The Schill and Mack Family Trees


to our branches of the
Schill and Mack
Family Trees

George and Lois Schill

On the left, we have the family tree
for George P. Schill, Jr.

Surnames: Schill, Weicker, Larsen, Wood

And on the right, the family tree 
for Lois Carole Mack

Main Surnames: Kalbitz, Mack, Mechanic*, Trentz

Other Surnames: Baiker, Bräutner, Edelmann, Fezer, Gnann, Gold*, Greeß, Hillmann, Janzin, Jehle, Junginger, Laiblin, Lang, Meyer, Mundler, Pahl, Pflüger, Rennhardt, Rabinow*, Scheiffele, Schell, Schlümperger, Schmidt, Stahl, Starken

*From Russia, all others are German surnames.

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