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Thomas Glanville born 1815 Elizabeth Glanville nee Saxon Left:  Thomas Glanville (born at Maker, Devon in 1813), fifth of nine children of Richard Glanville and Susannah (nee Harvey).
Photographers A and G Taylor.

Right:  Elizabeth Saxon, born at Cawsand in 1815, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Saxon. Married Thomas Glanville.
Photographers Wragg and Sons of Wigan and Leigh.
Richard Glanville born 1850 Lavinia Snowden Left:  Richard Glanville (born at Beer, Devon about 1851), ninth child of Thomas Glanville and Elizabeth (nee Saxon).   Died 1922 aged 72.   Photo taken at Hull where he settled.

Right:  Lavinia Snowden, born 1857 at Hull, daughter of William Snowden (1817-1873) and Mary (nee Ward, 1817-1915).
Died 1918 aged 61. Married Richard Glanville in 1879.
Eliza Glanville (Timber) John Waymouth Left:  Eliza Glanville, baptised at Rame in 1797, second of four daughters of Roger Glanville (1768-1843) and Dorothy, (nee Richards) of Cawsand.   Married John Waymouth at Rame in 1820.

Right:  John Waymouth, (1795-1868), son of John Waymouth and Mary (nee Penn) of Millbrook, Maker.  
Married Eliza Glanville at Rame in 1820.
Richard Glinn born 1861 Seeking more photos of descendants of the Glanville family who are named on the family trees on this website. Left:  Richard John Rean Glanville Glinn (born at Devonport in 1861, eldest child of Richard Glanville Glinn and Amelia (nee Rean).
Richard was a fisherman.

Right:   Future photo.