teignmouth Devon
1932   GLANVILLE Percy William of Hounslow West, Middlesex
1935   GLANVILLE Philip of Heavitree, Exeter
1941   GLANVILLE Philip Pascoe of Mayflower Hotel, Barbican, Plymouth
1972   GLANVILLE Philip Pomery Bruce of 23 Bridge Rd St Austell
1955   GLANVILLE Philip Richard of 17 Penare-road Penzance
1966   GLANVILL Philippa Mary of Corblets Claverdon Warwickshire
1964   GLANVILLE Phoebe Kathleen of 176 Havant Road Cosham Portsmouth spinster
1967   GLANVILLE Phyllis Marjorie of Arkendale Road Glenagaery county Dublin
1961   GLANVILLE Phyllis Muriel of 126 Tarvin Road Chester spinster
1904   GLANVILLE Priscilla of Bow, Middlesex, widow
1936   GLANVILLE Priscilla of North End, Portsmouth, widow
1954   GLANVILLE-GREYSMITH Ralph of St Marys-road Ealing Middlesex
1954   GREYSMITH Ralph of St Marys-road Ealing Middlesex
1946   GLANVILE Ranulph of Nice, France
1929   GLANVILLE Ranulph Edward of Lustleigh, Devonshire
1971   GLANVILLE Ranulf Ruttledge Francis of 11 Chalet 13 Las Palmas Canary Island
1933   GLANVILL Raymond Ellis of Hampstead, Middlesex
1914   GLANVILLE Rebecca Ann of Greenwich, Kent, widow
1920   GLANVILLE Rebecca Ellen of Plymouth (wife of William Henry Glanville)
1974   GLANVILLE Reginald of 24 Havelock Rd Southsea Hants
1957   GLANVILLE Reginald of Basford Park Newcastle-under-Lyme Staffordshire
1961   GLANVILL Reginald of 66 Graydon Avenue Chichester
1947   GLANVILLE Reginald Archibald of Woolston, Southampton
1930   GLANVILLE Reginald Carew of Catchfrench, St. Germans, Cornwall
1887   GLANVILLE Reginald John Raby of Newlyn East, Cornwall
1970   GLANVILL Reginald Louis Cooper of 47 Upfield Croydon
1929   GLANVILLE Reginald Percy of Chiswick and 9 Grays Inn Square
1866   GLANVILLE Richard of St Austell, Cornwall
1868   GLANVILL Richard of Lanteglos by Fowey, Cornwall
1874   GLANVILLE Richard of Plymouth, Devon, beershop keeper
1876   GLANVILL Richard of Ashburton, Devon, tailor
1879   GLANVILL Richard of Clevedon, Somerset, yeoman
1881   GLANVILLE Richard of Aberystwyth then Llanfihangel-le-Croyddin
1881   GLANVILLE Richard of Bridgwater, Somerset, innkeeper
1890   GLANVILLE Richard of Plymouth, Devon, labourer in H M dockyard
1890   GLANVILLE Richard of Plymouth, Devon, labourer in H M dockyard
1899   GLANVILLE Richard of Newlyn East, Cornwall, gentleman
1907   GLANVILLE Richard of Camborne, Cornwall, miner
1912   GLANVILLE Richard of Buckland Monachorum, retired auctioneer
1914   GLANVILLE Richard of Kingston Hill, Surrey
1922   GLANVILLE Richard of Kingston upon Hull
1948   GLANVILLE Richard of Darite, St Cleer, Cornwall
1959   GLANVILLE Richard of 6 Tenby Road St Budeaux Plymouth
1973   GLANVILLE Richard of South Devon Hotel St Margarets Rd St Marychurch Torquay
1973   GLANVILLE Richard of St Margarets Rd St Marychurch Torquay
1957   GLANVILLE Richard Edmund of 40 Fordel-road Catford London S.E.6
1887   GLANVILLE Richard George of Plymouth, Devon, carpenter
1945   GLANVILLE Richard James of Littlehampton, Sussex
1925   GLANVILE Richard Ranulph of Bournemouth
1941   GLANVILLE Richard Trerise of Copperhouse Hayle, Cornwall
1969   GLANVILLE-RICHARDS Reginald Silvanus. See RICHARDS
