The MAIRATS from MONTURSIN, FRANCE (ancestry of Coma Marah of Wright Co., Missouri, USA)
Thanks to Thierry Pourtier, webmaster of the Vaufrey website, who took these beautiful photographs.

Montursin (red circle)

Montursin in the red circle from "La Joux". Wild country ! 
(Montursin = Mount of bears)

Vaufrey in the green circle (my house : yellow circle)


Note from Thierry Pourtier, webmaster of the Vaufrey website, to Skip Marah:

Here are some photgraphs I took today from a point of view (is it the right word ?) called "La Joux" situated at the other side of the Doubs valley. As you can see there were clouds and rain so I had to lighten the photographs used to make that panoramical cliché. What I obtained in visibility was a bit lost in quality but the result still remains nice.

Montursin is 688 meters high, Vaufrey is about 400 meters. Red circle shows Montursin, green circle shows Vaufrey where you can see my house beside the church (yellow circle).

Behind Montursin is Switzerland.

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