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The following document has been transcribed from the original (or a photocopy of it). Effort has been made to eliminate transcription errors, but their absence is not guaranteed. This transcription is copyright 2011 by Charles Hartley.

Permission is hereby granted to individuals seeking family history information to copy the contents of this document for their personal use. It may not be sold, either separately or as part of a collection, without the written permission of the copyright holder; nor may it be placed at any other location on the internet without said written permission.

Resurvey For Habbakkuk Morgan
Caroline County, Maryland
3 May 1776

By virtue of a special warrant granted by renewment out of the Proprietors Land Office unto Joshua Hobbs & wife of Caroline County bearing date the 8th day of February 1776 to resurvey for Habbakkuk Morgan son & heir at law of Habbakuk Morgan deceased a tract or parcel of land called Addition to Goospond lying and being in the county aforesaid originally on the 29th day of September 1763 granted unto Edward Milvall for 121 acres under new rents as may appear & I humbly certify that I have by virtue of the aforesaid tract of land according to its antient metes and bounds and find it to contain one hundred & nineteen acres of land & have by virtue of the aforesaid warrant added unto the aforesaid tract seventy one acres & one half acres of vacant land & have reduced the whole into one entire tract now called Hobb's Folley lying and being in Caroline County aforesaid Beginning for the out bounds of the whole tract at the first bounded tree of a tract of land called Addition to Peters Purchase then runds East South East twenty eight pirches [poles] South South West twelve pirches East South East fourteen pirches North North East twelve pirches East South East sixteen South eighty seven degrees East forty six pirches South sixty one degrees East forty one pirches North twenty degrees West forty two pirches North Sixty degrees West twelve pirches North fourteen degrees East ninety eight pirches North eighty five degrees West sixty pirches North forty six degrees West fifty two pirches South fifty seven degrees West twenty pirches North seventy two degrees West forty pirches North fifty five degrees West eight pirches North thirty three degrees West twenty eight pirches North eighteen degrees West twelve pirches North thirty degees East ten pirches North forty three degrees West twenty six pirches North fifty eight degrees West twenty pirches North twenty seven degrees West thirty pirches South sixty two degrees West eight pirches North twenty nine degrees West sixty pirches South sixty four degrees West twenty pirches South South East fifty two pirches South twenty pirches West South West seventeen pirches East fifteen pirches South thirty two degrees West ten pirches South forty degees East fifty three pirches South twenty five degrees East thirty one pirches South sixty five degrees West six pirches South twenty five degrees East one hundred and two pirches South forty six degrees East forty pirches then with a straight line to the first Beginning containing and now laid out for one hundred and ninety acres and one half of land more or less to be ... Holden of the Manor of Nanticoke.
Thos Barrow D.S.
Surveyor Caroline County

See description of this image below it.

Table of courses for the out lines of the whole tract beginning at B.

1. ESE 28
2. SSW 12
3. ESE 14
4. NNE 12
5. ESE 16
6. S 87 E 46
7. S 61 E 41
8. N 20 W 42
9. N 60 W 12
10. N 14 E 98
11. N 85 W 60
12. N 46 W 52
13. S 57 W 20
14. N 72 W 40
15. N 55 W 8
16. N 33 W 28
17. N 18 W 12
18. N 30 E 10
19. N 43 W 26
20. N 58 W 20
21. N 27 W 30
22. S 62 W 8
23. N 29 W 60
24. S 64 W 20
25. SSE 52
26. S 20
27. WSW 17
28. E 15
29. S 32 W 10
30. S40 E 53
31. S 25 E 31
32. S 65 W 6
33. S 25 E 102
34. S 46 E 40
35. then home, containing 190.5 acres

Table of courses for the original tract beginning at the letter A.

1. N 14 W 12
2. N 40 W 116
3. N 32 E 36
4. N 62 E 24
5. S 27 E 30
6. S 58 E 20
7. S 43 E 26
8. S 30 W 10
9. S 18 E 12
10. S 33 E 78
11. S 87 E 68
12. S 60 E 62
13. S 28 W 26
14. S 7 W 42
15. S 80 W 40
16. N 72 W 60
17. then home containing 119 acres

Plotted by a scale of 100 pirches in an inch.

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