1862   GLANVILLE Robert of St Austell, Cornwall, gentleman
1870   GLANVILLE Robert of Duloe, Cornwall
1888   GLANVILL Robert of Ardwick, Manchester, chemist, etc
1897   GLANVILL Robert of Woodbury, Devon, brewer and maltster
1947   GLANVILLE Robert of Bovey Tracy, Devon
1973   GLANVILE Robert of Westbury House Westbury Sub Mendip Wells Som
1973   GLANVILLE Robert of Westbury House Westbury Sub Mendip Wells Som
1926   GLANVILL Robert Hope of Sparkhill, Birmingham
1915   GLANVILLE Robert James of Devonport, publican
1954   GLANVILL Robert James of Holmhurst Worth Kent
1957   GLANVILL Robert Leslie of Ebbsworth Nutbourne Pulborough Sussex
1866   GLANVILLE Robert Samuel of Runswick Yorks
1877   GLANVILLE Robert Staines of the University of Oxford, butler
1937   GLANVILLE Rodney of Russell Street, Liskeard, Cornwall
1865   GLANVILL Roger of Ashburton, Devon, woolcomber
1923   GLANVILLE Roger of Southsea, Hampshire
1912   GLANVILE Roger John of Berrow, Somerset, gentleman
1961   GLANVILLE Ronald Charles of 7 Lord Street Barrow-in-Furness Lancashire
1929   GLANVILLE Rose Alice of Kent (wife of William Glanville)
1968   GLANVILLE Rose Louise of Leamington Park Hospital Acton London
1939   GLANVILLE-GREYSMITH Rose Mabel of Hove, Sussex (wife of Ralph)
1973   GLANVILLE Rose Mary of 36 Windmill Rd Polegate Sussex
1966   GLANVILLE Roy Harold Percy of 67A Eynham Road London W.12
1949   GLANVILLE Ruby Ellen of Everest, Kelston, Kent, spinster
1862   GLANVILL Samuel of Manchester, Jamaica
1867   GLANVILL Samuel of Ottery St Mary, Devon
1885   GLANVILLE Samuel of Lorne Park, Bournemouth
1891   GLANVILL Samuel of Edinburgh then Middlesex
1967   GLANVILLE Samuel of 17 Trafalgar Road Tenby Pembrokeshire
1956   GLANVILLE Samuel of Hawthorne Villa Grampound Cornwall
1960   GLANVILLE Samuel Blake of Ashdale 69 Ranscombe Road Brixham Devon
1927   GLANVILLE Samuel John of Mutley, Plymouth
1949   GLANVILLE Samuel John of Seven Kings, Ilford, Essex
1875   GLANVILLE Sarah of Castle Northwich, Chester, widow
1875   GLANVILLE Sarah of Guildford, Surrey, widow
1876   GLANVILL Sarah of Portman Square, Middlesex, spinster
1886   GLANVILLE Sarah of Stratford-sub-Castle, Wiltshire, widow
1894   GLANVILE Sarah of Burnham, Somerset (wife of John Glanvile)
1926   GLANVILE Sarah of Westbury, near Wells, widow
1954   GLANVILLE Sarah of Moorfields Bristol 5 widow
1921   GLANVILLE Sarah Amelia of Clyde Road, Dublin, spinster
1893   GLANVILLE Sarah Ann of Middlesex (wife of Albert Francis Glanville)
1895   GLANVILLE Sarah Ann of Kensington, Middlesex, widow
1920   GLANVILLE Sarah Ann of Alvescot, Oxfordshire, widow
1962   GLANVILL Sarah Ann of 10 Buttrills Road Barry Glamorgan widow
1939   GLANVILL Sarah Anne of Herne Hill, London, widow
1940   GLANVILL Sarah Anne of Tufnell Park, London, widow
1946   GLANVILLE Sarah Elizabeth of Marlow, Buckinghamshire, spinster
1944   GLANVILLE Sarah Emma of Rolle Road, Exmouth, Devon, widow
1946   GLANVILLE Sarah Emma of Exmouth, Devon, widow
1942   GLANVILLE Sarah Jane of Leicester, widow
1947   GLANVILLE Sarah May of Bognor Regis, Sussex, spinster
1963   GLANVILLE Scoble Rogers of Dellwood Trelights Port Isaac Cornwall
