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c1670 now
Montursin, Doubs, France
Richwoods Twp., Washington Co., Missouri
Near Hartville, Wright Co., Missouri

The MAIRATS of Montursin & Related Families

View the actual Civil Records that prove this line!

Excerpts from the Civil Records of Montursin, Doubs, France

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1. Probably Luc MAIRAT & Anne JURAT

2. Joseph MAIRAT (Abt 1700) & Marie Barbe BRISCHOUX

3. Luc Antoine MAIRAT (Abt 1732-18 Feb 1802) & Marie Barbe WALZER (-Before 1788)

4. Pierre Joseph MAIRAT (Abt 1769-4 Mar 1842) & Marie "Thérèse" COMMENT (Abt 1772-)

5. Victor Leon MAIRAT (9 Oct 1802-4 Nov 1896) & Marie Joseph Clotilde CAGNON (Abt 1811-bet 1848-24 May 1853)

6. Jean Joseph Victor Comil "Coma" MARAH (MAIRAT) (5 Mar 1839-17 Dec 1919) & Mary Jane LEMONS (22 Jan 1847-26 Mar 1929)

7. William Thomas MARAH (1 May 1874-11 Oct 1952) & Maggie Martha TODD (28 Dec 1879-22 Dec 1948)

8. Ethyle Zola MARAH (2 Apr 1903-1 Oct 1995) & William "Elbert" TODD (20 Oct 1899-27 Apr 1971)

9. Donald Truman TODD (31 Aug 1924-14 Nov 1954) & LaVonne Arlene LACKORE (27 Oct 1923-)

10. Joanne Louise TODD

VIEW MAPThe first four generations (above) were verified by me in March 2000 by viewing the microfilm of the Civil Records from Montursin, Doubs, France. Both Pierre Joseph Mairat and his son Victor Leon Mairat were mayors of the town which is right near the border with Switzerland (view map). Victor Mairat left France in 1848 and brought his family to New Orleans, Louisiana. They moved on to Richwoods Twp., Washington Co., Missouri. I have a copy of Victor Mairat's French passport that shows he came with his wife and 6 children. All of these children are listed in the birth records in France. The name MAIRAT soon becomes MARA or MARAT and finally MARAH or MARRAH.

These microfilms are available from the LDS Family History Center nearest you:
Registres de l'état civil, 1793-1883
Montursin (Doubs).
Officier de l'état civil (Main Author)
Naissances 1793-1883
FHL INTL Film 1599942 Item 8
Mariages 1793-1798, 1800-1883 Décès 1793-1883
FHL INTL Film 1599943 Items 1-2
Microfilm des originaux aux Archives départementales, Besançon, Doubs, France.
Comprend des index.
Pour tables décennales voir: Doubs (France : Département). Archives départementales. Tables décennales, 1793-1902.
(microfilm 1553001, item 4).
En 1973 Montursin a été rattachée à Glère.
Civil registration of births, marriages, deaths of Montursin, Doubs, France.


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