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Harry Moore Holden, Actor

This picture of the actor Harry Moore Holden turned up recently in an album belonging to Julia Smethurst Foster, granddaughter of James S. Wallace. Although Holden appears older in this 1886 photo, he was actually quite young at the time. On the back of the photo it says "to Julia from Harry, Harry M Holden as Cy Primmer in Josh Whitcomb, Graham Earle Co. Season 86-87"

Harry M. Holden

Harry was born on 15 May 1867 in Franklin, Ohio to William and Angeline (Lyons) Holden. A notice of his death was published in the Rochester Sentinel (Rochester, Indiana) which is duplicated below.

This is provided as a matter of genealogical interest. I am not related to anyone identified here; nor do I have any additional information about them.

Rochester Sentinel 1944

Mrs. Ona RAVENCROFT, of this city, recently received word of the death of her brother, Harry M. HOLDEN, 77, well known stage and screen actor, who passed away at his home in Hollywood, Calif. Mr. Holden had been in ill health for the past several years. Holden and his brother, the late Charles HOLDEN of this city, owned the Holden Stock Comedy Co. which toured the nation for a long number of years. The brothers came to Rochester where additional stock troupes were formed under the firm name of Holden and such well known plays as "The Denver Express," "Nobody's Claim" and "Ten Nights in a Barroom" were presented. About 30 years ago Mr. Holden went to California where he played prominent roles in "Miracle Man," "Falstaff," "Cimarron" and other prominent film stories. The deceased was born in Franklin, Ohio, May 16th, 1886. [1867] His parents were Mr. and Mrs. William W. HOLDEN. Survivors are his sister, Mrs. Ravencroft; a sister-in-law, Mrs. Maude HOLDEN, and two nephews, Edward RAVENCROFT of Rochester and John RAVENCROFT of Chicago. The body will be cremated at Hollywood and the ashes will then be returned to Rochester for burial in the I.O.O.F. cemetery.

Harry M. Holden

His Death Certificate Information

Los Angeles County, California Death Certificate Transcription: #C2210
Harry Moore Holden d. 2/4/1944 10:30 am Male Cauc. b. 5/15/1867 Franklin, OH
Age = 76yrs 8mos 19dys
f. {unknown} Holden
m. unknown
Residence/Deathplace: Motion Picture County Home, Los Angeles
Lived in hospital 1 year and coummunity/state 30 years
Occupation: Actor, Stage & Screen
Informant: Motion Picture Relief, Los Angeles
Cremation: 2/7/1944 Pierce Bros. Crematory
Funeral Director: Pierce Bros., 5959 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood

Harry Holden moved to California to try his luck as a movie actor. According to the list available at the Internet Movie Database he was in the following films. They are listed in reverse chronological order.

  1. What Price Safety! (1938) (uncredited)
  2. Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936) (uncredited) .... Courtroom Guard
  3. Shock (1934) (uncredited) .... Clerk
  4. Torchy's Busy Day (1932)
  5. Cimarron (1931) (uncredited) .... Bit Part
  6. Code of Honor (1930) .... Sheriff
  7. Beyond the Law (1930) .... Sheriff Stone
  8. Show Boat (1929) (uncredited) .... Means
  9. The Gay Defender (1927) .... Padre Sebastian
  10. Winds of the Pampas (1927) .... Don Josť Casandos
  11. The Yankee Clipper (1927) .... Zachary Taylor
  12. Treasure Island (1920) .... Captain Smollett
  13. The Four-Flusher (1919) .... Josiah Brooks
  14. A Bachelor's Wife (1919) .... Dr. Burt
  15. Virtuous Sinners (1919) .... Eli Barker
  16. The Millionaire Pirate (1919) .... Her Father
  17. The Game's Up (1919) .... McQuade
  18. The Mask (1918) .... Silas Taylor ... aka The Mask of Riches (USA)
  19. Midnight Madness (1918) .... Simon Temple
  20. A Rich Man's Darling (1918)
  21. Beauty in Chains (1918) (as Harry M. Holden) .... Licurgo
  22. The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin (1918) .... Gen. Joffre ... aka Beast of Berlin ... aka The Kaiser ... aka The Kaiser, Beast of Berlin
  23. New Love for Old (1918) .... 'Doc' Podden
  24. My Little Boy (1917) .... Joe
  25. The Silent Lady (1917) .... Peter
  26. The Cricket (1917) .... Caesar
  27. The Chosen Prince, or The Friendship of David and Jonathan (1917) .... Jesse
  28. A Midnight Mystery (1917)
  29. The Grudge (1917) (as Harry M. Holden)
  30. The Girl and the Crisis (1917) .... Jacob Wilmot
  31. The Daring Change (1917)
  32. An Old Soldier's Romance (1917)
  33. Birds of a Feather (1916)
  34. Fighting Joe (1916)
  35. Last of the Morgans (1916)
  36. The Son of a Rebel Chief (1916)
  37. The Good Woman (1916) (as Harry M. Holden)

He has been traced genealogically back to Dennis Holdren and Mariah Andress of New Jersey. Here is a link to a page showing this family.

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