1970   GLANVILLE Sheila Anne of 15 Selwood Gdns Stanwell Mddx
1955   GLANVILLE Sibella Jane of Treofal Newlyn East Cornwall widow
1957   GLANVILLE Sidney Ernest of 58 West Hill Hitchin Hertfordshire
1954   GLANVILLE Sidney Herbert of Brookside Fittleworth Sussex
1960   GLANVILLE Sidney James of 33 Beaufort Road Exeter
1966   GLANVILLE Sidney Richard of 704 Bath Road Taplow Maidenhead Berkshire
1908   GLANVILLE Silvanus Goring of 33 Cornhill, London
1959   GLANVILLE Solomon of Wilwyn Gipsy Lane New Road Liskeard Cornwall
1915   GLANVILLE Sophia of Columb Minor, Cornwall, widow
1933   GLANVILL Sophia Maria of Battersea (wife of William Henry Glanvill)
1963   GLANVILLE Stephen Edward of 9 Adamson Road Hampstead London
1899   GLANVILLE Stephen Henry Burt of Exeter, newspaper proprietor
1945   GLANVILLE Stephen James of Melleray, Kingsbridge, Devon
1956   GLANVILLE Stephen Ranulph Kingdon of Kings College Cambridge
1885   GLANVILL Susan of Truro, Cornwall, widow
1953   GLANVILLE Susan of Horley Surrey (wife of James Glanville)
1947   GLANVILL Susan Annie of Battersea (wife of George Robert Glanvill)
1963   GLANVILL Susan Rhoda of 51 Fairholme Estate Bedfont Feltham Middlesex spinster
1881   GLANVILL Susanna of Lamerton, Devon, widow
1968   GLANVILL Susanna of The Homestead Cockwood Starcross Devon
1944   GLANVILLE Susanna Grace of Babbacombe, Torquay, widow
1955   GLANVILL Sydney John of 50 Lower Pyke-street Barry Glamorganshire
1862   GLANVILLE Thomas of Pirton, Worcester, farmer
1863   GLANVILL Thomas of Bossiny, then East Stonehouse, Devon
1864   GLANVILL Thomas of Newlyn in Pydar Cornwall
1865   GLANVILLE Thomas of Plymouth, Devon
1867   GLANVILL Thomas of Clerkenwell, Middlesex
1873   GLANVILLE Thomas of Blackfriers Road, Surrey, tailor
1879   GLANVILLE Thomas of Ladywood, Birmingham, carpenter
1883   GLANVILLE Thomas of Morice Town, Devonport, pensioner
1894   GLANVILLE Thomas of St Germans, Cornwall, roadman
1897   GLANVILL Thomas of Coryton, Devon, yeoman
1903   GLANVILLE Thomas of Kingston upon Hull, beerhouse keeper
1908   GLANVILL Thomas of Clerkenwell and Islington, both Middlesex
1910   GLANVILL Thomas of Manchester, Jamaica
1916   GLANVILLE Thomas of St Henry, Montreal, Canada, corporal
1920   GLANVILLE Thomas of Neeham, Newlyn East, Cornwall, farmer
1920   GLANVILLE Thomas of St. Austell, Cornwall, retired grocer
1926   GLANVILLE Thomas of Pensilva, Saint Ive, Cornwall
1929   GLANVILLE Thomas of Upper Stratton, Wiltshire
1932   GLANVILLE Thomas of Calstock, Cornwall
1932   GLANVILLE Thomas of Sheerness, Kent
1933   GLANVILLE Thomas of Southsea, Hampshire
1960   GLANVILLE Thomas Albert of Agher Enfield county Meath
1878   GLANVILLE Thomas Burt of Brecknock Road, Middlesex, gent.
1887   GLANVILLE Thomas Edward of Pembroke Dock, grocer
1941   GLANVILLE Thomas Edwin of Colnbrook, Slough, Buckinghamshire
1940   GLANVILLE Thomas Gent of East Dulwich, London
1958   GLANVILLE Thomas George of 39 Manor Road Headington Oxford
1967   GLANVILLE Thomas Henry of Clowance Praze Camborne Cornwall
1953   GLANVILLE Thomas Henry of Mount Pleasant St Breward Cornwall
