to our branches of the
Schill and Mack
Family Trees

George and Lois Schill

On the left, we have the family tree
for George P. Schill, Jr.

Surnames: Schill, Weicker, Larsen, Wood

And on the right, the family tree 
for Lois Carole Mack

Main Surnames: Kalbitz, Mack, Mechanic*, Trentz

Other Surnames: Baiker, Bräutner, Edelmann, Fezer, Gnann, Gold*, Greeß, Hillmann, Janzin, Jehle, Junginger, Laiblin, Lang, Meyer, Mundler, Pahl, Pflüger, Rennhardt, Rabinow*, Scheiffele, Schell, Schlümperger, Schmidt, Stahl, Starken

*From Russia, all others are German surnames.

Photo Albums

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