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    Welcome to the Genealogy Federation of Long Island web Site.  We encourage the study of family history and we hope this site will assist researchers, both on Long Island and elsewhere.

    The Federation is comprised of thirteen local genealogy organizations. Many of the organizations were formed to assist researchers in tracing specific ethnic or geographic origins, while others help their members with general family history research and the use of computers in genealogy.  The Federation does not have individual memberships, but we do encourage researchers to join at least one of our member organizations.

    The Federation presents genealogy programs at local public libraries to inform patrons about the various genealogical organizations, including when and where they hold their meetings, usually monthly.  We also publish a monthly calendar to inform the public about the specific details of each of these meetings.  This calendar is currently distributed to all of the public libraries in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, as well as published on this site.

    The Federation has coordinated the indexing of a variety of  records of Nassau and Suffolk Counties, New York City and the National Archives New York branch..  These indexes is now available through our web site (see Federation Programs or Internet Genealogy Links).

    You will get the best value from us by joining one of our member organizations.  However, if that is not possible, you will still find much of interest here.  Many of the Federation member organizations have their own web sites that you can access directly from this site.

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    Happy family history hunting.

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