1958   GLANVILLE Thomas Latimer Bentley of 146 Latymer Count Hammersmith London
1924   GLANVILLE Thomas Louis of Caledonian Road, Middlesex
1922   GLANVILLE Thomas Matthews of 60 Baring Street, Plymouth
1920   GLANVILLE Tryphena of Country House, Whimple, Devon, widow
1959   GLANVILLE Vernon Peel of Dunelm Beech Lane Cockermouth Cumberland
1943   GLANVILL Vincent George of Canvey, Essex
1967   GLANVILL Violet Arabella Augusta of 7 Tregea Terrace Portreath Redruth Cornwall
1959   GLANVILLE Violet Hilda of Cosham Portsmouth (wife of Arthur Gordon Glanville)
1974   GLANVILLE Violet Lily of 31 Hendre Rd Ashton Bristol
1964   GLANVILLE Violet Muriel Emily of Bovey Tracey Devon (wife of Edward Owen Glanville)
1971   GLANVILL Walter Herbert Leslie of 13 Luffman Rd London S.E.12
1952   GLANVILLE Walter Josolyne of Ullswater Penrith Cumberland
1936   GLANVILL Walter Twin of Holloway, Middlesex
1931   GLANVILLE Wilfred of Forest Gate, Essex
1950   GLANVILLE Wilfred Banbury of Cheam, Surrey
1870   GLANVILLE Wilfred William of HMS Captain
1910   GLANVILLE Wilfred William late sub lieutenant HMS Captain
1858   GLANVILLE William of Bradford, Somerset, innholder
1862   GLANVILL William of Kentisbeare, Devon, miller
1867   GLANVILLE William of Hammersmith
1871   GLANVILLE William of Fiddler Green, Newlyn, Cornwall
1871   GLANVILLE William of Stonehouse, Devon
1872   GLANVILLE William of Camborne then the Argentine Republic
1877   GLANVILL William of Broadclist, Devon, farmer
1884   GLANVILL William of Banbury, County of Oxford, carpenter
1885   GLANVILL William of Parish of Calstock, Cornwall, farmer
1888   GLANVILL William of Fenterleigh, Tintagel, Cornwall, yeoman
1888   GLANVILLE William of East Taphouse, St Pinnock, Cornwall
1895   GLANVILLE William of Pembrokeshire, gentleman
1899   GLANVILLE William of Lewisham, Kent, gentleman
1900   GLANVILLE William of Neeham, Newlyn East, Cornwall, farmer
1907   GLANVILL William of St Mary, Islington, Middlesex
1918   GLANVILLE William of Plymouth, retired shipwright
1923   GLANVILLE William of Nottingham
1945   GLANVILLE William of Ashtead, Surrey
1945   GLANVILLE William of Iddesleigh, Devon
1945   GLANVILLE William of West Mead, Rattery, Devon
1948   GLANVILL William of Ford Farm, Woodbury, Devon
1974   GLANVILLE William of 14 Branting Hill Gro Glenfield Leics
1974   GLANVILLE William of 2 Riversdale St Anns Chapel Gunnislake Cornwall
1975   GLANVILLE William of The Smithy Pyrton Watlington Oxon
1971   GLANVILLE William of Wellwood Bodrane St Keyne Liskeard Cornwall
1949   GLANVILLE William Azuley of Fairweather Green, Bradford
1862   GLANVILL William Bray of Tintagel, Cornwall, yeoman
1968   GLANVILLE William Cecil of 51 Church La Bedminster Bristol
1932   GLANVILLE William Charles of Plymouth
1959   GLANVILLE William Charles otherwise Charles of 55 Bankhead Road Bucksburn Aberdeen
1904   GLANVILL William Dunn of East Dulwich, Surrey
1861   GLANVILLE William Fanshawe of Cheltenham then Plymouth, R.N.
1931   GLANVILE William Forest of Westbury-sub-Mendip, Somerset
1917   GLANVILLE William Francis of Buckland, Portsmouth, R.N.
1953   GLANVILLE William Frederick of Tiverton Devonshire
