Barren County KY 1850 Census Index

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Barren County KY 1850 Census Household Index

The 1850 Barren County KY census was first transcribed by the late Eva Coe Peden. She printed the census in alphabetical order. While this was convenient for quickly finding a family, it made it difficult to determine who a family's neighbors were. In 1995 Sandi Gorin revised Eva's work, attempting to put the census transcription back in household order, and including numerous corrections and additions along the way.

Recently, she and I have completely redone this book, making it much more useful by including an all-name index, an index to the slaves in that census year, and 1400+ marriage records. It is now available in book and CD format from Sandi. Contact her via email, or visit her website for details.

Below are links to pages I have created that provide the name of the head of each household. The first one links to an alphabetical surname listing; the second to a listing by households.

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