Barren County KY Marriage Index 1799-1850

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Barren County KY Marriage Index

One of the most important books existing in Barren Co is the Barren Co Marriage Book, The First Fifty Years, by Martha P. Reneau Harrison. Martha worked at the county clerk's office when she did this book and was able to check it against every known source. Sandi Gorin publishes this book for Martha. When there were marriage returns by the minister or bonds, Martha included them. Only the names and dates are presented here. The dates may be the marriage date, the bond date, or an estimate of when it might have been. There is much more information in the book available from Sandi Gorin. Contact her via email, or visit her website for details.

The following chart provides links to the marriage records, which have been alphabetized by the surnames of both the grooms and the brides.

The information contained on these pages was first transcribed by Sandi Gorin from the Barren Co Marriage Book, The First Fifty Years, by Martha P. Reneau Harrison, and posted on the South-Central Kentucky list in weekly installments. With Sandi's approval, I collected her posts and then sorted them according to both the groom and bride's surname. Much of this was done automatically using FileMakerPro scripts. In all of this, there are sure to be some transcription errors. Again, I urge you to use this index for reference only, and to get a copy of the book to verify this information.

I have attempted to be as accurate as possible with this index; however, there are almost certainly errors in it. If you find a verifiable error, please contact me so that I may correct it on this index.

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