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The following document has been transcribed from the original (or a photocopy of it). Effort has been made to eliminate transcription errors, but their absence is not guaranteed. This transcription is copyright 2006 by Charles Hartley.

Permission is hereby granted to individuals seeking family history information to copy the contents of this document for their personal use. It may not be sold, either separately or as part of a collection, without the written permission of the copyright holder; nor may it be placed at any other location on the internet without said written permission.

Will of William Ingram Pace.
Barren Co KY Will Book 3, p. 218
April 12, 1843

I, William I. Pace of the County of Barren and State of Kentucky, do hereby make, constitute and appoint this my last Will and Testament, in manner and form follows, viz:

First: I will and direct that my Executor hereafter named, proceed directly after my death to pay off all my debts and funeral expenses out of what money may be due and owning me which if not sufficient, I hereby direct and will that they sell off on a reasonable credit so much of my perishable and personal estate as will be sufficient for that purpose, to be selected by my wife or as she can most conveniently spare.

Second: I will and bequeath to my beloved wife, Sally, the use, benefit and profits of all my estate remaining after the payment of my debts and expenses both real and personal and mixed during her natural life with permission to her to sell any and all the perishable or personal estate she may see cause and after retaining to herself one-third of the proceeds os such sale, to divide the balanc eof the proceeds equally between the heirs and devisees hereafter named and in this will.

Third: I will and bequeath that after the death of my wife, Sally, that my executors hereafter named proceed in a reasonable time to sell any of my real estate, negroes with their subsequent increase and whatever perishable and personable and to divide the money arising from such sales equally between my children, Elizabeth D. Clark, Nancy G. Clark, Thomas N. Pace, Milly W. Harvey, Sandford R. Pace, John J. Pace, Eliza G. Button, Walter Jackson Pace, Lucinda S. Glazebrook, Joseph Washington Pace and James M. Pace, and my granddaughter, Eliza Gee, if she survives me.

Fourth: I will and bequeath that portion I have willed to my Granddaughter Eliza Gee in case she shall die before she marries or arrives at lawful age, shall revert back to the remaining legatees and devisees above.

Fifth: I will and bequeath that my son, Thomas N. Pace, receive none of his portion above willed him till he discounts out of it with my executor what he is owing me for paying a security debt to Elizabeth Clark of three hundred and thirty dollars to be credited by about one hundred dollars but the note will show, which I have taken in.

Sixth: I will and bequeath that my executors, shall have preference and a lien on any portion or interest that my son William H. Pace may have in my estate over any other creditors of his, as he is dead and left no issue, I can't conceive or do I wish his creditors to have any part of my estate, but if they legally contrary to my wished and desired, I wish my executors paid first as he is owing me $280, with interest for at least ten years security money I had to pay for him, which the notes taken in will show for themselves.

Seventh: I lastly constitute and and appoint my son, John J. Pace, and my son-in-law, Joseph Glazebrook, my executors of this, my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills or codicile and desire that no security shall be required of them.

Witness my hand and seal this 12 day of April, 1843. William I Pace (sgd)
Tests: David Bullock, Simeon Huffman, Thomas Jones.

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