1945   GLANVILLE William Friend of Plymouth
1916   GLANVILL William George of Wandsworth Common, Surrey
1941   GLANVILLE William George of Blagdon, Somerset
1950   GLANVILLE William George of Hillingdon, Middlesex
1962   GLANVILLE William George of 49 Desborough Road Plymouth
1973   GLANVILLE William George Francis of 7 St Aubins Ave Broomhill Bristol
1971   GLANVILLE William Heath of 27 Berriedale Av Hove
1896   GLANVILL William Henry of Trispin St Erme, Cornwall, farm bailiff
1929   GLANVILLE William Henry of Bedminster, Bristol
1933   GLANVILLE William Henry of Burnham on Sea, Somerset
1940   GLANVILLE William Henry of Portsmouth
1942   GLANVILLE William Henry of East Molesey, Surrey
1943   GLANVILLE William Henry of Watford, Hertfordshire
1948   GLANVILL William Henry of St Madryn, Tintagel, Cornwall
1971   GLANVILLE William Henry of 53 Neswick St Plymouth
1961   GLANVILLE William Henry of 60 Chariot Road Illogan Highway Redruth Cornwall
1965   GLANVILLE William Henry of 7 Tandridge Court Mulgrave Road Sutton Surrey
1968   GLANVILLE William Henry of 83 Jenkins Gro Copnor Portsmouth
1963   GLANVILLE William Henry of East Horner Deep Cut Shute Axminster Devon
1969   GLANVILLE William Henry of 83 Jenkins Gro Copnor Portsmouth
1955   GLANVILL William Henry of 259 Vicarage-road Leyton Essex
1936   GLANVILLE William Henry Charles of Landport, Portsmouth
1957   GLANVILLE William Henry Charles of 48 Emma-place Stonehouse Plymouth
1965   GLANVILL William Henry Duncan of 259 Vicarage London E.10
1966   GLANVILLE William Henry Llewellyn of Rayleigh Allenby Road Biggin Hill Kent
1953   GLANVILLE William Henry Nichol of Beacon Park Plymouth
1955   GLANVILLE William Henry Thomas George of Emsworth-road North End Portsmouth
1886   GLANVILL William James of Kingsland, Middlesex, widower
1950   GLANVILLE William James of Nottingham
1963   GLANVILLE William James of 75 South Milton Street Plymouth
1931   GLANVILLE William John of Sunny Corner of Portreath, Cornwall
1967   GLANVILLE William John of 5 Millway Bradninch Exeter
1974   GLANVILLE William John of St Margarets Rd St Marychurch Torquay
1975   GLANVILLE William Leslie of East Llanteg Narberth Dyfed
1930   GLANVILLE William Miller of Carfrae Terrace, Plymouth
1945   GLANVILLE William Morris Gladstone of Salisbury
1963   GLANVILLE William Nicholas of Rose Cottage Ermington Devon
1926   GLANVILLE William Resker of Sheerness, Kent
1928   GLANVILLE William Richard Vivian of Newlyn East, Cornwall
1951   GLANVILLE William Russell of Kelvedon Essex
1887   GLANVILE William Shartman of Wedmore then Burnham, Somerset
1900   GLANVILE William Shartman of Penselwood, Somerset, clerk
1917   GLANVILE William Shartman of Yeovil, Somerset, sergeant
1945   GLANVILLE William Thomas of Plymouth
1947   GLANVILLE William Thomas of Rugby
1965   GLANVILLE William Thomas of 3 Trelawney Road Saltash Cornwall
1938   GLANVILLE Winifred Eliza of Liverpool (wife of Norman Glanville)
1974   GLANVILLE Winifred Irene of Ashdale Llanteg Narberth Pembs
1974   GLANVILLE Winifred Mary of 17 Park Hill Tiverton Devon

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