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The Genealogy Soup Bowl

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Bowles Family Visit the John and Celia Bowles site. Here you will find what we have learned about John and Celia (Sally) Bowles of Barren/Metcalfe Counties in Kentucky, their children and their families. The photo to the left is Gilford Bowles, great-grandson of John and Sally Bowles.
David Franklin Bowles Family Portrait Visit the David Franklin Bowles Family Portrait site. Here you will find a 1903 portrait of the family, together with names and other information. David Franklin Bowles was a son of Stephen Decatur Bowles.
Hughes Bowles Family Visit the Hughes Bowles Family site. Here are images of a book written in 1902 by David Bowles in which he recorded what he knew of his ancestors.
James Bowles Family Visit the James & Louisa Bowles Family site. Here you will find a descendent chart, census data, and links to obituary images for members of this family. James & Louisa came from England to New York, and then by way of Canada and Wisconsin, they made their way to Jewell County, Kansas.
Eber Boles Visit the Eber Boles page. Here you will find a picture of Eber Boles along with what information we have about him. You are encouraged to contact his descendent if you have additional information.
Bowles in Douglas Register Visit the Bowles in Douglas Register page. Here you will a list of all the Bowles memtioned in the Douglas Register, a register of marriages and births keep by the Rev. William Douglas in Goochland County VA from 1750-1798.
Sarah Jane Bowles Lessenberry Visit the Sarah Jane Bowles Lessenberry page. Here you will find a picture of Sarah Jane along with two other family pictures.
Thomas and Susan (Angle) Bowles Visit the Thomas and Susan (Angle) Bowles of Franklin County, Pennsylvania page. Here you will find census records and other information about Thomas, Susan and their children.
Jane Bowles Visit the Jane Bowles portrait page. Jane was the wife of Robert Bowles of Fulton County, Pennsylvania.
John Bowles - Chicago Visit the John Bowles of Chicago death certificate page.

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