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William Foote Ingram

William Foote Ingram was born 12 May 1866 to William and Sarah Elizabeth (Hord) Ingram. The family was in Henderson KY at the 1870 census:

1870 Federal Census: Kentucky, Henderson County, Henderson Ward 1, page 8
household 55/52
Ingram, William - 43 M W, clerk in store, born KY
Ingram, Sarah - 35 F W, keeps house, born VA
Ingram, Robert - 10 M W, born KY
Ingram, Maria - 6 F W, born KY
Ingram, William - 3 M W, born KY

By 1880 the family was living in Louisville:

1880 Federal Census: Kentucky, Jefferson County, Louisville, page 431A
household 12/116
Ingram, Wm - W M 52, bookkeeper, born VA, parents born VA
Ingram, Sallie - W F 46, wife, keep house, born VA, parents born VA
Ingram, Robert - W M 20, son, Poolman Can Co., born KY
Ingram, Mamie - W F 16, daughter, born KY
Ingram, William - W M 14, son, born KY

William followed in his father's footsteps as an accountant. By 1899 he was the treasurer for the Louisville Water Company, a job he held until November 1901. Here is his family in the 1900 census:

1900 Federal Census: Kentucky, Jefferson County, Louisville Ward 5, page 199B
household 74/88
Ingram, William F. - head, W M 34, born May 1866 in KY, married 10 years, parents born VA, Treasurer Water Co.
Ingram, Anne L. - wife, W F 32, born Nov 1867 in KY, 4 children, parents born KY
Ingram, Julian C. - son, W M 9, born Sep 1890 in KY, at school
Ingram, William F. Jr., - son, W M 6, born Sep 1893 in KY
Ingram, Anita - daughter, W F 4, born Dec 1895 in KY
Ingram, Helen C. - daughter, W F 2, born Oct 1897 in KY

According to The Bulletin of the United States Railroad Administration, [Volume VIII, San Francisco, May, 1919, No. 5, page 7]:

"W. F. Ingram has been appointed Federal Treasurer of the Southern Pacific Railroad (north and south of Ashland) and the Arizona Eastern Railroad. ... Previous to the period of Federal control, Mr. Ingram was assistant treasurer of the Southern Pacific and affiliated companies. He began his railroad career in Louisville, Ky., where he also had wide banking and accounting experience. In August, 1902, he came to Tucson as auditor of the Arizona and New Mexico lines of the Southern Pacific, and in 1908 was made assistant auditor of the Pacific system. In 1914 he became assistant treasurer."

Here is the family in the 1910 and 1920 censuses:

1910 Federal Census: California, Alameda County, Berkeley, page 135B
household 211/235
Ingrams, William F. - head, M W 43, married 20 years, born KY, parents born Ky, auditor for S.P. railroad
Ingrams, Anna S. - wife, F W 40, 4 children, born KY, parents born KY
Ingrams, Julian C. - son, M W 19, single, born KY
Ingrams, William F. - son, M W 16, single, born KY
Ingrams, Anita s. - daughter, F W 14, single, born KY
Ingrams, Helen - daughter, F W 12, born KY

1920 Federal Census: California, Alameda County, Berkeley, page 244A
household 61/63
Ingram, William F. - head, M W 53, married, born KY, parents born VA, Fed. Treasurer for railroad company
Ingram, Annie L. - wife, F W 51, married, born KY, parents born KY
Ingram, Annita L. - daughter, F W 24, single, born KY
Ingram, Helen C. - daughter, F W 22, single, born KY

William died sometime before the 1930 census which finds his widow living with her son and his family:

1930 Federal Census: California, Alameda County, Berkeley, page 247A
household 194/195
Ingram, Annie L. - head, F W 63, widow, married at 22, born KY, parents born KY
Ingram, Julian C. - son, M W 39, married at 31, born KY, parents born KY, salesman for adding machine co.
Ingram, Norma R. - daughter-in-law, F W 32, married at 24, born MT, father born IL, mother born Scotland
Ingram, John R. - grandson, M W 4 9/12, born CA

William's wife was Annie Courtenay Loving who was born 19 Nov 1867 to Hector Voltaire and Julia Catherine (Courtenay) Loving. Julia was a daughter of Robert Graham and Annie Christian (Howard) Courtenay. Annie was a daughter of John and Ann Christian (Bullitt) Howard. Ann Christian Bullitt was a daughter of Alexander Scott Bullitt and his second wife, Priscilla Christian Bullitt. Alexander Scott Bullitt was the first Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky.

William and Annie had four children: Julian Courtenay Ingram, b. 7 Sep 1890; William Foote Ingram Jr., b. 30 Sep 1893; Anita Loving Ingram, b. 18 Dec 1895; and Helen Courtenay Ingram, b. 28 Oct 1897.

Helen Courtenay Ingram, who was a student at the time, requested a passport in 1921 to travel to Mexico, Guatemala, Salvador, Panama, Peru, and Chile. Her passport photograph is shown here.

Helen Courtenay Ingram

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