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| Writings by James S. Wallace |
| James Wallace of Scotland and New England | Chloe Dickinson Wallace |
| The Durang Family | Durang Family Members on the New York Stage |
| Thomas Garniss Family | The Families of Richard and Robert Smethurst |
| Francis B. Wallace | His Civil War Pension Papers |
| Harry Moore Holden, Actor | Agatha Singleton, Actress |
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James S. Wallace Visit the James S. Wallace page. Here you will learn about a man of considerable literary talents. James was involved in the theater as a young man, and later became editor of several newspapers in Pennsylvania. He was with the Louisville Daily Journal at the time of his death.
James S. Wallace Obits You may view the several newspaper obituaries for James S. Wallace on this page. Not only was he eulogized in the local paper, but in at least three Pennsylvania papers as well.
James S. Wallace Grave Marker James S. Wallace is buried in Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville. View his grave marker on this page.
Writings by James S. Wallace This link takes you to a list of links to writings by James S. Wallace. Some are transcribed on this site; others are available on Google Books.
Scotland Visit the page about the immigrant, James Wallace, who was James S. Wallace's ancestor. His story about how he happened to come to America from Scotland is very interesting.
Chloe Dickinson Wallace The origins of Chloe Dickinson Wallace, James S. Wallace's grandmother, remain a mystery to us. Perhaps you can help.
Durang Family Visit the Durang Family page. Here you will learn about John Durang, the first important American-born actor/performer, and his family. His daughter, Juliet, was James S. Wallace's first wife.
Thomas Garniss Visit the Thomas Garniss Family page. Here we share what we have learned about this family as a by-product in our research on the Wallace family. James Dickinson Wallace's sister, Amelia, married John P. Garniss, son of Thomas Garniss.
Smethurst Brothers Visit the Smethurst page. Here we share what we have learned about the families of the brothers Richard and Robert Smethurst. Ellen Wallace, daughter of James and Juliet Wallace, married Richard Smethurst, Jr.
Francis B. Wallace Visit the Francis B. Wallace page where we discuss the family of a man who was close to, and may have been related to James S. Wallace. A separate page about Francis B. Wallace's Civil War pension papers is also available.
Harry M. Holden Visit the Harry M. Holden page. Harry was a stage and screen actor during the late 1800's and early 1900's. He was associated early in his career with the Graham Earle troupe, but later had many minor parts in movies. His connection to the Wallace family is slight, as he was a friend of Julia Smethurst Foster, granddaughter of James S. Wallace.
Agatha Singleton Visit the Agatha Singleton page. Angela was a stage actress during the late 1800's. She was associated with the Graham Earle troupe, and with Earle she adopted and reared a daughter who became known as "Little Fern" on the stage. Her connection to the Wallace family is very slight, as Julia Smethurst Foster, granddaughter of James S. Wallace, had a photo of Agatha in an album. No other connection os known with certainty.

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