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Hartley Picture

This picture was in a collection passed to Mary Hartley Roberts by her father, Charles M. Hartley. It appears to be of a family reunion. All we know for certain is that Charles wrote the word Hartleys on the back of the photo. We don't know the date or where it was taken.

We do know that the Hartleys lived in the general region bounded by North Stonington CT, Exeter RI, and Westerly RI.

We also know that Charles' parents were William F. Hartley (22 Jan 1867 - 19 Jul 1943) and Melissa Annie (or Annie Melissa) Whitman Hartley (12 Jan 1871 - 29 May 1930). Children in the family included Samuel Henry Whitman (4 Oct 1887 - 30 Aug 1962), William Seth Hartley (13 Apr 1891 - 9 Aug 1957), Thomas Monroe Hartley (7 Sep 1893 - 29 Dec 1969), Charles Melon Hartley (12 Jan 1896 - 26 May 1974), James Hartley (Oct 1897 - 1898), Josephine Hartley Wright (10 Jun 1898 - Feb 1935), Elisha Alfred Hartley (15 Dec 1901 - 25 Mar 1984), Mary Melissa Hartley (8 Apr 1903 - Jul 1911), James Steven Hartley (28 Apr 1906 - 31 May 1971), Lorraine Hartley Deforse (28 Dec 1908 - ?), George Richard Hartley (7 Sep 1911 - 1912), Phoebe Irene Hartley Kerrige(7 Sep 1911 - Sep 1999), Annie Marion Hartley Marr (28 Sep 1912 - Jan 1995).

If you recognize any of the people in this picture, or can shed light on the time or place where it was taken, please contact me by using the form that you will find below the picture.

Hartley Family Picture
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